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Leeeef! We can reply to your story, yes? biggrin -feels like writing-
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Awesome. I write cool

I really like it, by the way. It really made me think. And now it's inspiring. <3
*sets about stretching a canopy between her tent and Snow's* Campground Neighbors! ^_^

Leef - I'm doing well, looking forward to formulating a response to your story. Hopefully will get a good start on it tomorrow during my lunch break.
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@Moon: Thank you so much! smile It was one of my middle-of-the-night inspirations.

And awesome that you guys are already interested in obtaining a pet, even with my lazy arse not done with the thread. xD
Please, Leef. We are all superoverachievers who refuse to settle for less than A++++ and cannot be happy unless we have pets from ALL the unfinished B/Cs. Obviously.
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oh and btw there's no base template for the coloring positions so technically I'm just taking samples, if anyone wants to know. That's the easy way of saying it. :p
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Please, Leef. We are all superoverachievers who refuse to settle for less than A++++ and cannot be happy unless we have pets from ALL the unfinished B/Cs. Obviously.

Okay okay okay. Must stop writing.



    It wasn’t always like this. The world was natural once… as natural as it could ever have been, and once, the world wasn’t all white walls and cement asylums and electric fences. There was freedom and life and a world outside, no matter how dim or polluted or broken. It was real.

    Before the sterile jails came to entrap all of mankind, we lived like real creatures, lived with real worries and real difficulties, lived in an imperfect place because we knew without a doubt that this world was not meant to be a utopia. Life was not meant to be regimented and lorded over, minute by minute, by men who claimed to know best. We weren’t made to be controlled and planned down to the second, every second of every day.

    But we lost sight of that, forgot what it meant to be alive, let go of the freedom that makes us real and from that loss rose the spirit of something much more dangerous, the spirit of dominion, masked under the guise of protection. They said it was imperative that we enclose ourselves, to shut ourselves off from the havoc and destruction that mankind had created. They said it was for our future, and for their future, people will do anything.

    So the fences went up and the walls followed, row upon row of soulless gray buildings looming from the cold, paved ground. The skies went dark, illuminated only by the blood red glow of compound lights. The stars stopped smiling, and in that darkness, mankind gave up its freedom, willingly relegating their lives to several who said they knew better.

    Happiness drained out of the world, replaced by the dismal blaring of electronic doors and the mechanical shouts of compound guards. Everything was darker, colder, bleaker, and for years I forgot the sound of joy.

    Until her laugh, so clear and pure and untouched by greed or power, graced the compound.
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OH. I should also say that you can enter more than once, even if you've won something already - as long as it analyzes a different aspect of the story.
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Moon, I've just got to say, that was very impressive. I like your take on the concept very much, and the ending came to me as a surprise. Quite gripping!
8D Why thank you! The acid rain and the whole reveling in life thing made me think of a world that was just... completely canned and mechanic. It was fun, I had the whole... epic movie music montage thing going on in my head while writing XD
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Well it turned out wonderfully... and I can see what you mean about the music, lol. :3

Whaaaat 5 people have disliked us? What is this? >:
Epic response Moon!

*prods her own muse* Wake up! Hey! Hey! Wake up! /Navi Imitation
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o.o This looks awesome, and amazing. ...plus...canines. xD

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