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*steals first post* 8D
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As you all know, I am vehemently against auctions in the world of Chauncer. It goes against all of my beliefs regarding Evocality, as we conduct our shop under the basis of a no-gold rule (please read into the shop info if you are unfamiliar with our shop ideals). However, we must make sacrifices in certain situations. In this circumstance, Leef is poor and unable to pay colorists by herself; thus why we have been at such a stalemate.

Let's get this shop STARTED again, yes? ;D

So despite my rigid beliefs... I will make an amendment now, for this one circumstance, for the best of the shop, so that we will have more wolves/dogs while Leef is without a tablet. ): I hope that this will encourage more RP and more points and education as to the world of Chauncer! Let's bring in more n00bs, yes? biggrin

Long story short, here is the sexy:

User Image
CA# N ... yes, that means HIGH chances of rare pups!

ISN'T HE SEXY???? Line-edited, fantastically colored. Donated by the lovely Sarei. <33

HB: (check title)
AB: 6mil
BI: 10k
Anti-Sniper: 10 mins
End Date: Oct. 19th, 6PM PST
(subject to change)

Enjoy, and good luck! rolleyes
Hahahahaa nuuuuuuu *blush*
O: This sounds like epic win <333
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-loffs on thread- YAY 7/11 now. lol the stages one was easy. NOW FOR THE CONCEPT, omg. D: -brainfizzles-
OH GOD I MISSED SOMETHING *hyperventilates* I meant to make the date(s) in the news post bold, but I forgots. It's up to you, but everything else that's blue is bolded so that's why I mention it xDD *shot*
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It's all right, dear! xD -pets-
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Shirtless Receiver

k naptime, lol. :3

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