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Brief overview:

*RP-intensive evolving characters
*Postapocalyptic modern magic-tech worldsetting
*Illegal/Banned mystery-filled creatures up for sale/adoption
*A wide variety of developments, almost entirely custom after starting base
*A developed canon world, open to owners and non-owners alike!

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__10/20 Rhian's growth! Congratulations to Redbud-Tree!
__10/07 Due to a shift in management style that has been observed over the past months. We'll no longer rely on the classic Flatsale/Auction combo, but instead officially transfer to an all-year-round availability scedule. All information in the Availability section down lower ~
__09/24 Aoi's growth on this page, uzi's on the next~ Congratulations to Roots of the Cosmos and ladyumbra!
And lo, what IS going on with our shop owner? The turning point has been reached at last... Check it out here.

__June Updates, growings added, Journals updated, new emergences and levelups: Nyx, Rahk & Ro and Sten! Three ladies and one something~for now ;3 Owner ORP is still going.
__04/22 Owner Meeting ORP Open!
Come and take a peek in, people~
__04/01 No April's Fools today people, but on top of having added XxternalMelodyxX to out owners, our first Essentic reached full stage! Misha looks so sunny as a blonde...
__03/24 Fourth Flatsale Ended!
Congratulations to Syusaki and Mizu-Taji!
__03/11- Fourth Flatsale Started! deadline extended
__02/26- Previews are up! More information about how the FS will be held on the previous page.
__01/05- Two new growings and two more uphand!
__12/05- THIRD FLATSALE OVER! Confratulations to the winners Ieeko, Impy, Count and Doom!
__10/26- Newest Growth! Congratulations to Dr Ruri and Marius! <3
__10/26- CONGRATULATIONS TO SMERDLE! Prepare to be tackled for RP, sweetie xD
__10/24- Deadline reached _ winner is being selected _ announcement will take a moment sirs and sirses
__10/05- FIRST CREATIVE COMPETITION STARTED! Boy, it really is a time for twins in here o3o
__9/05- Congratulations to our most spiritual member yet- Uzi grew to Alter stage!
__8/05 - NEW GROWTHS! Congratulations to Crux, Lauss and Rhian on growing up!
__6/09 - Our third Essentic Alter has emerged! Congrats Aoi!
__6/03 - Marius has emerged from his spark
__6/01 - Zelia, Dreamer's new Manager, has emerged from its Spark!
__5/29 - Orpheus, the rhapsodist, has emerged from its Spark!
__5/28 - Uzi, the hunter, has emerged from its Spark!
__5/27 - Rhian emerged from its Spark!
__5/22 - FLATSALE WINNERS on P.342 Also, THE OPEN SUMMER EVENT HAS STARTED (same page) + Certs!
__5/22 - Our second flatsale has ended officially. judging in progress...
__5/15 - Our second flatsale has opened officially! It will last for seven days exactly. More info can be found in the Availability section. The announcement.
__5/13 - EBI will soon host its first Open RP Event! The Announcement
__4/28 -FOURTH AND FIFTH GROWTHS! Congratulations to epicZILLA! Go see Lauss! Go see Crux!
__ 4/24 - OUR FIRST BATCH OF GROWTHS! Congratulations to Phantom of the Pyre, Karamelu Latte and Jynk! Head over to page 156 to see the new Proto stage arrivals!
__ 4/22-23 - AUCTION END! page 144 Congratulations JYNK!
__ 4/22 - Auction start! page 113
__ 4/22 - FLATSALE WINNERS page 109 and Flatsale Overview Page 110 Congratulations to neverland--xx, Phantom of the Pyre, epicZILLA & Karamelu Latte!
__ 4/22 - First flatsale deadline met! Judging in full buzz!
__ 4/18 - Staff art complete, Kyru added to the family! UNIQUE FLATSALE-AUCTION RULE ADDED! APPLICANTS LIST
__ 4/15 - FIRST FLATSALE STARTED: RP prompt: check the Availability section Thread post
__ 4/14 - The shop's zeroth birthday! THREAD OPENED


[0__] Introduction & Updates
[1__] Rules
[2__] History & Concept Information
[3__] Evolution
[4__] RP Rules & Tips
[5__] Availability ((!))
[6__] Owners
[7__] IC!Staff
[8__] Preview Images
[9__] RL!Staff
[10_] Lists
[11_] Affiliates & Links
[12_] FAQ
[13_] Breeding (IP)
[14_] Credits

Find our feedback thread here.

GUILD can be found HERE
You may apply to join the guild already, and if you're really feeling up to it, you might even want to start a character profile or concept thread in the appropriate thread/subforum.

Encountered any errors, faulty links, oddities?
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[ General Rules ]

[X__] In the main thread (here), please denote OOC with brackets of any sort. This is INCASE in-thread RP happens, and because it's just plain cosy.
[1__] DO NOT steal or edit any of the artworks/graphics in this shop. You should know this, why are we telling you? ;3
[2__] PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE FRONT PAGE. A lot of questions can be answered by simply skimming through the information we provide.
[3__] Be respectful to everyone. Take any personal squabbles to PM. No drama in the thread please.
[4__] One Essentic per person. One Essentic is already a huge responsibility, handling two would be much too stressful. We will give other people the chance to join the ranks of owners, too. After all, the more participants, the more variety.
[5__] Please use proper english in the thread. No-brainer rule, we like to keep standards for everyone ^^.
[6__] Roleplaying is required. Without RP developments, your Essentic will never grow. A long period of inactivity might force us to inactivate your Essentic and take it away from you D:
[7__] Do not pester us to make you an Essentic-owner. We'll let you know how to acquire one 'legally', as we'd love to see many people enjoy this shop's RP to the fullest, and strongly encourage you to seize the opportunities we give you! Don't be intimidated :3
[8__] Co-owning is not allowed. If you believe you can make a strong case for your plea, we might consider, but to avoid confusion and messups, we're not likely to make an exception.
[9__] If you have any questions that are not answered on the front page, please ask them in the thread. We don't bite, and neither should our frequenters :3 Feel free to resort to PM if you feel you have to exercise discretion.
[10_] We reserve the rights to change these rules anytime we like. This place is in full development, after all.

[ Flatsale Rules ]

[1__] Flatsales are run in a RP-prompt contest format.
[2__] You will be given a specific time to write your story/reaction post to the prompt.
[3__] Quality over Quantity. If we wanted you to write a novel, we'd let you know. xD
[4__] All entries should be submitted to the shop mule EssentialShrimp.
[5__] Originality is strongly encouraged.
[6__] Own effort only. These flatsales are held to give us an idea of your skills as a Roleplayer and your dedication. We want to know what YOU can do.
[7__] Flatsale information (prices, date etc) will be announced in the availability section well before the flatsale date.
[8__] You may only send in 1 entry for 1 flatsale. If there are more Sparks available, specify which one(s) you will be trying for. Should your application differ according to which Spark you're going for, you may send one entry per concept.
[9__] In emergency cases, a spread payment may be installed. We don't want to exclude chosen to-be owners just because they have less resources. If you find yourself lacking the gold, we can work something out to spread your payment.

[ Auction Rules ]

[1__] DO NOT retract bids. Do so and get yourself greylisted. We want people to show they thought about their offer carefully.
[2__] DO NOT BID if you don't have the funds. Payment is due IMMEDIATELY, we will accept no excuses. Break this rule and get yourself greylisted.
[3__] We accept item bids, but please, no lists of thirty items worth asnippets by themselves, that's just mean rofl
[4__] Please calculate your total bid. Preferrably use tektek for this.
[5__] Anti-snipe rule will be applied. Bidding will continue running for 3 more hours after the last bid.
[6__] Do not discourage people from bidding. Everyone is equally entitled to ownership, whining or intimidating other applicants isn't considered a display of sportiness.
[7__] Auctions will generally be held for unusual, unique ungrouped Sparks. We still expect customers to take this seriously, despite using massive amounts of gold rather than showing their skill and dedication directly. For this reason we would truly appreciate it if participants had already shown at least some activity in-thread and/or in the guild. We will not enforce this.
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Historic overview

The planet of Drente suffered a long-lasting ecological crisis several hundreds of years ago. The energy received from the sun was no longer available, instead locked away in the Source. It proved to be hard to excavate and hazardous to convert into usable energy, but those who succeeded gained critical advantages on their competitors. This ever-shifting imbalance led to a great war that left the world torn.

A group of scientists -almost by chance alone- discovered a new element, something they called the Essence, that could be grown into a new tool, an intelligent creation. They were versatile, and depending on the purpose they were imbued with, could become efficient and powerful aids in all sorts of tasks. A lucky discovery that greatly lessened the workload of the taxed human populations.

In a valiant effort to live by their ideals, they distributed the Essentics equally among all warring factions. Soon enough, they had become a common sight. Only later a a much more significant facet of them was revealed... They could safely harness the Source and relay it to mankind, using only a fraction of it for the upkeep of their Essence.
The widespread tools converted the Source all over the planet rapidly, and the energy sealed into the Source quickly saturated the world again. Things went back to normal. The Essentics, however, now no longer deprived from the energy their Essence connects them to, finally began to unveil their true purpose: to continue to serve mankind, and to adapt to do so more efficiently. Their ability to acquire very specific traits and perfect their mimicry frightened many people. The fact they showed emotions and intelligent thought beyond the robotic-instinctive quality they had before didn't help matters, either.
Soon enough they were discarded, labelled as cheap copies, or treacherous enemies that would try to take over mankind's empire.

A decade ago, the government opened a public vote, and the Essentics were banned, as illegal tools and weaponry. So they were collected, hunted, and destroyed. Their creators were disposed of, and the data they collected was lost.

… according to high officials.


[[before CRISIS]] World functions normally at a relaxed rate of technological improvement.
[[ -552 years ]] CRISIS starts, the energy of the world condenses into the Source. Society erupts into a state of panic, economy and ecosystems crash.
[[ -540 years ]] Crisis War flares up, systems override natural order and adapt lightning quick to altered circumstances.
[[ -290 years ]] The Essence is discovered and the Essentics are created. They begin appearing all over the world, due to secret distribution by the group of scientists.
[[ -270 years ]] The Essentics fulfill their purpose naturally, as tools, robots, and the Source begins to dissappear as it is converted again.
[[ -80 years ]] Essentics are now widespread, the War dissipates as Drente recovers. CRISIS ends. The Essentics begin to change. The scientists dissappear, and their knowledge is lost.
[[ -40 years ]] Essentic Ban and the first and only Hunt decimates the entire(?) population of the confused and rapidly blossoming creatures.
[[ -2 years ]] The Essential Biotic procedure is recovered and collected by Banning I DeLonghy.
[[ -1 year ]] The new Services prototype Misha survives its emergence, and is declared a full-fledged generation 2 Essentic.

[[Today]] Essentic Ban persists. The phenomenon has been reduced to 'a tale of old' and something to not be mentioned again outside of history class. Banning continues to pursue his 'goal'.

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Developmental Index
Technology does very well in almost all ranges of the world. Holographics and communications are reasonably advanced, albeit warfare lacks in subtlety due to the severe rarity of energy to invest in research.
Most cities have covered up the war scars, and provide sufficient shelter for people from a wide array of social statuses. Rich or poor, they can exist in the luxury they can afford.
Magic is widespread, in all classes and societies. A great portion of mankind possesses an innate ability to use the world's energy, but very few show real talent

Geographical-Biological Data
A planet recovering from an ecological disaster, Drente is mainly covered in dry wasteland. Forests and fields are only beginning to settle again, and they are being taken good care of, but the war-torn land on the inter-city axes will need more time. Scattered all over the country are minor and major communities and metropoli.
Food and energy resources are relatively abundant, and trying many means of handling this overflow at once has left things a little shaky. Mankind is learning.
The current world trade capital is Vargash. A grand city built with its back against a shield of mountain, flaring out onto the wastelands surrounding it.

Drente's main thinking-feeling species is the human as we all know him, and his co-existers. Call them elves, call them weres, faes, angelics, demons, call them all you want, they identify themselves as humans with deviating needs and abilities, born from the same Mother of all.

The Essentics, however, are created, not born. They are considered the ultimate mockery of human life and souls. A few seem to claim the opposite, and defend the claim they are just as worthy of the title of 'human', but in the current political climate, it is not a smart idea to say that too loud in the vicinity of agents of the law. In general people defending them are ignored however, and since the single violent cleansing, the government has ceased the ruthless pursuit of the Essentics and their users.

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Life Essentials ~spiritual and pragmatical assistance

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In a busy narrow street, like all others in one of Vargash's lower districts, an unremarkable, gaudy yet oddly auspicious sign beckons the lost souls that wander here to come and take a look.
Hidden behind the façade of yet another promise of swift fortune, the entrance to an emporium calls.

Banning I DeLonghy, the renounced noble and wealthy git unknown to none but the upper classes, takes his residence here.
Is it boredom that drives him, curiosity? The thrill of illegal activities? Nobody is foolish enough to question him, so most likely it will be his secret forever.

He will offer you an Essentic. How? People say they can't be manufactured any more! But they can, and Banning wishes to share. The Essentics will not be forgotten, for this man has revived them. How he acquired the plans, the data, that is for him to know and for you to not even think about.

His offer: A newly created Essentic, at your service. All he demands in return is discretion.
They are tools, so use them for your own benefit. Become friends with them, enlist them in the military high performance project, have them do your job; Banning doesn't want to know what you will do with them. Accept his contract, and the Essentic is yours.

Choose your Spark, dear client.

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Created to serve, live to learn

Through a secret procédé that was never revealed, these hightly versatile tools find their origin in the Essence.
What it is nobody ever found out. It worked, and people never needed to know more.

They were first used as intelligent tools, for they possessed the capacity to learn faster than any sort of previously manufactured robot, performed their tasks well with an uncanny skill at accommodating their masters, and while they required 'food', they were able to recover from a lot of damage by themselves.

To simplify distribution, they were grouped into purpose-classes, for example the social, combat, services and magic groups. This allowed buyers to quickly choose an Essence base that would fit with their intention.

For more general info go here.
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Stage One: Essence Spark

A physical form tied to the ectoplasmic. In other words: a rock with glowing stuff on it. This is what a customer receives upon closing the deal. The inhibiting seal placed on the Essence Spark is released by the shop staff before handing the Essence over. It may develop into its first useful stage from anywhere between instantaneously and several weeks, though usually it happens within three days.
This purchase or donation comes with a Contract.

[Spark Groups]

For easy choosing, the sealed Essence Sparks were colour-coded according to their purpose and assembled into groups. Customers may be allowed to choose from a selection of these groups, or be presented with an ungrouped Essence.

-Social Spark

Purposes: Human interactions, relationships, social care and empathy.
Docile templates, highly receptive of human emotions. Can be quite the personalities.
Colour code: Colours of the sky, from sunny to cloudy blues.
examples: Childcare Spark, Soulmate Spark

-Combat Spark

Purposes: Labour, martial arts expertise, military applications, endurance.
Innate assertiveness (aggression if misguided) and able to surpass their own limits if pressured. Least stable, but can be trained into self-control.
Colour code: Dark reds, rusts and metallics
examples: Aggressive CQC Spark, Gunplay Spark

-Services Spark

Purposes: Specific tasks and jobs in all ranges of society.
Have a high potential to develop great skills in their subject, are well-adapted to business situations and possess a natural toleration to stress. Known to be more intelligent than other groups, as well as have a healthy level of professionalism.
Colour code: Green-blues in intensive hues
examples: Messenger Spark, R&D Data Spark

-Magicker Spark

Purposes: Tasks that require skill in magic.
Neglect of most other skills in favour of using various types of Source magic with great proficiency. An amalgam of personalities, tending towards the eccentric quite a lot though.
Colour code: indigo over purples and lilacs to magenta
examples: Pyrotechnics Spark, Hydromancy Spark

Stage Two: Essentic Proto

The Proto stage is the form that most industrial Essentics possessed during the Crisis, due to the deprivation of a constant energy flow. In this developmental stage, they clearly show their true side. Only remotely human, shaped from an amalgam of materials and ideas, they function despite often lacking many humanoid characteristics. Faceless, feral, mechanic, ethereal or everything at once, they are rather alienating to observe. During its Proto stage, the Essentic will absorb concepts and elements from what exists around him. This can be orchestrated to force the creature into a specific direction or occur in serendipitous circumstances.

All in all the process of acquiring new characteristics is a very short one, and can take less that three months if the Proto properly exposed to stimuli.
Their learning speed varies, but most are eager to grow and please their owner. Like a recently activated android they will bumble and err and cause general awkwardness, but their intelligence allows them to solve problems almost independently. More socially oriented groups tend to display quite some creativity, too.

Essentic Proto's have NO DEFINED GENDER yet. Their personality will eventually (hopefully) show their gender.

Stage Three: Essentic Alter

The Alter stage was most commonly found in heavy-duty Essentics with very specific tasks that require human interaction. After the Crisis ended, almost all morphed into this next stage overtime, like a child grows. Their energy reserves are sufficient to support the body of a young adult. As it has gained more human features, it will need to be dressed, feed more often, and YO-HO, it'll have defined its gender. This cannot be reversed.
Their abilities will continue to grow and specify, and their temperaments become more and more human. Their identity develops much like any other young humanoid's would, according to their base personality and their circumstances.
Throughout their Alter stage, they will continue to adapt gradually, and begin to make conscious choices about themselves and what they wish to be. This could lead to acquiring more characteristics after their final growth, or to an altering or suppressing of what they have already gained, depending on their preferences. Depending on their personal growth rate and eagerness to change, this stage can last from a few months to several years.

Stage Four: Essentic Essentic

The now mature Essentics, with a purpose and a stable identity, the tools from ages past are now fully adapted beings. After this last growth they will have chosen a form to remain in, and will not easily change themselves any longer.

Stage Five: Essentic ???


Items of Note:
Deprivation of food and Source material may force both Alter and Essentic stages to temporarily reduce their physical age (and energy consumption) as a means of self-preservation. This will not alter their acquired characteristics but may affect their mental state if prolonged. In short: Starving Essentics regress to a child-like form, or even back into their Proto forms.

The number of influences in an Essentic is reversed to the intensity of any of those influences. An Essentic mimicking two influences will gain more characteristics from either influence, than another who has been influenced by five sources. The bigger their pool, the more diluted their elements are.

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An exemplary life cycle: an essentic study summary

Individual X

Received as an Emergency spark. Purpose: Replacement for a lost child.

Unleashed into Proto. Gained a name and was put into the family to learn. Exposed to anything related to the lost child, and starts gaining its mannerisms and adapting to being a child. Accidentally exposed to another influence: the family parrot.

Grew into Alter. Due to purpose retained a juvenile form, having taken on a mimicry of the deceased child. Mimics regular human growth and mannerisms. Retains bird-like qualities in its body but neglects their development, as it wishes to fit in better.

Grew into full Essentic.
Due to striving for a perfect adaptation and fulfilling its purpose, suppressed rogue parrot characteristics. Succeeded in replacing the child he shaped himself after nigh perfectly. Continues to grow according to the normal human life cycle.

Records ended after nineteen years of observation. Subject terminated.
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[1__] Keeping a RP journal is required for owners. This will allow you, and us, to keep track of your Essentic's development and greatly aid us in properly defining it's next stage's form, as well as be a testimony to your RP prowess.
[2__] Try to keep up 1 RP post every two months. Whether in the Records, RP in the guild or in the main thread, it doesn't matter, as long as it is recorded somewhere in your log.
[3__] You must show activity at least ONCE a month. If you're forced into hiatus, please let us know.
[4__] Your ownership will be voided if you fail to follow the above 2 rules.
[5__] If you're forced into hiatus, let us know, through any means. We will ask for a valid reason (boredom isn't one). A warning will be issued to you if we consider terminating your ownership, and if you fail to respond within a month, we will have to take action.
[6__] You cannot go on hiatus for more than 6 months. Like any RP-intensive breedable, it's a long-term commitment to become an owner. Surely you'll be able to squeeze in a few minutes at least once a month, even in dire times?
[7__] Please stay in character. Even if your Essentic will come with the baggage of its pre-defined purpose and class, we've attempted to give Rpers as much freedom with their character development as we can. OOC notes will be signalled with (( )) [ ] // // brackets.
[8__] No God-modding. This should be clear to anyone who enjoys a proper RP. Be smart and creative when handling your Essentic's skills and abilities.
[9__] You will only receive 3 warnings! The 4th time you go into long periods of inactivity without reason again We'll be forced to renounce your ownership. : <
[10_] RP threads in the guild will be locked if inactive for 8 months.
[11_] Shop staff CANNOT go inactive in-thread or in-RP for more than 2 months. If you become staff, we will rely on you like a partner, and we cannot continue to work with someone who isn't/can't be involved with the shop properly.
[12_] Check which subforum your RP goes into. If your RP doesn't involve a Staff member or an Owner, RP in the non-owner and open events subforum :3
[13_] Only the shop mule may start Journal threads. The Owners themselves will make their journal in the topic reserved for them and cannot edit the first post.

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Essence Spark => Essentic Proto

[1__] Set up your Contractor journal.
[2__] Meet with an EBI staff member to receive your Contract and Essence Spark
[3__] We will do the rest, chap. Feel free to RP with your 'rock' while the Spark is still dormant.

Essentic Proto => Essentic Alter

[1__] Journal entry or RP describing the release of the Proto.
[2__] Meet up with either staff or another owners, preferably the latter.
[3__] Keep a log on the Proto's acquired influences, and keep them listed where we can find them easily. We will base the next stage's design on it, after all.
[4__] If you believe you have gathered the influences you wish for the next stage to have, drop by a note. We will base the next stage's design on the influences you provided us with.

Essentic Alter => Essentic Essentic

[1__] RP the Alter's first growth spurt. This is a sudden shift in form that occurs unpredictably.
[2__] To get this stage, we set a minimum of four completed Rps. The more, the better for your young Essentic's growth and mental health.
[3__] Keep log of your Essentic's desires concerning its form and abilities. During Alter stage, they will finetune themselves and polish their influence sets, adding more or suppressing others.
[4__] Call in for a checkup with a staff member, either Banning himself, doctor Lecter or miss Longway. If you keep in regular touch with these people, you may substitute this official checkup with an official journal report.
[5__] One self-reflective post from the Essentic's point of view.
[6__] Growth Quest: expand on your own longer story arc that will help your Essentic mature and develop. Alert us of this, so we will know you are doing a quest. If you are pressed for ideas, feel free to ask for inspiration.

Essentic Essentic => Essentic ???
We will decide on this before long x3

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[ Journal Reports ]

[1__] These reports are optional, but it will help both us and owners to keep track of an Essentic's development better.
[2__] To pass on the report, feel free to request a meeting with the shop's messenger Misha. Unsafe documents like these will not be transferred over the internet. (other creative means? Bring it on! XD )
[3__] What to report on? Significant changes in an Essentic's behaviour or skills, important moments in its existence, physical data, dump it all on us. (( you don't need to summarise every RP you ever did in detail, we can read the RP itself too XD )) Quest developments should be worthy of including, as they are a key to your Essentic's growth.
[4__] This is an official transaction of information. Keep your reports of significant length, and limit the amount you send. Rather one big report than three little ones.
[5__] Feel free to use these reports as a plot-device, and to get in touch with the shop's staff to seek aid in tight spots. (For example in quest situations that cannot be resolved without some help)

User Image

[ RP Tips ]

[1__] After receiving your Proto stage cert, feel free to give your Essentic a nice whooping welcome into the world. Their odd shapes have a high awkward-potential, but see it as a challenge.
[2__] Let your young Proto gather its first influences: living creatures, machinery, magic, anything goes. Do this either in RP or Journal posts. Keep in mind the youngling will start developing personality quirks and respond with growing emotional affect.
[3__] If you find the Proto stage too impractical to joint RP with, gather its influences in solitary journal posts. We do not encourage this, it's much more fun to try and work together. One RP is required.
[4__] During Alter stage, the Essentic will finetune itself and polish its influence sets, adding more or suppressing others. Be creative with how it handles this, and keep in mind the Essentic Essentic stage, by all means, SHOULD be the definitive form of the creature.
[5__] Keep the skill and ability development of your Essentic balanced. They can learn crafts like any other human being, and most possess the magic affinity required to master the amateur-levels. Their strengths will lie in what serves them in their purpose best, however. Magickers will excel in their designated skill area, and be sufficiently adept in other fields if they work hard for it.
[6__] Assembling influences can be fun, gotta catch'em all! But no, keep in mind that a bunny-human will be more bunny and human than a bear-blender-mandragora-elf will be either of its features.
[7__] Allow your Essentic to learn basic skills other than what they require for their purpose. Combat types might not feel the need to learn how to read or do maths or cook, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't.
[8__] Free time? We encourage letting your Essentic find its own preferred means of wasting time. Heavy workouts, music, counting the pebbles in the park, everything goes, as long as the developing being thinks it's all good fun.
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[General Protocol]

To keep this simple, if you are interested in getting an Essentic, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to simply because us managers lack the time to setup a proper event. There are a few steps you might want to follow, in roughly this order.

-Read the front page. No duh, this is a very RP-oriented shop, we like everyone to know what the hell is going on :3
-Say hello in the thread. Always fun to get to know you, and if anything about the front page isn't clear, this is the place to pop in general questions.
-Come up with a proposal. Every owner needs at least one thing before starting: An owner character, with proper IC motivations. Not just everyone goes pick up an illegal tool like it's a lunch sandwich, ne ;3
-Send a PM to either Graficcha or EssentialShrimp.[/b] Let us know you would like to join us, and if you lack actual defined ideas or aren't sure about your concept, Graf will be happy to bounce ideas with you.
-Be a bit patient, if you can. Taking things individually might go in bumps, and artworks are rarely set to a defined deadline, but still, it should be done faster than waiting for a FS.

-These aren't customs. Unless you are willing to barter around to get you an out-group Essentic, you will pick from the four base groups, according to what fits your desired concept best. We find that the Influences offer you a wide space to customise in as it is, once you get the hang of how they work and how there are actually very few rules to the mechanism.
-All regular sales like this are 20k.

Graf's contact details:
AIM: graficcha
MSN: graficcha_otaku@hotmail.com


None atm, not likely to be held in the near future.
Base flatsale prices are 20k.

None atm.

In case of an auction taking place rapidly after a flatsale batch, we install one extra rule:
You MAY participate in the auction even if you already won a Spark in a flatsale. If you should win the auction, your Spark will be passed to the runner-up. The only thing we demand for this right, is that you DO NOT start a journal or RP or in short, engage in any activity with your Spark until the auction is over, as if you don't own it in the first place.

[Special Events]

None ongoing.
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[Journal Button]__ Owner name __ Spark __ Essentic Name __

[Essence Spark]

__ DOOMLOCK __ Combat: Sparring Partner __ ?? __
__ Jynk __ Combat-Clairvoyant: Comrade__ ?? __

User ImageUser Image

[Essentic Proto]

__ Nychii __ Combat: Bodyguard __ Kyru __
__ Karamelu Latte __ Social: Nanny __ Aria __
__ Redbud-tree __ Social-Servicer: Home Aid__ Kel __
__ Roots of the Cosmos __ Magicker breed: Telamancer__ Feodor __
__ Ieeko __ Servicer: Entertainer __ Frisco __
__ Count Kaosu __ Magicker: Pyromancer __ Runt __
__ Syusaki __ Magicker: VR Technomage __ Fenn __
__ XxEternalMelodyxX __ Social: Dance Partner__ Chéri __
__ Mizu_Taji __ Servicer: External Memory__ Ethernet __
__ ladyumbra __ Clairvoyant-Combat: Deceit Detector__ Sten __

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User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image

[Essentic Alter]

__ Jynk __ Clairvoyance: Object Reader __ Ziazan __
__ epicZILLA __ Services: Tutor __ Lauss __
__ n e v e r l a n d - - xx __ Combat: Wingman __ Crux __
__ XxLoveLikeWinter13xX __ Magicker: Rhapsodist __ Orpheus __
__ x___Doctor Ruri __ Service: Personal Assistant __ Marius __
__ Tnau __ Service: Manager __ Zelia __
__ Smerdle __ Fractal: Family __ Rahk & Ro __
__ Impy kun __ Social: Sibling __ Nyx __

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User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image

[Essentic Essentic]

__ Graficcha __ Services: Messenger __ Misha __
__ Roots of the Cosmos __ Magicker: Floramancer __ Aoi __
__ ladyumbra __ Combat: Hunter __ Uzi __
__ Redbud-tree __ Social: Mentor __ Rhian __

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Latest Growths
User Image

Our ever-lovely flutterby has finally achieved a basic sense of maturity, after a long and tedious lonely struggle. Congratulations to Rhian!
User Image
User Image
User ImageBanning I DeLonghy ((RP'd by Graficcha))
Duke Banning 'the first' DeLonghy, a mysterious man who has taken up the project of reviving the Essentics little by little. What his motivations are not many know. Some claim he only acted on a whim, but few dare to question his actions. The truth is out there, though, and slowly his secrets have been unravelled.
While still involved with the pre-Crisis noble families, he is considered eccentric enough to warrant a social quarantine, and t commoners, his status is enough to keep most prying noses off his back. As a person he is cautious enough not to let people get too close to him, for better or for worse.
The DeLonghy family was never very populous, and Banning is currently the last person alive to have a claim on the patrimony (or is he?). There are rumours about a cousin twice removed living somewhere in peace, but apparently the man never bothered to clinch with his uncle.

Banning is a distinguished man with an uncanny feel for people's motivations and backgrounds, as he likes to know the people he is dealing with. While technically nobody could chide him for walking around in bermudas and a pink t-shirt in the office, he sticks to formal suits out of personal choice.
His passport lists him as human, though he probably has some elven influences in him. Either way, he looks good for his age (in his late sixties) and shows no signs of decline.
He appears to harbour neither sympathy nor dislike for his 'goods', and prefers to let his assistant deal with them after their release.

User ImageDoctor Mei Lecter ((RP'd by Nychii))
This most elusive creature is Banning's most prized partner. Very little is known about this person, and she is never seen in the Vargash city shop complex.

Her laboratory is stowed away in a 'secret base', a leftover from the Crisis that Banning received off-record 'for extraordinary services to the public'. This is where the Essence Sparks are created and tuned to their purpose. Grown Essentics find a safe haven and proper treatment here, in case they become physically or energetically compromised.

To get there, visitors will be taken outside of the city, to a well-hidden entryway mechanically dug into the mountainside cliff. There are no records of what happens in there and how it all looks.
Misha comes here often.
Her Essentic companion is a Combat: Bodyguard type named Kyru.

User ImageMiss Timka Longway ((RP'd by Graficcha))
This particular lady prefers to be called by her family name. Longway's a professional, relaxed person with a heart for her business, despite knowing very well she's employed illegally. As Banning isn't very strict on dress code, she's usually seen in comfortable, efficient gear. Her sympathy for the Essentics is of a rather chilly sort, but over time she has grown more accustomed to the idea of the Essentics being equal living beings, with the unnatural quirk of being fully dependant on their owner and having no choices to make about their future.
Concerning her own future, she is currently engaged to Elst, one of Banning's customers and, in a way, closest friends. No idea when those two will manage to arrange a wedding, what with the chaos they're drowning in.
She is in charge of customer reception, the information desk, paperwork, communication and correspondence,... In fact, she does everything at the moment, running the starting business pretty much by herself after Banning handles the contracts. For now, no potential colleagues have shown up. To help her out, she has been put in charge of...

User ImageMisha ((RP'd by Graficcha))

Pretty much the shop's mascot, Misha was the first Essentic to be created by doctor Lecter. Miss Longway received his Essence Spark the way any other owner would, raised him as well as she could, and continues to be his master today. As a Messenger Spark, Misha's purpose is to.... Oh well, I think you can guess. Acting much like an illegal trafficker, the young man is very adept at getting from A to B and delivering messages quickly without attracting public attention. He specialises in speed-attributes as well as the basics of invisibility-magic to aid him in this.

The life of an Essentic is hard to summarise, but Misha quickly found his way upon being released. At first a rather faceless, featureless … blob with extremities, he quickly developed a base personality and started doing his job.
Before getting his growth spurt into Alter stage, he one day accidentally acquired a heavy rabbit-influence. Longway has yet to find out why, as he's a little ashamed to tell her he fell into their neighbour's rabbit pen when she wasn't at home that day. The experience was so startling he tuned into their essence and absorbed some of their characteristics before he gathered his nerves and got out again.
Where he gained his final Influence is for him to know and few to hear, it's a deceptively fond memory he prefers to keep to himself.
User Image

Coined this idea by poking Grafficat and setting off a flood of 'yes lets DO that!'s.
First and Prior and Main shop Artist, responsible for the stages Proto and onwards, certs, graphics... yup, she does it all :3

Main IC!Staff RPer, responsible for the shop concept, prose, interactions and future developments. Expect to see this peep un!lurk all over the place. And lovin' it, too.
User Image

All thread frequenters go here per default, we love you guys heart

You'll be kept an eye on buddy, if you improve what got you here in the first place you'll be cleared :3

If you're on this one, it means you're supposed to turn around and get out really : |


Mailing List
Add EssentialShrimp to your friends list, and you'll be added here to receive important notifications if there are any :3

Roots of the Cosmos __ DarkestHero __ Redbud-Tree __ x___Doctor Ruri
Owlied __ Karamelu Latte __ artemisrebel __ hawaiiancat2007
XxLoveLikeWinter13xX __ Angel-of-Bloody-Midnight __ Tnau __ Kanove __Rein Aishino __ Dark_Musashi __ Count Kaosu __ Impy kun __ Eyulra __ Phail Ninja __ LollyxBeans

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Linking in

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[url=http://tinyurl.com/dfkex7][img]http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww208/essentialshrimp/Shop Images/Banners n Graphics/ebi_banner.png[/img][/url]

User Image
[url=http://tinyurl.com/dfkex7][img]http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww208/essentialshrimp/Shop Images/Banners n Graphics/ebi_banner2.png[/img][/url]

User Image
[url=http://tinyurl.com/dfkex7][img]http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww208/essentialshrimp/Shop Images/Banners n Graphics/banneroriginal.png[/img][/url]

Linking out

Give us a nudge if we should add you here :3

~We even have a sister shop~
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image

User ImageUser Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

About the shop

About the Essentics
Q: Why doesn't the Proto stage require an influence?

A: 1: They start out as almost mindless/emotionless servants. This changes quickly, and they start doing their task as 'creepy little helpers' to 'helpful droids' while they grow a personality and discover thingsfor themselves. Exposing the rock to stuff won't help. It's like reading a story to a wad of dust.
2: It's more the purpose you decide for the Essentic that'll define its primary shape (like a pianist proto would need fingers but not necessarily legs and a sniper combat needs eyes but might not need a functioning mouth)
3: The Alter stage is the result of this sped-up first acquiring of influences, by accident or done on purpose. Heck, you may as well directly ask them to 'hey, absorb some stuff off that cat willya, I promise it'll be cool'. They live to serve.
4: This way Nychii can be much freeer in her time-management x"3 It's easier to draw the proto stage ahead of time a little. If we wait for you to get a 'proto-influence' in, she'd have to come up with something suitable in the teeensy little time between you attributing the influence to the rock and you wanting to start actual developmental RP, which you technically couldn't do until you get the Proto stage cert.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the thread :3 Anything not answered in the other sections will be assembled here overtime.

Standing by...
Temporary token post involving the Breeding process

-Breeding can occur at any stage past Proto, between two essentics of any gender combination.

-A definite RP and character-based application is required. Owners wanting their kids to have offspring will be asked to document the essentics' relationship and involvement in each other. ICly this sort of thing doesn't happen 'by accident'.
Note that at least Graf tends to be very well aware of what's happening in the EBI canon, if you have a chase she'll know xD

-The act of mating in essentics doesn't require any sort of biological action. It's a semi-conscious mingling of essences, that forms the base for a new, unique essence. The more dominant partner involved will carry the new entity within until the Spark pops up that the essence can bind to. Picture it like a pretty pebble appearing out of thin air to them one day.

-The two owners of the new Spark have all options open at this point:
*let either of the owners have the new kiddo to RP with, on the condition that a different character than the parent's owner must bond with it.
*choose to set the Spark up for entirely free adoption. How we'll sell it off will be partially decided by the original owners, unless they really just want to be rid of it. How mean.
*they may also push forward a person of their own choice that they would offer the new Spark to. a sidenote to that: we will ensure that this person will be of added value to the family. This isn't a way to get your friends an essentic, unless they take it seriously :3
User Image

Concept & Graphics (c) Nychii & Graficcha

Brushes: Aethereality.net
Fonts: dAFont.com

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