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Opened since January 6, 2008

The Dream Sheep Family

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The Hundred Acre Woods OVER
Welcome to the Hundred Acre Woods! Try your luck at winning Pooh and friends <3

Pooh Bear
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Sh...it seems like Pooh is in a deep slumber. It looks like the only way to wake him up is his jar of hunny. Too bad it's empty.

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User ImageThe only way to fill the jar up with hunny is to find the right flower ofcourse. Out of these 25 flowers, 5 will have honey in them. So how do you find the right flowers? Simple, in your post, guess what flower has the hunny (ex. a1, c5). Then Random Number 1-25 in the same post. The number will determine which flower that has the hunny (count from left to right). (ex. if the number 16 was generated, that means the hunny is in flower d1.) You may try guessing five times each day. Then you must wait 'til tomorrow after the bees have left more hunny for you to find.

You'll need 3 drops of hunny to fill up the jar and wake Pooh up!

Hunny Holders
heartpoint - One drop
Sheraira - Two drops
.angelic.demonic. - Three drops. Congrats !

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((Eeyore will only grow to the teen stage))

**Update: Negative numbers will no longer effect your Total Distance.
Example: Starry Night's balloon moves -6 miles, it will change to 0.

Poor Eeyore, he's lonely. Maybe to cheer him up, you could send him a letter! But the only way to deliver the letter is through air...attached to a balloon ofcourse. Quickly write your letter and find a balloon!
User Image

Ugh, these balloons sure move slowly! They only move if you blow them forward. How do you that? Let me explain with this wonderful and information filled diagram.
User Image
You must roll two 10 sided dice. The second number will tell you how many miles your balloon has traveled. But because of how light these balloons are, they can be pushed back by the wind. You may determine how many miles by looking at the first number.Only one blow per day.

Example: In the above Diagram, I have moved -6 miles (4 miles - 10 miles = -6 miles) BUT because negatvies do not affect your overall distance, -6 will equal 0.

However, there is another variable to determine how much your balloon has moved! The weather! Refer to the,"Total," to figure this out.

Sunny ~ all even numbers
Bonus: nothing
Windy ~ 1, 7, 11, 19
Bonus: The wind pushes your balloon foward 3 additional miles
Rainy ~ 3, 5, 9, 13
Bonus: The rain soaks your letter and pulls your balloon down. Move back 3 miles.
Snowy ~ 15, 17
Bonus: Snowflakes melt on your letter and soak it. Your balloon is pulled down and moves back 1 mile.

The distance from Enchanted Meadows to The Hundred Acre Woods is 40 miles. Remember to add up all the distance you've moved each day.
Example: Starry Night's balloon moves 7 miles the first day and -2 miles the 2nd. That means Starry Night's balloon has moved a total of 7 miles because -2 miles will become a 0.

[color=#608DFF]HURRY AND FLY AWAY !!
Instructions: Roll two 10 sided dices.
Second Number: Distance moved forward
First Number: Distanced pushed back
Total: the Weather
Sunny ~ all even numbers
Bonus: nothing
Windy ~ 1, 7, 11
Bonus: The wind pushes your balloon foward 3 additional miles
Rainy ~ 3, 5, 9, 13
Bonus: The rain soaks your letter and pulls your balloon down. Move back 3 miles.
Snowy ~ 15, 17, 19
Bonus: Snowflakes melt on your letter and soak it. Your balloon is pulled down and moves back 1 mile.

**Negative numbers become 0s.

The Formula:
2nd Number - 1st Number + Weather Bonus = Total Distance Moved[/align][/color][/size]

Balloon Watch
Your most reliable balloon news station! With updates each day, you'll be able to know where your favorite balloon is at.

Leader: PirateCandy. Congrats!

PirateCandy: 38 miles
EvenstarUndomiel: 14 miles
Lillypuff: 10 miles
heartpoint: 6 miles
Sheraira: 32 miles
[.Snow Angel.]: 15 miles
Perish-san: 10 miles
[Tiff]: 24 miles
.angelic.demonic.: 4 miles
garcia8: 2 miles
RainbowGoose: 0 miles

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Wheel of Bees
After doing some minor tweeks, I have made the claw machine compatible with our newest wheel. Now you can try your luck at winning one of Pooh's friends!
User Image
To Spin the Wheel
1 Normal Ticket ~ Set Random Number to 1 - 115
Winning Numbers for Tigger: 3, 57, 89, 108 Congrats PirateCandy
Winning Numbers for Roo: 12, 49. 76, 99 Congrats [.Snow Angel.]
Winning Numbers for Rabbit: 4, 31, 32, 100 Congrats [Tiff]
Winning Numbers for Piglet: 8, 67, 69, 115 Congrats Sheraira

1 Silver Ticket ~ Set Random Number to 1-80
Winning Numbers for Tigger: 1, 19, 67, 80
Winning Numbers for Roo: 30, 42, 75, 79
Winning Numbers for Rabbit: 21, 34, 54, 63,
Winning Numbers for Piglet: 9, 13, 22, 33

1 Golden Ticket ~ Set Random Number to 3-3
Winning Numbers for Tigger: 1
Winning Numbers for Roo: 2
Winning Numbers for Rabbit: 3
Winning Numbers for Piglet: 4

Now let's cut the chase and get to the prizes this wheel has to offer. There are four in all. And they are...obviously...Dream Sheeps! Not just any Dream Sheep but Pooh Bear & Friends Dream Sheeps! By spinning the Wheel of Care you'll have a chance to get your dirty paws/hands on either a Tigger, Roo, Rabbit or Piglet. You may be wondering why I said, "a." Well you can't get greedy of course! Ya have to give others a chance as well. So saying that, only one sheep per person.

You know the prizes...you know how to get them but what do you use? I mentioned tickets, not the tickets from the Casino but special ones that allow you to spin the wheel ONCE. Still don't know? I'll show you.
User Image User Image User Image
I'll begin with the first ticket. Those are just your simple normal, every day ones that will let you spin the wheel ONCE. Beside that is the silver ticket. These are similar to the normal ones but they give you a greater chance of actually WINNING a prize. That's right, just because you spin the wheel DOES NOT guarantee you will WIN. The silver ticket is also good for ONE spin. Now...let's go to final and rarest one. The desirable golden ticket. With this ticket, you are GUARANTEED a win. No matter how amazing the golden ticket is, it's also only good for ONE spin too.

We seemed to have covered everything now except the very obvious question, "How do you get these tickets?" I'm not going to spill the beans JUST yet. Have fun!

User Image
A small claw machine seems to be awarding tickets as prizes...

The instructions and prize listings were found but the pages were all wet and soggy. I took the liberty to copy them down onto lined paper C:

User Image User Image
Review of the above
Odds of picking up a ticket ~ 50/50
Odds of actually WINNING a ticket ~ 5.6/10
Odds of NOT winning a ticket ~ 4.4/10
Odds of winning a NORMAL ticket ~ 3.9/10
Odds of winning a SILVER ticket (not counting the <5) ~ 1.3/10
Odds of winning a GOLDEN ticket~ 0.4/10

Because the Machine is only accept quarters, I took the liberty to go and ask Meredith (from the Bank of Gaia) to exchange some of my gold for some. I knew that all you fancy, schmancy Gaians wouldn't even know what a quarter looks like. Since I'm not made of money ; ; I can only offer 8 quarters per user. This means you can use the Vending Machine 8 times a day...ONLY!

But don't worry, I accidently kicked the machine and many tickets spilled out. So keep an eye on the thread because I'll be handing out an occasional 1-2 and MANY quarters.

[color=#608DFF]Ooh~ A Claw Machine, I shall insert a quarter !!
Instructions: Roll two 100 sided dices.
Odds ~ you didn't pick up the ticket
Evens ~ you did
Prize List ~ http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg204/winjeewee/enchateddreams/wheelofcare/prizes.png[/align][/color][/size]

Ticket Holders

User Image

News and Updates

07/04/08- Happy 4th of July everyone! I would like to post a notice about my upcoming vacation. On July 20th, I will be leaving to Florida and will be away for a week. During this time period, I won't be active and will just peak in at times to say, "Hi." There will be no growings that week either (( I'm sorry ;__; )).

06/27/08- Second Summer Event info added & Customs are open but it's bribes only. Please check the availability section for more details. Remember to PM me if interested.

06/23/08- Congratulations to MintaMier on winning the Summer Auction. Check the auction thread for the form to recieve your new sheepy.

06/13/08- Summer Auction has begun. Bedtime Care Bear Random Number game.

06/11/08- Growings on page 118. Mushroom Summer auction on June 13th and furniture update. If you can find the exact image of the one displayed on the Flatscreen TV, item #21 (in full size ofcourse), you will recieve an uber sheep prize (will not be revealed until someone gets the picture). The mystery image will be revealed in 2 weeks (the 25th) so hurry! C: (Note: scroll down to the Daydream Mall, post 7, and you'll find the Flatscreen TV in the Furniture Shop)

04/12/08- New Growings on page 116.

04/06/08- Congratulations Heartage on winning the Musique event <3.

04/03/08- Easter Auction is over, congratulations to MintaMier. Be sure to fill out the order form :3 Growings on page 113.

03/23/08- A little chick popped out of nowhere today D: Could it be because of Easter? If you still have not picked up your flatsale sheep, please do so now, ASAP on page 109 D<!

03/22/08- Congratulations Chuchu-Chan (p. 105), Sheramaru (p.106) , Appeal (for Heartage) (p.107) & yylaayl (p. 108 ), and to everyone else, thanks for participating. Pick up all flatsale sheep on page 109.

- Musique Event has begun!

03/01/08 - Congratulations to Jiniasu Chan for winning our dice contest for the Midnight Dream Sheep. Flatsale and event previews are posted. No dates or information available yet. They will be up ASAP so keep checking :3.

02/16/08 - One new growing on page 76. Three new pieces of furniture have been added :3 A new poll has been added, this poll will tell me whether or not to do another flatsale depending on how many users would like a sheep.

02/09/08 - Lots of new growings on page 68!

02/02/08 - New growings on page 53. Valentine Day Auction has begun (February 1st). Valentine Day Auction ABed, congratulations Heartage <3.

01/26/08 - New growings on pages 10, 11, 12 & 13. Valentine Preview up. Official date for Valentine Auction is the 9th of February.

01/20/08 - Congratulations to our winners: WestZone, bangBANG -- nikki, sweet_angel252, Heartage. If you haven't posted or PMed me about furniture (if you do not want any, tell me as well) please do that so I can get started on your Dream Sheep. Thanks.

01/18/08 - Angelic Sheep has started.

01/17/08 - A lot of new features/itemes have been added. The Breeding Section will be expected to be done in 1-2 weeks. Items that are coming soon (sketches are already done): Lullaby Cherries, Dream Potion, Love Potion, Snuggly Scarf, Love Parfum, Love Lollipop, Love Potion, Love Meter, Milk Cartons ~ Strawberry, Chocolate, Normal.

01/07/08 - Opening of Enchanted Meadows.

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Table of Contents

Page One
Post 1: Introduction
Post 2: Rules & FAQ
Post 3: Story
Post 4: How to Care Guide
Post 5: Neighborhood
Post 6: Sweet Dreams (Availability)
Post 7: Daydream Mall
Post 8: Breeding
Post 9: Owners List
Post 10: Links In, Links Out
Post 11: The Work List
Post 12: Archives
Post 13: Reserved
Post 14: Reserved
Post 15: Reserved

Page Two
Post 1: Pixelating Corner

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Thread Rules

User Image

User Image


Read these before PMing me any questions.

Q. Can I get a dream sheep >: ?
A. Of course you can if there are any available. Check the availability section, if there aren't any available just wait for the next opportunity.

Q. Can two sheeps live in the same habitat?
A. Only if the second sheep is the offspring of the original sheep that first lived in the habitat. The offspring will be required to move out and live on its own after it enters it becomes a teen. Other then that, nope.

Q. Is co-owning allowed?
A. Yes, just state that in your purchase and give the name of the second owner.

Q. Can I purchase a sheep for someone else?
A. If there is any available, you may. Just write their name in the form.

Q. Is roleplaying required?
A. No, roleplaying is not required.

Q. What do I do if I want to add more furniture to my habitat?
A. Simply order the furniture and include the link to your sheep.

Q. Do I direct link my sheep or save it onto my own server?
A. You are allowed to direct link until your sheep has grown into an adult, then save it onto your own server (this is to save bandwidth).

Q. Why is my Dream Sheep not growing or updating?
A. Go to the Owner section of the thread, click on your Dream Sheep and refresh the page (try at least twice), if that doesn't work, try to clear your cache too.

Q. Am I allowed to Proxy?
A. Proxying is allowed but you may only claim ONE Sheep in a Flatsale regardless if it's for yourself or someone else.

Q. When do I send my trade?
A. Send your trade after I have accepted your order (sometimes there might be an issue we need to work out such as there is too much furniture, ect.) and I will accept your trade once I have finished and posted your order.

Q. How long do I have to wait for another opportunity at a Dream Sheep?
A. There is so no time interval (like every month/week) we have Sheeps available. We usually will have Sheeps available for holidays (such as Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter ect.,). Flatsales might not happen that often to keep workload manageable :3.

Q. What time do generally events and flatsales happen at?
A. I usually try to work it so it's around 7 pm EST since it's just a very convenient and general time.

Q. Can I just purchase a sheep and not care for it?
A. No, if you aren't willing to care for your Dream Sheep then it's best if you don't get one. A Dream Sheep will require interaction up until it has hit the adult stage.

Q. How accurate are the estimated dates for auctions/events/flatsales?
A. They're actually pretty accurate and will happen most of the time on the listed dates. The reason it's not official is because listing a date two to three weeks away makes it difficult to predict if anything will come up and prevent me from hosting the event.

Q. What's the difference between a normal flatsale and a newbie flatsale?
A. Normal flatsales are open to all while newbie flatsales are only for users that do not already own a Dream Sheep.

Q. When do auctions happen?
A. Auctions don't happen often. They are only for 'special' Sheep's or habitats. We usually always have them for the holidays.

Q. What are 'special' Sheep's?
A. They're Sheep's that carry unique/out of the ordinary characteristics. Examples are Angelic, Demonic or Holiday themed ones.

Q. Are they affordable?
A. Sheep's are actually very affordable. The only time prices might go a little high are during auctions; but flatsale Sheep's are just 500 gold.

Q. How do you decide when to host flatsales?
A. I usually decide to have a flatsale if a large amount of people (like 5-10) show interest in acquiring a Dream Sheep.

Q. Why do you post rough undetailed announcements in your posts with no exact information on dates and ect.,?
A. It takes about 1 to 2 weeks after I have come up with an event to host it. So I like to post little announcements on what will be taking place in the near future so users can be informed and know what is currently being worked on.

Q. How long does it take you to complete a custom habitat?
A. Usually between 1-2 days (ex. Easter special) but sometimes 3 (ex. Valentine special) depending on the size and detail.
User Image

Background Information

There's this saying that counting sheeps can put you to sleep, but do you ever think about what these "dream sheeps" do when they're not being counted? Now seen then just a simple way to get rest, we can own these sheeps as pets and explore the world they live in. Possibilities are endless for there realm is made of all the dreams ever dreamed of!

User Image


Contest will be established
User Image

User Image

1. The habitat of your dream sheep, it changes depending on the neighborhood your sheep is living in.
2. You can see the gender of your sheep here. A blue star represents the male gender as a pink one represents female.
3. Your inventory, items that are not furniture or cannot be placed into your home will be put here.
4. Username of the owner is listed here.
5. This is where your sheep will be.
6. The name of your sheep will be here.
7&8. Rooms that can be furnished.

9. Milk Bottle
A small bottle baby sheeps and clouds use as their food source. To make sure your Sheep grows up to be big and strong,
this bottle needs to be occasionally filled.

User Image

Stages of Your Dream Sheep

User Image

Stage 1 - Dream Cloud : A small little dream cloud puff floating in the air. It's color will vary on the color of sheep it will change into. This stage will last for about 5-7 days
Stage 2 - Baby Sheep: A small baby sheep has formed! It's still delicate and requires lots of love and care. This stage will last for about 6-9 days.
Stage 3 - Teen Sheep: Your little baby sheep has evolved, ain't it cute? This stage will last for about 6-8 days.
Stage 4 - Adult Sheep: Finally a full grown adult, your little sheep has grown horns and learned the ability to stand up.
User Image
An unkown stage. The only visual data collected on this stage are the horns.

User Image

Catering to Your Pets Needs

User Image
Like many babies and childs, you need to cater to them so they can grow up big and healthy. So remember to always keep your eyes out for a little speech bubble like this:
User Image
The bubble will be filled with some kind of emotion. Depending on the emotion, you'll be required to do a certain action such as feeding your sheep, grooming your sheep and much more.

Bathing: User Image
Occasionally your Sheep might need some cleansing. You will then notice this bubble popping up. To take care of this simply give it a bath. First you'll need a bath tub which you can purchase in the Grooming Parlor. If you already have a bath tub, your Sheep will automatically go into it if it requires to be cleansed. Then you will need some special Sheep Shampoo. Finally you will need to apply the shampoo. To do that, post in the thread saying:
"Shampoo my sheep, please."
User Image-> User Image-> User Image

User Image

Neighborhoods are places for your dream sheep to place their homes in. The neighborhood you choose will decide what your house will look like.

Sweet Candy Neighborhood

User Image User Image
User Image User Image

This neighborhood are for the sheeps that totally adore candy and baked goods. This is a delicious place to move into. Your home will be shaped like a cupcake with yummy strawberry or blueberry icing and a cherry on top! Once your Sheep has moved it, you will have a choice of upgrading your home for 500 gold if you have been a resident for a week.

Unique Neighborhoods

User Image User Image User Image
These neighborhoods are unique to a certain Dream Sheep and cannot be found anywhere else. They seem to come from very big imaginations.

User Image

So you want a dream sheep? Well check this post to see if there are any available.

Status: The Hundred Acre Woods Event ~ unkown date, Customs Open on July 25th

User Image


Price: 500 gold
Next Planned Flatsale: -
Time: -

**During a flatsale, we ask if ask if a user sees a flatsale form being posted by another, they quote it. This is to ensure that no one edits their posts without evidence of the original.

Flatsale Preview:

Your Username:
Desired Name for Sheep:
Desired Gender for Sheep:
Desired Neighborhood:
Desired Sheep:

User Image


Starting Bid for all auctions: 500 gold
Min. Increase: 100 gold
Next Planned Auction: - -
Autobuy: - -

Bidding On
- -

Link to the Auction
- -

Post all your bids in Size 18 Font and in bold.

User Image


Next Planned Event: Summer Event #3 ~ Pooh Bear

Please go to the 1st post on information regarding this event. Thank-you n.n


Custom Sheep Color - You can decide what colors your sheep will be. Line art will not be editted.

Custom Sheep Normal Package- You can decide what colors your sheep will be and minor line art edits can be done.

Custom Neighborhood/Habitat - You can have your own unique habitat home. The possbilities are endless! ((sheep is not included))

Custom Extended Neighborhood/Habitat - You can have your own unique habitat home. The possbilities are endless! You may also choose to have up to 1 additional floor or 1 additional room to colaborate into your habitat. ((sheep is not included))

Custom Sheep Color Slot:
1. closed

Custom Sheep Normal Package Slot:
1. closed

Custom Neighborhood/Habitat Slot:
1. Sheraira
PM all bribes. Please be dedicated to this since I'll require a lot of detail so the final product will be what you envisioned. ((Custom sheep included because it's a bribe but no cosplays that requires clothing. This means animals/animal characters are welcomed. I can do line edits. example: a pokemon.))

Custom Extended Neighborhood/Habitat
1. closed
User Image
User Image
Housing Extensions

Is your house beginning to get too stuffy and cramped? Maybe it's time to upgrade your home and add a second floor :3. All additional floors are 450g.

For Small Houses
User Image

For Large Houses
User Image

Wallpaper and Carpeting

All custom carpet and wallpaper colors will cost 50g each. This is just basic recoloring of the walls and carpets, it does not include any designs.

User Image

Floor 1. Ocean Waves Wall Paper, 100g - Wallpaper for a cool and relaxing atmosphere.
Floor 2. Pink and White Striped Wallpaper, 150g - Cute wallpaper with engraved hearts <3.

Wallpaper Form
What Wallpaper would you like (custom recolored or premade design)?
Which Floor (Floor 1 is the floor divided into two rooms, Floor 2 is the downstairs)?
->Custom Orders Only
Wallpaper or Carpet?
What color would you like the wall/carpet to be? Colors must be in Hex Code format (example: #FFD3EC, #6DB1FF)
->Premade Orders Only
Which wallpaper?

Furniture Shop

Cute furniture to fill up that empty space in your Sheep's home.

User Image

01. Luxury Hot Tub, 200g - Because luxury shouldn't be cheap.
02. Tanned Mordern Couch, 100g - It's comfy and stylish, what else do you need ?!
03. Love Heart Velour Plush Pillow, 90g - A sweet comfy pillow ideal for any Sheep.
04. Red Silk Chair, 90g - A beautiful silk chair with gold lining.
05. Plaid Castle Mat Bed, 120g - A small velour plaid mat bed fit for a dream cloud or a child sheep, only for the most royal sheeps.
06. Flower Vase, 45g - A red vase filled with beautiful flowers. Choices of cream or pink flowers inside the vase.
07. Comfy Wood Bed, 100g - A comfortable bed that comes in red, green and blue.
08. Dark Wood Dresser, 70g - Defiantly a must have to keep your room organized!
09. Modern Puzzle Painting, 40g - This lovely and stylish painting will warm up any room.
10. Medium Sized Table, 70g - Hand carved out of wood, the details are amazing!
11. Large Sized Table, 80g - Hand carved out of wood, the details are amazing!
12. Teal Modern Couch, 100g - It's comfy and stylish, what else do you need ?!
13. Violet Modern Couch, 100g - It's comfy and stylish, what else do you need ?!
14. Blue Modern Couch, 100g - It's comfy and stylish, what else do you need ?!
15. Rainbow Cloud Couch, 500g - Somewhere over the rainbow....
16. Egyption Rug, 200g - Hand made with red and gold silk.
17. Mini Arched Window, 50g - A beautiful window to let the sunshine in.
18. Small sized table, 50g - This table is perfect for flower pots or little decorations..
19. Large Rectangular Mirror, 90g - A large mirror with gold framing..
20. White or Wood Columns, 250g - Lovely greek columns that can be used to divide areas of your house.
21. Flatscreen TV, 140g - Can you find the picture being displayed on the screen? note: it's flipped 90 degress.
22. Television Table, 100g - Ideal for those who want to watch TV in style.

Furniture Form
What furniture would you like to order?
Where would you like them to be placed (you can tell me through description/picture)?

Grooming Parlor

User Image

01. Bath Tub, 200g - The perfect item for relaxation.
02. Sheep Shampoo, 100g - Specially designed shampoo just for the delicate wool of Sheeps.
03. Milk Carton, 50g - A little carton of milk that refills 1/4 of a bottle
04. Strawberry Milk Carton, 50g - A little carton of milk that refills 1/4 of a bottle.

Love Shop

User Image

01. Love Lollipop, 500g - The sweetest thing you could possibly give. Worth 10 points.
02. Love Parfum, 250g - A beautifully scented perfume shaped like a kiss. Worth 5 points.
03. Love Potion, 500g - A bottle of freshly brewed love potion sealed in with a gold cork. A decorative gold chain hangs from the neck of the bottle. Worth 10 points.

Item Order Form
What items would you like?

User Image

Has your Dream Sheep found a partner? Ready for children? Well maybe it's time to breed them.

Requirements to Breed your Sheep
1. It MUST be an adult sheep
2. Only male & female couples may breed.
3. Both sheeps have one breeding slot open
(Every Dream Sheep gains 1 breeding slot after they turn into an adult.)
4. You do not own both sheeps that are being breeded.

The cost for breeding your Dream Sheep will be 2 000g (you can split the payment in anyway you would like, just make sure the total will end up being 2 000). Your Sheeps will then breed two clouds.

With these two clouds, you can either split them so each person will have one but no individual can recieve both clouds. If you do not wish to keep your clouds you can either give them to a friend or sell it to the public. The option of selling your cloud to the public is quite tricky. You will NOT make any profit out of your cloud being placed in a flatsale or auction and you cannot host the event either. So don't be expecting any royalties after your cloud has been sold.

Determining Offspring
There will be a 50% chance of your offspring to inherit a characteristic from the mother or father and a 10% chance of the offpsring inheriting 'special' characteristics if one of their parents isn't a normal Sheep (examples: angelic, demonic, ect.). These 'special' characteristics include wings, halos and abnormal glows. However, the offspring will still have a 50% chance of inheriting normal characteristics(such as color) from 'special' Sheeps. Holiday Themed and Cosplay Themed sheeps CANNOT breed (there might be other sheeps that are incapable of breeding, you will be told if they are released).

A pink sheep with a swirl design on it and a blue sheep with no designs on it breed.
The offpsring might be pink or blue.
The offspring may either have a swirl design or no design on it.
Possible Outcomes: Pink sheep with no designs.
Blue sheep with swirl design.

A purple sheep with pink heart designs and a yellow sheep with green flower designs breed.
The offspring might be purple or green.
The offpsring may either have a flower or heart design.
The design may either be green or pink.
Possible Outcomes: Purple sheep with green heart designs.
Purple sheep with green flower designs.
Purple sheep with pink flower designs.
Yellow sheep with green heart designs.
Yellow sheep with pink flower deisngs.
Yellow sheep with pink heart designs.

Steps to Breeding

Breeding Stages Sample
User Image User Image User Image User Image

1. Find an open habitat.

2. Your Dream Sheep MUST fall in love. To do so, you need to fill up the heart meter.
Heart Meter:
A meter that measures how close your Sheeps are. It takes 40 points to fill up the whole meter. Every 10 points you gain, the heart meter will be updated. Now you may ask, how do I get these points?
Everyday, mates will recieve 1-2 points from bonding and since we're not mean enough to make you wait 40-20 days for this process there are other ways to gain points as well.
Ways to Gain Points:
A.) Purchasing items from the Love Shop and giving them to your mate.
You may only give one item per day and you cannot regive the same item.
(example: Sheep 1 gives Sheep 2 some Love Parfum. Sheep 2 can no longer purchase some Love Parfum and give to to Sheep 1 for points. Same goes vice versa.)
To give the item, simply post in the thread "I would like to give <insert mate name here> the <insert item name here>"
Points recieved will vary with the item.
B.) Coming into the main shop thread and posting
"I love you ~ <insert name of your mate here>"
For this to work, BOTH Owners of the breeding sheeps must post, not just one.
(example: Sheep 1 posts: "I love you ~ Sheep 2" and Sheep 2 does not post anything, no points will be awarded)
You can only redeem points from this once per day.
Reward: 3-5 points.
Once the Heart Meter has hit the top, you will notice both sheeps displaying 2 little heart emotes.

3. Wait 3-7 days after the 2 hear emotes have popped up.

4. Two little gift boxes have appeared!

5. Wait 2-4 days for them to open.

6. Voila! You now have two beautiful little clouds.
You will now be asked what you would like to do with your new babies.

Breeding Habitats
Find an open habitat to start the breeding process! Check here everyday to see how your Sheeps are doing and how many points they have gained so far.

User Image
Status: Closed
Points Earned: -
Activity History: -

User Image
Status: Closed
Points Earned: -
Activity History: -

User Image
Status: Closed
Points Earned: -
Activity History: -

Caring for New Borns
If you have decided to to keep your cloud, it will move into it's parents habitat. The milk bottle has also been re-equipped and you will be required to keep that filled up for your cloud. After your Dream Sheep has reached Teen Stage, it will move out. You will be able to decide what neighborhood it's going to live in along with the option of purchasing it furniture.

Breeding Form
Replace all text in the "<>" with the correct username :3

Owner of female sheep:
Name of female sheep:
Owner of male sheep:
Name of male sheep:
Total: 2 000g
<Owner 1> is paying:
<Owner 2> is paying:
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Name and Link of a Sheep / Owner / Stage

{angelic} Chii / bangBANG -- nikki / Adult Sheep
Tetsu / bangBANG -- nikki / Adult Sheep
Cloud / sweet_angel252 / Adult Sheep
{tree pixie} Tempted / Lillypuff / Adult Sheep
Dream / westzone / Adult Sheep
{cupid} Charalampos / Lillypuff / Teen Sheep
KiraKira / Jiniasu chan / Adult Sheep
Starlight / yylaayl / Adult Sheep
Sky / Sheramaru / Adult Sheep
Melon / Lillypuff / Adult Sheep
Lolita / Chuchu-chan / Adult Sheep
{easter egg} Lumi / MintaMier / Adult Sheep
{musique} Kamelot / Lillypuff / Adult Sheep
{mushroom} Lesavka / MintaMier / Adult Sheep
*Bella / Lillypuff / Adult Sheep
Nyx / HuzzBuzz / Adult Sheep
Sky / westzone / Adult Sheep
Fantasia / PirateCandy / Adult Sheep
Sunshine / Sheramaru / Adult Sheep
Ulquiorra / fluorescein / Adult Sheep
Lilly / Lillypuff / Adult Sheep
Piglet / Sheraira / Teen Sheep
Rabbit / [Tiff] / Teen Sheep
*Wrath / Sheraira / Teen Sheep
Pooh Bear / .angelic.demonic. / Baby Sheep
Eeyore / PirateCandy / Dream Cloud
Tigger / PirateCandy / Dream Cloud

Latest to Grow

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If you want to be an affiliate, PM me your shops link and button if you have one. Just to keep things organized, all shop that do not have the button size of 88x31 will be text linked.

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The Work List
1. Pooh Bear Event
~ Wheel of Bees
~ Wake Pooh Bear from Hibernation
~ Huge Eeyore
2. Thank-You Letters:
Explanation: One thank-you letter will be given away each month-2 months with a special sheep inside to award a deserving user

3. Lots new furniture
4. New pixel header of the meadows
Links to past event/auction threads. All events linked are in chronological order. Most Recent -> Older. Please do not post in these threads as they are closed and will spam the B&C Forum. Ah, the sweet memories ~

2008 Summer Auction
2008 Easter Auction
2008 Valentines Auction
First Angelic Sheep Auction

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