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The Guild holds all the flatsales, raffles, contests, breedings, and bribe information, as well as RP.
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{{Guild Info}} | Rules | Earra | The Pantheon | Unicorns | Staff
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General rules
    • Obey Gaia's ToS and the Breedables Forum rules and guidelines.
    • Do not direct-link. Save all of your images to your own server, please!
    • Please direct shop-related questions/comments/concerns via PM to shop mule.
    • Roleplaying is not required - but it is encouraged!
    • There are no humans in Earra.

Sales information
    • Flat sales cost 7k for a foal and 5k for an adult.
    • No co-ownership allowed.
    • You may obtain up to five unicorns per month. (As a whole, we have no limit)

Naming Rules
    • The unicorns of Earra favor names based off of the stars and sky.
    • Some examples include Dawn Star, Orion, and Aries.

Jan 2Oth, 2O13

* All unicorn owners please read this. Pick your element and resubmit for certing! Thank you.




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Guild Info | {{Rules}} | Earra | The Pantheon | Unicorns | Staff
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The world of Aberdonia holds many secrets. The mighty Bluestone mountains run over its vast continent like a maze, hiding away different lands and creatures in little pockets of existence. Some are so different from each other that they are like unique worlds unto themselves. Kells and Earra are two such lands, each encircled and kept separate from the rest of the world by the impassive Bluestones.
The unicorns call Earra home. Magic has run wild through its forests for so long that it has sunk into the very earth, until the land itself seems to hum with power and potential.

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Climate: warm during the spring and summer, colorfully chill during fall, and icy come winter •

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The Bluestones stand as an impassable barrier around Earra. The mountain range is thick, steep, and frigid, uninhabitable by most creatures that roam the continent. Unicorns are hardy beasts, but they were not built to scale a mountain. While some may call the snowy foot of the Bluestones home, the harsh weather prevents any from going much further through the range. Yet the area is not without its own benefits. The mountain range has many intricate cave systems, lined with large gems of every color, and veins of untapped ores. While it can be harsh and hard work because of the environment, many unicorns travel here to gather precious materials.

• Unicorns cannot pass over the mountains.
• Some Unicorns live here, but it's a harsh environment. It snows endlessly and mountain weather is treacherous, often turning very quickly to storms or blizzards.
• Caves are scattered throughout the mountains. While some caves are homes to unicorns, others are gigantic mining shafts that are used to gather precious stones and metals such as gold and silver.
• Hot springs and clear rivers are also scattered throughout the mountain range.
• At the base of the mountains sit the snowier parts of Earra Forest.
• Local Fauna and Flora:
Clawed Owl: This large, nocturnal bird is a silent and ruthless hunter.
Winter Shrox: A small, thick-furred carnivore constantly on the lookout for a good meal.
Snow Scrub: It is a very hardy bush, if a rather scraggly one.

Earra Forest

The biggest area on the continent, Earra is a temperate sprawling woodland, with many large clearings and fields. The forest floor is sunny, well lit and full of open space, making Earra a peaceful forest that is unusually safe. While there are a few dangerous areas, such as a deep pool or a rocky meadow, the majority of the forest is safe enough for even a colt to wander freely. Most creatures call this place their first home.

• Earra Forest covers most of the continent, and is home to the majority of animals. Most unicorns live here.
• The forest is not pure woodland. There are wide meadows, which are good for grazing and sunbathing. There are also large waterfalls and winding streams, and mossy pathways used for traveling.
• Earra is a main source of food; from the sweet grasses and flowers, to truffles, fruit, and other delicacies. It's also a large source of materials for crafting, like animal bones, fur, feathers, wood, and other things of that nature.
• Local Fauna and Flora:
Two-tailed Shrox: A small carnivore constantly on the hunt for food.
Seedy Finch: This silly bird loves to hang upside down while eating.
Mog: No one is quite sure when mushrooms begin to grow on the backs of mogs.
Pollen Duster: A fluffy, six-winged moth that flutters from flower to flower, looking for nectar.
Pollypede: A curious insect that curls into a ball when touched.

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Twilight Woods

Jutting out in a foreboding, tangled mess, those who enter the Twilight woods discover that they're aptly named. Dark and overgrown, with scarcely enough room to wander without destroying the foliage, this forest is dense, misty, and flat out spooky. Cramped trees and foggy air make it impossible to see clearly once inside Few dare venture here, for fear of never coming out. Twilight is a very old forest -- older than Earra -- and some think that it's the last remnant of the very first magical wilderness that existed on the continent.

• Twilight Forest is a dangerous area. Not only is it dark and tangled, but predators tend to linger here.
• If there are any that live in Twilight forest, they must be used to the darkness, the thick fog, and the fact that the woodland is a gigantic maze. They must also be wary of the locals, who are generally dangerous.
• There is not much to gather in this woodland. There is a lot of mysticism surrounding the forest itself, and a lot of stories told about it, but in general no one has found anything of great interest that they couldn't find in Earra.
• Local Fauna and Flora:
Hopper: Don't be fooled by their cute, tiny appearance. They're carrion eaters.
Cloaked Lady: A very somber flying insect.

Crystal River

Formed from the snowmelt of the frigid Bluestone mountains, the Crystal River bisects the realm of Earra. Swift and cold, this river is also charged with magical energy that floats on the wind and catches in the water, making it especially dangerous. Staying too long in the water can cause a unicorn to be plagued with visions and voices, or by sickness; some have even been known to go mad. The easiest crossing point lies at the top of the continent, near the base of Bluestone, where the water is shallow.

• Unicorns can cross at any point of the river, if they can swim well. However, the water is generally seen as cursed or dangerous by the general unicorn populace, so most prefer to cross at the top of the continent.
• Crystal River is notorious for being a deep, swift, and icy-cold body of water. Drowning or being swept away by the river can happen.
• There are many different stories told about this river. It is viewed on the whole by scholarly types as a magically charged area, meaning that it can be volatile.
• Crystal River cleaves the continent in two, and must be crossed to go from one side or the other.
• Local Fauna and Flora:
Pixie Fish: A colorful, if impish, creature. It is lovely to look at.
Longtooth: As the name implies, this aquatic lizard has long, sharp fangs and is not above attacking even large creatures like unicorns.

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Grey Sea

A small coastling with great cliffs that fall abruptly out of the forest, the Grey Sea is not a gentle ocean. The waters are cold, and the shore is pitted with jagged rocks. Its namesake comes from its frequent stormy weather, which churns of the seas and makes the water appear a bleak, muddy grey. While precious shells, rocks, and interesting objects can be found along the shore, the wily sea is often a deterrent to most unicorns.

• The Grey Sea is full of gigantic cliff faces and ocean caves. A unicorn must navigate them in order to go down to the actual shore.
• While some unicorns may live here, the weather is fairly harsh -- stormy and chilly, and constantly damp -- making it difficult to keep fires going. Some sea caves become flooded when the tide rises, so a unicorn that wants to live here has to know which caves and cliffs are safe to sleep at overnight.
• The shore is lined with intricate shells, seaweed, pretty stones, and driftwood. It's also a fairly good area to fish and dig up shellfish, like clams.
• Local Fauna and Flora:
Sticky-footed Salamander: Spends about as much time in the water as stuck to cliff walls.
Finfish: A slender, frilly fish with many fins, that comes in many types and colors.
Sandmite: When spotted, it quickly burrows into the sand to hide.

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Guild Info | Rules | {{Earra}} | The Pantheon | Unicorns | Staff
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In Earra, there exists a pantheon of seven gods and goddesses, and every unicorn in Earra is born under the patronage of one these gods. Though very few can ever claim to have seen the gods themselves, most unicorns know about them through tales of lore and bard songs, handed down through many generations. Here is recorded how the unicorns of Earra view their legends.

The Queen

Ursa, the Bright Star

    Queen of the Pantheon in all her glory, Ursa is the fairest and strongest of all the gods, and rules over all of them as justly as possible. A star of wisdom sits on her head, and it is said that she can see what has been, and what is to still become of the world, even unto its end.
    The followers of Ursa are especially hand-picked by the goddess herself, and no two are ever alike. It is not known how she feels about those around her specifically -- the Queen keeps herself an enigma to all, even her followers.
    Only the Far-seers are born under Ursa, but her will is a mystery to even them; perhaps only granted to them by the strange visions that plague them. Far-seers have no rituals to carry out, no tributes to grant to their goddess, and no prayers seem to reach her. Many other unicorns view the Far-seers as somewhat godless.

The Six Elements

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Pyxis, the Cold Fire
    For a "fiery" god, Pyxis is a rather neutral and wishy-washy entity. Often indecisive about important things, and neutral during arguments, he's slow to anger and even slower to do much more than patter about the pantheon muttering to himself. Legends say that once sparked, Pyxis has a power and terrifying temper like no other -- but it's an event that happens so rarely that no one really believes it.
    Pyxis is rather bored by mortals, though that doesn't mean he's above playing the occasional trick on them for his own entertainment. His chosen do not hold any real interest for him, so catching the attention of this god is difficult. Those who hail under Pyxis are a mixed bunch who lack a any real core set of values.
    While frustratingly distant, Pyxis does love showy displays of strength and power. He loves watching mortals become passionate, and enjoys watching fights or competitions among them. The easiest way to offer tribute to Pyxis is to hold such contests. Anything else is guaranteed to bore him.

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Lyra, the Free Spirit
    Most jovial and playful of the pantheon, Lyra is a wild, fun-loving being. Embodying her patron element of the wind, Lyra often wanders the land of Earra away from her fellow gods, enjoying her freedoms. Most view this as a blessing, as very few in the pantheon can stand Lyra's upbeat attitude.
    Lyra is very fond of mortals, and usually doesn't like seeing ill befall them, but she still views them as lesser creatures who are expected to make mistakes. Not much care is given to those who don't happen to be her chosen, specifically. Followers of Lyra believe in freedom above all other virtues. Many are bohemians who wander from place to place.
    Despite having a big heart, Lyra does not take kindly to those who remain stationary. While expecting 'her poor mortals' to initially be confused or in need of guidance, if they do not reform quickly, Lyra can become as wild and harsh as the howling wind itself. The best way to please Lyra is to simply remain a wanderer, but she is also very fond of swift and flying creatures, and will not say no to a gift that someone may tame or catch in her name.

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Hydra, the Hungry Wave
    Fickle and dour, Hydra is the epitome of a dry, grumpy scholar. He prizes the mind above all other things and believes himself better than the other gods because of his intellect. Unfortunately no one else shares the sentiment, leaving Hydra a bitter god who believes that everyone else is too stupid to see potential when it's right in front of their noses.
    He views mortals as little more than toys and pawns, though of course his chosen are the best of the lot. As such, Hydra expects that his people be smart and clever. Those who hail under Hydra generally revere intellect, and prefer to think their way through situations, rather than leaping without looking.
    Because water is his chosen element, Hydra prefers that his people pay him homage by praying to him with at least one hoof in water. If a mortal desires to speak to him, or ask something of him, then they should be clever enough to follow that one rule. Hydra isn't a fan of violence, as it is a trait of the stupid, and the quickest way to cross him is to mock him with something like a sacrifice or a competition of strength.

Carina, the Rough Hewn
    Like her title suggests, Carina is often said to be the most 'down to earth' of the gods. Often kind and motherly to a fault, she cares for all of those in the pantheon in her own special, overbearing way, and would never think of doing wrong by them.
    All those who tread Earra are Carina's brood to care for, and she often fusses over subjects who are not her own if no one bothers to stop her. Her own subjects are even more important, of course. Mortals are precious beings that must be nurtured, and her chosen are the gems that shine the brightest. Those under Carina believe in loyalty above all other virtues, and are usually steadfast to family, band, and cause. They believe that their word is their bond.
    Carina is an intensely kind, forgiving god, and does not begrudge her chosen for their mistakes. She loves all living things. If a mortal seeks to get her attention or please her, it is known that Carina is fond of animal sacrifices from the hunt, as well as ripe food from harvest. She is especially pleased if her chosen are kind and loyal to each other, and is known for giving gifts.

Draco, the Slithering Shadow
    Only second to Hydra in wits, Draco is a crafty, clever god who is always intensely interested in the comings and goings of others. He often spends his time gathering information from fellows in the Pantheon, and enjoys using this information to play around with mortals. Draco is cruel, and has little mercy for weakness in himself or others.
    Mortals are interesting puzzle pieces that Draco enjoys figuring out -- and then seeing how far he can twist them until they break. Amusing to him at best, he makes sure those born under his sign know how fragile and fleeting their lives really are, and expects them to fight for it. Those who hail under Draco believe that the right to live belongs only to those who are strong enough -- and clever enough -- to keep it.
    Not much pleases Draco beyond grand displays of terrible events like revenge or conquest. He enjoys seeing mortals struggle, and is often watching for entertainment. Praying to Draco requires very little as he is usually around to hear, but generally he ignores most prayers, unless they personally please or intrigue him.

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Libra, the Blinding Light
    Despite her ranking title as a goddess of light, Libra is a jaded, world-weary being who is rather mistrustful of those around her. She could tell you every excuse, lie, and cheat that any mortal has ever performed, and keeps her distance, expecting those same things from those around her in the pantheon (and for good reason).
    Libra cares very little about mortals, but is very possessive of her own chosen, watching after them with not a sense of compassion, but a sense of duty. She feels she can't correct mortals for being their foul selves, but as a goddess, she's stuck with the job of making their lives at least a little easier -- and doesn't like the thought of other gods screwing that up. Those born under Libra are usually pacifistic in nature, preferring to live their lives as peacefully and honorably as possible.
    Colorful objects are often prized highly by Libra, and she requires that any mortal who wishes to communicate with her offer something vivid in return. Flowers, dyed fabrics, and gems are all common sacrifices -- she is especially pleased when her chosen paint themselves or weave colorful patterns into their hair. Violence, dishonesty, or fraud are some of the swiftest ways to garner Libra's frosty temper.

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Stages of growth
Foal (1~2 weeks) • Yearling (1~2 weeks) • Adult

Unicorns of Earra
    Born from the very magic in the air of Earra itself, unicorns are the dominant species in Earra, roaming the land together, or in bands. Ranging from a little under 6 feet to just over 7 feet at the withers when fully grown, unicorns can vary rather significantly in height. Their weight, which can range anywhere between 1,000 and 3,000lbs, can be even more disparate. There are no other creatures like them on the continent.
    Born under a pantheon of gods and goddesses, most unicorns have the ability to manipulate their surroundings by telekinetic magic, and are bestowed a special talent at birth -- a gift from the gods themselves. As the dominant species in Earra, the only real competition that unicorns might face are other unicorns; and though many are peaceful, equally many will not hesitate to fight their own kind.

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    These odd unicorns are born magically barren. As foals they're unable to perform even the simplest of magical tasks that their peers are learning, and as adults they have no magical capability whatsoever. They are constantly plagued by odd visions, for they possess the gift of "far-seeing", and no two are alike. Some are able to see into the distant past, and some see into the future. Some have very precise control over their gifts, and some have no say on when or what they see.
    Blessed by their patron goddess Ursa, far-seers are born with white or grey eyes, which mark them apart from their kin. Being a seer can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the unicorn's circumstances -- many seers are ostracized, but just as many are revered for their unique talents.

    Elementalists, are special unicorns that struggle to win favor with all of the gods. Many fail, perish, or never reach the end of their quest -- but there are those chosen few that manage to accomplish their goal. In gaining favor from the entire pantheon, the Elementals are granted both the wisdom of the gods themselves, and each of their six special gifts. To become an Elementalist is to leave your mark on Earra, and no two are the same.
    Accomplished Elementals are considered some of the most powerful beings in Earra, and just as many are feared as they are coveted for their abilities.

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    Like their namesake, Blessed unicorns are those that have, for one reason or another, been 'touched' by the gods. They are a strange lot; some having powers they cannot control, or odd, dangerous appearances. Some even warp in form, personality, or shape, becoming little more than a ghost of their past selves. Blessed unicorns consider their title ironic, as just as many 'blessings' doled out by the gods can be curses.

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    Trundlebug, Vistada, Chobi_Chocobo, F a y t h - x, March Moth

Shop Management
    Ruriska, Nyx Argyros

    Trundlebug: Pantheon concept, new thread art, cert, baby, seer, & elementalist temps
    March Moth: Concept, {old banners and thread art}
    Lilwolfpard: Templates
    Quaji: Original unicorns
    F a y t h - x: Hair Edits
    Nyx Argyros & Astrum Aura: Pantheon concept, and a ton of shop mechanics!

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Guild Info | Rules | Earra | The Pantheon | Unicorns | {{Staff}}

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