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Yeah you, sweetcheeks. Why are you here?
You perhaps graced upon this fabulous world of sparkles, rainbow and glitter and something drew you here?
Is it a sign maybe?

******** no! you just saw this awesome name or heard about it from your friends. Who were wise to tell you of this place. what is this place? A sparkledog B/C stupid. I'm not going to waste your time telling you of a 'fantasy' story that has to do with pixels. I'm here to tell you to buy some fabulously dressed sparkles in the shapes of canine-like ******** with scene hair and armwarmers with bio-hazard symbols on their asses.

Now as I once heard a wise man say, "I will kick you so hard in the balls your grandkids will be sterile."

ohwait, that's what I said to my bro.

He got what he deserved.

Guild | Join today!

Newest Drop-offs can be found here!


8 - 4 - 10::. Store opening Bitches!
8 - 5 - 10::. Mini Rave event, Yeeeeeeeeah boi!
8 - 9 - 10::. Kaju_inu has gained experience. Kaju_Inu has now evolved into Full time colorist!
8 - 9 - 10::. Voo used an organizers stone on Massa! Massa Has now Evolved into Shop Organizer!

10 - 17 - 10::. HEY LOOK. A ********' awesome EI event on the second page along with some pimpin' Candygrams
3-4 - WHATEVER - 11::. Voo caught wild colorists, Limey, Bu and Tsu!

10 - 20 - 11::. NEW SHOP THREAD. That new shop smell Ahhh~~~

HIRING! ... Again... orz

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User ImageSo god help me if you don't follow the rules I will muderdeathkill you.

[x].Don't Harass the Staff
[x].Do Not Steal!
[x].No Cybering
[x].First come, First serve
[x].No whining
[x].Staff word is Law
[x].Save to your own Server once you get it
[x].Don't pester for Freebies
[x].I don't care for l33t speak. just don't go over board. it's kinda annoying
[x].No limit you can have to these pets, just don't pester
[x].No harassment
[x].Don't quote the first page
[x].No advertising, it's a little annoying
[x].Do not take other designs from other pet shops or pets!
[x].Swearing and everything is fine. though follow the T.O.S. no porn/etc.
[x]. Drama isn't tolerated. Gtfo
[x]. Do not steal characters.

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1. Can I have one?
I dunno. Can you?

2. How can I get one?

3. What does K and G mean?
g = gold, K = 1000g

4. Will My Pet grow up?
If ya have a Kit or teen it probably will. Permas don't however.

5. Ohhh! Someone got one that I want. Can I have the same one?!
Only if they are twins. otherwise, gtfo.

6. Do the images automatically evolve?
No they do not. how many B/Cs do that?

7. Do Customs and Cos-plays Breed?
Of course. their items will be passed down and such.

8. What are these?
SPARKLEDOGS. what else?

9. What are sparkledogs?
They're dogs. that sparkle. in more sense, they are multicolored dogs with a shitton of accessories and hair.
Yeah, I'm talkin' about your rainbow/scene band dog you have there.

10. Sparkledogs are retarded.
Yes. Yes they are very much so.

11. Can I have something else as a different species?
Indeed. be it cats or dragons or whatever the ******** that animal is. though they will be on special made lineart.
though it's uncommon and costly.

12. Can I get special lineart but with the dogs instead of a different species?
Of course. again, it'll be rare and costly.

13. I lost the game.

14. What are these? like wolves? foxes?
They are sparkles. they are whatever you want them to be. idfk.

You can quest the same thing other people are questing.
First come first serve. tough luck.

16. HEY VOO, HEY. Am I able to get two pets together on one cert with the special lines? like this?
Yeahyeah, you can. but It'll cost at least a mil at it's simplest.
Any more complicated then that you'll have to talk about with me.

17. Why are the familiars Pinatas from Viva Pinata?

18. Okay, Really, Why pinatas?
Alright fine, Cause my brother told me too and he's disown me if I didn't.
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[x].Story of the Sparkle....

Here's a tale...of Majesty and Grace.

That I don't feel like typing.

so have a comic. That I will update as life allow.

Page 1 - [x]
Page 2 - [x]
Page 3 - [x]
Page 4 - [x]
Page 5 - [x]
Page 6 - [x]
Page 7 - [x]
Page 8 - LATER


[x]. Where do Sparkledogs live? good question, they live EVERYWHERE. cause you know, sparkles do everything that normal people can't do. Though This place resides outside of the town Pnfpn. how do you pronounce that? figure it out.

Pnfpn is a big city, with a glorious mountain chain to one side, and an ocean to the other. Yeahyeah, Like Seattle almost. The temp is pretty mild. the economy is good, and the rent to the condos is decent. Being a big city with such an amazing environment, Sparkles thrive here though they mainly hang around the shop so they can rub it in other sparkle's faces at how amazingly perfect they are. User Image
User Image


User Image
[x]. Wolf
Hey look at that! Now we are getting somewhere. Black silhouettes of the pets and their stages where you have no idea the detail and shading. odear. This set has wolf tails. omai, sparklewolf.

User Image
[x]. Fox
Now here's something slightly different. Okay Voo, what's different about this set? Don't be short bus special, they have fox tails. I offer three sets of tails cause I'm cool and lazy like that.

User Image
[x]. Short
These ones have short, docked tails. Cause everyone know little tails are just so goddamn adorable!

User Image
[x]. Floofy
Okay, I bet you're wondering what animal these tails belong to, amirite? right. nothing I'm sure, I just wanted fluffy obscene tails.

User Image
[x]. Scene Long
Oh ********. Another set of lineart. well s**t. SCENEDOGS? WHAT IS THIS??

User Image
[x]. Scene Raccoon
Oshit. now they have Raccoon tails.

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[x]. Special Lines
Spesul lineartz for things outside of the canine species. so if you have a sparkledragon, sparklecat, sparkleeagle or a sparklealien it's best to order unique lineart to get SUPER AWESOME RADICAL SPESUL poses and look more accurate to what you intended. the only down side is they are rare, costly and trying to breed them is a butthurt.

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[x]. Angelic Gods
They are exactly what they are bby! GODLY GODS OF THE GODLIEST POWER. with Fruity Angel wings to boot.

User Image
[x]. Demonic Gods
Gods with DEMON WINGS AND HORNS. Anything more to say?

User Image
[x]. God Halfbreeds
Can't decide on the angel wings or the demon wings? WHY NOT HAVE BOTH? you can have the wings on any side.

.::. IF YOU WANT A DIFFERENT TAIL. just add it into the form and it'll be a minor edit. don't stress it.

.::.PLEASE specify if you are getting a halfbreed god which wing goes on which side. Otherwise we will choose for you.

.::.Any type of god can have the horns. You can even have Demonics without horns. Just tell us if you want/dont want them!

.::.IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HAVING A CUSTOM PET IN THE OLD LINES. Just include that in your order form, but PLEASE keep in mind not all the colourists have the old lineart (only Voo and Wolfie have all the old sets, some colourists just have the old god and scene)
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[x]. I'm working on it. goddamn

That's what our familiars are, why? BECAUSE SPARKLEDOGS LIKE THE PARTY K
User Image
Starting from top going to the right:
Sherbat, Pretztail, Cocoadile, Doenut, Mallowolf, Kittyfloss, Fudgehog, Bunnycomb and BarkBark.

[x].These are the BASIC piñatas that you can order through custom or win through games. Other piñates will be only offered in event.
[x].Piñatas are all two staged, they all come from an egg.
[x].Piñatas cost about 50K to custom one.
[x].You can purcahse one using the form when ordering a custom pet. Or if someone open for colouring and you can purchase it alone. (PLEASE check to see if someone is open first)

Familiar Order Form
[b]Piñata Species:[/b] (which piñata?)
[b]Piñata name:[/b]
[b]Pet Owner:[/b] (which one of your pets owns the piñata?)
[b]Markings: [/b](or colours/theme)

NOTE - Familiars are PIÑATAS. which mean they get piñata colored markings. you CAN have different markings and colors and yadda yadda, but your markings are going to come out piñata-esque.

If you order a cosplay or special lines you are capable of getting special lines of any pinata on your pet. just include it in your form. kthnx.
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User ImageUser Image

I have the option of people to be able to pay through RL money and Deviantart points.
Check this for more info

Customs bby!

+10K from Teen to adult
+20K from Kit to adult

(Scene dogs are the same price as Regular sparkles. Just more uncommon)

[x]. Regular

50K - Semi Custom (You take liberty of gender and colors. I come up with the design)
80K - Color custom (EVERYTHING YOU CAN DREAM.....without edits)
100K - Random edits (You can pick colors and gender but I take role in making the design WHILE adding a ******** of edits!)
200K - Minor edits (You know, Hair, tails, piercings, etc. Just no clothes and complex designs)

[x]. Spesul lineartz

800K - Base price. Something along the lines of THIS


1mil+ - IDK. BRIBE ME.

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User Image

Breedin' bitches!

What are sparkledogs if they can't shag everything they see in sight and produce heirs to the sparkle kingdom?

nothing. that's what.

[x]. Breeding generally costs about 20K and they can produce 1-3 kits in a litter. 2 Kits is guaranteed if there are two owners, if one person owns both parents then there is the chance of only receiving 1 kit.
[x]. Tail types are passed down and differ. If you have a fox tail breed with a wolf tail, the kits will vary in wolf and fox tails, etc, etc.
[x]. Cosplays can breed, their items will be passed down to the next generation.

User Image
[x]. Special linearted pets CAN breed but it's rare and costs 50K
[x]. Special linearted pets can produce up to 1-2 kits in a litter

[x]. Sparkles don't have to mate for life. that's just stupid.
[x]. Sparkles have a limit of 4 breeding PER COUPLE. (this rule might be overturned) ONSing is possible yo.
[x]. Same-Sex Breeding is allowed! what do you take us for? these are sparkledogs dammit.

[x]. You can only Breed once a month
[x]. Siblings Cannot breed. that's just not right.
[x]. You are capable of entering more than one breeding, but only one will be chosen.


Breeding Main Thread

BREEDINGS - closed
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User Image
User Image
It you are too lazy to order customs to get a pet from breeding, or just hoard sparkles like a pretween on rainbow crack, snag one from an auction, flatsale, raffle, or from games.

There are rules though. if you don't follow, I swear I will not hesitate to end you and your dog.

Auction Rules
This shop goes by tektek. The date of the auction would be the date that all items will be accepted at that price.
Co-owning is allowed. But please specify when you bid. 2 owners max
When the auction ends at the certain time. IT ENDS.
PLEASE Calculate your own bids! Your bids will be a** kicked if not calculated
Specifically state what you are bidding in each bid.
Whining and guilt-tripping will is no tolerated. by god I will cut you.

Raffle Rules
Prices may vary from raffle to raffle, but will generally be 100 gold a ticket
goddammit, don't whine.

Flatsale Rules
You may only win one per flatsale
Proxing for another person is accepted
Absolutely no editing of posts.
Instructions will be given after the sale on where to send trades and how to label them.
don't post anything TILL I GIVE THE WORD YO.

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Click on the avatars to see their Character refs.

User ImageUser Image
[x].Kenneth Stacey T III
-Main Mule-

Your name is KENNETH STACEY TOSH III. You like plowing everything you see and have a great interest in impregnanting the regulars. Your Gender is WUT.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Nero Everley.[x]
-Game/Event Mule-
Your name is CONNER NERO EVERLEY. You enjoy boys and rainbows. that's about it. Your Gender is MALE

Stop copying homestuck right this instant, Voo.
User Image
User Image

LOL only me for now. Kaju has officially invaded this virgin space! Muahaha!

And a Brit omg.

Oh and Eik too.

Username: Voo NNY
Nicknames: Kyuubi, Kyuu, Voo, Voovoozuela, Ten, Ten-days, Kyuutits, etc.
Age: old enough to drive but not to buy porn.
Gender: Male of the 'fe' variety
Occupation: Artist, Junior in HS, Gamer.
Likes: Food, KFC, vidjya games, Silent hill, South Park Zelda, Viva Pinata, heavy rock, Metal, musiiic
Dislikes: YOU DICKS >:[

Username: Of The Epidemic
Nicknames: Dreaming, Dream, Epi, Demi, Epipen, so on and so forth.
Age: T^T Too old
Gender: Gurl, Imma GURL
Occupation: A cleaner shrimp or sorts/ Co - Owner
Shop job: Organization, answering questions, keeping things on track
Likes: Music, colorful things, the B/C, Miki, OCs, RP, and other things that don’t matter
Dislikes: |DD Most things, I’m a butt like that.

                  Username: Parasitic Candii
                  Nicknames: Miki, Candii, Para, hey douche face >8|
                  Age: Legal for everything. But barely 8D
                  Gender: Tits
                  Occupation: I’m a full time Miki and a part time bum
                  Shop job: Assistant cleaner shrimp. The shrimp part exists because im short -.-
                  I handle all the s**t no one else wants to and attempt to keep Dreaming sane
                  Likes: Food. And sleep man. I’m a mountain dew addict that likes pizza, cats, Dreaming, gaming, OCs, zombies and lots of other junk.
                  Dislikes: Your face. My face. Faces. Also, bees, meatloaf and fire


                  Username: BritMac
                  Nicknames: Wolfie, Matt, Mac, That british guy that sometimes lurks around here
                  Age: 21
                  Gender: I'm a dude, dude
                  Occupation: Professional good for nothing lazy a**
                  Shop job: Colourist/ Part-time colourist kindasortamaybe (deppends how SICK I am >:l )
                  Likes: Rain, Thunderstorms, Philosophy, Colouring (I ******** LOVE COLOURING) Playing PS3, Gummi bears, Tits, Amanda and Movie Soundtracks
                  Dislikes: Doctors and their cold hands. Needles, Hospitals ect. ect. ect.

                  Username: Insanity_of_the_loveless
                  Nicknames: Zero, Loveless, Seth
                  Age: 20
                  Gender: Male
                  Occupation: Student @ Art institute
                  Shop job: I LYKE TO COLOR
                  Likes: Drawing, eating and sometimes breathing.
                  Dislikes: Deep water and people in fur suits.

                  Username: Cat-Hulk
                  Nicknames: Eik, Eikkie, Cat, Hulk
                  Age: 18
                  Gender: I have a d**k, you dicks.
                  Occupation: Student/Actor
                  Shop job: Colourist upon other things.
                  Likes: I enjoy the musical Newsies, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Homestuck, Teen Wolf, Tumblr, Sparkledogs,Pokemon, Borderlands, Portal, Things like that. Oh also, I like rainbows. And I like men. Especially beards. Mmm.. beards. OH! And Bob's Bugers!
                  Dislikes: Whiners, jerks, annoying people, Rude gay guys, LGBT haters, Discriminators. Oh, and people who are absolute asshats..

                  Username: –Yasha Alchemist
                  Nicknames: Yasha is cool, dawgs.
                  Age: 19
                  Gender: Female
                  Occupation: Sophomore in college. (Graphic Design)
                  Shop job: icolor/edit stuff
                  Likes: Food, ponies, roleplaying, videogames, yoohoo, puppies, comics, gummy vitamins
                  Dislikes: When movies suck… and people who don’t shower. 8I

                  Username: Candle Wick Ghost
                  Nicknames: Candle, Wick, Ghost, Cheeky, Woof and whatever you want to call me. Wicky is new. ouo
                  Age: 19
                  Gender: Female
                  Occupation: Artist & Animator... In training. >o>
                  Shop job: Colorist
                  Likes: EVERYTHING. Nah, Manga, Anime, Animals, Conspiracy theories, Movies, Food, Talking too much, Art, Drinking, Gaming... Smexing. TOO MANY THINGS. Most of them make me a bad influence. I'M SORREH. D:
                  Dislikes: Wet farts, that includes people with that personality who need to be slapped with a fish or something. As they say you can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter. x) So you better get rollin'

                  Username: Roserain
                  Nicknames: Rain, Rose, Hey b***h <3
                  Age: Twenty something something
                  Gender: Pfffffffffft the kind my husband likes
                  Occupation: I moonlight as a werewolf 8|
                  Shop job: Dream's little color-whore <3
                  Likes: COLORS MAN
                  Dislikes: Whiny people. Srs, shut up v:

                  Username: icy serenade
                  Nicknames: icy, Lizz, Lover of All Things Bacon
                  Age: ... You don't need to know this 8'l
                  Gender: I am woman! Hear me ROAR!
                  Occupation: At home momma~
                  Shop job: Familiar colorist and Event/Sometimes Colorist
                  Likes: Ummm... Food?!~ ... And not having to think~
                  Dislikes: ... Ummmmmm.... Having to think~

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PM the mule if you wanna exchange links~

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Sister shops

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Other shops~

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
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Lineart, Shop, Concept (c) Voo NNY
Cert, Graphic (c) Voo NNY
Coloring (c) Voo NNY, Kaju_Inu, Underdog_wolfie, Limey, Bu, Tsu, Loveless
Characters (c) Voo NNY
Organization Voo NNY, Massa/Ishmeluv, Dreaming, Underdog_wolfie (I count the tickets. KYU UR DOIN' IT WRONG. <3)
User Image

White list


-Kaju_Inu - duh.
-BritMac - I torture you too much not to put you here. <3
-Dreaming - Dreaming, you are so bamf.
-All the regulars - <33333

Gray list


Black list


-Breakingalltherules - Can't trust a mass liar. you know what you've done.


White list - I know you can't go wrong. if you do I'll be disappoint.
Gray list - You are temporarily banned. you can still post and rp and s**t. but you get no pets till it's lifted
Black list - whoa. you get nothing. gtfo out of my shop.
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