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Post 1- Shop Rules
Post 2- Sales
Post 3- Story
Post 4- Q & A
Post 5- Stages & Types
Post 6- Elements
Post 7- Owner's List
Post 8- Breeding & Customs
Post 9- Potions & Items
Post 10- Chibi Shop
Post 11- Growth Points & RP
Post 12- RP References & Info
Post 13- Lists & Staff
Post 14- Reserved
Post 15- Banner Exchange

~.:Rules of the shop:.~

1- Do not PM the owners, colorists, or any shop staff. The thread moves slow enough that you can post questions right in the thread itself. Someone will answer it for you.
2- Respect your fellow gaians. No one is perfect, and not everyone is a fantastic rper. If someone is new and breaks one of the rules, don't attack them, but gently point them to this post to read up on it. The owners will handle anything past that.
3- You aren't required to rp, but your dracling won't grow unless you do. Elder Orbs are given to those who rp regularly and well. Its the shop owner's decision to give, or not give, them out. Do not bother any of the staff about growings, they'll get to it when they can.

Rules for those who have a goblet:

1- You must post a dream in your journal, because you won't get a dracling til you do.
2- You are not allowed to mention the dracling in your dream. It won't appear till after the dream, so there is no way you could have seen it.
3- The dracling is designed from the dream you have, you are not allowed to actually choose any part of it, gender or species or anything. If you would like to see a certain look, then dream about something that has that look. If your dream is in all black and white, then the dracling will be black and white. If you dream of butterflies, chances are your dragon will have butterfly wings. Etc. If you want something specific, then buy a custom.
4- The calling dream is now required to be at least one paragraph long. This means 6 sentences, 500 words, or 6 lines. Its hard to make a dracling if there is too little to work from... give the colorist something to work with, please.

Rules for rping:

1- You may not rp as a human in the Almahat rp thread if you don't have a dragon. The dream realm can only be reached with the help of a dragon or dracling while the dreamer is asleep. You can, however, rp as any fantasy creature. All sorts of creatures live in the dream realm, from unicorns to phoenixes to centaurs and beyond. Only thing you can't rp is a dragon, obviously.
2- Only those with an elder stage dragon can bring their physical bodies to Almahat. Draclings and adults can only bring their minds to Almahat while the dreamer is sleeping. Also, draclings can only be seen in dreams, they can't come to the waking world. Adults and elders can travel freely between both worlds.
3- Almahat is like being in a dream. Dreamers can control their environment, to some extent, being able to make objects or clothing if they concentrate, or travel great distances. Its all controled with the mind, but it takes a lot of concentration to hold it and keep it from changing. Creatures that were born in Almahat, though, can not control it as the dreamers can.
4- Not really a rule, but a guideline... draclings from goblets are drawn to a person, and the two bond very closely. Its like finding the other half of your soul when you gain a dracling this way. They will love you, but it will depend on their personality if they show it or not. Opposite that, draclings or adults gained from sales won't be as closely bonded, and there is even a chance you might have some trouble with them or that they will dislike you. The bond will grow more slowly, and take time.

If you have a question about any of this, please post it in the thread and it will be answered. If you're not sure about something, ask.

Rules are subject to change.
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Flatsale Goblets - 3k

Goblets are available at any time. Simply reply to this thread in bold green that you would like to purchase a goblet and send trade to the mule (Kapu~Ahi).

People who have claimed goblets:

Custom Adults - 10k

Vahyla will be doing customs for a price of 10k. If slots are available, post the following form in the shop:

Description: (be detailed. I can only go by what you tell me. You also have the option here to put up a pic of what you'd like done. I'm not picky, I can work from references. You can do also do cosplays. If you're not really sure what you want, just add *random* to this section. This gives me the liberty to add to what you already said you wanted. Markings, colors, etc.)

1- open
2- open

* Note: custom slots will be first-come-first-serve, and you can only claim one at a time. You also can't claim the slot that opened when yours was done. You have to wait till its been filled and another one opens up. Customs are adults only.


Dates: Runs July 6th at 12:01 a.m. to July 13th at 6:00 p.m. with anti-snipe
Preview: User Image
-Bidding begins at 4k
-Minimum bid increase of 50 gold each bid
-Winner chooses name, sex, and power affiliation
-Anti-snipe extends bidding for five minutes near the end of the auction. example: Bid received July 13th at 5:59 p.m. would extend bidding to 6:04 p.m.


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Goblets with special gemstones were given out during the grand reopening event:

Place the special gemstone under your pillow before you drink the potion in the goblet. After your dream has been interpreted by a colorist, you will be able to request one general feature such as fins, wings, horns, etc. It will be up to the colorist how to work that in to the dragon they've interpreted.
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Bluefire Dragonz
It all began with a dream.

I'm not the type of person to put much faith in the power of dreams, or to even think that they are anything more than a movie in my head while I sleep. I have since come to realize that there is much more to them then that. Some dreams are just your subconscious mind, but others are as much a world of their own as heaven, hell, or any place of the afterlife.

Why was I chosen to bring this revelation to the world? A half-breed, sometimes scorned, sometimes feared, never taken as just being normal. And what stranger combination, than that of a Dragon father and Human mother? I'll never know why the god(s) chose me, but I was chosen, and so I do what I can.

But I digress. The story of how I came to own this shop of wondrous creatures that can traverse between worlds. Like I said, it all began with a dream.

I entered my room late one night, the light of the moon silvering the objects of my life. The bed that I slept in, forever un-made. The desk at which I pursued my studies and my life's passion, Art. The bookshelf which held my escape from reality in the form of Fantasy novels. The small bits and pieces that were nothing more than pretty things to look at, such as a music box, and a statue of a dragon. I undressed as though I could strip off the cares of the world, of the world that I inhabited during the light of day, and climbed into my rumpled bed where I found some measure of escape, of peace, during the night. Within moments, the darkness of oblivion swept like a blanket over my mind and I slept.

But the darkness wasn't as complete as it usually was. A pinprick of light shone out, then grew, until I stood in a field of luscious green grass under a sky as blue as a robin's egg. I knew, in some part of my mind, that this was a dream, but the other part of my mind blocked it out and just enjoyed the beauty and peacefulness of the place. I ran with wings outspread, reveling in the feeling of freedom and wind over my skin. This was one dream that I could dream of in the day when I was wanting nothing more than escape. I beat my wings and surged up into the bowl of the sky, weaving through the cotton clouds and trying to touch the sun. It was wonderful. Then a strange feeling of foreboding hit me and the sky seemed to darken, the world around me losing some of its color. I confess that I panicked and fled, though I had no where to go. It seemed now that something chased me, nipping at my heels, driving toward some unknown destination where my doom awaited me. I cried out in fear, and in some strange way, I was heard.

Though there was nothing before me, I seemed to break through a barrier, bursting out into a place that was much the same, and entirely different. My entrance through the barrier did not fool the malignant presence that chased me, and I felt it once again behind me. I fled again, straining for speed, but always it was just behind me, waiting for a single mistake that would tumble me into its waiting clutches. My wings grew heavy, and I tired, loosing speed. A fierce pleasure radiated from my assailant as it over took me. I felt as though huge jaws were about to close around me, tear my tender flesh and devour my soul. I cried out again as they rushed to close about me.

Then there was a flash of light and a fierce scream of anger. The light smashed into the darkness and there was an explosion. I could not say if this explosion was of sound, of sight, of taste or feeling. It was all of them and none. When I drew the courage to lower my arm from over my eyes, I gasped at the magnificent creature that stood before me. Gleaming blue from crested head to frilled tail, she seemed to shine with an glorious inner light. Raising her magnificent head, she let loose a roar of victory and flapped her skin wings. Beneath her feet appeared to be a great black cat, but it was dead, torn to bits by her razor claws and ivory teeth. I trembled in awe, fearing that this deadly beauty would do to me what it had done to my pursuer.

Then she turned that serpentine head to look at me, and I gazed into sapphire eyes that were so clear, so full of love and kindness, that I wept with the sight. A voice like bells sounded through my head and I knew it came from her.

"Greetings, Bluefire Dragonheart, the one called Blue. I am Rafael and I have come to join with you, as commanded." She said to me.

"Commanded? By who? And for what reason? Please, tell what you want of me!" I stretched my arms out to her in supplication and she smiled softly. Suddenly, my mind was flooded with information. I was to open a shop and sell potions. These potions were to be given to other mortals like myself so that creatures like Rafael could enter their dreams and join with them. It was a great task for a great purpose, though she could not tell me what that was. We would have to search for the answer together, as finding it would also tell us why we had to quest in the first place.

I embraced her and felt a surge of power, of connection. She seemed to fill a place in me that I hadn't know was empty, and I felt more complete than I had ever been.

"We are closer than sisters, than lovers, now." She whispered in my mind. "We will always be connected. Now wake, and begin your task."

"Wait! Don't leave me, Please!" I cried, but she was gone and the dream was fading. I grasped at the ragged edges, but they slipped through my fingers. Then suddenly I opened my eyes on my moonlit room. As I sat up and saw that everything was as it had been before I slept, I wondered if what I dreamed was real. Then, deep within me, I felt the new completeness and knew the truth. Jumping from my bed, I ran from my room and through my house. I burst through the front door and was greeted by the sound of bells in my mind. There before me was my beautiful Rafael, and I knew that though the dream had been a dream, it was just as real as grass beneath my feet and the moonlight in my hair.

~Are you ready to begin?~

"Yes." I smiled and wrapped my arms around her neck. "I'm ready."

Kapu Ahi
My story begins quite a while after that.

It all started with a book and the curiosity of a dragon. They are so easily seduced into doing things they know they shouldn't, all for the sake of their curiosity. So it was that the elf dragon, Bluefire, came upon my book and her curiosity led her to read aloud the forbidden words I had waited so long to hear. The words of the spell that had trapped me in that limbo for so long, in that place that is not a place. The moment they hit the air, sparkling like light in a crystal, I felt my prison crack and fall away and I was free once more!

But it was not truly freedom... I found myself trapped in a prison of another sort, the very body of that foolish woman who read the spell. I had complete control of her and though it was not as I wished, I was glad to be in the world outside again.

My host might be foolish, but she had steadfast friends to support her and they worked very hard to oust me from her body. It was a fantastic struggle, one worthy of the goddess of chaos and fire! We struggled hard and long, the waking and dream worlds shaking with our clash. I can not say I regret the battle or the cause of it, but nor do I regret that I eventually lost the battle.

Their friendship was too great for me it seemed, and they found a way to force me from her body. I don't know what happened then, lost as I was in some strange, sparkling darkness, but when I awoke again, I found that I had been truly forced from the woman's body, but what I was dumbfounded to see was that I had gained a new body of my very own! Bluefire's shifting ability split her body in two, giving half of it to contain my soul and half to house hers. Needless to say, I could no longer continue the fight, torn as I was over rage at my loss and gratitude that I was well and truly free this time.

Well, all's well that ends well, it seems. I made a gift to them of the orbs I make specially, unique to themselves, for the dragons that had been brave and strong enough to defeat me. These orbs pleased them, with their special sort of magic, and well that they did. Mortals don't spurn a goddess's gift and get off lightly, you can be sure.
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Q: How do I get one?

A: Any number of ways. You can buy one from a flatsale or auction. You can get one through a special event, or (very rarely) you can get one as purely a gift.

Q: Is rp required?

A: One time that rp is required is in the calling dream (see 'stages' for more info). We go by a point system here (called growth points or GP), based on rp posts, to determine how fast your dragon grows. The more you post, the faster the dragon grows. Of course, if you don't want to rp, you can always purchase a growth potion that will make your dragon instantly grow into an adult. If you don't want it to grow so fast, and you rp a lot, you can purchase a youth amulet that will keep your dragon a dracling until you remove it. (See 'Potions & Items')

The other time that rp is required is for breedings. Please see the breeding area for more information.

Q: Do I direct link my goblet?

A: If you want to see it grow, yes! Once it becomes an adult, its up to you. The cert will still be hosted. The latest version of your dragon will always be in it's link on the owner's list.

Q: What do I do with my journal once I've posted my calling dream and gotten my dracling?

A: What you do with your journal is entirely up to you. Use as a private rp, as a journal to record the happenings in your draclings life, or whatever! We'll keep all the info about your dragon on the first post of the journal, but other than that, we don't need it. We do suggest you use it to rp, though, because it'll help your dracling to grow.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Goblet: This is a special potion made by me from a recipe Blue got from Rae. When you drink this and then sleep, it calls your dragon and allows it to pass from Almahat to your mind. As yet, we have no control over what dragon answers the call of your mind. Once you have drunk the potion and fallen asleep, you will have a very vivid dream. It is the dream that attracts the dragon, and what happens in the dream decides what kind of dragon is attracted. Good dreams will attract dragons of a good nature, usually kind and gentle. Bad dreams will attract dragons of a darker, more sinister nature. While loyal to you as their dreamer, they aren't exactly the easiest dragon to share you head with. Personality differs from dragon to dragon, so there is no telling what your dragon will be like.
The dragons come in as many shapes and sizes as there are people to dream of them. They come in certain types, as explained below. Dragons are also vain creatures, and are usually very fantastic looking with frills, horns, spikes and bright/imaginative coloring. What your dragon looks like, unless its a custom, will be determined by your calling dream. The things you see and feel will heavily influance this.

Dracling: A very young dragon will appear in the next dream you have, attracted by your calling-dream. It already knows all about you, since its inside your mind, but you'll need to get to know it. It will remain in your dreams, interacting with you until it reaches adulthood. At this stage, your dragonling can take your dream self to Alamahat, where you can interact with other dragons and dreamers. It is very important to write in your dream journal at this point, since you'll be having a lot of dreams as your dragon grows. Growth time will depend on the dreamer and the dragon and how many dreams you have.
((hint: your dragon will not grow if you do not dream and write it in your journal, or visit Almahat. I'm not taking the time to make you an adult if your not going to be active.))
Baby dragons are just like human children. They need to be taken care of and loved. Just because they are dragons doesn't mean they are adult-smart or self-suffiecent right from the cradle. Dragonlings are also easy prey for wild creatures in Almahat, so be extra careful when you visit there.

Adult: In this stage, your dragon can freely travel between Almahat, your dreams, and the real world. Its fully mature and grown, and begins to find its alignment. What happens now is solely up to you and your dragon. Once your dragon is grown, it is no longer important to keep the dream journal or interact with other dreamers and their dragons, but you are still very welcome to. Your dragon can now breed, as well.

Elder: This is a very special stage that is very hard to obtain. Only those favored by the goddess, Kapu Ahi, will be given the magical orb that causes the transformation to Elder. Dragons at this stage are in full control of all aspects of their alignment. Also, they can now transport their dreamer to Almahat, body and all.


User ImageWyrm: A dragon that has no limbs, like a snake. They are closely bonded to the earth and water. They are the guardians of the home, protecting with a fierceness only matched by their loyalty.

Lindworm: This is like a worm, but with two legs. They are the keepers, making sure that everything runs smoothly. They are assosiated with earth and ice.

Drake: The Drake is a dragon with four legs like the western, but lacking wings. They commonly come in two elements, Ice and Fire. They are the warriors, the infantry.

Winged Wyrm: Just as the name suggests, these dragons only have two wings. They are the scouts, and align with air and lightning.

Wyvern: These dragons have four limbs; two wings and two legs. Wyverns are the artisans, the makers. They align with air and spirit.

Western: A dragon with four legs and a pair of wings. They are the fiercest of the family, and the most cunning. They are the leaders and the decision makers. They align with fire and spirit.
User Image

An 'alignment' is a strong bond your dragon feels toward a particular element. Elements make up our universe and come in many different types. While alignment does influence the personality and characteristics of your dragon, two dragons with the same alignment may have very different out looks on life. No alignment is better/worse than any other, nor is it more good/evil than any other. The only two elements that are good/evil oriented are the rare ones of Heaven and Hell. A dragon with a darkness alignment could be quiet and noble, while one with an alignment of light could be vain and selfish. It all depends on the calling dream and the way you raise them. The alignment will also affect your dragon's main magical attack. Alignment is discovered upon reaching adulthood, where the dragon decides which element it feels the closest too. Each dragon will start out knowing one of the attacks listed, though it will be weak and hard to control. With time and expirence it may learn to use more of the attacks, with greater force and accuracy.

~Known Elements~

Fire- This dragon is very warm to the touch. Some may not like being in water, while others may enjoy the coolness of it on their warm skin. May often have tempers and are easily passionate about anything. Attacks weak against those of the water alignment.
~fire whip: user creates a long whip made of fire that bady burns the opponent.
~fire wall: casts a wall of fire that blocks attacks of foes. May burn opponet when struck.
~flamethrower: a stream of fire is shot from the mouth.
~firestorm: a tornado of fire springs up around the opponent to bady burn them.
~healing fire: a blue flame is cast that can heal wounds or sickness. stength depends on expirence of caster.

Water- (aka Ocean) This dragon loves to swim and frolick in the water. Is often a water dweller, and while some may spend a great deal of time away from a source of water, most don't like being too far from it, or too long out of it. Moods are fluid and changeable, making them fickle creatures. Attacks weak against those of the wood alignment.
~bubble stream: a stream of bubbles rush from the mouth to engulf the opponet. Hampers and disorients them.
~water wall: a barrier of water swirls around the user to deflect attacks.
~steam cloud: a cloud of steam englufs the user or opponent to hide them or disorient them. Talented users may super heat the steam to hurt the opponent.
~sky tears: causes a downpour to start. talented users may learn to control the storm that is raised as well.
~water blast: water is shot from the mouth at a high velocity to barrage the opponent.

Air- (aka Wind) These dragons are often giggly and friendly, but many seem to have an advanced form of ADHD... They are very good flyers if winged, as most are. Few are land dwellers, and these seem to prefer being in high places. Rarely are they water dwellers. Attacks weak against those of the Earth alignment.
~wall of wind: a wall of high speed air deflects attacks from an opponent and may even repell them violently.
~razor wing: the wind cast by the user is shaped into needles that cut the opponent.
~cloud drift: a cushion of air is created under that lifts them up. May be used to evade opponents or to levitate moderately.
~hurricane: highspeed winds pick up loose matter and use them to barrage the opponent.
~breeze whisper: the user cuases a soft breeze to blow. may be used to care a soft voice a great distance. Talented users can more finely direct the breeze, as well as it temperature, for a refreshing breeze in the heat or a warming one in the cold.

Earth- (aka Stone) Earth Dragons tend to be very serious in nature, slow to reach passions that the fire dragons come to so easily. Once one of these dragons actualy does come to a decision, its had to change its mind. In the best, they're firm in their beliefs, in the worst, they are horribly stubborn. These dragons tend to be wingless, but its not a rule. They may be slower to do things, but they can be just as stong, if not more so, than their quicker cousins.
~Earthquake: user pounds the ground with their feet to cause it to shake so hard the opponent is unbalanzed and can't attack.
~Rock Throw: huge pieces of rock and stone are thrown at the opponent with a devestating effect.
~Stone Wall: a wall of earth springs up to shelter the user from attack.
~Find Element: User uses this to search for particular ores that are hidden deep under ground.
~Mud slide: causes earth to mix with water, then the mud is directed by the user to anywhere they wish.

Spirit- (aka Soul)

Darkness- This dragon prefers the nighttime and shadows over the daylight. Their bodies are cool to the touch. They tend to be more pessimistic and morbid than other dragons, but most don't go out of their way to put others down. They are simply...aloof.
~shadow bolt: a solid bolt of shadow is fired at the opponent
~shadow traveling: the dragon can submerge itself in it's own shadow and attack out of any other nearby shadow
~shadow manipulation: can control any nearby shadow and use it to attack
~darkness: light is absorbed into shadows, plunging the area into darkness. Good for defense or hiding an attack
~blades of shadow: a sweep of the claws casts blades of shadow to cut the opponent

Light- This dragon feels best when just soaking up the sunlight. They dislike being in the dark for too long, it makes them nervous. Bodies glow softly all the time, though its best seen in the dark. Can be arrogant and condiscending, or vain. Always takes compliments easily.
~light beam: a bolt of light is shot at the opponent
~glow: the user glows brightly, can temp. blind opponent
~blades of light: a sweep of the claws casts blades of light to cut opponent
~barrier: a wall of light springs up around user to block attacks of a foe
~aurora: the user casts a shimmering stream of many colored lights that may confuse and disorient the opponet. Legend has it that a very talented dragon may read the future in the pattern and changes of the colors.


Wood- (aka Forest)

Electricity- (aka Lightning)

Ice- (aka Glacier)


~Rare elements~
(these can only be chosen with the approval of the shop owner through rp)

User Image

Owner's List can be found in the Guild.

Unclaimed Prizes from anniversary raffle:
Silent_crying_eyes - chibi bubble, custom dragon
Rime - custom surprise, random surprise
Mouselet - custom surprise
Ice_dragon_demon - random surprise
Geminimaeve - random surprise, custom dragon

* Prizes may be given away if desired, but not sold. Just let me know who to give them to. 3nodding
* ATM, 'suprises' can't be redeemed. If you have one, you'll just have to wait till the end of the little rp plot. Customs will be discussed at the end of the rp plot when the 'surprises' are released.
User Image

There are two ways you can breed your dragon: brood or life-mates. Like humans, dragon aren't required to mate for life. They can have multiple partners, or find that one special someone they stay with all their lives. Regardless of what type of breeding you want to do, you will need to write a story about the two dragons. It doesn't have to be about the particular day of their mating, it could be about any interaction they had.

~ story required - one or both owners write the story
~ 2-4 eggs per breeding
~ can only breed 3 times with the same partner
~ can only breed 5 time total

~ story required - one or both owners write the story
~ 3-6 eggs per breeding
~ babies automatically attracted bubbles
~ must breed the same two dragons each time
~ no limit on total breedings

Your dragons must have reached adult stage to breed.

Once the eggs have arrived, you now have some options as to what you can do with them. One egg automatically goes to each owner. That owner can decided to:

1- keep the egg
2- give the egg to someone else, of their choice
3- give the egg to the shop for the hopeful's list

Of any remaining eggs, one egg will go to the hopeful's list from each breeding. It's up to the owner(s) to decide what to do with the remaining egg(s). They can:

1- divide some of them up between the two of them
2- give some to other people of their choice
3- give some to the hopeful's list

There are also no restrictions as to what dragon may breed with what other dragon. The parents don't have to be same type, the same alignment, or even different sexes. In the case of same-sex breedings, I will only accept these if the adults are life-mates. Breedings will follow a vague form of genetics, which means that they will be a combination of the parents, with nothing the parent's don't have. An example of this would be that female-female breeding would only have female offspring, while male-male breedings could have either.

Breedings will be free, but the people who receive the final egg will have to pay 2k for it. You'll have one week to pay this, or the egg will be given to the hopeful's list.

Breedings will only be done if there are open breeding spots. To claim one, post this form after you have posted your story for your breeding here http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=21755459:

Name of owners:
Name of dragons:
Life-mated: Y/N
Other: (if you already know who the eggs are going to, this is where you put it.)
Story Link: ]http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=21755459

Breeding slots:

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
User Image


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Growth Potion - 2k
~ This potion will set off a growth spurt in your dragon, making it grow to an adult in a matter of days. This bypasses the need for growth points and RP.


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Amulet of Eternal Youth - 1k
~ This amulet, when worn, prevents the a dracling from aging. No matter how much GP it has, or how much you RP it, it will stay a baby forever.... or until you remove it.

Kapu Ahi's Magical Orbs - n/a
~ These very special orbs are very rare, and very hard to come by. A dragon can only get one by being favored by the goddess Kapu Ahi, and recieving it as a gift. Thus, a lot of rp is required, and usually an event of some sort, where it will be given out as a prize. If you've recieved one of these baubles, and your dragon is an adult, all you have to do to activate the orb's magic is go to sleep wearing it on a chain around your neck. Strange dreams have been recorded during this sleep, but they seem to be harmless. Using the orb will grant your dragon an elder stage that they can transform into, magnifying their magical powers.

Potion add-ins:


- These are special herbs and ingredients that can be added to the goblet's potions in order to have a specific effect. Ie: Gender choice, color choice, species choice, etc. There will be a charge for using them.
User Image

You start as a what appears to be a little soap bubble with wings whizzes dangerously close by your head. Dragonz leans out from a door way and calls to you.

"Don't worry about the bubbles! They just appeared around the shop one day, and since they appear to be harmless, we've let them stay. Once in a while, one will get attached to another creature, like a human or a Dragon, and follow them around. That's what happened to Rae. You should ask her about it."

The shop owner disappears back into the shop as you walk toward the large dragon. Rae raisies her head and speaks before you can say anything.

"The bubbles are also appearing around the shop in Almahat, which is why some of the draclings have them too. They don't care what species, and have been know to follow humans around too. My bubble popped one day. It was the strangest thing, because shortly after we found a little creature that Dragonz calls a 'chibi' running around the house. Her colors match mine, so I can only assume that she is what became of my bubble. I have named her Micah."

A little child runs out carring in a teddy bear that is big as she is and glomps Rae. On close inspection, you realize that this must be Micah. Her braided hair is blue, and her dress matches Rae's frills. She smiles and giggles, chattering nonsense words.

User Image

"If you'd like one of these little cuties, you'll have to see if you can attract one of the bubbles. Dragonz can also give you one, and it seems to accept being given, and bond to the reciever." Rae says softly

Bubble Owners:
Guardian's Red/???/normal

Chibi Princess Owners: (owner/name/type)
Rime's Teroise/Kimi/normal
G0ldenstar's Draco/???/normal
Sterling's Sylvar/???/normal
Ursah's Viridis/???/normal
MidnyghtIce/???/special edition-christmas
Ursah Bunny/???/special edition-valentine's
Vickster/???/special edition-valentine's
Erithan's Leaf/???/normal
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RP, or role-playing, can be done in three places:

1- In this thread, the main shop
~ the setting is as its stated on the first post, and is considered the waking world. Its located somewhere in Gaia, outside the current map.

2- In the rp thread, Almahat
~ This is the dream realm, where dragons come from. More info on this place can be found in 'rp references & info'.

3- In your journal
~ Your journal is a place to record dreams you have at night after you get your draclings. Until your dragon becomes an adult, you can only interacte with it in your dreams or Almahat. You can treat your journal like an rp with yourself, or organize it like an actual journal. See previous owner's journals for ideas.

RPing with your dracling earns you growth points, or GP. It takes 65 GP, or a growth potion, to turn your dracling into an adult. Journal entries are worth slightly more GP than RP posts, but that's because they're expected to be quite a bit longer.

Your dracling only earns posts in the journal/rp thread if your post contains them doing something. RP done in the main thread still earns you GP, even if it doesn't contain actions of your dracling.
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The Shop~ Located in Gaia, outside the current map. A little two story cottage a little way up a mountain from a small village. The downstairs is divided into two large rooms, one is devoted to the shop, the other is a living room/common room. A stairway in the back of the common room leads up to the second floor while a door next to it leads to the attached kitchen. Up stair there are six bedrooms, three on either side of the hallway with a bathroom at the end. One room is Dragonz's bedroom, another is the guest bedroom, and the rest are the rooms of Dragonz's various pets and companions.

~ The shop has a counter part in Almahat that is exactly the same.

Kapu Ahi's Lair~ A cave set in a mountain in the thickest part of a wild forest. A hallway leads to a single interior room. Berry juice has been used to paint the wall in various scenes, some of which are rather gruesome. The inner chamber's walls have thousand's of gemstones pressed into them as high as a tall man, standing on the shoulders of another tall man, can reach. A small opening high up lets in light that bounces off the gems, lighting the interior quite well. A strong ray of light falls on a raised platform against the back wall. Dark stains show that this used to be the altar where Kapu Ahi's worshippers performed sacrifices of all kinds.

~ This place also has a counter part in Almahat.


Dragonz~ Her full name is Anakora de Terinoq. She is half-dragon, half-human. Her mother, Terinoq, is the queen of her dragon clan. Her father was a mage. There is a long story here, but in short, Dragonz had an easy, happy childhood. She inherited great magic from both sides, but the only part she can actually use is her ability to shapeshift into anything, or combinations of anything. Not truly accepted into either world, she chooses to make her home here. After meeting Rae in a dream, she set up this shop, and now sells herbal potions to transport one's sleeping self to Almahat to attract a dragon.

Kapu Ahi~ Kapu Ahi is an ancient Goddess of fire and wild animals that Dragonz released by accident. For a time, she possessed Dragonz's body, forcing her spirit to remain in Almahat. After a great battle, she was defeated. Strangely, Dragonz's body shifted and seperated into two, thus allowing both to exist. Now the Goddess just hangs around the shop doing random things. She likes mischieve, and involves her dragon, Yin, whenever possible.
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Full-time Staff:
Aevelyn_LL ~ Shop Owner
Vahyla~ Colorist
mouselet~ Shop Manager

Part-time Staff:
Bluefire-Dragonz~ Previous Shop Owner, Colorist, Lineartist (chibis)


White List: These people have made life better in some way, shape, or form, and we luffs on them <3 heart
-Damia Grynn: bumper extraordinaire
-Rimedragona: do-er of odd jobs and commited rper
-Kozi: maker of the original set of gorgeous certs

Grey List: A small mistake lands you in this list. You are on probation until you shape up your act.

Black List: You've done something serious. You're not welcome in this thread, and any posts by you will be reported to a Mod. You aren't allowed to own any dragons or participate in any shop events.
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Link to us:

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5pts for each journal entry
1pt for each post in rp
65pts to grow to adult

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