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Welcome to the Dawn of Amerald main thread. Please have a look around. I hope you have a wonderful time while visiting. If you would like, please subscribe to us! We'd love to have you as a new member of the shop!

Also, if you do decide to join the guild by clicking the above link and then clicking join, you can also create yourself an OC or bring another OC of yours to the world of Levintol just by clicking here. That way you can role play with us as well! No need to own a Hraapea or anything. <3 Just follow the rules in the welcome thread in the guild and you are sure to be good to go!

Listen to this awesome song by Eiko Shimamiya. It has and always will remind me of this shop.

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[[-- Page I --]]
[ i ] Introduction
[ ii ] Contents
[ iii ] News
[ iv ] Rules / FAQ
[ v ] Story / Setting
[ vi ] Stages
[ vii ] Guardians
[ viii ] Mini-Shop
[ ix ] Battle
[ x ] Breeding
[ xi ] Roleplay
[ xii ] NPCs
[ xiii ] Staff
[ xiv ] Lists
[ xv ] Links


[[-- Page II --]]
[ i ] Introduction
[ ii ] Flatsale
[ iii ] Auction
[ iv ] Contests
[ v ] Special Events
[ vi ] Customs
[ vii ] Reserved
[ viii ] Reserved
[ ix ] Reserved
[ x ] Credits

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[ 2012 ]

12 :: Felicity rejoins the party! Also. the contest for the twins begins!
1-10 :: DoA is coming back to life! PM Amerald Laraan or YDL with the information stated in the old guild's announcement! Thanks! Kennet has officially been born. After almost a year...


[ 2011 ]

22 :: The thread reaches Page 1000!!!

25 :: The thread reaches Page 900!!!


[ 2010 ]

19 :: Check out the second page for the installments of the upcoming Winter Solstice Event! Also, are you an artist that desires that change to work with DOA's very own artists? Then take a gander because we're Hiring!

28 :: The thread reaches Page 800!!!

21 :: The final installment before the Harvest Festival begins is in! <3 Enjoy! Page 757.
16 :: DYO is over and congratulations are in order for Eslen! Page 744.
15 :: The auction for the crow boy has now begun! BID BID BID!!! LOL within the hour, the auction was AB'd by -_Wish of the Goddess_-! Congratulations on winning the crow boy!!! Page 736. Welcome Scath's feather stage! Page 737.
14 :: The third installment of the Harvest Festival is in the HF thread! Page 733.
8 :: The flat sale begins! <3 Good luck everyone!
7 :: The second installment of the Harvest Festival saga is in and up in the HF thread! Page 699. The thread reaches page 700!!!
1 :: Ahhh, a new month and the start of our lovely Harvest Festival! <3 Look on page 2 for all that jazz!

31 :: The thread's Harvest Festival has somewhat begun with a twisting tale of surprise! Page 657.
29 :: Welcome Iratus Mancipium as the newest addition to staff! <3 Page 649.
22 :: Well, it seems as though Amerald is going to need some help. >:3 Who will the victim be? : D Page 599. The thread reaches page 600!!!
13 :: So many back to back announcements. @__@ The thread reaches page 500!!!
12 :: Wow, really? Yet another growth. xD This time it is Rishima. Page 493.
11 :: Growths growths growths this week abound!!! Lorena has grown up! Congratulations Sirene! She's beautiful. :3 Where does she get that hair though? O.o Page 455.
10 :: Welcome Eirik to his child stage! <3 Congratulations Nikiana! :3 Page 437.
9 :: Welcome Rishima! Syaoran-Puu's semi-custom crane feather! Page 418. Ezra is brought back as well! OMG...and a growth of Alasdair!!! What a lucky day! Page 425. Today...is seriously...the biggest day in DoA History thus far! xD We have YET ANOTHER Growth. XD Welcome Eleanor and Damian to the world. <3
8 :: The thread reaches page 400!!!
7 :: Congratulations is in order for our Grand Opening Entrants! ~<3 Sephiros Immortalis, Sirene Naiads, and Nikiana! Page 373.
6 :: Welcome Talika to her child stage! Our first growth! <3 Congrats Sayuri! :3 Page 346.
3 :: The thread reaches page 300!!!
2 :: Please welcome Plummy Lovelace to our part time artists staff! Page 280.
1 :: Congratulations and Thank You Sayuri_Nitta for ABing the Quetzal Feather! <3 Page 249/256. Announcement of Harvest Festival posted! Page 266.

31 :: One week until the GO Flatsale ends! Get those forms in people! Page 243.
29 :: The thread reaches page 200!!!
26 :: Eleanor and Damian are now here in feather form!
24 :: The thread reaches Page 100!!!
23 :: Welcome to the shop, Sora Icefreeze as one of our new full time artists! <3 Page 79.
21 :: Grand opening events start!!! Good luck everyone! Page 2.
11 :: Advertising Contest started!
10 :: Main thread setup has been finished.

29 :: Artists chosen and work begins!
23 :: Banners are created! <3
21 :: Interest thread begins.
17 :: Musing for DoA began.

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xxxxx.: General Thread Rules :.
[ o ] Read and follow ALL rules set before you here. These rules are here for a reason, so I suggest you follow them. That is, unless you want to be blacklisted and never be able to participate in any events or even post in the thread without being told to 'GTFO'. Just follow the rules and everything will be fine.
[ i ] Follow Gaia's ToS! You should be doing this anyways, but just in case you had a brain lapse or something, this is stated specifically. Do ANYTHING against Gaia's ToS and you will be instantly reported and blacklisted! Read the above rule for how we treat those on the blacklist.
[ ii ] Do NOT steal any artwork that is in this thread! The individual artists have worked hard on all that artwork! Plus, that also breaks the rules of this thread as well as Gaia's ToS. So good luck if you are caught stealing! You will be dealt with appropriately.
[ iii ] Be respectful of everyone. This just includes any wandering people straying in here to take a gander at what this shop is about, as well as staff and your fellow Gaians. Not too terribly difficult to get along, right?
[ iv ] Please read the WHOLE front page! It's there for a reason. If you have already done this and still have a question, you may post it in the thread. If your question doesn't get answered within a page or two of its posting, feel free to PM Amerald Laraan, the shop mule.
[ v ] Please use actual ENGLISH within the thread. I hate seeing leet speak or whatever it is called. I do not want a lot of that going around, so if you could keep that to a minimum, it would be much appreciated.
[ vi ] Don't beg for a Hraapea. If you begin to beg and plead, we'll be flattered, but in all honesty, you'll have to wait for the next event. Page 2 has all the event posts in it, so if there are any events going on, Page 2 would be the first place to look!
[ vii ] Co-Owning is not allowed. By this, we mean that there is no two people taking one Hraapea and trying to role play with it. That just gets confusing and the story-line won't like it. Twins are a different story. If you have/get twins, that would mean they would come from the same feather and two different parents. Those parents will each get a journal post which they must separately fill out. Also, the twins can be roleplayed together, but then again, if you two decide not to, than they can be roleplayed completely separately and never have to interact at all.
[ viii ] Roleplaying is required of you if you decide to try to obtain a Hraapea. Be sure that you can give the effort needed by you roleplay wise if you plan to quest/obtain one. They can and will be re-homed for non-participation. Re-homing normally will occur after 2 solid months of no interaction with the guild or thread. Two PM's will be sent out, one after a month, and another a week before Amerald takes the child out of your care and the child will be re-homed then and there.
[ ix ] The children are supposed to have some sort of features from their guardians. This means that since the DNA of the Hraapea is actually that of the guardian, there should be some type of physical connection between the two. Whether it be hair color, eye color, skin tone and body shape, anything. So try and base the guardian character off of what you think the literal parent would look like.
[ x ] As far as the feather goes, I'd like them to obtain personality traits from that. If you have a bird with a very strong, aggressive nature, I would love it if you would make the Hraapea have at least a tendency to make aggressive actions or have an anger problem. Thus the personality stems from the feather just as the appearance stems from the guardian. Though of course there are exceptions to every rule and ways around! So just because this is a 'rule' doesn't mean you MUST follow it. It is more like a guideline.
[ xi ] These rules can be edited or changed at any point in time.

xxxxx.: Flatsale Rules :.
[ i ] RP prompt responses are required. This just means that you will need to be sure to reply to a roleplay prompt given to you at the time of the event.
[ ii ] There will be a time limit to when you have to get your prompt in by. Usually this can be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.
[ iii ] Keep prompt entries less than 1000 words. We expect to see a large amount of quality and less quantity.
[ iv ] Do NOT have anyone else write your response for you! This is considered cheating and will get you blacklisted for future events.
[ v ] Flatsales are 25k. You must pay this money within 24 hours of winning. This is not a lot of gold to come by, but if you do need extra time, just specify with your form saying that you don't have the gold, I bet we can work something out. ;]
[ vi ] Only one entry per person, per flatsale. This means if we have multiple feathers going out for flatsale, you can only choose one to write the prompt response about.
[ vii ] Be sure to send all flatsale prompts and forms via PM to Amerald Laraan. This is so that we can read quickly and have them all in one spot, ready for action!
[ viii ] These rules can always be subject to change!

xxxxx.: Auction Rules :.
[ i ] Do NOT retract bids.
[ ii ] Do NOT bid what you don't have. This is a very simple rule. If you are bidding 1 million gold for this feather, you better have that 1 million gold, for if the time comes and you won, and you don't have the gold, you will be graylisted. This could mean a few things. Either you cannot participate in the next event whatsoever or you may not be able to participate in the next few upcoming events. Either way, just bid what you know you can spend.
[ iii ] Item bidding is discouraged, but allowed. Items such as DI's, Evolving Items, Cash Shop items, etc. are allowed to be used to bid. But be sure to sell the item before the auction is over if you win. Any gold that is lost due to price decreases of items needs to be made up in pure. When placing an item for bid, please be sure to specify the amount it costs and add to the total.
[ iv ] Payment is due within 3 days of winning. There are no payment plans when going for an auctioned feather. You have 3 days to sell your items on the black market before sending a trade with the required amount. If you fail to pay, you will be graylisted immediately and the second-highest bidder will have won.
[ v ] Do not discourage others from participating.
[ vi ] Auction feathers are mostly always more special than flatsales because they are either customs or rare, beautiful feathers to obtain.
[ vii ] Please place a roleplay sample in with your first bid. Any recent RP sample will do. We want everyone to be able to show that they can RP, no matter if they have the gold to pay for it or not. This is a must. Or write a little story answering an RP prompt if you have no recent samples to give. Anything to allow us to know your writing capabilities.
[ viii ] You can try for both Auctions and Flatsales at the same time if there are both events going on. So, want to try for a flatsale, but want to go for the auction as well? Sure! Go for it! That won't affect our judging, I promise. We want everyone to have a shot at getting a pet! <3
[ ix ] These rules can always be subject to change!

xxxxx.: Other Rules :.
[ i ] Other contest rules will be posted with the contest. So this means that those contests have special rules that need to be followed.
[ ii ] Have a lot of fun! This rule should be posted everywhere!
[ iii ] Another rule for thought? Ummm...I don't even know what that means, so just refer to rule 2! :3

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Click the banner to view the thread in which the FAQ is contained.

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Mythology is a strange thing. To some people, it can be a gateway into another world where their imaginations can roam free. To others, mythology is a toy, something that can be manipulated, played with or twisted beyond belief. The latter is how Amerald Laraan thought of mythology. That was the dawn of Amerald.

In a world much like our own called Levintol, lived a young boy named Amerald. His curiosities often got the best of him. Oftentimes known for getting into trouble when he was younger. He never meant to do the things he did; it was just done out of pure curiosity. He never knew why people found him strange, but they did.

He grew up, graduated secondary school in Aerr's Science District and went off into college. Once there he worked with alchemy and science, like most did, loving the different aspects that created the many medicines of their day and finding the answers to questions he had been having since he was just a babe. He also went into many history classes, more for fun than for the degree. He loved learning about all the different lands and people that made up the world in which he lived.

Amerald then took many, many different classes dealing with mythology and the creation of myths. He found so many different fascinating creatures that he wished were real, but sadly, weren't. Although he took many mythology classes, he never strayed from his once loved subject, science. He kept doing both histories and sciences until he came to a sudden stop in his life. His mind wanted these creatures so badly that he would stop at nothing to create one. He had learned of gene splicing in his science classes and he took that to an extreme.

He purchased a little house with a basement which he found perfect for his future experiments within the Town of Nuan. After months of preparation and research, he finally realized that it only took a few steps and he could create life to one of his favorite myths of Levintol, the harpy. He decided that instead of making them how they were in the myths of his time, he would create his own version, one that was majestic and beautiful, one that didn't steal or make life hard, but instead, one that could be like a child to him. All he would need is the feather of a bird and the DNA of a human.

He searched and searched for the perfect specimen for his creation. He wanted his first experiment to be with a dove's feather, for he found them to be beautiful birds, small, shy, and just the epitome of life. Finally, he found one, plucked one single feather and let it fly. When he returned home, he pulled a few of his own white hairs and began to work. Using his knowledge of gene splicing, he began the process. Over the next day, he had a new DNA strand, one that was his own spliced with some of the DNA from the white dove. Using some of his own home-made growth serum, he placed a few drops onto this new strand of DNA, which then replicated itself over and over.

He then left the basement, and returned a day later to find that the product of this experiment was fantastic. A little girl strewn across his table, in a deep slumber. He was amazed at this. He couldn't believe that his ideas had actually worked and he had created life. She was perfect too, she had pale blue skin, long white-like hair, feathers sprouting from her head and ears as long as those of the elves in fairy tales. She was majestic, just like he wanted. He called this experiment a "Hraapea" which was his own wording that meant, "pretty harpy". He then named this experiment Amelia, or Mia for short. Using yet another serum of his own creation, he shot her with a few milligrams of it, waking her up within fifteen minutes. He had created life.

Amerald then realized that this was a breakthrough in science. He didn't want it to become known for the new laws that restricted non-humans to leave Levintol or be executed, but then again, he was not sure what to do. He allowed the little girl to grow under his care and strict supervision. Yet Amerald was not satisfied. He had to test the experiment again, only this time he decided to use a different feather. That of a blackbird. He tried the procedure again exactly as he did the first time, and it worked, this time though, she looked quite different. This girl had horns like a ram. He hadn't known what was wrong. Maybe he spliced the genes wrong or something caused this DNA strand to replicate differently. When she awoke from her slumber after the shot was again injected into her, he named her Annabelle or Anna for short.

Amerald couldn't get enough. He needed more. He felt like a god for being able to create life. If the story had existed in his world, he would have looked at the life of Dr. Frankenstein and felt nothing for the man, for he gave up and ran away. Amerald would not turn out to be like that, he would stay and love his creations.

Years have passed, Amelia and Annabelle are now fully grown. He has decided to take these Hraapea experiments to the next level. It was now time to venture out, make his secret more known, and take the DNA of other humans for his experiments. He and his two daughters would work together toward this new goal, to continue what he started. When would he stop? Nobody knows.

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Click the banner to view information on the world of Levintol.

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The Feather
This is the first stage for every Hraapea. Amerald has gone out, found a specific feather he wants to use for his next experiment, and has decided to finally get some special 'guardian' for this feather. The guardian must also give some of his or her DNA and then with that, Amerald can create a child.

User Image
The Child
This stage is the first real stage of all Hraapea. He or she can now speak, hear, see, and do almost everything a human being can do. But of course, you must teach this new child the ways of life, otherwise they could possible be stuck never learning the truth. That would never be good. Plus at this stage, they can learn all about the different crystals that can be infused within them for defense. See the Mini-Shop post for more details.

[ artwork here ]
The Teen
Oh boy, they have grown into a teen, eh? Good luck with that. With their teenage hormones they can act like any other normal human teenager. Some will be great, while others will be unruly. They are also now learning how to fly about. Such a scary thought, isn't it? I would hate to have then fly off and never come home again! Though, I highly doubt that would happen. After all, you've been such a good parent, right? =w=

[ artwork here ]
The Adult
This is the final stage of the Hraapea...or close enough to the final stage anyway. Most Hraapea stop growth at this stage and now can run lives of their own within the world of Levintol. I hope you still keep in touch though, because Hraapea at adult stages still will love their parents no matter how unruly or ornery they were during their teens. They have now gained a brand new maturity level.

[ artwork here ]
Hmmm...what could this stage be anyways? Lots of roleplaying could possibly land you a slot! Amerald would be pleased to see further growth from his little creations!

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User Image

.: Feather :.

User ImageUser Image

.: Child :.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

.: Teen :.


.: Adult :.

User Image

.: ??? :.

Maybe someday...

.: NPC :.

User ImageUser Image


.: Latest Growth :.


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User Image

This mini-shop is probably different than any other mini-shop you have ever seen. There are three NPCs that work with it. First off, there is Amerald, who gets the crystals needed to infuse with the Hraapea for battling. Second is Amelia who works with stuffed animals and blankets, much like the handheld accessories. Third is Annabelle, she works with jewelry and clothing for the little Hraapeas. Now, take a look and see what each thing is, as well as what it costs to get! You won't be sorry you did. These items can be requested in the artwork of the future stages!

If you want an item from this shop, PM the shop mule with the items you want and with the tallied total gold spent in the shop. Title the PM Mini-Shop Order and send the trade as soon as possible. Then you will be sent these items in your Hraapea's journal and it shall be done ICly by Amelia or Annabelle or maybe even Amerald himself after the trade has been completed.

.: Amerald's Corner :.

[ The Crystals ]

^ Click above to view what the abilities of each Crystal are. ^

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Ruby-----Aquamarine-----Smoky Quartz-----Quartz
These cost 5k, which can be sent to the shop mule when in stock. Then they must be RP'd IC to actually obtain.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

These are a bit rarer and cost 10k to be infused when in stock. Once again, they must be RP'd IC to obtain.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

These are the rarest of all and cost 15k when in stock. And yes, the same rule of above implies.

[ img here ]

Spirit Shard
This is a one of a kind crystal that Amerald is researching. It is not available whatsoever until the ??? stage. Find out what things this little shard might do.

[ The Stock ]
Ruby: 3
Aquamarine: 3
Smoky Quartz: 3
Quartz: 1
Sapphire: 2
Emerald: 2
Citrine: 2
Moonstone: 2
Amethyst: 1
Onyx: -
Diamond: -
Spirit: -

[ Potions ]

User Image

Healing Potion-----CP Rejuvenation Potion-----Energy Rejuvenation Potion

These each cost 7k but you will be given a stack of 5 potions to use. Each potion rejuvenates 50 points. So, if you're having a tough time battling and need a little boost drink one of these. But of course, you must have them in your inventory to actually be able to use.

User Image

.: Amelia's Crafts :.

User ImageUser Image

Teddy Bears cost 2k each.

User Image

Fans cost 2k each.

User Image

Blankets cost 4k each.

User Image

.: Annabelle's Tailoring and Jewelcrafting :.

[ Tailored Supplies ]

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Mask-----Hood-----Flower-----Puffy Hat-----Cowboy-----Headband
These cost 5k each and can also be added to future artwork of the character if specified. These also come in different colors and patterns.

[ Jewelry ]

User ImageUser Image

Star Set-----Gemmed Set
These cost 4k and can be added to future artwork.

User Image
User Image

This post will just be an overview of what exactly the battle system is all about. First of all, here are some links that are important when speaking of battling.

[ Battle System ][ Crystals and Energy Abilities ][ Sample Battle ]

Now that you have those, a quick overview for the battling system. Of course, there are some rules which are explained in the 'Welcome' post in the guild. Be sure to read over those, because they are important.

Battling takes place whenever two Hraapea want to battle or are role playing together and just end up battling due to anger or want for practice. The battles are different here in DoA than probably most other shops. There is HP, ENG, CP which are the stats. HP is Hit Points, ENG is Energy, and CP is Crystal Points. Think of CP as like, mana or magic points. Each time you use a magical attack using the power infused with your crystal you use CP. Every time you use a non-magical move, but one that is physical, it will cost ENG. The damage dealt to either player will be taken from their HP.

See, simple battle things that need to be known in order for the battle system to work. Now, if you have any other specific questions about the battle system, you have permission to PM Amerald Laraan and YourDirtyLaundry.

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User Image

This isn't even being thought of yet. All that is known is that breeding can start at the Teen Stage, but it is looked down upon by Amerald. The baby would be instantly taken from the parents and given to another family, for he doesn't feel that teens have the responsibility of caring for a child when they still need caring for themselves.

This may be implemented more when many more adults arise on the scene.

User Image
User Image

User Image

These babies are role play required and role play intensive. You must do a lot of role playing to make them grow and change. We here at DoA follow the Daisy Code. Above is a link to the Daisy Code thread where you can get good information on how to role play well.

Remember that this setting is different from most. It's modern-ish, but has a fantasy twist. So instead of having police, we have guards. But science has been kicked up a notch from modern, especially in the City of Aerr, they are quite high tech, but the buildings and such don't reflect it. If you have any questions dealing with this, please PM Amerald Laraan or YDL! Thanks!

Bare in mind that these requirements are just the MINIMUM of what should be done. You can go far beyond this. You may also take as much time as needed in order to fulfill the requirements.

The reason there are so many requirements is because this is a HEAVY role play based shop, and there are no time requirements, thus ease with it. As long as you make a few RP posts every month you will be fine. :] But if you are gone without notice, your Hraapea will be taken and re-homed.

Journal Set Up
1 Initial RP with Amerald to obtain the feather/DNA sample.
1 Journal Entry - explaining how the RP went.

1 RP with Amerald to obtain the child.
3 Journal Entries - Guardian's Reaction to Child / Hraapea's Reaction to Life / Teaching the Hraapea of the ways of Life.
10 PRP/ORP Sessions
10 Journal Entries - One for each PRP/ORP.

17 PRP/ORP Sessions
17 Journal Entries - One for each PRP/ORP.
5 Separate Journal Entries - Feelings of Hraapea, Guardian, and others. Anything else that you want.

Now your child is all grown up! Congratulations. There may be further stages added upon this with massive amounts of RP!

Possible upgrade? Nothing is known past the adult stage.

Once again, these are just the bare minimum, and please expect some delays in art due to artist's schedules. So, growths will occur at a steady progression, but please bare that information in mind.

User Image

xxxxx.: RP Rules :.
[ i ] Keeping a journal is mandatory. One must set up their journal and keep it updated in order to keep their Hraapea.
[ ii ] Please show some sort of activity in the thread! This is not very hard. Just a post every so often in the main thread to let us know you're alive.
[ iii ] You must make at least 2 RP posts a month! This means you must at least roleplay with some other person or even creating journal entries on your own. Something must happen in order for you to keep your Hraapea.
[ iv ] Please allow us to know if you'll be gone. Hiatus announcements are important to a shop. If you're going to be gone longer than a month and cannot be there to roleplay with or as your Hraapea, let us know! If you don't than you'll get a PM saying that you will need to post. If you don't respond to the PM or have any activity in the thread after a week, you will have one more PM saying that you need to say something, otherwise your Hraapea will go through a tragic time needing to be re-homed. Re-homing does NOT mean you get your gold/items back! You won't, end of story. If you really want to be apart of the shop, be apart, these are RP intensive children. They are not pets that you just stick in your signature to rot. They need love and care too.
[ v ] When RPing, stay in character! Your Hraapea is a child and needs your love. They have a personality just like any other OC you probably have. If you need to go out of character, or OOC, please use brackets. [[]], (()), or some other kind of notification suggesting you're not speaking ICly.
[ vi ] No god-modding whatsoever! The other characters are not yours to control. If you do that, and the other person tells us you do, that will be a warning. If it continues, and we're constantly getting PMs or messages saying that you're doing this, than we'll be forced to put you on the graylist. If it still persists, than blacklist for you it is and re-homing of your Hraapea will happen.
[ vii ] Any other rules are in the guild welcoming post. If a rule is stated on here and there, than you will definitely need to be responsible and follow that rule.

User Image
User Image

User Image

Name: Amerald Laraan
Age: In his late 40s.
Race: Human
Appearance: <-- Will put [ x ] when we get artwork. : D
Personality: Amerald is a bit loony. He is a very kind and hardworking man, but at the same time, he loves to have fun. He is a bit quirky when it comes to his work because he likes to be left alone in complete silence as he does this. He has a bit of a bi-polar type persona about him only because he can be quite happy one moment and turn into a complete wreck the next. He does try and keep himself under control most of the time. But sometimes he can't and he becomes a bit eccentric. When that happens, it is best to just leave him alone. He also tends to be quite paranoid about most things. He seems to be OCD about a lot and will throw a fit if things aren't done exactly the way he wants. That is also a major downfall of his which he tries to work on.
Posts In: This Blue

User Image
Name: Amelia "Mia" Laraan
Age: About 6 years, but has grown into a full adult.
Race: Hraapea - White Dove
Appearance: Click the Pic --&
Personality: Amelia can be described as ditzy, kind and caring for the most part. She loves other people so much that she would do just about anything for them. Especially when it comes to Amerald or Annabelle. She would be happy to put her own life on the line for either of them. She loves taking the younger Hraapea under her wing and guiding them a bit before they go off with their new guardians, just getting to know them is such an extravagant feeling within herself. She is clumsy, so Amerald doesn't give her many things to do around the house. Main reason being because she breaks things often. She is also rather childish at times, or speaks in a childish manner. She can be summed up as loving life, an optimist for sure.
Posts In: Gold

User Image
Name: Annabelle "Anna" Laraan
Age: About 5 years, but has grown into a full adult.
Race: Hraapea - Blackbird
Appearance: Click the Pic --&
Personality: Annabelle is definitely much more motherly than Amelia, and far more mature. She acts like a mother and wife to Amelia and Amerald. She tries to care for their every whim, but still gets swept away in feelings of sorrow or remorse for unknown reasons. Amerald thinks she is suffering from depression, but he doesn't think she's inclined to hurt herself or anyone else. She hardly ever smiles, but when she does, they know that she must be truly happy. There is no way she could fake a smile. She does tend to be over dramatic at times, definitely seeing the cup as half empty. Being a pessimist from the beginning. But nevertheless she takes care of those she holds dear to her heart and will protect them with anything she's got.
Posts In: Dark Red

User Image
User Image

.: YourDirtyLaundry :.
Owner/Creator/Manager of everything.

.: Sora Icefreeze, SnowQuill, Mystaira :.
Our lovely full-time artists.

.: Dawn Morningstar, Thaliawen :.
Our awesome RP managers!

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User Image

.: White List :.
Those who have been extremely kind or helpful in the shops creation or just helpful around the thread. Either way, they're awesome people! <3

All shop staff deserve to be here. :3

.: Gray List :.
Those who have received two warnings in the shop or have done something to put them here. Not quite blacklisted, but getting close.

None. :]

.: Black List :.
Those who have used and abused the shops privileges and can no longer participate in any events or even show their face in the thread without being a nuisance.

None. :] Lets hope no one gets to this point, shall we? ;]

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User Image

If you want to be an affiliate of this shop, please take one of our banners and place it in yours. Then PM the shop mule a link of your shop. Please no OVERLY large banners. 200x40 is preferred, but something around that size is fine.

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