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{ Post 1 } Intro/Table of Contents
{ Post 2 } News
{ Post 3 } The Story
{ Post 4 } Darmia Inhabitants
{ Post 5 } Darmian Species~
{ Post 6 } Owner List I - Normals
{ Post 7 } Owner List II - Specials
{ Post 8 } Courtship [ Breeding Info ]
{ Post 9 } Rules/ How to?
{ Post 10 } Availability
{ Post 11 } Customs/Pet trades
{ Post 12 } Farmilliars
{ Post 13 } RP World
{ Post 14 } Staff/ Guest Colorist/editors
{ Post 15 } Donators - Credits and Affiliates/Links

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Reserved for Events and Celebrations.

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New News!

...::: To bring News :::...
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Aug 25, 2009 DEMOLITION
After our huge down fall from being a fairly slow shop in the making to a normal shop has been horribly mislead and Serenity and Chi feel that it was time for a change. Remember all that talk about New lines? And new species? Well this downfall has given us time to make and break the shop and rebuild. Breeding is being redone, Linearts, and several other things. But as of now we do have a LITTLE SNEAK PEAK at the latest stuff coming to Darmia. The catch- MEMBERS OF THE GUILD CAN ONLY VIEW IT. The Guild has been put in 'HIDDEN' Mode so whoever wants to see all the newletter things has to JOIN the guild. Sorry. I just don't want ANY OF THE ART STOLEN. If this happens I won't show any more previews..

SO NOT COPY AND PASTE the pictures anywhere else. I don't want art thief and I don't want it shown in the thread until their FULL ARRIVAL. Which means don't post it. :3 <3 Thank you for your time and I hope all the members can safely view it and be responsible <3. Its a privilage that we are giving you all. We don't have to show these until its done :O but we love you <3

Go here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16649577
Called : [ NEWSLETTER ]

Spring! Flatsale! April 10,2009
~ April is a fun fun time. Easter. Egg hunts.. So we decided that a flatsale with bunches of pets will do! But as you know.. not much people get to snag one.. in time. So the remainders will stay in the adoption agency for next time around! -nodnod- You can get one for your friends and everything! There will be much more things coming up with an overdue New Years event as well! So hold your phones because there will be lots of new things coming up! <3 Oh..
and Did you like our April fools joke ;D <3 LOVE YOU ALL!

Feb5th onward - Notice from the certer, Kittyintheraiyn
Misc certing thread (is now open)

I apologize for the delay in certings, if you have need of any certings please post in the above thread, or PM me directly. ~Kittyintheraiyn, certer

September 25, 2008 Finally Our Undine event is concluded! 8D! Thanks everyone for participating~!!! And Hopefully we will have many more awsome events such as this in the future! With lots of peoples! yayayayya!
and another awsome thing is that.. WE MET OUR XIO/LORTAI LINEART QUOTA! THANKS TO MINTY AND YOU! THE PEOPLE! 8D!!!! With all our efforts, and these past two events- we collected a percent in order to fund this quota and make our new species permanent. We're still hoping to get them templated too from the artist Sakuya, but Minty, our expert of awsome- is also putting her awsome sent hand on the templates to- for variety. I thank you all for this wonderful events~ and participation.

September 13, 2008 Updated the front page yet again <3 With some squaresoft images that make up this world of Darmia. We also have the customs threads up AND the breeding threads up! And the event's banners are now here! So prepare for them to be editted to their specific

September 08, 2008 We now updated the Posts so its more easy to navigate around the first page, we also added Pictures and Info of the allies, and made a thread in the guild for the different breeds their are. Updated the Katorai SubSpecies Listing, Information about the Artifacts, and oh! An upcoming event is quickly gaining pace here~ so be on the look out!

User Image

August. 30. 2008!!!WOW!!! the male event was a sucess, i thank you all. I would also like to take the time to thank Minty Tea. She has been such a wonderful colorist/staff and she has made a big difference in darmia. I mean- LOOK AT THESE BANNERS!? They're beautiful! And we couldn't have done it without her.
+ We have an event coming up soon, maybe in a week or so~ depending on how much are done. Games and freebies and even an auction I believe.
+ Are quota has been updated! 8D
146K / 180K

Dooma = 80K burning_eyes
Serenity Tsuki = 40K heart
Kali [ staff ] = 26K :nodding:

We're almost there peoples! 8D!
We only need 34K to have the lineart done 8D!!!
And I garentee! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! And awsome! We already have the pre sketches in 8D!

August. 11. 2008- New Staff~ <333 Welcome, and welcome new comers!! I'd like to thank you all for the success of the male event <3 now we are quite adding up in numbers! Very happy about that, another lil things are popping up like new banners and new things.. more flats and an event enstore <3 so keep up with us!
110K / 180K

Dooma = 80K burning_eyes
Serenity Tsuki = 30K heart
And our new update for our goal quota for the new species! 83~~~

August. 06. 2008- Bunches of flatsales coming up <~ And a lot LOT of updates in the guild with the species thread~ And staff thread. Also there is an event coming up [ not the current one ] but yea. its filled with magic and great things 8D!!! <3 so yesh. Thats about it... New growings and owners! <3 thats another thing.. and the Size/Gender chart is up razz <3

July. 29. 2008- Would you like to know if your Katorai grew?
Well Now we have Grow threads in the guild~ So you don't have to search for so long.
Though~ All certs are updated with the latest growings~
If you'd like the uncerts. Please escort yourself to the colorist of choice.

Chi Sohma's Growth Thread
Kali [ not available yet ]
Iridiana's Growth Thread
Vickster [ not available yet ]

In other news: We not have a GOAL to reach. Any donations will help~
We are now trying to come of with the funds for our new species, since our artist [ chi sohma ] fails at four leggers. =w=. ....
So now~ We have " Mew_Sakuya " on the job! Her art is fantastic ~!
And The new species will be a great new addition to the Darmia! 83!
Now for the quota!

90K / 180K

Dooma = 80K burning_eyes
Serenity Tsuki = 10K heart

July. 09. 2008- Vickster & Chi/Some Kali~ are coming back with a flatsale and a PLANNED event! :O this time chi will be moderating the event and hopefully it gets done smoothly over~ Not like the rest have done. >p<!!!! Now. We have up some shadow figures for yea ;D you could find them around the shop <3 And also~ the event you say?
WELL. Thats for you all to find out~ but i sense a magic aura flying about~ Would you care to join in the fun?

There are also some free events going on and hope that you bring your friends along to see and participate <3

Recipients of Gifts/Freebies
~fantom spyder
User Image
March 1, 2008 ~ Ok everyone! Chi is back and Now I am trying to get to work on boyline arts and some other things, more updates to the front page and a lot of other stuff so please keep in mind that patience will be needed since Im trying my best to get everything done. And might even do events while im working so stay tuned~ And we hope you all have visited the guild and at least made one post because that will enable you to receive prizes!

Also, If you have 'Sugar moogles'-From old shop to be converted in to Katorai please tell me. <3 And that will be for free ^-^
And the petpets are coming soon too~

FlatSale Still going and one more left!
Look in the below posts to find at which are available!

And Wild Male Event Soon~ ^w^

This is a lil event where we celebrate are opening and the new year <3

Mailing List

...::: MAILS HERE!!! :::...
~ Twisted Manaical Fate heart
~ MoochiLove heart

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User ImageUser Image

Legend of Darmia
...::: ~Story~ :::...

User Image
[ Click Miss Giggly To find out what the inspiration of Darmia's making was ] <3

Katorai Love the fact of human contact, since they had been almost~ lonely in their lives whom always have been of regular life. Some Katorai sought intelligent and others thought to be in their own 'talents' like blacksmithing etc~. They first came in to contact with humans by rare occasion. Their ancestors were enslaved by humans from the times of old. But- they escaped bringing along with them various creatures and pets. 'What ever you can carry bases'. But that wasn't always the case. When Katorai were amongst humans before~ They were treated with dignity and respect. Them being the holders of unspeakable Mana. This helped humans harvest energy from the earth. The more energy used- the more humans became indulged with greed.

Thus enslaving the Katorai for that reason. Then. The rebellion was born. The earth tarnishing and the Katorai as slaves. It wouldn't do. So they left on boats- while some flew. Some swam. But they left~ Some made it to the New Found Lands... but others. Did not. Almost half the percent of Katorai died in the travel but the ones who did make it... Succeeded in starting a new life.. and burying the dead.

They made their start of life... carrying the seed of 'mana' with them. From long before- ages and ages. Then~ with the new lands, they planted the seed... and each generation grew with new knowledge and new strength. Helping the Mana Tree grow.. and once it did. The Mana Goddess came to them. Aiding the Katorai with new knowledges of ages... Then. The Mana goddess summoned Elemental spirits to aid the land.

The New lands were prosperous, having each element dominant to its area. The land of water, the lands of light. So many were born in to these... and new species began to arise.. When they settled.. They named this land. "The Lands of Darmia."

Humans. Many sought to follow the Katoari, but they could not. The Spirits protected them~ except from the little new born child that stall-away on their ship. Almost starved to death but once they got the lands... One Katorai took care of it. Noticed and soon... the child grew up with the Katorai... Thus began the connection.. and soon they missed the human contact and began sending letters towards the continents of humans. Inviting selected ones to come live with them.. in harmony.


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User ImageUser Image

Darmia Inhabitants
...::: ~Whats deep inside the forest~ :::...

User Image

Katorian- Is the name of Race and also the most common of the species. They are the fruitation of the ancestral line.

User Image

Xio- Is an uncommon species and are the hidden ancestral line of the mythril lines of the Mana guardians.

Manifested Katorai
...::: ~Gifted By the Elementals~ :::...

Libleyt- These Katorai are gifted by Gnome. Often resembling Fairies or butterflies.

Zea- These Katorai had been gifted and birthed in to Salamander blood line. Its features include regularly bursting in to flames in different parts of the body.

Tryne, merciful god of water.
Zea, passionate god of fire.
Barlen, selfish god of gold.
Libleyt, hopeful god of wood.
Morphes, wealthy god of earth.
Ghazel, whimsical god of wind.

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User ImageUser Image

Darmian Artifacts
...::: ~Rare Artifacts~ :::...

These our are MOST RARE Species in Darmia. The 'gods' of their domains. They have powers BLESSED from the elemental spirits... And carry a heavy trait. They reserve different personalities according to their domain. They have much- much connection and have a constant communication and feel for The Mana Tree. They carry around Lanterns that harnesses their powers and use for communications and other secrets..

Some are reported to have different Forms~ In their growing- or final stage. Able to take shape of other species. According to their region that reign over and their apparent spirit form.


User Image
User ImageUser Image

User Image-----------------------------------------------------
Katorai Owner's List
...::: ~The Ones with Humans~ :::...


...::: Hima||Female||Teen||fantom spyder||#:::...
...::: Setsuna||Female||Adult||Dooma||#:::...
...::: Mizu Itsu||Female||Adult||Dooma||#:::...
...::: Mandy||Female||Teen||Sunakosan||#:::...
...::: Laocoon||Female||Adult||The Silver Falcon||#:::...
...::: Zahira ||Female||Adult||WereAya||#:::...
...::: Kail||Female||Adult||A.r.t.e.m.y.s.||#:::...
...::: Sybellia ||Female||Adult||Katarina Everard||#:::...
...::: Yuuriko||Female||Baby||Chi Sohma||#:::...
...::: Peacock||Female||Baby||Akria Chan||#:::...
...::: Shiayoko||Female||Adult||Chi Sohma||#:::...
...::: Jenna J.||Female||Adult||Vickster||#:::...
...:::Firrah||Male||Child||Elnara Aldrich||#:::...
...:::Casimiro Damianos ||Male||Adult||Dooma||#:::...
...::: Shemei||Female||Perma||Dooma||#:::...
...::: Nant||Male||Perma||Perish-san||#:::...
...:::Jack Drake||Male||Adult||Vickster||#:::...
...::: Jerrin||Male||Adult||Dooma||#:::...
...::: Jounatsu||Male||Adult||Mew_Sakuya/Amulet_Ruby||#:::...
...::: JackO||Male||Adult||tandemonium||#:::...
...::: Muertos||Female||Adult||tandemonium||#:::...
...::: ???||Male||Adult||Kittyintheraiyn||#:::...
...::: Dysis||Female||Adult||MoroMaruchan||#:::...
...::: Susan B. Anthony||Male||Adult||Poisin Ivy Josphine||#:::...
...::: Vaire||Male||Adult||Bunni Queen-of-Plushies||#:::...
...::: ???||Male||Adult||Vickster||#:::...
...::: Adonis||Male||Adult||Minty-Tiia||#:::...
...::: Name||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Females : 15 | Males : 15

Katorai Sub- Species Owner's List
...::: ~Elementals Whom Have Human Friends~ :::...

Libleyt' s [Gifted by Gnome] ::
...::: Timothy||Male||Adult||Steal||#:::...
...::: Augustine||Female||Adult||Orisis||#:::...
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Zea [Gifted by Salamander] ::
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::..

Tryne' s [Gifted by Undine] ::
...::: Mizuhime||Female||Adult||Saspra98016||#:::...
...::: Aoi||Female||Adult||MoochiLove||#:::...
...::: Higoi||Female||Adult||Elnara Aldrich||#:::...
...::: Phyllopteryx||Female||Adult||Dooma||#:::...
...::: Kiev||Male||Adult||Avaloche||#:::...
...::: Aizai||Female||Adult||NaomiNaomi||#:::...
...::: Bennet(and Blingy)||Male||Adult||Dooma||#:::...
...::: Neon Genesis||Female||Adult||Bunni Queen_of_Plushies||#:::...
...::: Wish||Female||Perma Teen||Elnara Aldrich||#:::...
...::: Iz||Male||Adult||NaomiNaomi||#:::...
...::: Meeji||Female||Adult||Trelweny||#:::...
...::: Squirt||Male||Perma Teen||Elnara Aldrich||#:::...
...::: Alicia||Female||Perma Teen||Lonewolf_eyes||#:::...
...::: Dune||Male||Adult||Elnara Aldrich||#:::...
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Luz' s [Gifted by Wisp] ::
...::: Sterren||Female||Adult||Chi Sohma||#:::...
...::: Name||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Morphes' s [Gifted by Shade] ::
...::: Tisiphone||Female||Adult||Katarina Everard||#:::...
...::: Alucard||Unkown||Adult||Bunni Queen_of_plushies||#:::...
...::: Trinity||Unkown||Adult||Systematic Sparta||#:::...
...::: ???||Female||Teen||MarlboroMystic||#:::...
...::: Melusine||Female||Adult||iPlox||#:::...
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Females : 16 | Male : 10

Xio Owner's List
...::: ~Guardians Who Work With Humans~ :::...


...::: Name||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Female : 2 | Male: 2 | Too young to tell : 1

Xio Sub- Species Owner's List
...::: ~Elementals Whom Have Human Friends~ :::...

Libleyt' s [Gifted by Gnome] ::
...::: Name||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Zea [Gifted by Salamander] ::
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::..

Tryne' s [Gifted by Undine] ::
...::: Name||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Luz' s [Gifted by Wisp] ::
...:::~Xio~||Male||Guardian||Chi Sohma||#:::...
...::: Name||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Morphes' s [Gifted by Shade] ::
...:::Rikosu||Female||Adult||The Grim Kitsune of Death||#:::...
...::: Name||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Female : 2 | Male: 3

Gifted with the Halloween Spirit ::
...:::Vampie||Unisex||pup||Poetic Surreality||#:::...
...:::Sparrow||Unisex||Teen||Poetic Surreality||#:::...
...:::???||Unisex||Teen||Sadi Sidhe||#:::...
...:::???||Unisex||Pup||Kita-Shadows Requiem||#:::...
...:::???||Unisex||Teen||Cypress Tiger||#:::...

*Name* One of a kind lineart
-Name- Lineart edits
~Name~ Reached Elders/Guardian
User Image

User ImageUser Image

Owned Artifacts
...::: ~Artifact Shelves...~ :::...

..:: Owners List II - Artifacts::..


Cosplay Katorai
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

Unique Artifact Katorai
...::: *Zanthena Natália* ||Female||Egg||Vickster||#:::...
...::: *Morgana*||Female||Egg||MoochiLove||#:::...
...::: Juunigatsu||Male||Eggu||Chi Sohma||#:::...
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...
...::: NAME||GENDER||STAGE||OWNER||#:::...

*Name* One of a kind lineart
-Name- Lineart edits
~Name~ Reached Elders

User Image

User ImageUser Image

...::: ~Love Me...please?~ :::...

Katorain lovers go through the process of liking, loving, obsessions, and etc..
They can have many 'lovers' and many other Katorain/Xio throughout their lifetime. But Katorai/Xio that LOVE- for real.. Get blessings from the Mana Goddess herself.

Breeding Ritual
...::: ~Be my Valentine~ :::...

User Image

Katorai/Xio - in their breeding process are like any other animal. They all have/can have physical desires and such. To be officially with their mate in other ways than just one. But I want you to keep in mind if you can to RP this. KEEP IT OUTSIDE OF GAIA. NO EXCEPTIONS. Remember that any inter species have different methods of breeding. Katorai males can breed easily with Xio woman. Xio males can't easily breed with Katorai women [ Females can suffer complications ] more than xio mothers.

+ Xio mothers can deliver Katorai and Xio offspring with almost no complications unless they themselves have something wrong.
- The only dangers they face with delivering Katorai offspring is that they MAY be still born or drown during birth.

+ Katorai mothers can deliver Katorai offspring with lil to no effort. They're stomachs get large and will deliver like [ humans ] do.
- Mothers face a HIGH risk of complications with delivering Xion offspring. For their stomachs are smaller and can only hold so much. The mother is liable to death if dangerous complications occur.

+ There must be rps if you want breedings. Pups/Kits.
- With small exceptions when we OFFER crack breedings or non rped breedings. WE ask- if we dont, then you MUST have rps to get pups.
- Breedings, there must be three [ at least 1 page of posts ] rps supplied by BOTH parents.

+ Females can ask for rogue breedings if they have 5 or more rps they can produce. With any katorai/xio.
- Males can NOT ask for rogue breedings >P

+ Males dictate gender, and they also have most of the dominant genes.
- The only exception is if the female is the xio and the male is another species. Said female will have equal influence of what species the pups will have more appearance to.

+There are homosexual breedings.
- The only way they can breed is if they have a surrogate father/mother to help with the breeding. We don't know how this works but all we know is that this is the only way a breeding can occur between both SAME sexes.
- You must have at least one rp including the surrogate mother/father to have a breeding.

+ Extra Pups?
- You may ask for extra pups, but you would need at least 2 more rps recorded with both parents.
- We might also gift pups to parents that we see fitting.
- You can also CUSTOM pups in- for a fee. [ 25K ]

+ Twins?
- There is a possibility but if you want. You can send us a PM to see if you are legible for twins.

Blessings Of The Goddess
...::: ~The gift of life- has never smelt so sweet~ :::...

[ Katorai can freely interbreed with different sub-species, generations 1, 2, 3 etc~ and species. ] Their can be homosexual couples- The only thing is that One has to take the feminine role- and the other the dominant role for their 'mating' ritual to work. ]

It is rare, but sometimes if one parent wants a child all on its own. Praying to the Goddess of Mana. From the tree- will sometimes grant a single to breed. This is only on RARE occasions.

For Breeding Litter Quantities and Breeding Prices:


Is the usual, but if a couple has records and have been seen together for a longer time~ sometimes the Goddess of Fertility grants them special wish. Either a child or their dreams, OR one more egg. But it is all up to the Goddess to decide this.

Special Species Status:
Fertile Traits List

Element of Fire
Scorched paws- 50%
Fire Balls- 75%
Fire Tail- 50%
Fira- 10%

Element of Water
Fins- 75%
Gills- 75%
Watery Tail- 10%
Aquatica- 10%
Blizzara- 10%

Element of Wind
Wind Breath- 75%
Windy Hair- 35%
Windy Tail- 10%
Clouds- 30%
Aeros- 10%

Element of Earth
Butterfly- 25%
Antennas- 75%
Fireflies- 25%
Flora Tail- 34%
Flora- 10%
Poisons - 10%

Element of Light
Angel Wings- 25%
Halo- 75%
Unicorn Horns- 75%
Cosplays- 10%

Element of Darkness
BatWings- 25%
Split Horns- 75%
Shadows- 35%
Cosplays- 10%

User Image
User ImageUser Image

User Image
...::: ~Guide me, Tour guide...~ :::...

~1ST RULE: DO NOT BEG! -.-... it gets annoying.
~Do NOT make fun/tease/pick on anyone/rude! It will not be tolerated.
~Try not to whine. I mean we all do. Its ok ^^; Just dont make it a habit.
~Bribes are bribes! But we can choose not to do them. SO you can not just say "i want it, i have the item you want"
~ "ASK" if you want anything. Asking is ok. Demanding is another. Demanding will get you ignored.
~Godmodding is bad >> dont do it.
~Scams >> .... wow. Use common sense. You do it you WILL get reported.
~No fighting >>..
~Common Sense is needed
~We have lives... wait. Chi doesn't have a life >>... but the OTHERS do! So dont bother them!
~Complaining about growings isnt good. Complaining is bad. Dont do it. You can "ASK" us about growings. But complaining isnt. Concerns are good though.

~1. Am I allowed to get more than one Katorai??!
- Yes you are XD as many as you like, tho we might limit it for some people if we notice they are hoarding in all the Katorai as their own XD
~2. Can I get one for free?? pretty please!
- Ehm.. no.. we will probably have free events tho, check out for them ^.~
~3. Can we buy bunches of items!? dramallama
-Um. You can equip as much items that can fit in the boxed inventory on the cert. sweatdrop
~4. Can we CO-OWN?
-Yes you can co-own ^w^
-Um. No you dont have too. But With Special event Katorai/Artifacts and such; they will say if or if not they are required.
~6. Bribes? What can I do with them?
-Well first. You bribe the right person. And if they are satisfied, then we will so CHOOSE to do your Katorai, or NOT. We have the right to say no to our bribes xD
~7. What time will the Katorain Kits grow?
-Um. We dont have a set time. Until we get situated... Hopefully Katorai will grow in a week or so. There is NO SET time yet.
~8. Can we pick different Certs?
-Um. We are gunna have set Certs. for different and special Katorai/Artifacts ^.^
~9. Event Katorai? When will thoughs happen to be available?
-Unm. During events o.o.... sweatdrop
~10. Availablity?
-There will be slots, but thoughs will happen every so often. Mostly events will open and you could even quest for them and maybe the Ancient Goddess will come give you an kit of your own ^w^

User Image

User ImageUser Image

Sales Post
...::: Rogues, Found in the outskirts Madam, ..Sir.~ :::...
User Image
Katoari had been walking the lands- without much care. Some sick... some without homes or in need of a human companion. This is where the Rogues can be found and put in to adoption. If a human~ does not want their Katorai and forfeits their right to them. They end of here for adoption.


Flatsales are the most common way of obtaining a Katorai, of even just any pet around gaia. There will then be a bunch of eggs in here and when we say "Go" you can choose what one you want and for whom. If your request is accepted (its first in who gets it) you send the trade to us here ^^
[ The winners will then have to send the trade asp and what Katorai egg they want as well as who its for (naming can be done now or when hatched). Remember, from the winners it will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. ]

Next: Soonish!

Page 2!

Past Flatsale Views: [January Flatsale]

Flaffles are kind of a mix between flatsales and raffles. We open it at one certain time, as well as close it, and then everyone interested can write in and say so. They get a ticket/number. When the time is up all people interested will be thrown into a raffle. We will generate a number. Person which name is by the number wins. First winner is the one to choose which egg and so generating numbers goes on untill the eggs are gone. Of course, only winners send the trade. However, you cant win twice.
User Image
Next: TBA

In raffles you buy tickets, unless its free, and you will be able to do so during a certain time limit. Your name will then end up next to a number, according to as many tickets you bought. When done, we will generate out a random number and the ones name next to the number is the winner.

Next: Soonish~ Page 2! <333]

Sometimes a pet will be up for auction. Maybe cause its super rare or special, or cause we didn't have time for a real fs that time XP Either way, in the auction the idea is that it is the one to bid the highest that wins. It has a starting time and an ending time. Highest at ending time win and will have to send the trade ASP.

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Adoption Agency
Here will all Katorai we just accidentally step upon, eggs as well as babies and fully grown ones, or maybe a Katorai which their owner no longer can care for them end up. Whenever there is a Katorai here, this area will be open for you to adopt <3

Have some waiting for some owners ;D <3 They will show themselves at various times so stay tuned!


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Custom Info/Prices
...::: ~Custom Katorai x Xio~:::...
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I make golems! D<! And golems are very very! VERY! Helpful creatures. Their made to your specifics and get the items they need from the energy of the Mana Tree. But with your ingredients and high level of smarts. I HIGHLY doubt that you can make your own. So... I set with Serenity~ that lady gal over there~ some introductions with over three books worth on how to do these. Now...

These are to your specifics ~ Nothing more and nothingless. What your imagination brings is what these golems will take. Yesh- Golems are CUSTOMS. Made to help you in your everyday chores and for your everyday needs. Their.. all working as far as I know- if you make them to your parameters and the x[(4*7)squared to the max of- Wait. Rambling again~

These don't come cheap. There is a lot of stuff you have to do to make a golem- so.. I highly suggest and warn you to keep your wallet about 10 feet open for this. But D;! Dont let me scare you away now! Check out the prices that the workers have up. I guarantee some hefty prices~ and sales.

[ Colorists Custom Forums ]


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...::: ~My Most faithful companion, my pet~:::...

From the bountiful amount of mana flowing through the grounds and waters- more inhabitants started to appear. Little creatures that if they are caught. They could be tamed and trained. Little allies for any house hold chore! <3

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Here was have the first coltz to be released on new lines.Coltz were the first familiars created when Darmia was called 'Isle de diciembre'. They are LUCK Familiars and are said to grant luck to all in the home- or protection. Depending on the Kanji's origin that is displayed at the tips of their tails. They are very kind and easy going when tamed. Though in the wild- they are said to be hardheaded- direct and fierce. To kill and sell any parts of a Coltz~ Is to render yourself and all the generations to come bad luck upon your family.

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The bunny two tails~ Are called Allure. Allures are very kindred and hopefully little creatures. They help with any house chore when tamed and rarely revolt. They love to be petted <3 They are somewhat in the bottom of the foodchain~ so they are the main source of meat. Because they around bountied/hunted for their tails- which is sold at a high price. They're tails when cut off are called > Mane.

Spirit Guardians
...::: ~To depend on in Prayer~:::...

Mana Spirits Usually have no time to achieve ALL their chores and thus they tare off a piece of themselves to help them with their blessing and such. But once its duty is over and The Mana spirit has no need for it, They would often wonder; even though they still have their abilities to bless minor things. Some often are caught and used as Guardians. Once you catch one- They are endulged in only your command.


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Our World
...::: ~Our Map~:::...

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Lands of Spira are of Neutral. Lands of neutrality allows all inhabitants to come under certain laws. No fighting unless the Coliseum is involved nor does the law permit Spirit enhanced Katorai to run around in complete chaos. There for laws and certain Spirits have been entitled to keep everything in order. This land- Spira, Is Located in the center. Where the mana tree is present and protected.

Links of the different regions will be put in links, and small screenshots for all of you to locate freely.


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...::: ~The ones who've seen 'our world' The sacred~:::...

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Chi Sohma
Name: Chi or Dici
Age: 17!
POSITION Owner, artist
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, and ... photography
Likes: RP, Final Fantasy series, music, ART, family, friends, animals, my computer, KINGDOM HEARTS whee Miyazaki
Hangouts: numa numa land and here ._. oh and jokoa and steamworks 8D
Really wants: o_o Numas. Numas... um numas?, Ulaya~ lots of em~ and... Lots Of Juu pets OwO
Anime: Chobits, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, and a lot of others xD
Personality? o.o silly. clutz >>. And.. not a very good shop owner XD Lazy~ distractable~ random above all else XD

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Name: Vicky
Age: 20
POSITION: Manager, Colorist, Friend ^^
Likes: RP, Games, Anime, Art, MUSIC, her Family, Animals, Kids, Reading, Movies
Dislikes: Rudeness.
Hangouts: The Art Store, Numa Numa Land
Really wants: NUMAS XD. D-corp baby <3 A SOA, A Talaye Meadow ^o^
Current Quest: A Coffe Numa <3
Fave Animes: DN Angel, Inu-Yasha, Chobits, Rizelmine, Tenchi Muyo
Fave Games: FFVII, FFX, .hack, shadow hearts, KH

User Image
Name: Kalietha
Age: 20
POSITION: Manager, Colorist, Friend <3
Likes Rping, Drawing, artwork in general, anime, reading, BREEDABLES!!!
Dislikes: Overt arrogance, rudeness, mean people
Hangouts: My own shops and shops I color at, Jivvins, digis, Numa Numa Land
Really wants: A lot of things @_@ For now a Jivvin custom (nearly there!)
Current Quest: Jivvin custom!
Fave Animes: Full Metal Alchemist is my current top, but it fluctuates
Personality: Ummm....I'm supposed to do this in one sentence? Stubborn, bossy, evil(special definition thereof that sopgoers will soon learn), disorganized, chaotic

User Image
Name: You can call me Iri, Inky, Inks, whichever
Age: 18
POSITION: Colorist, Line...person?
Likes: Writing, Drawing, Reading, coloring, CRAYONS~
Dislikes: A lot of things =/
Hangouts: Darmia....And my quest thread -shrug-
Really wants: GOLDEN LAURELS -dies-
Current Quest: Horns of Kudu
Personality: EVIL! ;D (No really I love you ;-; )Text at the end of each message
chi's comment: <3 WE LOVE YOU IRIDI! <333333

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_Zaraki Kenpachi_11th
Name: Ken-chan
Age: 18
Likes: RP, swords and archery, elemental kanji
Dislikes: =3= ; Lots of things. Mostly Idiots.
Hangouts: towns 001059 barton five
Really wants: WTF hat
Current Quest: WTF hat
Fave Animes: one piece
Personality: Random

User Image
Name: Minty-Tiia
Age: 19
POSITION: Colorist, Templist.. Bannerist..awsomeness.. the usual =w=
Likes: watching anime and asian dramas, drawing and reading
Likes: to laugh
Dislikes:~ D;
Hangouts: on gaia i'm most likely to be found in the shop "The second you"
Really wants: hmm to many things to name XD
Current Quest: ??
Fave Animes: Luv it~
Personality: friendly, polite and dutiful

User Image
Name: Ed
Age: ??
POSITION: Friend ^^, Undine Spirit
Likes: Anime, Naruto
Dislikes: Rudeness., cocky people
Hangouts: ???
Really wants: ???
Current Quest: ????
Fave Animes: ????
Fave Games: ????
Personaly: ????

User Image
Name: Kittie - Kittyintheraiyn
Age: Older than you, probably ~<3
POSITION: I color! *shows you her crayon collection* XD
Likes: watching anime and Asian dramas, drawing and reading, Music, (Gorillaz especially. Oldies, trance, classical, synth, rock, eurobeat, the list goes on and on), Rain, Cats, Vampires, 23, stuffed crust pizza, noodles, wings. Movies from the 80's with puppets. (Dark Crystal, Labyrinth) Purple.
Dislikes:~ I had a pet peeve once, but then I ate it.
Hangouts: Jokoa`, Malu, Feli, Numa, guilds. Here.
Really wants: World peace >.> and 2D... and fuzzy things~ Also green. And 2D!
Current Quest: PETS!
Fave Animes: Anything from Miyazaki, Tsubasa, Haruhi, FLCL, DNAngel, FB among many, many others.
Personality: I like kitties! and shiny things >.> and what's that over there? *wanders off* Distractable.

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Bookmarks and Credits
...::: ~Whom have a place in the great book~:::...

~Page of Our World~

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...Yes we take affiliates!
Let us write you in our book...

Our Sibling Thread/Breedable Shop! <3
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Links To Another Thread of the Darmia:

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SquareSoft < For the inspiration of this shop's activities and going ons~ and other lil things.. and I also posting some squaresoft images THAT I DID NOT DRAW < those are directly from the game 8D! <3 so those are also copyrighted to SQUARE SOFT!
Chi Sohma < for the lines, cert etc etc~ slacking off ;3
Sakuya < For Lines of the Xio Species
Annaving < annaving@hotmail.com < Email her for any needs that your shop needs [templates, lines, edits, art ]
Minty < Templates Style #2+ Familiar's Templates Thank you very very much for being such a great and helpful staff member
Vickster < for the love, being an awsome co owner, coloring awsomely and support etc etc~
Kali < being such a kind supporter, old templates, and idea maker
Other staff < who are awsome supporters& Colorists~ etc~


Dooma = 80K burning_eyes
Kali = 25K heart
Minty Tiia = 25K ? heart


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