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This shop is based on the world of Pern but is not canon. Dragonriders of Pern © Anne McCaffrey

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[Shop Mule Post History]
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The 9th Pass was a time of great change and great hope for the people of Pern. With the discovery of AIVAS came the chance to be free of Thread forever. Its knowledge was passed on and the secrets of technology, slow to be accepted, were incorporated into everyday life after the plan to rid Pern of the Red Star was completed. Most believed the mission to be successful and Pern breathed a sigh of relief.

However, while the knowledge AIVAS had was passed on, it's primary function - that of redirecting the Red Star - failed to succeed. A Long Interval followed the plan's execution and it was only when Thread threatened Pern once more did the people of Pern realize their hopes were not fulfilled. What they did not know, however, is that the Red Star's orbit was made unstable by AIVAS and the Intervals became unpredictable. It was too late to return to AIVAS as it had shut itself down after the completion of the mission and a subsequent attack on the system resulted in its destruction.

A Long Interval followed the 9th Pass and many believed AIVAS' plan had worked. There was much uproar and unrest among the communities of Pern when the 10th Pass happened not just for the normal 50 Turns but for an unprecedented 100 Turns in what has become known as the Long Pass. It became the general consensus that the plan to rid the planet of Thread had simply failed. However, 11th Pass happened after a far shorter Interval then expected and the 11th Pass also proved to be a Long Pass (75 Turns). It has left many wondering just what AIVAS did. It became plain that the Red Star's Orbit had been disrupted but it was unpredictable, posing a greater threat then before.

At the end of the 10th Pass, AIVAS' teachings were mostly abandoned under the logic of if its primary objective was false, what else could have been false? There are those who continue to pursue the knowledge offered by the ruins of the Landing sites and develop the skills imparted over such a short time in history. So much time has passed, however, that those people are eccentrics and the story of AIVAS and the Ninth Pass are more legend then fact.

Set in the Interval between the 11th Pass and 12th Pass, our story picks up with two Weyrs that were founded after AIVAS' technology brought new tools, trades, and treachery to Pern. Malvren Weyr and Trine Weyr, along with a few others, have been created to provide a more effective net of dragons to combat the increased frequency and magnitude of Thread falls - what many consider to be AIVAS' true legacy.

Malvren Weyr and Trine Weyr, also, are notable because they are the two Weyrs where Atypical dragons are not only welcomed but whose histories were shaped by the arrival of the non-traditional colours. They exist among the troubles caused by the Traditionalists who favour Weyrs untouched by the technology of AIVAS and untainted by Atypical Dragons. First appearing in the 10th Pass, it has been several life times since the discovery of Atypical Dragons has led to a shift in politics and daily Weyr life alike.

There is a divide in mentalities among the Weyrs. Some, called the Traditionalists, favour Weyrs untainted by Atypical Dragons. While others, the Modernists, feel that the discovery of more coloured dragons is a boon - there are more fighting dragons ready to combat thread. Those who find themselves in the Traditionalist camps live the Old Weyrs while those of the Modernist point of view live in the New Weyrs. Most consider AIVAS' gifts to the Pernese as tainted things, to be handled with care.

Political relations between the two camps are tentative at the best of times. And now that a Revolution has rocked the world, new forces rise to guide Pern's fate. Master Wherhandler Keller leads a revolutionary force determined to break free of tradition dragonrider creeds and he's taken two Weyrs to prove he's right.

In a world where traditional and liberal sensibilities clash and social liberation condones the bloodshed of others
where does your character stand?

[Jumpstart Guide for New and Returning Players] [Full Metaplot Summary Thread]

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The Origin of Atypical Dragons

After the birth of the first White Dragon, the question of whether dud eggs were actually duds become a particularly important one among the Weyrfolk. However, the controversy of breaking open supposedly dead eggs during a Hatching was too great for the Weyrleaders and Weyrwomen to willingly condone. As a result, research groups were formed behind the scenes and the clutching habits of the dragons' cousins, the firelizards, were carefully monitored.

As with their larger counterparts, the firelizard clutches would occasionally have dud eggs and it was these that the researchers focused on. It was a surprise, then, that once the shells were peeled away, they would often find stillborn flits not of the traditional colours. This was a set-back, of course, as it meant the Atypical firelizards did not survive the hatching, or even the period of their embryonic development. The quest, then, became one not only of getting the flit duds to survive their hatching but to also grow and prosper after that. If successful, the ranking officials of Malvren Weyr, the only Weyr to consider subjecting a clutch to the controversy, would allow the experiment to be conducted on a single clutch where duds were present.

Needless to say, after several experiments, those involved in the Atypic Research were finally able to hatch and raise the first Atypic Firelizards in Pernese History. Among the first Atypics were blacks and crimsons. White Atypics seemed unable to survive past hatchling age among the flits - likely due to their tiny size and vulnerability to predators and pathogens native to Pern. Malvren Weyr then gave the (clandestine) okay for the Researchers to extend their experiment to a dragon clutch, provided one of their golds clutches contained a dud. It became a waiting game at that point and nearly two years passed before duds were laid by one of the smaller golds of the Weyr.

The Hatching occurred as normal and the spectators were ushered out at the end, amidst much gossip and speculation, so that the Researchers could see if the dragons possessed the same hidden variation as their younger cousins. The Candidates who had not Impressed were held back as well, and the experiment began.

There were three duds in the clutch and the first forced-open egg was a disappointment - it was a true dud, with nothing but ichor and egg-stuff inside. The second egg, however, proved to be a marvelous surprise. Once the tougher then normal shell was broken away, the sleek, ebony hide of a black shone in the light. The hatchling was no bigger then a small green would be but the dragon was alive and it took some time before it gained it's bearings. Those present thought the disoriented dragon would simply blink Between and be gone forever. That proved to an incorrect assumption, however, as the little black toddled over to one of the Candidates and demanded food, Impressing to the incredibly astonished Candidate.

The final egg proved to be a Crimson and she Impressed to the researcher who opened her egg - a turn of events that surprised all parties involved. She too was as tiny as a green but she would grow large enough to rival a brown. It was a confirmation that the Atypical Colours needed assistance in birth and early life to survive due to their physical differences. From that point on, whenever duds were present in the clutch, the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman would open the final eggs to release any hidden dragons. The Atypical Dragons proved to be echoes of the first white dragon - the Silvers and Blacks are infertile males, the Whites are neuters with male or female frame of minds, and the Crimsons proved to be fertile but infrequent in the success of their Flights. Crimson dragons were proven to be made totally infertile if they chewed firestone and that choice became a central defining point for Crimson Riders and their Dragons. Silvers, Blacks, and Whites all chew firestone.

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Current Events
-none atm-

Upcoming Events
Dates are approximate and subject to change
Customs Event (Customs, Transfers, Conversions), Flit Show

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News and Announcements
Feb 05 2013 : Front page Update! New Lines means things need a bit of a cleaning up. Updates include an updated story and page layout, Shop Rules, and various other things!
March 25 2012: Long time no update hey? XD LOTS has gone on since the last update, metaplot, events, etc. Check out the Mule's Post History if you want to see. Currently there's a leadership event underway which will be followed by a continuation of the metaplot into chapter 9. We're almost through Arc 2 guys! Can't wait to reveal the finale! Threadfall has also begun and will become a regular occurence as 'mini' events for people to participate in!
September 08 2011: Metaplot Chapter 2:Rivals has begun! Zeta Clutch announced, check these out: Gold Contest & Sign-Ups.
August 18 2011: Alright! Update! 3 new Hires: Murphy, Rhiannon, and Jet. Baby Wher lines are now complete. Work is in progress for character art as a supplemental reward. Flit event is complete... starting to swing into the next phase of Metaplot!
August 04 2011: Holy crap I'm bad at updating news! D8 Nearly a year since the last lol. In any case, finished the first meta arc, had the first hatching in a while, hiring is open and lots of plans are in the works!
Oct 25 2010: Besides the fact that I fail at updating news... currently the So You Want to be a Wingleader!? contest is open. If you're missed anything or want to catch up, it's really best to post stalk the mule!
August 21 2010: RL comms are closed once more. The Flit, Whers, and Dolphin Event begins tomorrow!
August 09 2010: The Hatching went well and much Meta has happened. Also, Real Life Comissions are Open once more.
July 05 2010: Sign ups for the Trine Clutch are now open, as is the contest for the next gold hatchling. The Touching will begin July 16 and run for 5 days. The Hatching itself will begin July 23 and run through the weekend.
June 18 2010: Real life commissions are closed. Metaplot is upcoming, as is Trine's Clutch in July.
June 03 2010: RL Comm info
May 26 2010: The Hatching went well, all new dragons Impressed. Wher Customs are now open!
May 14 2010: the Alpha Clutch Hatching has begun!
May 07 2010: the Touching for the Alpha Clutch has begun! The Grand Opening is also in full swing!
April 21 2010: The Crimson Writing Contest is up, but it officially opens on April 24. The Grand Opening will start May 7 and run through to the 17th. Customs, flits, and other things will be given out during the week of the event. Check out the guild!
April 18 2010: Alpha Clutch Sign Ups opened, they close on May 5th.
March 30 2010: All Adult lines are drawn and templated. Customs round one offered in guild.
March 21 2010: Shop set-up begun.

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SkieBorne wlll host LiveStream sessions of the art completion for Dragonflight from time to time. Click the poster to view!

Current Status: OFFLINE
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  1. ICA = ICC. That is, in-character actions have in-character consequences. The staff of dragonflight welcome character development in all its forms but be aware that if your character pushes boundaries, those boundaries will push back so play within your comfort zone.
  2. This shop is not role-play required. No characters require roleplay to keep but actively participating in RPs, Events, and Player-Run activities provides opportunities for ranking up, special art, and influencing metaplot outcomes.
  3. Understand the difference between IC and OOC. IC stands for In-Character and refers to in-game actions, thoughts, knowledge and other such things from a character's perspective. OOC stands for Out of Character and refers to events, knowledge and actions outside the game, from the player's perspective. IC actions/opinions do not reflect OOC actions/opinion.
  4. Character death is a possibility. There are mechanics in place with a small likelihood the character will die in deadly situations. These are meant to add an edge to the gameplay and very unlikely to actually occur. The two primary means of death are: Threadfall and bond disruption immediately after Impression.
  5. Flights are conducted within a Player's Comfort Zone. The novel canon is not accepted as shop canon here. No character is forced to be with anyone as a result of a flight if they choose not to be. Please refer to A Guide to the Flight System for further details.
  6. This shop is PG-13. It deals with politics, betrayal, sexuality, violence, and other such themes without the extremes of a Mature rating. Please keep RPs within that zone.
  7. There is a 3-Strike System in place. This means that every player has three chances to screw up before they are asked to leave the game permanently. We recognize that people make mistakes and provide the opportunity to correct those mistakes as well as learn from them.
  8. If there is a dispute, please contact staff or the shop owner as needed. Do not drag drama into the thread. Dragonflight has a strict no-drama policy and fosters a welcoming community. Please respect this and drop the drama at the door.
  9. All pets must be obtained through shop sanctioned events before they can be played. This means a character cannot begin with a dragon, wher, flit, etc, If you want to have something written into a character's backstory it's best to wait and obtain one in our many events.
  10. All characters must be approved prior to beginning play. This involves filling out a character profile to include things like history, appearance, and personality. Please see the [Character Application Process] for more information!
  11. More to be added as necessary.

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The Dragonrider Faction
The Dragonriders as a faction are those who keep to the Old Ways where colour and
gender limit one’s authority in life. It is a hierarchical society that has been tried and proven.
The majority of Riders choose to side with the Dragonriders due their less violent and much more
diplomatic natures even though predjudice runs rampant. In Dragonflight, the Dragonriders are
centered on Trine Weyr where a mixing of Old and New Weyr attitudes to has led to very diverse
collection of world views and opinions that lends itself to both greatness and drama.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This Image will Change as DF Updates its Dragon art - the Hatchlings are due for upgrades

Dragons are the primary means of defense against the dreaded Thread on Pern. They are genetic relatives of the Firelizards and possess the abilities to fly, breathe flame, teleport, and use telepathy. Their hides are smooth, often gem bright and they have faceted eyes that swirl with their emotions. They are the largest creatures on the planet, vulnerable only when very young or very sick. They are carnivores, preying upon Herdbeasts and Wherries that are kept as livestock by the Weyrs in which they live. However, dragons are psychologically incapable of deliberately harming humans but are more then capable of assaulting a watchwher or a feline.

Every dragon hatches from an egg. Eggs are sometimes illustrated for Hatchings as a bonus piece of art but the actual character art begins at the Hatchling Stage. Hatchlings are wobbly, new and small but voracious eaters. The Hatchling stage lasts 2-3 IRL Months but reflects 4-7 months of In-Game growth. Once the dragons have grown into their wings, they begin to learn the art of flying and chewing firestone so that they can breathe fire at the Senior Weyrling stage. This stage lasts 2-3 IRL months but reflects 4-7 months of In-Game growth. Finally, once the dragon has become fully grown, has mastered flight, flaming and matured enough to be interested in Flight it is an adult. Adult stages last indefinitely.

In Dragonflight, we include the five Traditional colours of Green, Blue, Brown, Bronze, and Gold. Only Green and Gold dragons are female, the latter of which is fertile. In addition to these we also have the Atypical colours of Black, Crimson, Silver, and White. Atypical colours have become more rare since the closing of the first metaplot arc and while Atypicals generally don’t feel the need to mate they do possess special traits that make them useful to the Dragonriders. Only Crimsons are female of the Atypicals.

For More Information, check out the [Guide to Dragons]

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No pet is roleplay required in Dragonflight but for those who do there are many rewards. The most obvious of which are the Prestige Stages. These stages relate to In-Game, IC rankings of the characters once a dragon becomes adult. This art is earned through participation in events and RP as well as through solos and special circumstances. Ranked characters gain special abilities and buffs to their characters for in-game dice roll mechanics such as Threadfall and Combat. The best thing about Prestige Stages is they are not static – you can earn your way through all the art via our flexible ranking system!

For more information check out the [Guide to Ranking Up] to see the requirements and rewards of Prestige Stages.
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The Revolution and the Wherholder Faction
The Revolution was a metaplot arc finale in which those who felt oppressed rose up
and forced out those who did not agree with their world views. This revolution was violent and
consumed three Weyrs. Malvren and Benden fell while Trine survived. Malvren and Benden are
now called Wherholds and home to the Wherholder Faction. This faction focuses on equal
opportunity for all members of its community, demands loyalty, and unlike the Dragonriders
both tolerates and encourages physical confrontation as a means of working out conflict.
Diplomacy is not high on the Wherholder’s priority list and as a result they have a reputation as
violent individuals. All holders, riders, and wherhandlers are welcome and all colours of all
creatures have the opportunity to earn rank and power. The Wherhold faction is led by the
infamous Masterhandler Keller.Wherhold faction is led by the infamous Masterhandler Keller.

The Wherholders have their own guild [Here].
Only players with Wherholders will be accepted into that guild.

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Additional Wher Art is in the works

Watchwhers are also cousins of the firelizard but, unlike their relatives, cannot fly, flame, or teleport. Even their communication is limited as whers tend to vocalize more or use telepathy to speak in images, feelings, and sounds. They possess much better memory then dragons and their intelligence varies from equivalent to a dog all the way to (rarely) that of a human. Watchwhers are unique in that they do not die when their Handler dies and can be re-bonded to a different individual or go feral. As a result, one Wher has the potential to partner up with several Handlers over the course of its life time.

Able to see quite well even in the deepest dark, a wher’s vision includes the infrared range, allowing them to see heat signatures. This, however, makes them sensitive to the light during the day. In Dragonflight, this sensitivity is not paralyzing and watchwhers can function during the day but they are at their prime during the night.

Whers grow to be quite large, with the largest gold able to combat a small green dragon. They are tough and durable, with thick leathery hides and prickly dispositions. Meant to be guardians, whers hunt Tunnel Snakes, assist in Mining, and guard Holds and Weyrs from intrusions. There is no psychological block for violence against humans so Whers are perfect watchdogs. The primary purpose of whers was once to look out for Thread at night and raise the alarms if any was spotted. In Dragonflight, however, the Revolution has redefined the watchwher’s purpose in society as an equal contributor valued the same as any other individual. They serve a variety of purposes now and Masterhandler Keller is working hard to boost interest in the watchwhers’ flexibility.

As with the dragons there are the five traditional colours of green, blue, brown, bronze, and gold. Greens and golds are female while golds are the only fertile females. There are no atypical whers. This is because the general attitude is one that does not tolerate runts and weaklings – whers are tough, burly creatures and resources cannot be wasted on raising runts. Additionally, eggs are smashed when there is no need for them or they do not hatch to control the wher population.

For More Information, check out the [Guide to Watchwhers]

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Firelizards are native to Pern and provided the genetic stock from which the dragons and the watchwhers were engineered. They are small, inquisitive creatures that benefit from a communal knowledge base as their memory is horrid. Firelizards are often kept as pet and messengers since they are smart enough to train for simple tasks. A firelizard, or flit, impresses to the first person to feed it after hatching or it can become wild, joining the populations of wild firelizards. They communicate via telepathy and are able to teleport.

In Dragonflight we have the five traditional colours of green, blue, brown, bronze, and gold as well as the atypical colours of black, crimson, and silver. Atypical flits are rather rare but are considered exotic since they require special care to raise. Green, Crimson, and Gold flits are all fertile but only Gold firelizards guard their eggs. In fact, it is not uncommon to discover an abandoned green flit nest and collect the eggs.

For more information, check out the [Guide to Firelizards]
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The Dolphins of Pern are sentient, playful, inquisitive creatures that partner up with humans to keep the coastal regions and the naval fleets safe. Known as Shipfish to some, they are sleek and swift in the water and are capable of verbal speech. With a lifespace equivalent to a human’s a dolphin’s bond to their partner can become very deep but lacks the telepathic union of Impression. Sometimes Healers will request the assistance of Dolphins as their echolocation is useful in sounding out problems with a body or in identifying pregnancies. Additionally, once Thread has drowned in the Oceans, it is the Dolphins that consume the inactive organism.

Dolphineering is a specialty Craft on Pern and when a character become a Journeyman Dolphineer they will be able to choose a dolphin partner. This is a one stage offering but there is no faction associated with the craft hall, they often have freedom of movement as they are respected for their usefulness on Pern.

For more information, check out the [Guide to Dolphins]
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Dragonflight often has special events of an OOC nature where candygrams are given out. The creatures offered during these events are minis, usually featuring something of Pernese origin. Thus far we have Wherry Chicks and Trundlebugs available for special events but in the future Tunnel Snakes, Canines, Felines, Runners, and other small creatures of Pern may be made available!

These candygrams are OOC because their colourations are for fun and do not reflect canon Pern descriptions of the creatures. There is potential, however, for in-game pets to become a reality so remember to check out the events when they occur around the holidays!
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

At Dragonflight: An Alternative Pern, Character Art is a supplementary reward for Roleplaying. We use standard bases for both genders and change up hair, faces, and clothing to suit the character in question. As more character art is created, more will be added to templates, expanding the options.

All characters in D:AAP are eligible for art as long as they meet the RP requirements. That is, a character doesn't have to be a dragonrider or a wherhandler specifically to obtain art, they can be a Trader, Holdless, Weyrfolk, Holder, or anything else within the expanse of Pern's universe. We welcome all characters and character types.

If you're interested in earning some art, continue on!

For More Information and Available Slots Go Here

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Character Cards are minicerts that link the image of the Human PC to the partners associated with him or her. Any creature can be certed on these character cards but they require art of the human to be requested. This certing is free and can be requested for each of the partners matched to a Human, for each of the outfits obtained.

If you want to have only your character on the Character Card, you may request that as well and have the option of supplying a short quote to go on the card over the faction logo.

If you have human art and want to request Character Cards, click here
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show...........

Most of the art available in Dragonflight is templated or standard lines. Small edits
like scars may sometimes be made available for characters but otherwise the art is unedited. However, for
those of you seeking a unique experience, there are rare opportunities in-shop for unique-lined dragons such
as the ones above. This is usually by raffles or some other impartial means. There are also Real Life
Commissions as well, located at the [Dragonflight Blog].

Unique lined dragons’ art will not be overridden by any art obtained afterwards. Think of it like character art for
your dragon. Prestige Stages, for example, become supplementary art that can still be earned and the player
choose which image they want certed.

User Image

User Image

Character art in Dragonflight is available via slots or by RL Comms as well. Headshots, waist-up,
and full-body compositions are all options for the players to earn. A system is being developed where
character can be earned via active participation in roleplay. .

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Getting involved is simple and easy. No one needs to own a dragon, flit, wher, or dolphin to begin play in Dragonflight! All you need is to create a character suited to the setting and have it approved by our Staff. Now that there are two factions – the Wherholders and the Dragonriders – it is important for you to decide which belief system your character fits best. We welcome applicants to both sides but each faction offer different styles of play and opportunities so choose wisely!

There are all sorts of events and opportunities going on of both IC and OOC nature. One of the key elements of Dragonflight is that the game is significantly Player-Directed. That is, major metaplot turning points are often handed over to the player base to decide what path is taken. This shapes the game’s destiny and makes things more interesting. These turning points are almost always OOC opportunities so even if you don’t have characters but enjoy the story you can still get involved via the metaplot.

In addition to the metaplot events, there are Contests, Raffles, Customs, Hatchings, and Player-Run events happening all the time! The rules vary by event but it is by these that you will obtain pets from Dragonflight so participation is key if you’re interested in obtaining a dragon, wher, or other pet!

Finally, we don’t limit the number of characters a player can have but do recommend that you keep with up with the characters you do have. The shop isn’t RP Required and costs no gold at all so it really delights all the staff to see characters played.

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Flights, Runs, and Hatchings

Flights and Runs are the mating rituals of Dragons and Whers respectively. Green dragons rise roughly twice a turn once they are one turn (year) old. Golds rise once a turn after they hit two turns of age. Crimsons, should they choose to become breeders, rise as frequently as a Green but have only a 20% chance of successfully breeding – this does not guarantee a clutch once every 5 Flights, however. Runs are the Wher equivalent to Flights except they occur as long chases on the ground rather than in the air. Greens will run frequently but Gold mate only once per turn.

Hatchings are grand celebrations enjoyed by all members of a Weyr and are a celebrated facet of Pernese RP across the web. They are the beginning of new lives and a turning point for others. To be a dragonrider to is to be a defender of the planet, to have responsibility, prestige and duty, and it is at these Hatchings that the first steps are taken.

To participate in a Hatching players must submit a character profile to the character applications and have it approved. Then they must sign that character up for the current Hatching. Candidates must be present on the Sands to Impress (this is assumed in roleplay for those that are signed up) or be a member of the audience that is watching. Impressions from the Stands are rare, however.

When dragons hatch they are driven by an absolute need to find a rider. They are psychologically bound to find a match and when they do, their consciousness and that of their chosen rider become entwined in a deeply intimate connection. This is the Impression and it is the beginning of life as a dragonrider pair for the two new Weyrlings. Dragons choose a Candidate that best suits them, whether it be to balance their own personality or to compliment it. Either way, the two are unfailingly perfectly matched and make each other better. Sometimes, however, a dragon will not find an appropriate partner and when this happens, they suicide by going Between permanently. It is a sad occurrence but a reality of Hatchings - it can and will happen at Hatchings held in this shop.

Prior to the Hatching, most Weyrs conduct a Touching where Candidates are allowed to wander among the eggs and touch them, become familiar with them.

From an OOC perspective, there will be announcements made for when Hatchings will be held and a sign-up thread for those interested. Touchings will generally precede the Hatching itself and both events are communal RPs that everyone can join in. The length of these RPs will generally average 2 days and take place over the weekend - the staff manage the NPC posts and the Impression of new dragonets.

Notes: Hatchings are 50% premade-then-matched and 50% made-to-match.
Certain events may be run differently - we will alert players when this is the case.
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A Guide to Alternate Pern
Our permutation of the Pern Universe.

A Guide to Malvren Weyr
Things you need to know about Malvren.

A Guide to Trine Weyr
Things you need to know about Trine.

A Guide to Character Creation
Advice and tips for creating an interesting, dynamic character.

A Guide to Weyrlife
The life of a Candidate and a Weyrling.

A Guide to Crafts and Crafthalls
The various disciplines and jobs on Pern.

A Guide to Dragons
Everything you need to know about dragons.

A Guide to Firelizards
Everything you need to know about firelizards.

A Guide to Watchwhers
Everything you need to know about Watchwhers.

A Guide to Dolphincraft
A collection of information about dolphins and dolphineering.

A Guide to Threadfall Events
How Threadfall works in this shop.

A Guide to Ranking Up
How to improve your character's ranks. Includes how to run drills and lessons and how to go about forming your own wing.

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Links In
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Links Out
We're always taking affiliates, so if you're staff for a shop feel free to send a PM request!

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Dragonriders of Pern © Anne McCaffery.
Templates and Lines: SkieBorne
Banners: SkieBorne
Shop Front Layout: SkieBorne
Certs: SkieBorne
Guides: SkieBorne with references to many sites

Thanks for all your help, it truly is appreciated!

Dragonflight Staff

Owner: The Owner is the founder and owner of the shop. SkieBorne is the head manager and the highest authority within Dragonflight. She is responsible for planning Metaplot Arcs, Coordinating Hatchings, Hiring and Staff Management.
Currently: SkieBorne

Senior Manager: The Senior Manager assists the Owner in delegating tasks and managing staff. Responsible for reviewing and approving character applications as well as general management tasks. Assists in resolving conflicts and reports to Owner when needed. Second highest position in the chain of command, defers to Owner.
Currently: TawnyAngel

Senior Staff: Senior Staff are staff that have been with the shop for a long time and provided consistent, reliable, and excellent work. Promotions to this level come only after a staffer's probation has ended and they've demonstrated the previously mentioned qualities. Senior Staff defer to the Owner and Senior Manager.
Currently: Rhiannon Chandra, JetAlmeara

Junior Staff: New additions to the staff, often for support roles, and defer to Senior Staff when needed.
Currently: Dizzy_Kat, Meepfur

Staff on Hiatus These individuals are currently on leave due to a variety of reasons and either not participating or minimizing participation.

Retired Staff: These are individuals who are no longer part of the Dragonflight staff, for a variety of reasons.
Currently: Rown, Nessariah, Miss Cherie, Syrie, Smerdle, trundlebug, lilwolfpard, PetiteKitsune, Murphys_Law, Tinnuculus

Colourist: A Colourist is an individual responsible for colouring the pet templates. Some colourists have specific designation such as Wher or Flit Colourist. These individuals are responsible for colouring dragons as well as writing the personalities, why me's, and egg descriptions for every Hatching. They work with all other staff members for the planning and execution of events.
Currently: Rhiannon Chandra, JetAlmeara, Meepfur, Dizzy_Kat

Character Artist: A Character Artist is responsible for editing and designing character art for PC illustration purposes as well as for use with the Character Cards. They are not responsible for colouring pet art but often work with colourists in the design of characters. Have permission to run character art events as they see fit so long as the activity requirement is met.
Currently: -tba-

RP Manager: RP Managers are responsible for reviewing and moderating the RPs in the Guild, answering questions, and leading RP-intensive events. They are also the first layer of support in case of any conflicts. They do not colour or design characters but may be involved in the writing of Dragon personalities for Hatchings and other events.
Currently: TawnyAngel, Tinnunculus

Event Manager: Event Managers are responsible for the planning and execution of events. They take lead when coordinating events and work frequently with Coloursts, Character Artists, and RP Managers. They do not colour or design characters.
Currently: -tba-

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