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Centuries ago, the fate of samurai and kitsune entwined. The prized warriors of Japan began to raise, train and, breed small kitsune who had the strange ability to shapeshift into war fans. These kitsune became an extremely important presence in the military and were sought after by warlords. The more a warlord had the better their units would do in battle. Little is known why these creatures bring such strength to their samurai companions but they do. Young warrior, are you ready to begin a path that countless others have before you? Take up arms and protect the land, its people, befriend kitsune and serve your lord.

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* Follow Gaia's Terms of Service and these rules.
It is common sense but some people need reminders. Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning. You will get three warnings, after your third one you are banned from the shop. Simple~ Three strikes and you're out~

* Please use proper English. No l33t speak allowed.
This is not the chatterbox and shouldn't be used like one. Refrain from posting "bump", bumping with emotes, or stretching the page.

* Trades must be sent within 24 hours. Certing info must be posted within a week.
Please don't cancel trades either unless if told to do so. Failure to post certing info within the week's time frame will result in your pet being rehomed unless if a custom or breeding.

* Guilt-tripping, flaming, starting drama, or discouraging others is not tolerated.
Don't be greedy. Give others a chance to get a pet. If you're having a problem getting a pet, don't give up. Most importantly though - respect each other.

* Role Playing is not required.
It is encouraged though. The more role playing the more pets are given out, breedings occur and customs open. We don't want this to be a sig-candy only shop. If we find people just take pets and run all the time, the less pets will be made. So hoarders beware.

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Japan has been thrown into a state of war and turmoil. Various warlords flock to gather samurai in attempts to get their banner spread across the land. Through out the course of time, three major warlords rise above the rest. Oda Nobunaga had the ambition to begin controlling a chaotic land. He passed away before his dream came to a fruition when he was forced to kill himself at Honnoji. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a retainer of the Oda clan, quickly took up in his late lord's footsteps. For a short time peace was obtained under his rule. He had managed to unite all opposing forces yet sought to expand territory past Japanese waters. Eventually he fell ill and passed away. Chaos sprung once more to cease hold of the land. Ishida Mitsunari, a retainer of the Toyotomi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, a daiymo in his own right clashed for control over Japan. The country was soon split into the Western Army (led by Ishida Mitsunari) and the Eastern Army (led by Tokugawa Ieyasu). The battle of Sekigahara took place and a winner was declared once the dust settled. Tokugawa Ieyasu would control the land and pave the way into the Edo period.

War Fan Kitsunes
Oda Nobunaga was the first to be recorded in raising these war fan kitsunes. Many believe it was the needed edge to pave way towards unification for the land. Although overtime other warlords sought after these kitsunes and soon they were spread far and wide across the land. Their origin is unknown but many believe they originated from the Hokuriku region. Others speculate they came from the Hokkadio region.

These kitsunes were originally trained by samurai and other high-ranking officials that were appointed to care for these creatures by their lord. In order to gain some quality control only a select few were given the task. Receiving such a position was considered a great honor and caring for these youkai was done with pride. It wasn't until much later lower ranking samurai and every day individuals were allowed to care for these kitsunes. It resulted in overbreeding and soon the land was overrun with kitsunes. For a short time in attempts to control the population, the kitsunes were slaughtered for their fur and meat during harsh winters. It wasn't until Toyotomi Hideyoshi took the reigns that these kitsunes were protected.

It didn't change the fact that the damage had been done. The kitsunes were soon labeled into three species depending on their personality traits and appearances. Strict rules were set in place that carried on out into the Edo period in order to prevent a disaster from occuring again.

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Special Races: Samurai Tessen // Takeda Calvary

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Tessen - known for their strength
Easily spotted by the large fluff of fur on their head they are ideal for harsh climate conditions as well as fighting. Their thick fur helps keep them safe from enemy kitsunes, and warm during cold winters. Tessen are full of power despite their short statue. They can easily knock a full grown human male over with just one whack of their tails. As a result they are often put on the front line with the foot soldiers to both aid and protect them.

Health Tips -- In the summer months they are often clipped down by their samurai trainers so they do not suffer from heat related problems. They should be groomed often to prevent matting. Matting hinders their movement as it is painful for them to walk due to the tugging on their shoulders. Fur by their eyes should be trimmed to prevent it from getting in their eyes as it grows quickly.

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Gunsen - known for their endurance
The easiest to train out of the three, Gunsen are popular among samurai who are just starting out. However due to overbreeding, unwanted personality traits have flourished among the Gunsen. They can be snappy and aggressive towards others, human and kitsune alike. Regardless of the bad traits that have come to dominate this species of kitsune, Gunsen are still kept around for their amazing speed. They weigh the least among kitsune, making them excellent for rushing ahead into battle with the cavalry.

Health Tips -- Gunsen require a lot of running and exercise to keep their aggressive behavior at bay. Most samurai have taken a liking to leaving a tuff of fur covering their muzzle. When not in battle the tuff of fur is often tied back away from their face to prevent any eye problems. Before battle it is let down to help prevent dust and other debris from getting in their eyes.

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Gunbai - known for their intelligence
The most pampered yet extremely useful of the kitsune, the Gunbai has been protecting high-ranking officials for years. They are bred for their quality traits and mothers who produce offspring with unwanted traits are not bred again along with the tainted offspring. This is to produce loyal, intelligent kitsune capable of commanding a whole pack of kitsune with just a flick of their tails.

Health Tips -- Gunbai have silky smooth fur which must be brushed daily. They also must be bathed every two weeks to wash away the excess oil that builds up on their skin. Gunbai tails are longer than their bodies and are tied together to prevent the kitsune from tripping over them. They are known to have ear infections and skin problems if not groomed properly.

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Yin - Darkness to the Light

Yin Kitsune are a special breed. They come from a mystical realm along with their counterpart the Yang. Their mission is to uphold the balance of light and dark in the world. They are not fighters in the slightest and should be treated with respect. Yin Kitsune can only breed with Yang Kitsune. They represent: slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, and passive; and are associated with water, earth, the moon, femininity and nighttime.

Health Tips -- Keep a Yin's mane and tail clean and shiny and they will love you forever. They enjoy being pampered and it is most ideal to keep their fur clean so they can be most efficient when swimming in water. Due to the fur in their ears, they are prone to ear infections if not watched. During the summer months they should be kept cool otherwise they will suffer from frequent heat exhaustion.

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Yang - Light to the Darkness

Yang Kitsune are a special breed. They come from a mystical realm along with their counterpart the Yin. Their mission is to uphold the balance of light and dark in the world. They are not fighters in the slightest and should be treated with respect. Yang Kitsune can only breed with Yin Kitsune. They represent: fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, and aggressive; and are associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity and daytime.

Health Tips -- Yang need little maintenance. They prefer to take care of themselves. As a result if they do get into fights on the rare occasion, severe injuries may be left untreated properly and it could lead to complications down the line. As much as your Yang may dislike it, keep a close eye on them and their health. They should be kept in warm climates, meaning during the winter months they should refrain from being outside for too long otherwise they will fall ill.

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"Irasshaimase! Here at Oinari Kennels you may stumble upon a special kitsune that catches your eye. Feel free to look around and see what we have to offer. Be careful and do not stick your hands in the cages, we are not responsible for their actions. You are a visitor after all. On your way out, if you could take a moment to pay visit to the shrine, it would be greatly appreciated."

Flat Sales cost 5,ooo g (5k).
Raffle tickets cost 1oo g each.
Auctions start at 3o,ooo g (30k) and have a minimum bid increase of 1,ooo g (1k).

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Welcome everyone to our Wild Life event! Over the next two or so weeks our colorists will be releasing kitsunes bred specifically for the purpose of mimicking Mother Nature's beautiful creations. Good luck in your travels and may you find the right kitsune for you!

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* Three kitsune are left!


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Jump into the vast waters of Japan and swim with the fishes. Eating seafood is not permitted. D: !


Game Time!


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From far and wide our travelers wander, maybe you'll need some help crossing those vast seas?


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And unrelated to our wild life event, our colorist Her Majesty Redd is holding a Tessen raffle in the guild until the 29th that you all should check out! <3 Click the banner above for more information.

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Custom Slots Found in Guild!

"Oh dear, since you're here you mustn't have found a kitsune to your liking in the kennels... Maybe you should pray to Inari and see if you will be blessed with a kitsune that suits your desires? There's no harm in trying... just bring an offering with you when you go."

Color Custom - 4o,ooo g (40k)

Minor Edits - 125,ooo g (125k)

Major Edits / Original Characters - 275,ooo g (275k)

Cosplays - 4oo,ooo g (400k)
* More detailed cosplays may cost more. Please keep this in mind!

Gunbai Kitsune cost an additional 5o,ooo g (50k).
* They are rarer than their Tessen and Gunsen counterparts!

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"Look at what we have here! Your kitsune are all grown up and are looking to have a family of their very own? D'awww~! Well, let me tell you a few things first. Kitsune are youkai, so their mating habits are a bit different than a mortals. Normally a mortal cannot reproduce with a member of the same gender, but these kitsunes have shown the ability to do so. We aren't sure how... it kinda just happens. It's very strange but, question it all we want it won't change that fact.

All breedings recorded to date have produced two kits. There are unfortunate tragedies occurring when a Gunsen breeds with a Gunbai though... It is not recommended. Well! Take a look at the breeding chart to your left. It'll explain everything."

Unedited Breedings cost 25,ooo g (25k).

Edited Breedings cost 5o,ooo g (50k).

* Tessen x Tessen = Tessen offspring
* Tessen x Gunsen = Tessen or Gunsen offspring
* Tessen x Gunbai = Tessen offspring

* Gunsen x Gunsen = Gunsen offspring
* Gunsen x Gunbai = Gunsen offspring (not recommended)

* Gunbai x Gunbai = Gunbai

* Yin x Yang = 1 Yin, 1 Yang

Kitsune breed twice in their life. After that they cannot breed any more unless under special circumstances. Each breeding will produce two offspring. Couples that have been significantly role played out in the guild have a chance of trying for a third. However - keep in mind that there isn't something quite right about Gunsens breeding with Gunbais! Breed them at your own risk.

Yin and Yang kitsune LIFE MATE. Meaning once they breeding they are forever mated to their partner. Be careful!

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How many kitsunes may I own?
* As many as you'd like. There is no limit to how many a person can have.

Grraaaaah. Why can't I get a Gunbai kitsune!
* They're more rare than their Gunsen and Tessen counterparts. Thus they are harder to acquire!

Samurai... samurai... samurai. Who are the samurai?
* We are! Derp as we may be, we represent the samurai. We are the samurai who raise, train and breed these kitsunes.

What's with the history lesson?
* Huh? Oh! The story? It's for setting purposes. <3 We may expand on it and add things like clans and what not but for now, what you see is what you get~!

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Link to us with the banner below:
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Wanna be one? PM Nichihon!

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Code of Honor was made by F a l l a c y and was opened on March 6th, 2012.

Editing Staff: F a l l a c y, SerenAur, I--LiveWire--I, Stereochrome
Coloring Staff: Artymus, Paw Pad Club President, Her Majesty Redd, JessicaH123
Hiatus'd Staff: Ovarian Paint (Color)
Certist: Anthro!Sparky

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