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Welcome to Coeurl!

The Coeurl species inhabit the planet Psyche, which is a world very loosely based on the Final Fantasy X game series. Please read on if you're interested in learning more about Coeurls. Thank you for coming and wishing you a good stay!

The guild home page can be found here.

B/C Thread ToC

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            User Image October 12th 2012 -pops up from seemingly out of nowhere- Ahaha.. >U<; Tonight is the close of the [free raffle] hosted by Kathryn Dragonna~ <3
            User Image January 12th 2012 A new year for coeurl! We're starting it off by introducing something a little different: CC Breeding/Custom threads. You can find this thread in the guild-- go check it out!
            User Image March. 26th 2011 !OWO A news sphere signal! First off, we'll be welcoming new colorists to our crew soon since Coeurl is hiring! *U* <3 You can check out the party that's goin' on through the link to the hiring thread available in the 1st post~ Also, the revamped activity system is go! 8D You can check out the changes made to the shop's 1st page info regarding Crystals in the magic info post. >U< <3
            User Image September. 9th 2010 Congratulations winners of Tyg's September Customs! *U* <3
            User Image September. 6th 2010 Tyg's September Customs are now open! <3 8D
            User Image August. 29th 2010 Tyg's create-the-prize game winners have been announced on p. 131, congratulations! ^U^ <3
            User Image August. 14th 2010 Tyg has started a create-the-prize game on p. 125! <3 8D
            User Image July. 25th 2010 Coeurl's grand reopening event was a big success! <3 8D Thank you very much everyone! *U* <3 Please stay tuned for future Coeurl plans and have all the fun you'd like hanging here. <3 ^U^
            User Image July. 19th 2010 !owo Another CommSphere announcement and it's about the discovery of the wind element and about new elements?! <3 8D Check out the buzz on p. 74.
            User Image July. 15th 2010 Woohoo! The Grand Revival Party has started! <3 8D Please check out the info of its festivities currently on p. 2.
            User Image July. 8th 2010 !owo Another CommSphere signal, the ribbon cutting event is on the horizon! <3 8D The full announcement is here.
            User Image June. 17th 2010 Winners of Tyg's First Flaffle announced (p. 29)! Congratulations! And please stay tuned, everyone, for the next upcoming available Coeurls. <3 8D
            User Image June. 13th 2010 Tickets made available for Tyg's First Flaffle scheduled for June 17th! Information on this flaffle currently available on p. 2.
            User Image May. 30th 2010 !owo Picked up a signal from Coeurl's CommSphere Station (p. 20)! Announcement. <3 8D Oh, and wow, Tyg posted a preview of 4 upcoming available Coeurls via flaffle!
            User Image April. 2nd 2010 Main thread made!
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            User Image R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Understand that respectful behavior will get you far in this shop. Please do not cuss at other people here and especially staff. Do not bother owners for their pets or for breedings. Don't put down others during events or in the thread. A lighter atmosphere is a happier atmosphere, which is more comfortable for everyone. <3
            User Image Do not steal the ideas of this shop, the art, anything! Theft is wrong and will get you into some serious trouble.
            User Image You can own as many Coeurl as you want. n___n They are not RP-intensive
            User Image Do not advertise your shop here. Please PM the mule if you'd like to affiliate.
            User Image Follow the TOS and the individual rules posted for events. The flatsales will differ from time to time, as well as auctions.
            User Image Do not quote more than three times. Let's keep the shop clean, please!
            User Image Use your common sense. If you think you'll get into deep trouble for it, don't do it. n___n
            User Image BAAAAAWWWWing and dirty laundry DO NOT belong in thread. Please PM issues to the mule where they can hopefully be solved, rather then bringing down the entire thread.
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            User Image The planet Psyche is one of natural beauty. It is unharmed by human hands, and the humans who do inhabit this planet take extremes to keeping to safe. They live in peace with the Coeurl; majestic beasts that roam the plains and mountains. It wasn't always like this, however. The Coeurl had once been hunted by people, and in response the Coeurl had begun to hunt their predators. It was once called a "war" between the breeds. Humans viewed the Coeurl as a source of food and clothing. The Coeurl, as natural predators, saw the humans as prey. There was also something very, very valuable about the Coeurl financially.

            Their whiskers held magical properties. If a Coeurl was caught and killed, the hunter would often take their victim's whiskers and sell them to medical workers. The magical properties proved to make amazing medicines and vaccines. It became a popular occupation... That of being a hunter for this purpose. The Coeurl population, once abundant, had been nearly depleted.

            The Coeurl were also valuable in another way. They were valuable to the world that was their home. The beasts that were being so mercilessly hunted were the children of this planet. They were its life force. With less and less Coeurl around, the planet was beginning to die. It was quite a drastic change. The grass was not as green as before and the sky was almost always clouded over. The food that was being harvested was being poisoned by Psyche itself as a natural defense to rid itself of its parasites. The people of Psyche turned to the Coeurl as a food source then, along with other breeds of monsters that lived in their world. Other creatures that were Psyche's children.

            Rangi, a mere child at the time, was one of the few to see what was really the cause of Psyche's destruction. He had always been different, "special" if you will. He was in tune to Psyche. He could physically see the planet's Goddess himself at her temple in Marana. He stayed long days and nights there, trying to find the answer to her withering life. Rangi one day on his way to the temple heard growling and shouts. He hurried himself to the source of the noise, and he came upon a hunter cornering a cub. It was then that he found the answer, and was able to save the cub when the hunter was distracted by him. The cub however, followed Rangi to the temple. Inside the temple Psyche was waiting for her daily visitor, but was pleasantly surprised by the sight.

            The sight of a Coeurl and a human side-by-side, not harming each other, was all Psyche needed to revive enough to speak to Rangi. She explained to him the powers of the Coeurl and why they were so close to her and then planet. Time had stopped for Rangi and the cub, because in real time he had been at the temple for nearly a week. His parents and many of the townspeople waited outside the temple where they always saw him leave to in hopes of finding him. The fateful day Rangi left the temple with the cub was the day that the people saw why their planet was dying. Realization was what Psyche needed to rejuvenate, and she hersef appeared before her people with an explanation.

            The war between the Coeurl and the humans had ended that day. It took a while for the two to warm up with each other, but now, years later, it is not uncommon to see a human with a Coeurl or two. Newly found parents often went to find Coeurls who just had litters to bond a cub with their child. This was the way Psyche had intended her children to live; side-by-side peacefully.

            With Rangi as the prince of Marana, it is hard to see the future of Psyche ever falling into such disarray again.
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Pyrefly Stage

User Image

Female Coeurl Stages // Male Coeurl Stages

User Image

            User Image The "egg" stage. When a human dies, and they long to stay in the world of the living, they become a Pyrefly. When they become a Coeurl, they have no recollection of their human past. Time Coeurl from the Pyrefly state may have recollection, but very vaguely. If a Coeurl was obtained in it's adult/cub stage via custom/FS, it is the owner's decision whether or not they had Coeurl parents or were once human if not previously stated.
            User Image Cubs. Cubs are curious, bumbling babies getting a handle on the world around them. Gifted cubs will show signs of their magic early on, but even fewer will be able to control it.
            User Image Adolescents. Becoming more independent, most all coeurl-- save for the late bloomers-- should be fully showing signs of their element and able to use magic.
            User Image Adults. Adults are completely independent and have usually found their purpose, be it in a pride of other coeurl, bonded to a human, or as a lone rogue.
            User Image Elders. This stage is only reached by gathering enough Crystals. More info on Crystals can be read in the next post on Magic. Elders are made from a singular, unisex base but are always made unique and very beautiful with edits and markings.

            User Image


            User Image Normal- Fully available// Most common type
            User Image Blessed- Fully available// Very rare type
            User Image Cursed- Not yet available// Very rare type
User Image

This is an introduction to Coeurl magic spells and ki skills sets info. Details on the magic and battle systems can be found here. Please note that when RPing it is optional to use the numerical system. ^u^ You can certainly choose to use the thread simply to further familiarize yourself with Coeurl magic, how it works, and then reference it when RPing. :D

On Psyche, Coeurls are more elemental beings than humans. Most Coeurls are naturally born into one elemental magic type. It is possible though for a Coeurl to be born without magic. If you take note on their cert, there is a space for a gem on the upper right for identifying the magic type they were born with. Flatsale Coeurl may or may not have their magic type chosen for them already. In regards to custom Coeurl, the owner may pick. This is more of a roleplay perk than anything, as if you do not roleplay, magic type is only a decoration on the cert then.

What magic type can a Coeurl be born with?

(Click the type names for examples of how to identify them on the certs.)

[No magic element (a.k.a. Ki-born)]

~others to come as they are discovered~

*Roleplay required, appear in roleplay contests/events (ex. inclusion of roleplay sample in entry/prompt answering/etc); has a special 5th stage
& Strict limitations

What are the limitations on Heal?

Coeurl with healing abilities will be watched by our roleplay managers. If not handled properly, roleplayers could god-mode with this ability. Coeurl with this ability cannot heal themselves. Healers are dedicated to serving others. At the basic "Cure" level, Coeurl can merely cure bruises. At the "Cura" level, Coeurl can cure cuts/larger wounds (though because it's done so drastically, scarring occurs) and bruises. Coeurl at the "Curaga" level can cure from broken limbs to minor bruises. They cannot however, cure a blind Coeurl, or bring a Coeurl back from the dead. Coeurl at the "Curaja" level can treat up to severed limbs. They are able to reattach limbs as long as it's not too late to do so (wait too long and the limbs die of course and thus the limbs can't be brought back from the dead).

What are the limitations on Time?

Time can easily be used to god-mode in rp. So we have decided that only roleplay-required Coeurl would get it, with the understanding that their owner can use it properly. Time Courl receive an extra stage, and can only be obtained via rp contest or awarded to roleplay managers/those who show expertise in handling magic well in roleplay. Time Coeurl are not aware of how to use their magic. At their cub stage they are often deemed "misfits", as they show no magical ability. Around Teen they start showing magical ability, and as adults they know they're "special". They cannot control their ability, and often cast spells on accident. They can for short periods stop time, speed it up, or slow it down. In their final stage, Time Coeurl are guides for cubs who are of the Time variety.

What are spell levels?

Coeurl do not know magic right off the bat. As a Pyrefly, they cannot perform any magic. As cubs, they can only perform level one magic (beginner). Teens can perform level two magic (intermediate) or below, and adults can perform level three magic (advanced) or below. As they grow, their spells become stronger. But as they obtain stronger spells, these spells require more mana points (MP).

How do we keep track of spells?

The thread called The Gifted keeps a list of coeurl who have learned spells and invulnerabilities. In addition to this, you can use your Cave in the guild to keep track of your Coeurl's spells.

When can we use magic spells or ki skills?

Coeurls born without magic naturally learn ki skills of a set instead of one of the magic spells sets.

Your Coeurl can use them whenever! Understand however, that magic spells or ki skills are just something they can use. Coeurl can get tired after using magic spells or ki skills often - so try to use them sparingly. IF you intend to use magic spells or ki spells against another Coeurl, you CANNOT godmode. RP managers will watch rps to make sure nobody is getting out of hand with magic.

Time & Heal Growth?

Time and Heal Coeurls grow when they've wished upon enough crystals at Mother Psyche's Wishing Garden in the Growth Pavillion.

Cub to Teen : 10 Crystals
Teen to Adult : 40 Crystals
Adult to Elder : 100 Crystals

What are crystals and how are they obtained?

Crystals are beautiful and shiny. They are small and fairly lightweight, coming in different shapes and sizes though most are around 1 by 2 centimeters in width and height. And they also are found in many colors.

Coeurls who wish upon crystals in Mother Psyche's Wishing Garden are granted blessings by Mother Psyche.

However, it is important to note that crystals need to be purified before Mother Psyche chooses to use the crystals. Crystals can be purified at the Crystal Bank.

Crystals can be obtained by roleplaying. There is a guide in the guild roleplay subforum about how RP word count can be claimed as Crystals.

What blessings are there?

There are many, but those currently available are listed below:

-- For non-activity required Coeurl, Adult to Elder : 100 Crystals
-- Spells/skills up to level 3 may be learned, but preceding levels must be learned before more may be added. Cost per spell/skill is 25 crystals.
-- Up to 4 non-clashing invulnerabilities may be added for non time/heal coeurl. Cost is 25 crystals.
-- Up to 2 clashing invulnerabilities may be added for non time/heal coeurl. Cost is 25 crystals.
-- Time/Heal coeurl are not vulnerable to any element and so cannot learn a 'clashing invulnerability'. They can, however, learn up to 7 non-clashing invulnerabilities. Cost is 25 crystals.
-- Non Time/Heal coeurl cannot add 'time' or 'heal' as an invulnerability at this time.

What is the Crystal Bank?

You can access a Crystal Bank ATM here.

The Crystal Bank HQ is kept top secret, however, Crystal Bank ATMs are easily accessible throughout Psyche including at Mother Psyche's Wishing Garden and are Coeurl-friendly. >u<

The Crystal Bank purifies crystals that are deposited into accounts. Purified crystals may be withdrawn from accounts via an ATM and wished upon at Mother Psyche's Wishing Garden.

Where is Mother Psyche's Wishing Garden?

The main forum can be found here.

The Growth Pavilion can be found here.
Coeurls can come to the Growth Pavilion when they have enough Crystals to make a wish for a growth blessing.

The School of Magic can be found here.
When Coeurls want to wish upon Crystals to learn spells or gain invulnerabilities, they can do so at the school.

User Image

See page 2 for current flatsales, raffles, and auctions.

Cert info is to be posted here.

○ The flatsale price is 5k. You are to post your pet's info (Name, etc) in the certing thread and send a trade of 5k to the colorist within 24 hours or you lose the pet.
• Be courteous and polite! Do not discourage others. This will be a gray-listing.
○ Do not change/edit posts! We WILL see. if I suspect somebody cheated, they will be disqualified. I ask that those lurking watch out for post-editing!
• Flatsales here will be speed, rolling based, or trivia based.
○ Proxying is allowed. Only one proxy though! If you have a proxy, that means you can't participate.

○ Raffle tickets are 100g a piece. Watch out! Sometime they're 50g or even free!
• Send all ticket trades to the mule. Label the trade with the number of tickets you want. If not labeled, the trade will be canceled.
○ If you win the pet, post the info in the certing thread.

• Auctions start at 5k, with a 1k bid increment.
○ Make bids in red colored font so we don't miss them. (Or distinctive)
• Three people at a time may co-bid.
○ The bid is to be sent within 24 hours to the mule. If not, the second highest bidder will do so, unless I decide to re-auction the pet.
• If somebody bids in the last half-hour, another half hour is added to the auction.
User Image

Customs info can be found [here].
User Image

Breeding information can be found here.
User Image

The Q and A thread can be found here.

As pages accumulate in the Q and A thread, questions found to be asked often will be mentioned in this FAQ section with their answers.

Some Q & A Regarding Pre-Revival Coeurl

Q: Do Pre-Revival Coeurls (excluding Time and Heal elementals with RP requirements) recerted upon request on the new Revival cert resume their growth cycle of 1/2 weeks between stages?

A: Yes but this depends on if there are colorists who would like to grow them. Otherwise, they will stay at their current stage.

Q: Are there permas aside from the Halloween candygram permas?

A: Yes.

Some Other Possible Q & A

Q: Able to gold bribe for Elder growth or other Crystal-obtained blessings?

A: No, sorry.

Q: Able to gold bribe for 'gifted' or 'one of the few of the gifted' Coeurl trait?

A: No, sorry.

Q: Are there any Crystals awarded for cave (journal) set up?

A: No, sorry, no Crystals are awarded for this. This remains optional but a helpful organizational means for tracking spells known by Coeurls, when and how Crystals were obtained, other resources logs for RP, etc.

Q: Can teen Coeurls breed?

A: No, sorry, only Coeurls at the adult stage (including those raised to elder status of course) can breed.
User Image

You can find drop offs here.
User Image

The owner's list can be found here.

The existing cosplay Coeurls list can be found here.

The Receivers of Magical Blessings list can be found here.

The Crystal Gatherers' list can be found here.
User Image

            User Image Staff

            User ImageCarneli The Always Amazing; Part-time Colorist; Full-time Zombie
            User ImageTygress Dream Colorist, certist, and sometimes manager at your service; Co-owner
            User ImageShyanimegrl Manager; Organizer; Neli prodder; Co-owner
            User ImageDaijonakain Colorist; Assistant Manager; Sometimes-Artist; Resident Ghost
            User ImageTanakako (a.k.a. Kaisanti)
            User ImageShiningamisgirl
            User ImageTeigra
            User ImageKathryn Dragonna
            User ImageThy Reaper Certist, guest colorist
            User ImageInsanity_Of_The_loveless guest colorist

            User Image Former Staff

            User ImageMewsings of An Angel
            User ImageILoveLemons
            User ImageEinke (a.k.a. E L ii B U G) Colorist, incredible and edible. Just be sure to coat her in chocolate first, else she won't taste too great.
            User ImageCyren of the Sea
            User ImageTnau
            User ImageMiro-Sakai
            User ImageR a p t o r F o x
            User ImageK y l e C__xx

User Image

If you'd like to affiliate, don't hesitate to ask C:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[Wei Kun Lian]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

User Image

            User Image Teh Angel Yuna // The epic lineartist
            User Image Kaiven // Talented templatist of cub to adult stages
            User Image Daijonakain // Talented templatist of elder stage and wings of the blessed lines. Cockatrice Familiar Artist.
            User Image `raze // Original shop concept thinker upper
            User Image Square Co., Ltd. // Coeurl species and Final Fantasy X game series concept owner

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