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Post 1 - Sales
Post 2 - Sales Rules and Limits
Post 3 - Monthly Events
Post 4 - Flatsales
Post 5 - Raffles
Post 6 - Auctions
Post 7 - Rp Contests
Post 8 - Games
Post 9 - Advertisement
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Post 15 - Pet Pot

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- All Sales are final
- Do not whine, guilt trip or in anyway make other bidders or buyers feel bad
- Follow the rules for each kind of sale
- All pets are unigendered
- Certing info is to be in the certing thread in 1 week before you forfeit the pet back to the shop
- Trades are to be sent in 24h after you claim
- You may proxy for a user and claim one for your self however these both must be in different posts

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- Only 2 auction pets to a user per event (This doesn't mean you cant bid just cant win more then 2)
- Only 1 pet per Raffle
- Only 1 pet per flatsale however after 24h after you bought a pet you may claim another
- Only 2 Auction wins per event (Others can be won or bid on however you cant keep past 2)
- Users may only claim 3 Flatsale pets from a event

User Image
User Image

List of Monthly events:
1rst of every month - Reset of Customs and Breedings

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User Image
If a Flatsale was meant to start but keli is gone users may claim pets even though there was no go. This means keli got distracted again.
- Do not post until the start time given, all forms before this go will not count
- Payment is expected within 24 hours after the confirmed unless talked about before (failure to do so will result in reselling of pet)
- Certing info is required with in 2 weeks after you claim the pet, failure to do so will result in trade canceled and pet resold.
- After you win post info in the Certing Thread
- Do not edit posts
- You may proxy for someone and claim one for your self, however you have to use two separate posts.
- If there are still pets left over and you've already claimed one, you must wait 24 hours until you may claim another.
- if Flaffle all prefs are expected at time of order

Familiars/Chibis: 5,000g
Common/Uncommon Pets: 10,000g
Rare/Special Pets: 20,000g

User Image

Date: OVER
Type: Newbie Flaffle for those with three or less pets

User Image Previews: User Image

The winners:
THeSLuSH : Bone Dragon
Seiphira : Felios Wolf
Lolli-pop Psycho : Kirin

Past Flaffle

User Image

Flaffle winners:
1 : Chibi : ChaosMyotismon
2 : Common : Dea and #Teddy#
3 : Chibi : Fayt_of_Redemption
4 : Common : Lady Stray
5 : ?????? : angelgirl2345
6 : Uncommon : Xe-mu-na-su

User Image Posting Code for FlatSale User Image

Username: ( Person you are claiming for )
Pet: ( color/number/what ever as long as we understand )
[color=red][size=18][b]Username:[/b] ( Person you are claiming for )
[b]Pet:[/b] ( color/number/what ever as long as we understand ) [/size][/color]

User Image Posting Code for Flaffle User Image

Username: ( Your username goes here )
Prefs: ( Most to least wanted pets )
[color=red][size=18][b]Username:[/b] ( Your username goes here )
[b]Prefs:[/b] ( most to least wanted ) [/size][/color]

User Image Upcoming User Image

Date: TBA

User Image
User Image
- You must complete trades for the tickets BEFORE the raffle is drawn or they will be canceled and the tickets wont count
- You have 24 hours to claim your pet when you win before your spot is redrawn. In cases of emergency contact me within this time. If you can't contact me and it was an emergency
- Trades are to be sent to the mule, not the colorists
- A new pet will be added after a certain amount of tickets are sold.
- When and if a new pet is added users may change there prefs. Prefs not changed when drawn after the warning will be given by order of prefs and rerolled if that pet won isn't on their prefs
- After you win post info in the Certing Thread
- You may only win one of these pets so if you know people bring them in and let them try their luck too!

Cost: 100g
Limit: None

User Image


User Image Post Code User Image

____ has ___ tickets for the raffle!

[color=DarkBlue][size=18][b][Your username here] has ___ tickets for the raffle![/b][/size][/color]

User Image Tickets: User Image

User Image Preferences: User Image

User Image
User Image
- There is a 15 minute anti-snipe on ALL auctions
- Payment must be received within 48 hours unless there are EXTREME circumstances that you tell me about
- Post the code when making your bid
- Co-bidding is allowed if there is more then one pet if not no. (this is just for auctions)
- Items are accepted at there CURRENT lowest going price (note if it goes up after you bid tough till someone out bids you you dont get to change it, How ever if this drops then just means you get off better)
- After you win post info in the Certing Thread

Starting Bid: 10k (10,000g)
Min Increment: 1k (1,000g)
Autobuy: 3mill (3,000,000g)

User Image


Highest Bid:

User Image Preview: User Image

User Image Post Code User Image

I would give ____ jewels for this Queen!!!

[size=18][color=deeppink][b]I would give ____ jewels for this Queen!!![/b][/color][/size]

User Image Past Bids User Image

User Image Upcoming User Image


User Image Past Auctions User Image

User Image
Love's Queen ( Feline )
Highest bid made by Fayt_of_Redemption

User Image
Love's Warrior ( Phoenix )
Highest bid made by Sachie Whitby

User Image
User Image
- you will be told more at the time of the contest make sure to read the rules.
- Prompts come in many forms as ways of a question or story.
- Rp contests are always free however they are decided but the holder on who wins and why.
- There is no guilt tripping bribing flaming or anything of the holder of the rp contest.
- Please post all forms where asked

User Image


User Image Preview: User Image

(Preview Of the Pet)

User Image Prompt: User Image

User Image Those entered: User Image
- What ever
- What ever

User Image
User Image

Rules for games:
- Do not roll more then 1 time a minute for dice games.
- Staff may enter for any pets they did not do, unless said diff in the post of that game.
- If there's more then 1 prize you must wait 24hrs after winning to try again less you are going to gift the pet.
- Please follow all posted rules for that game. Do not whine about said rules or guilt trip.

Page freebies are every 100 pages, 100, 200 so on at 1000, 2000 the prize is a anything goes custom!!! these never go to the first posted on that page so do not gun for it, if not cause of a dice game you may only post ever 5mins with out someone else after you.

User Image

Oh look what keli did!!!! Other then not listen to her own rules!!!
Share the Love! Chibi Crack Breeding


FREE raffle in the guild!!
Click here to go there now.
Ends : March 19th

Thanks for participating! Raffle is now closed.
Winners be rolled when crayons comes back online.

User Image
User Image
- Add the banner to your sig or the current shop banner
- Post each day that you are advertising (if you wanna be sure its not missed make it flashy)
- If someone comes in and says you referred them you get 3 points
- Points are tickets for a raffle at the end not highest point holder wins

Banner can also be words but you may not use other shop pets, banners or images, certs from here or user made banners are ok)

User Image

Date: OVER

User Image
Pet won by Milly17

User Image Codes: User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I am advertising for ____ !!!!!
[size=24][color=red]I am advertising for [date goes here] !!!!![/color][/size]

______ referred me!!
[color=violet][size=24] [Friend's username here] referred me!![/size][/color]

User Image Ticket holders: User Image


Last checked :: Page xxxx

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User Image

Pet pot is the area where all unsold pets go, its also where freebies, games, Premades and more often come from.

Often Users do not get to pick however it does happen.

User Image

User Image
Edited Pets: Can not be got via premades)

User Image

Special (Can not be got via premade)

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