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Helfyre :Unfortunatly due to the current complexity of both this shop and my life I no longer have the drive or will to continue this shop as it is. I and therefore closing Isle of Raios permanently. You may still rp your ruos in the guild but there will be no more events/breedings/etc

I plan on using the lines to create another shop in the future, a less complex and hopefully more user friendly one and anyone who owns a ruos may carry it to the other shop and rp however it will fall under the new shop concept whatever that may be. I will post a link to the new shop if and when i make it but until thin i am sorry to say this is good bye.

May we meet again.

To staff: Your services will still be selcomed in the new shop of course but if you feel that you do not with to continue with us i understand. Please send me a pm, my new name is Icefyre Rahu, let me know if you wish to remain on staff.

The Isle of Raios is a gigantic island that floats high above the clouds. This isle is home to a species of creature known as the Ruos, who have the ability to harness elemental magic.
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Current news
IoR is looking for colorists! please go here to apply!

Item shop has been stocked, see page 2 for details!

Old news

Edited Flatsale on 10/10! Previews on page 2!
Click to go to the halloween event! new contests, sales and games will be added all month long! Click to see what's happening now!9//10//2011: 9//24//2011:A month long halloween event will start on 10//1//11 and all staff that with to participate may PM Helfyre their Ruos they want to be in it Halloween themed please and no cosplays Fire goddess event on now! be on the look out for trivia questions which will be posted at random. See page 2 for more details!

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|||1||| Intro and News
|||2||| Table of Contents
|||3||| Rules
|||4||| Story
|||5||| The Ruos & Familiars
|||6||| Elders & Gods
|||7||| Elements
|||8||| Map
|||9||| Rp Information
|||10||| Clans
|||11||| Events
|||12||| Battle System
|||13||| Staff
|||14||| Q & A
|||15||| Affiliates

Page 2
|||1||| Flatsales
|||2||| Raffles
|||3||| Games
|||4||| Auctions
|||5||| Customs
|||6||| Item Shop

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|||Main Shop Rules|||

|||1||| Do not trace or otherwise steal the art from this shop and claim it as your own. This includes putting your name on someone's cert.

|||2||| Be nice and obey all ToS.

|||3||| If you have a problem with someone please take it up with either Hero or Helfyre by PMing the mule. Do not start confrontation in this thread.

|||4||| Read the entire first and second page before asking questions and do not completely quote any posts form this page.

|||5||| During an event please read the posts carefully so that you don't make mistakes in forms or get confused.

|||6||| You can chat about anything in here but please use discretion and do not come here looking for a pity party. If you had a bad day then sure, talk about it but don't be a drama llama. dramallama

|||7||| If you have a problem with our rules and believe you will get them changed by threatening to leave the shop you are sadly mistaken. You may not pester staff or Hel to change any shop workings because "everyone else does it".

|||We reserve the right to add more rules|||

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Raios was once part of the land far below. the Ruos lived in peace and harmony with the other beings that inhabited the planet until one day something happened that changes the course of their lives forever...

Garo, the lord of darkness, declared war on the world and everything in it. He used his unspeakable power to capture the Ruos who were the most powerful of the life forms, and suck the live and magic out of them, adding to his own power. Slowly he began to exterminate their race and the future looked bleak.

It was only by the power of the strongest Ruos that the salvation of their people came about. Using all the magic they possessed they caused a gigantic mass of land to ascend to the sky, high out of Garo's reach and safe from the threat of his evil. The isle was huge, large enough to seem like a world of it's own. Below the planet fell to darkness and black clouds enveloped the dying world...

It has been centuries since the time of Garo and his evil and it has become nothing more then a legend. The Ruos thrive on the isle they named Raios after the hero that give his life force to raise the island to it's place in the heavens. Today the Ruos don't wonder about the world below their home for it's vast enough to support them and all is at peace.

Now in this time of peace the Ruos hone their elemental magic, testing their skills against each other in playful sport or lashing at each other to settle disputes. Some of the Ruos even host tournaments at different times of the year and the winners receive rare treasures and renown.

The terrors of their past are forgotten and all is well... for now.

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The Ruos have four stages they go through in a normal life: Egg, Baby, Child, Adult.
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The Egg is normally tended to by the parents or guardian who keep it warm and safe form harm. The shell normally reflects what kind of colors and marking the inner baby has and the feathers, one plucked from each parent normally signify element. The eggs must be incubated for a few day before they will hatch into a baby. Baby Ruos have no elemental abilities and are small, helpless and blind. These little babies are very vulnerable and must be watched and fed constantly. After a week or so the baby will open their eyes and become children. A Ruos child has very little elemental ability but enough to cause damage to another. Children can battle but have limited skills and tire easily. Eventually after they have matured and gained proficiency in their skills they will become adults. An adult Ruos had full control over it's elemental power and is ready to face the world. Adults can even settle down and have a family of their own.

Current RP requirements to grow an egg to a baby are:

None. Your egg will hatch in a few days to a week.

Current RP requirements to grow a baby to a child are:

None. Your baby will grow in about two weeks.

Current RP requirements to grow a child to an Adult are:

Five RPs. - 5 regular, 4 battle, and 1 solo

Current RP requirements to grow an Adult to an Elder are:

6 regular RPs, 7 battles, and 2 solos
be active in the shop

Current RP requirements to grow an Elder to a God are:
6 regular RPs, 10 battles, and 4 solos.
Thread and guild activity
Metaplot Participation.

More on Growth Requirements here.

Ruos are primarily carnivores but will eat plants and berries.

Ruos live in clans and any with out a clan are normally considered to be outsiders and clan members are wary of them.

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There are also a couple of small critters that the Ruos have managed to befriend. Familiars can talk to the Ruos as well as each other.

Diriki are avians with lovely long tails. They can help a Ruos hunt and love anything shiny like a crystal or metal ore polished by a river. Usually very energetic.

Lunari are a species of large moth-like mammals that have a slight elemental ability to put things to sleep with dust from their wings. This can Help a Ruos catch pray or a nanny calm babies. They are good spirited and like to collect things, especially berries.

Familiars are sold in flatsales like Ruos and will be made available through customs.
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When a Ruos has gained enough life experience and skills they will become elders. An elder Ruos is very strong and they are able to use their magic to it's full potential. These are the mightiest of all and are very large. Elders can become clan leaders and even start their own clans.

To have your Ruos become an elder you must log 10 Battle victories and at least three completed RPs

Elders lay more eggs per breeding and have more health/damage points in battle

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Ruos can become Gods if they can prove themselves mighty enough.

A God has won many battles and honed their elemental power triggering a transformation of their bodies and an increase of their power. Gods can reign over a domain or choose not to. Gods with a domain can effect small changes to the world around them having to do with their domain.

Requirements to obtain a god or an elder are being reworked, please check back later.
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The Ruos are blessed with the gift of elemental magic. Each Ruos controls the element it had been gifted with. There are twelve different elements known so far.

Fire|||These Ruos can control fire that has already been created or can create their own. They have the ability to heat things around them to a toasty 300 degrees Fahrenheit. These Ruos commonly have coats of warm colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges.

Water|||Water Ruos can breath underwater and have the ability to bend it to their will. They can even draw moisture out of the air to control.These Ruos commonly have coats of neutral and cool colors.

Ice|||Ice Ruos can freeze nearby objects and cool anything down to -260 degrees. They can control ice or liquid that has been frozen.These Ruos commonly have coats of cool colors.

Electricity|||Electric Ruos can emit bursts of electricity and draw power from any source that has electricity. Some can use the electrical currents in a living being to control them. These Ruos commonly have coats of golds, browns, and yellows.

Thunder|||really the element of sound. Thunder Ruos can harness the power of sound to create shock waves and sonic booms strong enough to make someone deaf instantly. They can also negate sound and make the air completely silent. These Ruos commonly have coats of desaturated colors.

Earth|||Earth Ruos can control rock and metal, anything with minerals in it. they can shift the earth to burrow quickly in the case of danger. These Ruos commonly have coats of warm and dark colors and browns.

Poison|||Poison Ruos can control plant life and harness the power of various poisons which they can inject with their teeth. They also are great and skillful healers with their natural vast knowledge of poisons and their antidotes. These Ruos commonly have coats of greens and cool colors.

Light|||Light Ruos can harness the power of light and concentrate it into powerful beams. They can also train light into orbs to follow them into dark places. They can create rainbows.These Ruos can be any assortment of colors.

Dark|||Dark Ruos can harness the power of shadow and darkness to cloak themselves in shade. They have the ability to teleport between shadows and can create areas of pure darkness even on a sunny day. They can blind their foes and use dark energy beams. These Ruos commonly have coats of dark colors and black.

Wind|||Wind Ruos are the best flyers and can emit blasts of air from their mouths and torrential gusts from a flap of their wings, they use their power over air to fly higher and faster then all the rest. These Ruos commonly have coats of pastel colors.

Death|||Necromancers, these Ruos have control over the dead and can use their empty bones and bodies to do their bidding. Some of the more powerful ones can even resurrect fallen Ruos and return them to the living. These Ruos have acid blood and saliva and are normally sickly looking.These Ruos commonly have coats of dark and desaturated colors with blacks and reds.

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Locations are subject to change with the plot.

The KAOZ MOUNTAINS||| An enormous trio of mountains in the middle of the isle. These mountains have caverns that run all through them and snowy wastelands at their peak. They are dormant volcanoes and deep inside the lava still flows.

The GLEE WOODS||| Separated from the Haiku woods by and impassible chasm these woods are filled with prey. The climate is cool and wet.

The HAIKU WOODS||| The largest expanse of woods on the isle. The climate is wet and warm. There are mysterious song that can be heard from deep in this forest. Legend says there is a temple where the Ruos go to become Elders.

The GHASTLY PLAINS||| Grasslands located at the most northern part of the isle. The plains are arid and vegetation and pray are sparse.

The ZELSOT DESERT||| An enormous desert that runs between the Haiku Woods and the Ghastly Plains. This is a dry hot place of death and misery for most but a few species and elements have made their home here.

The LONESOME ISLANDS||| A cluster of small islands that were caught up in the magic that raised Raios. These little islands are only about 45-65 miles across and have varying climates.

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|||1||| Please specify with your thread title if it's an open RP or a private RP. Open means anyone can join in and private is by invite only.

|||2||| You may not control another person's Ruos, this is called God Modding and is not allowed.

|||3||| If you want to have a mid RP battle please be sure to completely read all battle information and then PM the log to the mule upon completion so we can make sure you did everything withing the boundaries of the rules.

|||4||| Your Ruos can have any personality from bubbly to belligerent and everywhere in between but please so not constantly change the personality unless they have mental issues you have discussed with Hel or Hero and have gotten approved.

|||5||| You may not RP a Ruos you don't own.

|||RP Guidelines|||

|||1||| If you are Roleplaying in the shop thread you may use script format but literate format is required to RP in the guild.

Script example
Ruos 1: *frolics through a feild of flowers* wheeee~!

Literate example
Ruos 1 frolicked merrily through a field of flowers. "Wheeee~!" he laughed as he went.

|||2||| You may RP over Instant Messengers and use the logs, just be able to provide them when asked.

|||3||| Please log all Role play in your journal so that staff can look it up on short notice in order to make an elder or grant perks.

Dedicated RP leads to being able to create your own clan.

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Ruos have formed clans over the years on Raios. Clans are like large families and consist of Ruos from many elements or there can be clans of just a single element. For now there are five multi-element clans that have been established.

In a clan there are no ranks outside of leader, everyone is equal and is expected to hunt and care for everyone else within the clan.

A Ruos without a clan is considered an outsider and may have trouble caring for itself without the support of others. Lone Ruos tend to be withdrawn and tough-hearted.

|||The Luna'hoku|||
Leader: Elder Mooney
Element: Multiple
The Luna'hoku are a nocturnal clan who's territory spans from the edge of the desert to parts of the Ghastly Plains. These Ruos are skilled Hunters and are used to rough climates.

|||Marni's Clan|||
Leader: Elder Marni
Element: Multiple
Marni and her clan are skilled at healing. their territory is located in the Haiku Woods. Her clan is intelligent and use their skills to build shelters and hunt.

Leader: Elder Torn
Element: Multiple
Torn and his clan live inside the largest volcano of the Kaoz Mountains and live off the creatures that have adapted to the caverns. Temperature is variable from cool to very hot depending on how deep you are. Torn is a tough and rugged Fire Ruos who does not take well to treachery in his clan.

|||Dota's Clan|||
Leader: Elder Dotarasku
Element: Multiple
Dota's clan is located in the Glee Woods where they practice storytelling and caring for the forest. This clan has the largest number of births and nannies.

Leader: Elder Yako
Element: Multiple
The Ruos of Equilibrium reside in the Lonesome Islands with their main base on the highest point on the largest island. Yako, their leader, was once part of the Dota clan and has brought that knowledge along with her. They are a clan focused on keeping the peace between all clans. Yako's smaller islands are open to the leaders for tournaments and conferences between the clans.

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There are no events going on right now. Please check back later!
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Please go here for more information.

please note that it is recommended that battles not be held in this thread but rather the battles sub forum in the guild.
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Egg - Elder Lineart by Andrometer
God Lineart By Helfyre Rasmus
Cosplay Template By Abeno Seimei and Helfyre Rasmus

Owners: Hero Rarehart and Helfyre Rasmus
Managers: Abeno Seimei and ZaiaFantasy
Concept: Helfyre Rasmus
Shop code and banners: Helfyre Rasmus

Hero Rarehart
Helfyre Rasmus
Abeno Seimei

Certist: Tenko72
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Where's the owner's list?
Click here for the owners album.

How many Ruos can I own?
As many as you like.

Can a Ruos of a certain element have colors that aren't common to that element?
Yes, and there is actually an item that allows you to change the color scheme of your Ruos (will not change the markings). But unless you buy the item these will only be available during events and rarely in raffles.

I want to make a super evil Ruos that hates everyone! Can I?
Sure but don't expect them to become the big bad. Garo is the big bad in this shop.

Can I get a Cosplay through customs?
If you can afford it. wink

Can my lone Ruos join a clan later if i decide i want them to?
for the four starter clans they can. PM a request to join a clan to the mule.

Do we host out own certs?
It's advised that you do.

Clan Q&A

Do we have to put our Ruos in a clan?
You used to be able to choose to have a lone Ruos but because people abused that option all ruos sold after 10/15/1011 MUST be in a clan. If you do not wish to agree with this then i'm afraid i can't help you. we already have over twice as many lone Ruos as clan ones and that just won't work. in the future I may change this but do not pester me to.

How can I make my own clan?
First you must have a Ruos that has reached either Elder or God stage. Then you ust RP regularly and finally you must fill out a form that will be posted once i start accepting new clan requests but not before so don't ask.

What if I don't agree with your rules?
Then PM or IM me and we will discuss it. But do not expect me to change my rules just because you tell me to. If we can't reach an agreement and you feel you have to leave IoR then that's unfortunate, i wish you well.

I have a question/suggestion/comment/issue! what do i do?
PM the mule about it and it will be handled as soon as possible.

If the matter simply cannot wait then you may AIM Helfyre ( Bidimus4256) but be sure to let her know who you are. All single word IMs will be blocked.

Breeding Q&A

How can I breed my Ruos?
Breeding season for Ruos is from Feburary to April and from August to October. More information on breeding will be available then.

How many eggs do i get?
Adults will lay anywhere from 2-4 eggs and elders will lay anywhere from 3-6 and element is dependent on the parent's element. In most cases it's the mother's element.

Can i breed two that I own?
You may only have three couples consisting of Ruos you own.

Do Ruos lifemate??
Yes. Once two Ruos breed they are mated unless an impassible separation of interests occurs between both owners in which case the case will be reviewed and a decision will be made by staff. You may not break a lifemating between two ruos you own.

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If you would like to affiliate with this shop then please post or PM your banner and take ours. No banners over 200X90 please.

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