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                                    This breedables shop contains elements and content that may not be suitable for all Gaians which are, but not limited to, homosexuality and an advanced PG13 community. We prefer that our members are mature individuals or are of an age of accountability by law. If you, for any reason, find REMIX uncomfortable we ask that you look for another breedables to take part in.

                                    Pokemon and its materials are all owned by Satoshi Tajiri and Nintendo. REMIX is in no way affiliated with the owners or their third parties -- neither do Satoshi Tajiri or Nintendo endorse this breedables shop. REMIX is solely a fan based community owned, operated, and participated in by Pokemon gijiinka fans.

                                INTRODUCTION TO REMIX

                                    REMIX was created in 2011 under the name Gijinka Island and in the year of 2012 has made a significant launch on the breedables / changables community. It is a Pokemon themed shop; though it does, at times, feature elements outside of the Pokemon franchise. REMIX is also a CYO (create your own) breedables / changeables. This means that any member can create their own Pokemon and get them officially certed in the shop, for free.

                                VERY IMPORTANT LINKS

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                                    READ EVERYTHING ON THE FRONT PAGE -- and preferably anything linked to from there.


                                welcome visitors and talk to each other.

                                    Unless there is a specific reason that you won't talk to someone, say they're on your 'blacklist' or something, please greet and converse with everyone! We want to keep the atmosphere open, warm, and inviting. Also, please be respectful of all members -- especially staff.

                                don't bring your drama here.

                                    The last thing any of us want to do is come into the thread and see a war doing down -- especially GiinJoww. She has a zero tolerance for fights or drama in the thread. Anyone who does so will be temporarily -- or permanently -- banned from the shop.

                                begging and whining are neither appreciated, nor tolerated.

                                    So you lucked out and didn't win that Pokemon or customs or whatever it was that you were trying for -- suck it up and don't be a poor sport. Don't con people into feeling sorry for you or make events seem unfair.

                                you may not roleplay your Pokemon character in the shop unless they are certified by the shop.

                                    A certified Pokemon is a Pokemon that REMIX has acknowledged and given permission to participate in the shop. To get your Pokemon certified please go to the Certing Thread.


                                you may not...

                                    Make any changes to already established and / or specified planes, paths, or other features in the universe of REMIX. Therefore, please roleplay your characters in context. That being said, roleplaying is not allowed in the main thread -- in any form, be it script or formal. We have a guild, an offsite, and a special crack-serious roleplaying thread for members who would like to roleplay their Pokemon. There is also a special quest Pokemon roleplaying thread. Alternate races may not be introduced into the shop -- Shadow Pokemon, for example.

                                the true arceus is an NPC and can not be owned.

                                    They are sleeping, in the real world. Pray that they don't wake up because if they do REMIX will cease to exist... or something. Members may not create the True Arceus in the universe of REMIX in any fashion -- meaning not even a dream self of them is allowed in the shop. Neither are members permitted to create real or dream relations to them, such as friends and family. Of course, the only one with these permissions is GiinJoww.


                                read all information given in event posts.

                                    Do not assume that they will all have the same rules and information as they may not. It is each members responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules and to have clarified any information that they are unsure of.

                                Only one Pokemon per winner, per event.

                                    Share the love everyone. To ensure that freshblood newcomers have a fair chance of joining REMIX many newbie only events will be hosted. A newbie is anyone who does not yet have a Pokemon certified in the shop -- or a member that does not yet have a staff Pokemon.

                                Q&A NOTEBOOK

                                    If you still have questions after reading the FAQ please post them here.

                                i can't draw, can someone else make a Pokemon for me?

                                    Check out the Services forum and see if anyone is offering their skills.

                                alright, so what about restrictions and limitations?

                                    There are no limitations on how many Pokemon you may have. Likewise, your Pokemon may be whatever species or color scheme you desire regardless of how many others like it are in the shop already. This means no female or male only species and no legendary limitations. You may choose to make your Pokemon a typical gijinka, hybrid, or an anthro/furry. GiinJoww really doesn't care guyz. GO WILD AND HAVE FUN!

                                oh yah, are these activity / roleplay required?

                                    No. Thank Ho-oh no.

                                huh, so I'm guessing Cosplays are allowed?

                                    Kinda, in the sense that you can have everything but the character itself. An example of this would be having a blonde Leafeon wearing a green tunic, sporting a Hylian Shield and Master Sword. It's Link, but not. Cosplays may not be named after the character they're modeled after. Neither will any cosplay be restricted to a single individual.

                                what about breeding?

                                    Both heterosexual and homosexual pairings produce offspring. Eggs will either appear randomly -- having formed from both parents' energy or are birthed naturally. Pokemon are allowed to have as many babies as they want and do with them as they please.

                                do humans and / or trainers exist in REMIX?

                                    NO. They don't and never will. Only Pokemon Gijinkas are allowed.
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                                CURRENT EVENTS


                                PAST EVENTS


                                    Check out the Pokeball Madness event on page two to win yourself a Pokemon!


                                    Check out the free Flatsale for a Azurill here.


                                    Free Flaffle for a Leafeon in the guild.

                                    10/26/2012 → 11/2/2012

                                    In celebration of our 300PG Giin is hosting a Character Creation Contest. Please go here for more details!

                                    10/15/2012 → 10/30/2012

                                    The shop is officially re-opened! Join in on our Awakening Event to win yourself a lovely Pokemon and get involved in the shop!

                                    10/12/2012 -- Results PG 212

                                    We've finally made it to the 200PG! Join the Flaffle to win a lovely, adult, Whiscash male!
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                                BULLETIN BOARD


                                    From now on all Pokemon images to be certed must have a transparent background.


                                    The shop will no longer bother with activity requirements for owners to keep their Pokemon. In order for your Pokemon, drawn by a staff, to grow you will still be required to complete growth requirements. No deadlines and no rehoming. Have fun guyz.


                                    This announcement concerns the powers and battle system -- or rather, the now lack of one. Since it's too much of a hassle and staff don't even want to bother with the notion of regulating such a thing we're getting rid of any preplanned designs on a battle system and such. Also, your Pokemon will be able to use all their powers as is canon. However, staff will not be regulating these powers in terms of roleplaying. Therefore, you are entirely on your own when it comes to battle rps and such. Have fun guys.


                                    CrystalAngelNeko was accepted as a guest artist.


                                    A new feature in regards to the Commitment Clause activity statement in the shop has been added. Everyone, owners especially or those seeking to own a staff Pokemon in the future, please read the information here.


                                    Hello there Awakening event participants! The Flatsale and Music Prompts will be ending today, at midnight (12:00 AM PST). The Speed Sale will be start at 6:30 PM PST -- Please wait for the staff member to give the 'GO!' for that event. Winners for all events will be judged and decided by the 31st of October. Thank you!


                                    Please welcome BannyBanphrion to staff!
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                                ONCE UPON A TIME...

                                    Arceus had a dream -- and that dream became a reality; a peculiar dimension with curious creatures and places. They call it REMIX.


                                    Planes are continents that float in the Void, an extensive expanse of black nothingness. The world of REMIX is not completely stable, which causes some planes to fade away and disappear over time. There are several planes that are unaffected by time and change, which are Livesound, Highwind, Desert Inferno, Sleepy Hollow, Mirror Falls, and Downside.

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                                normal : dark : ghost : electric

                                    The city that never sleeps. A cluster of dark clouds loom ominously over the city, blanketing everything beneath them in darkness. Below the clouds, ghastly buildings of black and grey reach for the sky, where the denizens make their homes. Lights of every size, shape, fashion, and color are positioned throughout the city to chase away the shadows and provide some relief to the bleak surroundings. The city is most known for its Sky Lights, inexplicable rays of light that seep out from the ground skyward, where they disappear before reaching the cloud. Soft tremors, and on rarer occasions large ones, can be felt throughout the day. The tremors are vibrations felt from Singing Stones immersed underground that erupt on a consecutive basis with song, both vocal and instrumental. The louder the song, the greater the tremor.

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                                flying : dragon : psychic : fighting

                                    High above the ground drifts an island of clouds. Pastel structures, oft times transparent, made of harmless energy hold the clouds together to create a city unlike any other. The city is constantly moving in a mechanical circle around the world, visiting every major plane in the course of a year. It never stays in one location for long. When it does stop, pillars of wind anchor it in place and also provide a means for those who cannot fly to be lifted up to the city. It is rumored to hold the secrets and treasures of the gods, though no evidence has ever been brought forth to solidify the claim. Those seeking spiritual enlightenment often take a pilgrimage to Highwind. Others looking for a safer means to travel between the planes also seek out the city in the sky.

                                DESERT INFERNO
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                                fire : rock : ground

                                    This plane is considered the harshest to live in, even above that of the Sleepy Hollow. The earth is brittle and cracked, browned by the blazing sun and scorched black by ground fires -- sudden eruptions of fire that break through the surface and flare along fault lines. Water is scarce, forcing inhabitants to dig wells and scratch out a living farming the land. But when food runs out... well, there's always your neighbor. The oases scattered throughout the plane are owned and guarded by the most powerful clans.

                                SLEEPY HOLLOW
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                                bug : grass : poison

                                    A vast forest home to vegetation of all sorts. Though it is filled with beautiful scenery, overflowing with crystal clear waters, and brimming with ripe fruit it claims far more lives that roam into it than those that get out. Its beauty is not cold, but poisonous. Sleep inducing mists rise up from vents in the ground, blanketing the lower levels of the forest in the early mornings. The waters are bitter, claiming the lives of their victim shortly after they have drunk from them. The fruit, feeding from these same waters, have also become dangerous to feast upon. Only the natives know which fruit bearing trees are able to purge the toxin that seeps in through their roots and where to find waters that are untainted. Some have even developed an immunity to the toxins.

                                MIRROR FALLS
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                                water : ice : steel

                                    A range of low valleys, rolling hills, and jagged mountains made of crystals and steel, frozen over with ice. Endless tracks of rivers wind throughout the plane, fed by the many waterfalls of the area. When night falls and the temperatures drop the water freezes over until the sun melts them again in the morning. Cold as the climate gets, it hardly snows. Hot springs hollow out the insides of vast caverns within mountains and hills, while leveled crystal beds provide comforting warmth. The caverns are lined with mirror like crystals that distort ones perception and challenges sense of direction. A good defense for those cities hidden below the surface.

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                                all pokemon

                                    This plane is upside down, thus, everything that comes into the plane will be altered automatically. You wouldn't even notice unless you studied the Void for the other planes or took a desperate sprint across a spiraling Shadow Path. Other peculiarities include haphazardly placed objects inside the plane and all the native Pokemon seeming to have been drawn from some other time and space. After some research Pokemon scientists have discovered that this plane acts like a vacuum -- it pulls things outside of Remix into itself. This plane resembles Livesound in that it is a modern city. By day it is filled with sunlight and by night it is overcome by twilight. Surrounding it is a vast forest with marvelous works of nature to behold.


                                    There is no one road connecting one plane to another, making traveling very difficult -- and nearly impossible. Brave or desperate souls may attempt to cross over the Shadow Paths or endure the throngs of crowds that migrate over the Rainbow Avenue. Since the Void has an odd sense of gravity no Pokemon is able to fly or drift between planes.

                                SHADOW PATHS
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                                    Ghastly apparitions of roads which appear between planes from time to time. No sooner than they appear than do the paths begin to disintegrate, the process clearly visible as pieces of the paths break off and float upward.

                                RAINBOW AVENUE
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                                    Rainbow colored paths of sparkly goodness that appear once every three months, for the duration of a week, which enable travelers to travel from any major plane to Downside and visa versa. Unlike the Shadow Paths, these paths are safe; even to the point of preventing journeyers from falling off of them. Once a week has gone by the path will 'shut down' -- disallowing anyone not on the path to get on but continuing to ensure a safe escort to those Pokemon still on the trail.

                                    **Pokemon generally come into existence in the plane they are native to, but don't have to.
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                                    STAGE ONE -- EGG

                                    STAGE TWO -- BABE

                                    STAGE THREE -- CHILD

                                    STAGE FOUR -- TEEN

                                    STAGE FIVE -- ADULT


                                non-staff Pokemon

                                    Pokemon may begin at any stage owners desire and may grow whenever their owner sees fit.

                                staff event and staff customed pokemon

                                    → Growth points must be acquired before requesting a growth.
                                    → Growth dates are given at the time of an accepted request and last for a period of one month, during which time owners will receive their Pokemon's new art.
                                    → Owners may evolve their Pokemon once per growth, without penalties.
                                    → Owners may have their Pokemon re-customed in the same stage for a fee, if re-customs are open.
                                    → Evolving a Pokemon more than once in a stage is considered a re-custom.
                                    → Every stage growth comes with a price.

                                    For Growth Requirements, see the GROWTH & EVOLUTION REQUESTS DEPARTMENT.

                                    For Prices, see the PRICING post.

                                    Roleplay wise, you may choose to have your Pokemon suddenly transform into their next stage or have the process be gradual, as any human would age. The difference of these growth concepts are to be reflected icly (in character).

                                ADULT EVOLUTION

                                    Any owner seeking to evolve their adult Pokemon must purchase a re-custom. Non-staff Pokemon are exempt -- unless they desire a re-custom from a staff artist.
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                                    Draw your own Pokemon or wait for a staff or member to host an event. Events are sporadic and whimsical so keep an eye out.


                                    Customs give members the chance to influence and create their own Pokemon, drawn by the staff. There are many different customs that REMIX offers. To obtain a custom please visit Services in the guild.

                                LIMITED CUSTOMS

                                    These customs are severely limited. Staff will create a Pokemon based off an inspirational picture chosen by the member. These images must be artistic -- meaning they cannot be something like a collage of clothes and accessories or have too much emphasis on any individuals or clothing within the image.

                                SEMI CUSTOMS

                                    Semi Customs allow for more freedom, but are far from the full package. Semi Customs allow member to choose their Pokemon's species, gender, expression, and three details about the Pokemon that they'd like them to have. Staff will then rely on artistic freedom to complete the Pokemon.

                                FULL CUSTOMS

                                    If you're looking to get your original character in the shop or a Pokemon completely designed by you this is the custom you're looking for. Full Customs allow you freedom to craft and shape your Pokemon just how you want them. Species, gender, expression, wardrobe -- all is yours to create.

                                RL$ CUSTOMS

                                    We do offer RL$ Customs for members who are interested. These customs are currently unavailable, but will be made available in the future at any time a member would like to make a purchase. Payments by Paypal only please.


                                    Re-customs are Full Customs and are for Pokemon who have already been certified in the shop. They allow owners to receive new artwork of their Pokemon or have them evolve. Pokemon evolving via Re-Customs will receive a new wardrobe as they would for any other evolution.
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                                    EVENT PRICE -- 25K

                                    LIMITED CUSTOM -- 25K

                                    SEMI CUSTOM -- 50K

                                    FULL CUSTOM -- 100K Minimum

                                    RE-CUSTOM -- 100k Minimum

                                    STAGE GROWTH -- 25k

                                RL$ CUSTOM PRICES

                                    Members who obtain a Pokemon via RL$ Customs will receive immediate ownership of their Pokemon upon payment.



                                    Any Pokemon won in events or purchased via customs, unless specified otherwise, may be gifted to other members. Staff may also gift Pokemon to whomever they please. As these are gifts, neither the giver nor the receiver shall be condemned for the gifting or receiving of the gift. Gifts are expressions of love and GiinJoww will place no restrictions on them. She does, however, keep a benevolent eye out for members who are active, welcoming to new members, provide helps for anyone with inquires, and promote a healthy and heart warming atmosphere in the shop.
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                                    There is no battle system -- and staff will not regulate powers in roleplay. Pokemon may only use moves that are canon to them in-game. They may also use powers that result from breeding acceptable in-game egg groups. The only instances in which a Pokemon may have powers that they originally do not have or can not get in-game is if they are a Hybrid. Hybrid Pokemon have impure bloodlines and may take move sets from any of their parents or ancestors power trees.
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                                REMIX OFFLINE

                                    The R18+ branch of the shop. Anyone under eighteen years of age is not allowed to join. The purpose of this branch is to provide members with an 'A for Adults' breedables community that lifts the ban on non-sugarcoated roleplaying and reality. REMIX OFFLINE is favored over its Gaiaonline counterpart, REMIX, and as such will receive the bulk of staff dedication and events.

                                    DO NOT INQUIRE ABOUT THIS BRANCH ON GAIAONLINE.
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                                    M ii d night M e l o d y

                                OWNER'S LIST MANAGER



                                    Garrus Valenti


                                    Ninjagami Ryo Kage
                                    KUMA TOSS

                                GUEST ARTISTS

                                    F a y t h - x


                                    GiinJoww is not seeking new staff at this time.
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                                GRAPHICS & LAYOUT

                                    Shutterstock, GiinJoww

                                IMAGES AND ARTWORK

                                    Their respective owners and artists.

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