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colored by: ??


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Date: tba
Adults: 5k

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[size=18][color=#00FF4E] CODE HERE [/color][/size]

- If your name is drawn, you have 48hrs to send trade and post in certing thread, or it will be re-drawn.

-Trades of 5k to Shaman Saisho

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Ticket List:

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Flower Meadow colored by Blue
Sandy Beach, Pebble Bay and Ocean Beauty colored by Manda

Tickets: 100g per ticket
Starting Date: NOW!
Ending Date: June 11th, 2012 @11pm


-Please read rules before buying tickets. Put a heart on your post if you read this (mwahaha I'm sneaky). If there's no heart on your form, it will not be counted.

-Make sure you send a trade directly after you post your form.

-To play just simply post this form bellow with how many tickets you want.

[color=green][b][size=18] Gimme ____ tickets Mr. Shaman! Happy Summer! [/size][/b][/color]

Ticket List:

1-100 Freaksrus
101-200 Dea

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Wild Dusk, and Morning Dew by Maya
Soft Paws and Mushroom Field by Manda

Bears still available: Mushroom Field

< Rules >

- Please post that you understand the rules on your first roll. If you do not your roll will not count.

- Game will go on until all bears are picked.

-IMPORTANT: No random rolling allowed, you have to be talking to someone in order to roll. If you roll by bumping, you will be disqualified.

-- alking to yourself is allowed but please limit self talking to 4 rolls per hour.

-Here's the deal! You have to roll one 100-sided die. If you get 1, 50 or 100 you get first pick on these pretties.


First Pick- SilverShieldWolf- Morning Dew
Second Pick- TrigunKittie- Wild Dusk
Third Pick- Dea and #Teddy#- Soft Paws

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(not running at this time, just saving format)

Your Prize:
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Ends: tba

[ ad code ]

1 pt for each day you post and say you are advertising.
1 pt for every person you bring in. Make sure they post big and bold you referred them.
If they start advertising as well, you get another pt.

(updated date @ time, est)

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