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More RPing!! 0.125 12.5% [ 3 ]
More custom slots open!! 0.20833333333333 20.8% [ 5 ]
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heart Welcome to Charpia Island! Located in Befushi Land, a neighboring district to Gaia's Barton town, located south of the map. heart

Next flatsale: January 15th, 2015

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Page 1.......................... ....................................Page 2

Post 1//Welcome and Navigation...........i.....Post 1//Pickups
Post 2//Announcements........o..o...o.............Post 2//Custom Info
Post 3//Story............... ..................................Post 3//Custom Examples
Post 4//Rules ........ ........... ......ooooo....... ...Post 4//Custom Form
Post 5//Size Ratio..........................................Post 5//Guild Info
Post 6//Events and Flatsales.........................Post 6//Breeding Info
Post 7//Samples..................ooooo ...oooooo.Post 7//Breeding Grounds
Post 8//Certs........................o.... ........... .......Post 8//Breeding Form
Post 9//Consumables/Extras.........................Post 9//Events
Post 10//Familiars....... ....... ..........................Post 10//Raffles
Post 11//How To........... ....... ........... .............Post 11//Auctions
Post 12//Q&A ......oo.. oooo.....ooooo.ooooo..Post 12//Grams
Post 13//Owner's List....... ........ .......... .........Post 13//Games/Misc.
Post 14//About Befu....... ........ ........ .............Post 14//TBA
Post 15//Affiliates....... ....... ........... ..............Post 15//TBA

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2.1.14 - 2.13.14: Valentine's Day Event! Raffle and Auction + Games!

11.12.09: Second ever Newbie Flatsale! Welcome all new owners! <3

08.10.09: Dice Event at Glacier Mountain and an Ice Charpia Auction!

07.17.09: Surprise FS posted! Rawr, tigers. ;D

02.09.09-02.15.09: Valentine's Day FS later this week and Grams available!

01.24.09: A new item has appeared in the shop! The Striped Pear! biggrin After the current event, another fun flatsale based around this fruit awaits...~

01.22.09-01.31.09: Pokemon Event! Gigantic Flatsales, 3 Auctions, a Raffle, and games all rolled into one! Check HERE for the thread!

01.22.09-01.31.09: heart BREEDING IS NOW AVAILABLE! <333 heart Check the second page for details! :3

10.20.08-11.01.08: Halloween Event! FSes, Auction, Raffle, and games this week! Halloween themed of course! PAGE 2!

8.19.08-9.07.08: Nestling Week/Bird Event! FSes, Auction, and games this week! All Bird Themed! <3 PAGE 2!!!

8.18/19.08-8.18.08: Fish Event! Lots and lots of activities during this week! Theme is fish. =3 PAGE 2!!!

4.9.08: Surprise Newbie FlatSale! Only those who do NOT co-own or have their name on ANY Charpia may own a Charpia. Only 2 are available: one male and one female. They will be 7k as only the last two stages will be available.

3.17.08: St. Patty's Day Event!

2.1.08: I've finally finished pretty much all the growings. biggrin (with the exception of Jessi's and Kt's event charpia) And now we're on our way to a fun Valentines Day event! I'm getting around to moving the Owner's list to within the guild and I've finally cleaned up the 2nd page~

11.5.07: Thanks for an awesome Halloween this year, guys! We sold over 150 Grams! If we have a FS before Christmas, it'll be a newbie flatsale so more people can own Charpia. whee But if there isn't a newbie FS, the next FS will be for Xmas. biggrin

10.4.07: First Custom Slot Open~ See Page 2.

9.21.07-9.22.07: Second flatsale~ The water and fire FS's were all taken. Earth (female) was left remaining and will now go to the orphanage.

9.8.07: The shoppe is close to its grand opening...
Hey look! Now it's open! xd Grand opening was held the Midnight between the 8th and 9th and will last until 9pm PST Sunday the 9th for a day or two.

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Look there! In the sky! Is that a cloud?
It must be...

But camouflaged among the clouds was a rarely seen Charpia. After that initial sighting, there would be many more encounters with the furry creatures. Some reside in the sky, but most on an island: Charpia Island within Befushi Land. Befushi Land is not too far off from Gaia's Barton Town. It's to the South East of it, actually.

We'll just say it's about as far to Charpia Island as it is to get from Wendy's nursery to Neverland.

Charpia are very shy creatures. They look to be a mixture between a lion, wolf, bear, cat, and chinchilla. No one knows how they came to be, but everyone should know that the first was sighted in the clouds.

Each charpia is unique: They have their own personality but all in all they are generally shy creatures and hard to find. When first discovered, charpia had barely awoke and were very sleepy from hibernating through the seasons they were unfamiliar with. Some charpia only stay awake a few days, some a few months, but never during the entire year. Depending on the season you decide to look for a charpia, you will find different assortments, some which you may not expect.

All charpia wear a joker-like hat. It is unknown why they wear it when they reach adulthood, but perhaps one day we may discover their significance.

There are 4 types of Charpia: Flying, Winged, Normal, and Cosplay. Flying Charpia have two wings and are the most rare to find. A Winged Charpia only has one wing and if you expose a charpia in its normal form to a Winged Potion, the Charpia will grow its own wing. The rare Flying Charpia may only be found in Cosplays or Customs. Normal types are the general flatsale charpia without the winged potion.

Disclaimer: It may seem weird, but YES! The plural form of "Charpia" is "Charpia". Not Charpias. I don't mind if you make that mistake and use 'charpias' instead of 'charpia', but for the sake of this backstory to make sense, plural form is Charpia.

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Post 4
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-Respect one another.
-You must have over 500 posts on Gaia to order here. If it's a mule ordering for your main account, you MUST state proof that you aren't just some scammer/noob/newb.
-Fill out the order form.
-If you have ANY questions, post them in this shoppe. NO PMS!
-The only PMs permitted is for: Secret gifts or to inform me of some suspicious activity that you wouldn't like to be made public. PMs are also okay for Custom Order Forms.
-RPING IS NOT REQUIRED! But it will give you special bonuses~

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This is the ratio of Gaian to Charpia. The 4th stage, as you can see, is about the size of a medium-large house cat.

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Post 6
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Check out any Event info on the Second Page!

10.30.07: End of Auction. Heartage won with 80k~
10.23.07: End of the Raffle. Congratz to Heartage who won the Male and TandyeLand who won the Female.
10.13.07-10.14.07: FALL FESTIVAL! Starts at 9:30pm PST. Ends 10.14 at 9pm PST or until everything is sold out. Sunday will be a Fall Themed Charpia Raffle which ends 10.21.
9.21.07: Starts at 8pm PST. Ends 9.22 at 9pm PST or until all FS are sold out.
ENDS 9PM PST ON Sept. 9th! Extended until 9.11.07 at 10pm PST.

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NORMAL FLATSALES ARE 10K EACH! Event FS's are subject to change price.

December 23rd, 2009!
4 pm PST!

It seems some of the Charpia found the kitchen during the holiday festivities this year! They're looking for a good cozy home to stay in, might you be interested? heart

1. This Flatsale is open to everyone!
2. You may proxy for someone else, but not if you're trying to win one for yourself too. XD There's only a couple available.
3. For this FS I will allow sharing pets (ie, "On the cert can you put my name and ___'s?" ).
4. Wait until I post "GO!" in the thread before you post claiming a Charpia. :3
5. When posting during the FS, you can either claim it and then post an order form after you know you won it, or you can post the order form from the beginning. I AM NOT GOING TO BE PICKY ABOUT IT. Just that it's first come first serve. <3
6. Be sure to send a trade ASAP once you know you've won it. They will grow faster than normal, hopefully being full grown by New Years.
7. If anyone has further questions, feel free to post in the thread and I'll answer them ASAP!

Yummy Charpia Order Form:
Which Charpia? (Pie):
Your name/who it's going to:
Name of the Charpia:
Extra Information (Or any other items?):

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Taken! Cherry Pie - Female / Kamiya Kaoru Dono
Taken! Pumpkin Pie - Female / chi honda
Taken! Chocolate Pie - Male / yylaayl
Taken! Fruitcake - Male / Naeyru

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Post 7
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These are the current stages for Charpia. The ones listed have a yellow Spot Leaf that allowed them to have yellow spots.
Stages 1 and 2 are the same for both genders, however 3 and 4 have unique gender linearts.

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(Can be male or female)

(Can be male or female)



W/Optional Moon and Yellow Colored Rock

W/Optional Moon and Colored Rock

W/Optional Moon and Colored Rock
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Post 8
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Here is a list of the different Certs you can choose from for your Charpia. New ones will occasionally be added, and some certs will only be around for certain events (such as Halloween).

User Image

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
Seaside* OOOOOO Starry Night* OOOOOO Waterfall** OOOOOO Underwater OOOOOO Clouds

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
Cave OOOOOOOOOO Autumn** OOOOOOOOO Jungle OOOOOOOO Grassy Field** OOOOOO Billow Clouds

*Comes with Option of Moon (see Examples and Samples Post 7)
** Cannot Change Colors

All made by bluezjessi including event certs. Except Clouds. I made those. XD

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Post 9
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It seems there's a small shop set up here, an array of colorful items on display for Charpia Island goers.

These items can be added/fed/introduced to your Charpia when you receive the pet, but you may also purchase them at any other time for Charpia you already have using the form below.

User Image
Color Changing Bottle
10,000g extra
Changes the color of the Charpia's fur ONLY.
Choose the color.

User Image
Wing Potion
20,000g extra
Adds Wings to your Charpia.
Styles available: Angelic, Demonic (more to be added soon)
Include what color you'd like. If you don't it will be a default color.

User Image
Spotted Leaf
5,000g extra
Add spots to your Charpia.
Choose the color.

User Image
Striped Pear
10,000g extra
Add stripes to your Charpia.
Choose the color.

User Image
Majestic Muse Flower
Used for Breeding two Charpia.
See page 2 for details/purchasing.

User Image

Order Form

[size=18][color=green]Making a Purchase![/color][/size]

[b]Which Item:[/b]
[b]What Color:[/b]
[b]What Charpia it's for:[/b]

[b]I've sent the trade to Befushi Land![/b]

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Post 10
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The duck and the mouse! (resized to fit on the certs, of course)
User ImageUser Image

Each will give specific bonuses to fights when the "battle system" is created. 3nodding
They will also be customized to match the coordinating Charpia. (example)

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Post 11
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During a flatsale, I will post "OPEN" in some form or other. Afterward, the first person to claim a certain charpia gets it. SEND THE TRADE AS SOON AS YOU POST! I will cancel it if you didn't make the slot. Once all the 'slots' are filled and every current flatsale has been sold out, I will post who got what. At that point you must fill out the order form in a seperate post from the one you claimed the charpia in. AKA: DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST! EVER! D<

Send the trade with the correct Page Number you ordered on.

I will confirm the trade after I have finished. When you confirm a second time, I will post your Charpia in the Pickups post on pg. 2 (or upon request I can send you a PM with the Charpia Link inside). Then I will finish the trade. You MUST directly link to the link I gave you up until the 4th stage. You may save your charpia during each stage, but after the final one you must save it to your own server.

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Charpia Won/Chosen:
Pet Name:
Additional Items: ((refer to post 9 for items and prices))
If so, what colors for each?
Which Cert?
Cert Color:
(Available with Starry Night and Seaside)Moon Visable: (y/n)
(Available with Seaside)Rock Color:
=-=-=-=I Have Sent The Trade WITH PAGE NUMBER to Befushi Land=-=-=-=-=

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Regarding Customs:
Customs will only have 1 or 2 slots open at a time, depending on how busy I am. I TAKE BRIBES ONLY! Nothing lower than 200k. See Page 2 For Custom Information.

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Post 12


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Q: How long does it take for each transformation?
A: About a week for each transforming stage. So to get to the final stage will take a little less than a month.

Q: Can we add potions/consumables to flatsales?
A: Yes! That's their main purpose: To further customize your flatsales to your liking. 3nodding

Q: How much are they?
A: It depends on the event. Some events will cost more than others, but the price range will be roughly 20k-200k per Charpia.

Q: Where can I Role Play?
A: Click here for the RP Guild. To join, befriend the Befushi Land mule and remember to take the literacy test on the front page!

Q: When can I buy the potions?
A: You may buy them at any stage, however if you buy them while your Charpia is on stage 2, only stages 2-4 may have that new characteristic. Stage 1 will be as you originally bought it. However, if I come up with a new potion/consumable after you had purchased a flatsale, it will be to your preference if you just want that characteristic on all stages or just the last.

Q: When are each Flatsales held?
A: I will try to have them every month. The more demand for Charpia the more flatsales we'll have. biggrin

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Post 14
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Befushi Land/Befu is now on Hiatus until the Spring of 2010, but the shop will still be up and prospering during that time under the control Bluezjessi! All trade transactions will still be handled through Befushi Land!

Befu is on Hiatus to serve a mission in Spain! Click HERE to learn a bit more or to send her a hello and wishes of good luck!

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Post 15
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!!!! I AM CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPTING 88x31 BUTTONS!!!! Please post your Link Exchange button in this thread only. NO PMS! I WILL DELETE THEM AND YOU WON'T BE LINKED BACK!

Link to me:
WARNING! For some reason it automatically put spaces in the URL. Make sure there are no spaces when you link to me. Thanks!

User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30596319] [IMG]http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z50/CharpiaIsland/CharpiaButton-4.png[/IMG][/url]

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Links out:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User ImageUser Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image

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