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One pack one future, One will one way.
Forever in darkness, until it's our day.
Never to leave one behind, Forever by each others side.
United against those who've lied
Together we will survive.

-Torz Pack-

A soul can not be measured by it's strength,
but by the accumulation of it's actions.

-Duthsy Pack-

The pack gives life.
And the pack can take it away.

-Zarkail Pack-

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I regret to inform you that this shop has been closed down by the owner: Brittlebear. For the offical post: LINK

Table of Contents
1. Rules
2. Welcome
3. News & Updates
4. Customs
5. Certificates
6. Roleplay
7. Species
8. Items Shop
9. Location: Feras
10. Staff
11. Blacklist
12. Affiliates

Page 2 - Sales & Events
1. Flatsales
2. Auctions
3. Raffles
4. Games & Contest
5. Breeding
6. Monthly RP Contest
7. Special Events
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Most importantly! Do not harass the artists or staff.

1. The staff's word is LAW. If a staff member tells you you're doing something wrong, then listen because you're probably wrong.
2. Please no begging or PMs requesting pets or special treatment.
3. No fighting. No insulting. No "flaming" or "trolling." You will treat everyone with respect.
4. Do not steal the artwork or try to claim it as your own.
5. There is no limit on how many pets you can own, however there are be a limited number of custom and breeding slots. Do not pester the staff for a custom unless one of there custom slots is open.
6. The Artists reserve the rights to refuse any order, if they so desire.
7. Please try to keep drama out of the thread.
8. Roleplay is optional. While actively RPing offers various benefits (such as ranks within the pack), you don't have to RP to obtain or keep your pet.
9. Please be sure to keep a copy of your certed pet on your own served or computer, we do delete younger versions of pets.
10. I (Brittlebear) reserve the right to change prices or any rules, but once you have sent your payment you will never be asked to pay more unless you make additions to your order.

Still have question? Ask them in the thread and someone will be kind enough to help you out! We're not a bad sort here.

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Brittlebear always had a knack for bring home stray wild animals in urban environments. A city is no place for a wild animal. Eventually this hobby grew too big for Brit to keep hidden. With angry parents on Brits tail, this young artist was forced to find a new home for all those pets, and the many more which Brit knew were still out there.

After years of searching, and numerous misadventures, Brit has found the perfect place for all the pest to roam freely and live as they where supposed to. The land of Fares is a snug land-bridge, which is secluded away from any human contact. Tall mountains sit on the east and west sides, while the salty ocean buffer the North and South. The location is a perfect Sanctuary. So Brit has set up shop, and needs owners to sponsor pets, so that Brit can keep sending animals world wide into this small but thriving sanctuary.


In this land of Feras, lives three packs. Each struggle for dominance of the region, feuds and wars have been a common sight particularly among two of the packs.
The Torz Pack is the largest of the three, lead by Scottie, the first pet to be brought to this land. he may be an old Alpha, but he is wise, and treats his pack with kindness and compassion. The Torz are best known for their legendary Warriors of old.
The Zarkail Pack is a ferocious group who live by fang and claw. They have been at war with the Torz for as long as most pets can remember. They seek power, above all else.
The Duthsy Pack is the smallest of the three, some still believe they are only a pack from fairy-tales. They are a highly skilled group who are very spiritual in nature. They are a neutral group, who prefer peace to confrontation.
A fourth section of Feras is devoid of life, and here the Rogues and miscreants make their home. They live in exile from the packs, fending for themselves on what little food they can salvage from the meager land, or by raiding the packs. They are often the roughest and most dangerous beasts in the land, but they are still powerless when confronted by a pack. Their loneliness is their greatest enemy.
The land of Feras is one of danger, death and magic. What will become of your pet?
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Brittlebear is making a CC Comic to better explain the roleplay in the shop! Rejoice!
Shop Comic Page 1

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5K discount for newbies!
(Newbie: Person who hasn't bought anything from this shop before.)

See Availability for each colorist: HERE
Payment goes to the colorist not to the mule.


There are two types of pets in this shop. Roleplay related pets, and non-roleplay pets. Overtime Brittlebear hopes to make all the pets roleplay- related, but that will take some time.

When you purchase a roleplay wolf, in order for it to grow you must roleplay it and gain skills for a rank. When it reaches a rank it will grow into that special ranks lineart.

: These are the pets you see in the Species post. You can roleplay them and gain skills and ranks, but there will be no special lineart, and the pet will grow naturally over time.
Pup - Teen in 2 weeks
Teen - Adult in 3 weeks
If you don't roleplay your pets they will not have any specific skills, or a rank within the pack. So there are definately advantages to roleplaying a pet even if it's not a special roleplay pet.

Pets can be purchased as:

When you order the pet you will get to choose exactly how you want it to look. What colors, markings and Species you'd like your pet to be.
Prices are below in the Roleplay and Species posts.

Lineart Edits
You may only get lineart edits on fully grown pets, because it's a pain to grow pets with edits.
This is based on the colorist, some will have lineart edit slots and some won't. Lineart edits include adding jewelry, fur edits, tail edits, expression edits, clothes occasionally.
+10k Per small edit (jewelry, tail etc. )
+ 20K per complex edit (clothes, fur, expressions etc.)

Full Customs & Cosplays
Full Customs & Cosplays are purchased wolves, foxes, lions or lynxes that require completely unique line art. That said, they do not grow. You also can't get a duplicate cosplay pets. So if someone already owns the cosplay you want... sorry. These start at 100k, but the price can go up depending on difficulty. These will be discussed and a quote issued prior to work beginning.
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This is what it looks like

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*The black part on the right becomes the Cert Background!*

You Choose Your Own Cert Background

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When slots are open please post forms in the artists thread, unless they've instructed you to do something else. Once your form is accepted and your name has been added to the list please send your trade to the artist as well.

Brittlebear is shop owner, and artist extraordinaire.
1. New Shop Lineart
2. Various other shop-related things
Brittlebear Thread: Go there for examples and info.

Chaos the faithful colorist.
1. -
2. -
ChaoMyotismon Thread
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The following pets are roleplay required, though there are other pets which are not, see the next post: Species for those pets.

You may purchase a roleplay puppy for 10K.


In order for a pet to grow inside a pack, is must acquire skills. The more skills a pet learns the higher rank it gets. With each new rank, your pet gets a new look to reflect that rank. A pet with specialized skills will be able to use them against other players. Generally you want to focus on one skill path, to gain a certain rank within the pack. Skills are fun to learn, and show your character has developed!
Skill Slots
Your pet will only be given a certain amount of skill slots, which reflects the amount of skills they can learn. As a pet grows in rank it receives more skill slots. However there is a cap, once your pet reaches Adulthood they are only given so many skill slots. But don’t fret! Your pet can earn more skill slots by participating in the monthly Roleplaying contest. Everyone who enters receives on additional skill slot, winners receive more. For more information see page 2.


Rank proves how valuable you are to the pack. The higher rank a pet has the more respect they gain from fellow pack-mates, and even the Alpha. A rank also shows how experienced a pet is, and will give them an advantage in certain situations, from normal outings to combat.
Skill Slots received per age:
As a puppy you receive 1 slot
As a puppy grows to be a teenager they get 3 additional slots.
As a teenager grows to be an adult they receive 6 additional slots.
Total as an adult: 10 slots

Earning Skills

Skills are earned through roleplay. In order to learn a skill your pet must complete a minimum of a 15 post roleplay (with decent posting sizes) with a focus of learning the skill.

In order to learn a skill, you MUST have somebody teach you. You cannot 'discover' skills by yourself.

The teacher must already know the skill.

Only ONE skill may be earned per roleplay, per players.


*Click the pack name for more information*

Torz Pack: A caring pack with diverse members. The Torz are known for their Legendary Warriors.
Duthsy Pack: Mostly consisting of peace-loving magic-users, the Duthsy Pack is small and tries to remain hidden.
Zarkail Pack: Hard-arse vicious pack who dislike the Torz and raid the Duthsy lands regularly.
Rogue: (Only accessed once you're pet is a teen) Pets who prefer life as a loner, are exiled to the Rogue lands. There is no form of pack here.


For images and information on the roleplay pets please click Guide: Ranks, it will provide you will all the information you need. Guide Skills will tell you requirements to get your pet promoted.

Guide: Ranks

Guide: Skills

*** Before a pet is given a new rank, they must prove they have fulfilled to proper requirements by posting in the Promotion thread. ***
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Non-Roleplay pets!

User Image
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Normal Wolf
Pup: 15K
Teen: 12K
Adult: 10K

Angelic Wolf
Pup: 30K
Teen: 25K
Adult: 20K

Demonic Wolf
Pup: 30K
Teen: 25K
Adult: 20K

User Image
User Image

Kit: 15K
Teen: 12K
Adult: 10K

User Image
User Image

Kit: 15K
Teen: 12K
Adult: 10K

User Image
User Image
*With six different Mane/Hair styles*
Male Mane Styles
Female Hair Styles
If you do not indicate which style you'd like, you will receive the default.
Groomed for Males
Bald for Females

Cub: 15K
Teen: 12K
Adult: 10K
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You can get a sizzling t-bone steak, a freezing cube, or a youth formula for your pet. These will cause them to grow, stop growing or de-grow to his/her next or last stage.
The pets will grow on their own, but if you don’t want to wait and need to have it grown up NOW! Then this is the place to do it.

User Image

T-bone Steak: 2K
Youth Serum: 5K
Freezing Ice: Free
Fertility Amulet: 5K

For Fertility Amulet: Add the Accessory form to the breeding form, and indicate which owner is paying or if you're splitting it.

[align=center][size=18][color=darkred][b]Accessory Form[/b][/color][/size][/align]

[b]Pet Name [/b] (Link or image of pet)
[b]Total:[/b] (Price)[/color]
[align=center][size=18][color=darkred][b]Thank you![/b][/color][/size][/align]
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Welcome to Feras(Fair-az)! This area is cut off form all contact, with huge mountains on the east and west sides of the land, it's near impossible for pets to reach on their own.

Zarkail Land:
The Zarkail (Zar-kail) Pack live in a dense, dark forest, in some parts a jungle. They are surrounded by large dangerous predators. With the addition of a dangerous location the Zarkails have had to become tough to survive in this intense environment.
For more information on the Zarkail Pack, check out their subforum in the guild!

Rogue Land:
The Lands here are barren, the ground is mostly dried dirt and sand, there is some life by the Lakes edge, probably one of the few saving graces of the land. There is little to see her, only small rodents, snakes and rabbits seem to habitat here. This forces the Rogues to raid their neighbors territory for food. Besides that the lands are a fun place to learn some devious skills. Vagabonds and criminals populate the territory and are more then willing to pull a fast one on any unsuspecting newcomer. Exiles also exist here, they are considered the lowest forms of life here, and are often abused or taunted by the rougher members of the land. Mostly it's a land of loners, thoguh occasionally small groups will band together, which works out well for those trodden upon exiles.
For more information on the Rogues, check out their subforum in the guild!

Torz Lands:
The Torz (Tor-es) Pack has a vast amount of territory, which works well for it's amount of members. The land is comprised of vast forests and fields. The game here is rich and plentiful. Truly a land other packs are envious of.
For more information on the Torz Pack, check out their subforum in the guild!

Duthsy Lands:
The Duthsy (Doth-see) Territory consists of large fields and orchards. What forest penetrates the wide open expanses are sparse, and have small trees, brimming with young life. It is common to find small game in the fields, and many herds like to frequent the fields. Overall the Duthsy enjoy the unique unplanned orchards which dot the northern part of their territory. It's a nice land, though it seems unlikely to support a large pack, with few forests it's best suited to small groups.
For more information on the Duthsy Pack, check out their subforum in the guild!
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● Brittlebear
Owner, Artist, Colorist, RP Manager
Favorite thing to do: Make kick arse artwork, mainly illustrations.

● ChaosMyotismon
Colorist, RP Manager
Favorite thing to do: Create too many male rpcs.

- CC is not hiring.
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Do something unexceptionable, or against the rules, you end up here. You don't want that, I don't want that. So lets all play nice.

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It's quite simple, you link me, I link you. Just pm the mule (Carnivorous Companions). It's a beautiful thing.

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