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Ryuukishin's avatar

Man-Hungry Fatcat

This guy was a semi based off of a clown (and rainbows XD) from one of our Halloween events if that counts. XD

-licks Shadow's face- Feel better soon. ;v;
Thank you very much. :3 I'll be fine. Once I stop eating the sugar and licking frogs. xD
[A.V.]'s avatar

Dangerous Hunter

Oh gosh, Taylor creeps me out. xD
Froggie Doll's avatar

Amateur Cutie-Pie

Spoiled Princess Frog demands better emotion_donotwant

Also found a slight error in the new OL
Undecided is listed as a Fox [A-L],
thou he's a Lion [M-Z] xD <3
[A.V.]'s avatar

Dangerous Hunter

Fixed, thanks Froggie!
I got my own pet gender wrong too. ._.

/fails forever
Froggie Doll's avatar

Amateur Cutie-Pie

So, I was gonna glare at my clown and jester quests in the guild,
then I found I had started setting something up for a goddess I don't remember making

Oh AV xD <3
Ryuukishin's avatar

Man-Hungry Fatcat

@Shadows: Aww. xD -sits on you to keep you warm- <3

@AV: LOL indeed. I like his eyeball, though. And his rainbows. 8D -killed-

And I don't even remember my own pet's names! :'D

@Froggie: LOL NICE. XD
[X]Natty-Chan[X]'s avatar

Floppy Sex Symbol

-Has 5 pets from different shops to name- @w@
Froggie Doll's avatar

Amateur Cutie-Pie

That must be one of the creepiest compliments you can give to someone xD
'HEY LADY! You have very nice eyeballs...' emotion_dowant
[A.V.]'s avatar

Dangerous Hunter

Rainbows make everything better emotion_awesome
Haha, I think I can safely say I am starting to amass a hoard here, so spotty memory is bound to happen. 8D

Ryupopo and staff spoil me too much. ; u ;
Cyren of the Sea's avatar

Dangerous Hunter

/ground turns shiny

- a wild cyren surfaced and engulfed everyone with her massive jaws-

-sinks back into the floor-
/end shinyground
Froggie Doll's avatar

Amateur Cutie-Pie

You cannot be overly spoiled D<
You're the most sacred guardian of the most sacred place!
In fact, I'd make you a turtle right now if i could,
but since mom's comp is dead again and this one runs on Ubuntu,
I currently lack art programs that can open PSD-files sweatdrop

I better fix that soon thou, or I'm screwed D;
[X]Natty-Chan[X]'s avatar

Floppy Sex Symbol

-Slurps Cyren-
Kara Asumie's avatar

Dangerous Loverboy

--naps on Cyren--
Froggie Doll's avatar

Amateur Cutie-Pie

I LIED emotion_awesome
Tried running SAI from my USB, and it magically works emotion_dealwithit
Now the problem is that I won't be able to save transparent PNG's,
and that my tablet won't work properly and refuses to turn off the touch mode emotion_facepalm

*removes the Cyren pentagram from the floor*
WHO PUT THIS HERE? emotion_donotwant

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