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Chatty Sweetheart

LOL...my...parents...don't even know >A>;;;;;;;;; My friend is dollsitting my babies for me and everything I have it shipped to Oblivion's place or something ;~; It makes me miss my babies so much when my friends are all like 'i'm snuggling with my dolly' or 'look what i made for him/her' >: But I don't feel brave enough to tell them yet >: Maybe I'll break it to them starting with Yuliya...then, we'll see u_u;;;;
Well, whenever you feel up to it, tell me and I'll invite you C: Since it's 'invite only' kind of forum >A<; And I don't know if they are open to accepting anyway .n.;;;
ooo that would be so nice of you <333 yeah, invite friendly, so intimidating. x3

yay for dolly friends! <3 xD

captuer: upside down xD
seriously... u3u the hobby needs to be sliiightly more popular so I can brag about my 'kids' //slapped

I suspect that the someone Shai mentions is me >>; and it kinda... now that I read about it... shai's heads are rapidly multiplying... not that mine aren't >>; buuut... yes...

upside down? xDD maybe the captcha is trying to tell us something!

Also amg, Erina. Just noticed your sig ; A ; I remember Pyper!! From waaaaay back then when MoT was still active!!
xDD *urge to take photos now* it was nice outside today too~

and yes Pyper!~ <3 She's the main oc of mine that I was talking about earlier. I use her for everything. XD lolol *ruffles her fluffeh hair*
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Frozen Shapeshifter

I have never heard of these! more info please?
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Chatty Sweetheart

No Oblivion x'D I mostly meant my other friends, like Li-chan being all excited and like 'I'll make this and that and this and that' and Iris even is like 'loooook, i made this dress >v<', of course there's you too being all 'C is so nice to huggle with uvu'........................./lesigh
I don't mind the hobby being not to so popular to be exact uvu; But oh well u3u

Yeeesssssss, Erinaaaaa, doooooo~~~~ Photoooooos, taaaaake, looooots~~~ *moves fingers in a weird way*
ooh bjds are ball jointed dolls. they're really popular for collecting and dressing up<3 There's all kinds of companies that make them too.

edit: the wiggling fingers! *is reminded of a moment in Gate 7 by Clamp where this oni wants a BJD from her master* so she does the finger wiggle xD
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Chatty Sweetheart

I have never heard of these! more info please?

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Chatty Sweetheart

@Erina LOL??? Really? x'D Well, I'm totally not*cough*doing the same 8D
I need to scan that scene. It's funny. xD She's like 'so this is the appropriate action when demanding things' as she imitates Hana-chan's finger wiggles
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Frozen Shapeshifter

Hey thats super cool. Sucks that I don't think I'll be able to find any affordable around me though.
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Chatty Sweetheart

Looool x'D Yea you should do that and show me ahaha 8D
User Image
I'll scan the whole thing later XD
LOLOLOL Silver. You mean BJDs? I'd link to a wiki but shai got there before me... Also here are my 'children' xD just so you can see the diversity and all... u 3u

[C] (and [a worse shot] from affar that I took yesterday to show shai) - note her unoa zero fp behind my glass of coffee //slapped/ and ignore the mess >>, [Eien], [Nowe] and my [floating heads] Conley and Lucifer

There are different sizes too! C stands at 70cm tall, Eien and Nowe are 43 and 41cm tall respectively, Conley is destined for a 58cm body and Luce for a 63cm one xD; and I'm expecting a 19cm tall tiny currently as well. Generally there sizes from 9.5cm (I think are the shortest) to 90cm
ooo more pretties <333 *luvs*

hmm gotta find my camera! xD

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