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congratz winner! <33 *slept through once again* lol *keeps losing track of when she rolls with all this sleeping* *goes back to check the last date* xD;

Erina_Nobara rolled 1 10-sided dice: 3 Total: 3 (1-10)

Give me a buck or two or ten!

I missed a day again. xD; lol
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Chatty Sweetheart

Good morning you guys~ <3

I think everyone missed yesterday's dice/ruffle oAo I 'think', not 100% sure xD *shot*
Eheh.. nothing bad with missing a day; there's still plenty of time~ UvU

I'll go update the raffle and advertising now, my dearest audience, and shall return to keep you all heartwarming company in a few seconds.
I would join the raffle also... but the hoodie guy looks too cool a character for me to play correctly... ;~; I do love his color scheme however...
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Chatty Sweetheart

LOL >v<;; Too 'cool' lolol u3u It's alright though, you should try for the ones you like best and think you'll rp them best UvU~ <3
It's only... I'm a little rusty because I haven't roleplayed in a long while, so I don't know how much justice my skills would do him. U__U
On the other hand, even if I do end up failing all events I think I'll be sticking around >v< I can always make a quest and/or wait for the next event; I just love the concept of this shop~
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Chatty Sweetheart

Awww >v< That's really sweet of you neko UvU *gives cookie*
I must admit, I'm not a paragraph-rper much? More like, chat-style xD;;; >v<;;
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Chatty Sweetheart

Found a way to wear all three Sainte Ciels 8D /shot
I like him too. xD If I don't win him, I think I might do a quest for a boy. xD <3 either way will be fun~
>A< elusive hooded man...
hmmm... I think if I don't win I'll pro~bably quest for a girl since I have a vague idea in my head right now... or perhaps a wholesome crossdresser/older oc revival. .v.
oooo crossdresser <3 xD

I find myself making up a character anyway. xD *looking at hairstyles and clothes because it's fun* xD *tempted to draw* @w@
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Frozen Shapeshifter

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Frozen Shapeshifter

I'm Advertising Today!
I'm very slow in developing characters... doesn't help at all that I can't even doodle stick figures properly I suppose! ><;
So I wind up reusing old characters, is what I wanted to say...

good morning Silver. .v.

Also random but... the captcha just told me that I'm welcome... .__.

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