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"Good evening. I'm Masakaki, of the Bank of the Midas Commercial Division. I would like to discuss with you about a loan if you could just please spare me a single moment of your time. Wouldn't it be lovely to get the highest possible returns on your investments? To have a steady income with but a little effort? For your information, you've been selected to participate as an Entrepreneur in the Financial District's happenings. It might be a little unnerving at first, but I promise you, you'll be accustomed to it before you even know it. Well then, come, won't you let us sponsor your future? Using a person's future as collateral we loan money; our only request is that you keep using that money in the Financial District~"

Would you like to make a deal?

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o6.o7.2o12 [The shop front is revamped! Graphics, animated banners and all the good things]
28.o6.2o12 [The second Asset is revealed! Meet Jun's Asset on [page 89] congratulations Jun & Aletea ]
21.o5.2o12 [ The first, first-generation Asset has come to life. [page 73] congratulations Kasandra & Silver_tigress18 ]
17.o5.2o12 [ The updated certs can be found on [page 69] thank you for your patience. ]
13.o5.2o12 [ The Opening Event is Over and winners can be found on [page 63]. ]
24.o4.2o12 [ The Opening Event is Open to all and can be found on [the second page]. Check it out! ]
16.o4.2012 [ Certs are finalized and previews can now be found on [page 14] ]
15.o4.2o12 [ Most information regarding Deals as well as quest forms are now on the guild. Navigate from the top post to get there. ]
1o.o4.2o12 [ Guild construction has begun ]
o3.o4.2o12 [ The preview for the First Generation is up on [the second page]. Check it out. ]
o3.o4.2o12 [ Our [guild] is up. Make sure to visit and join ]
o2.o4.2o12 [ Art for the opening event is completed, await previews soon]
29.o3.2o12 [ More previews up~ & small announcement @pg.6 ]
28.o3.2o12 [ Setting Up ]
25.o3.2o12 [ Preparatory Period Initiated ]

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The rules are the rules.
You abide by them when signing your contract.
Please make sure not to cause trouble for yourself by neglecting to respect our Terms of Service. You future may be the one at risk, after all.

Respect Etiquette
Please make sure to make this a pleasant experience for everyone.

Do not steal the art!
You wouldn't want us to have to terminate your contract, would you?

Chatspeak is discouraged.
We would like to be able to read what you write.


No fighting is allowed in thread.
If you have issues with another user please take it elsewhere.
If it is something important or urgent please feel free to contact your friendly neighborhood Representative Masakaki as the sole reason to his existence is to make your stay in the Financial District accommodating.


Advertising is barred in the premises.
Except, mayhaps, if you are advertising Midas Bank itself. We're not very fond of shameless advertising around here.


Don't hesitate to use us as you see fit.
Representative Masakaki is always there for you if you need anything at all. Drop the man a message or give him a shout when you see him around when in need and he will come running to answer all your questions or help you with anything and everything.

Have fun dealing~

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The world keeps spinning, every day bringing more and more tragedies to its inhabitants. With each passing day the rich become richer and the poor become poorer still; such is the system in which people are living today, and as everything keeps going the way it is... everything will start to collapse.

The term financial crisis is applied broadly to a variety of situations in which some financial institutions or assets suddenly lose a large part of their value. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, many financial crises were associated with banking panics, and many recessions coincided with these panics. Other situations that are often called financial crises include stock market crashes and the bursting of other financial bubbles, currency crises, and sovereign defaults.
Many economists have offered theories about how financial crises develop and how they could be prevented. There is little consensus, however, and financial crises are still a regular occurrence around the world... but the wave that's coming... I wonder how long people will be able to hold out against it as the world will spiral into chaos.

You may have not noticed, as a matter of fact, especially if you're one of the few privileged rich people. Money becomes less and less with each passing week, a few wealthy individuals seeking to bring about economical collapse so they will eventually benefit from the delicate situation are amassing huge amounts of money but neglect spending even a single penny; of course this is rather troublesome, both for the real world, the Financial District, as well as the Entrés that need to collect their weekly deals and end up losing their futures to them. In any case, the Midas Bank has of course taken matters into their own hands as the collapse of economy as we know it was never part of their master plan. The first step was locking the distribution of Darkness Cards so the rotary press wouldn't become a tool for the ill-intentioned party to use, the next amass the gathered collateral of Futures and shape the Alpha, a caste of Entrés with no corporeal form in the real world to defend the collective Future of the economy. The final step was to unite the Financial Districts around the world to prevent contagion and reinforce a greater union to stand against them.

What's to come next has yet to be seen.

[for additional setting questions you might have please refer to the FAQ bellow]

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Money makes the World go Round

Money is any object or record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in any given country or socio-economic context. The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange; a unit of account; a store of value. Any kind of object or secure verifiable record that fulfills these functions can serve as money. Money is the means to excellence in this world, as well as the only way to climb the ladder to the 'food chain' and avoid elimination and bankruptcy. Ways to earn money are participating in Deals -maximum of one Deal per week for the starting ranks-, betting on ongoing Deals as well as investing on them to win Investment Stars to trade for money. Completed RPs earn you an additional 15.000 and completed solo RPs 5.000.

Investment Stars are a 'token' kind of currency, invented by Midas to encourage stock buying and investing in Deals. Each week a person earns three stars they can use to invest in ongoing Deals. If the Entrés doesn't partake in investing for a week they will only receive a single star on the following week. If the Asset the Entrés invested on loses the Deal, they lose the stars invested; if the Asset wins they receive double the stars they invested. Investments are made in amounts of one, two or three stars at a time and give bonuses to the Asset fighting. Each Asset only has six stocks they can 'sell' to investors, those remain taken for thirty days each before returning to be put up for investment again. For every twenty stars collected, Entrés can trade them in for 15.000 cash or amass another twenty and trade fourty for an RP credit.

RP credits are a 'token' kind of currency. Substitute a credit for a completed RP. Ways to earn these are: trading fourty star tokens from investing, completing five solo RPs, participating in six Deals.


[the Leaderboard of top 10 Entrés will be entered here and updated every week after launch]

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The amount of wealth an individual holds at any given amount of time determines their rank. Once a certain amount has been exceeded, the Entrés rises in rank, however if they somehow come to lose their money and fall bellow it, their title isn't taken away. Each rank gained helps alter the Entrés' future a little, thus causing their Asset's appearance to change and evolve with it, also strengthening their abilities in the process. The full evolutionary line is explained bellow from nothing, to everything.

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Civilian: Rank Zero
[insert sample art here]
A civilian that has not yet accepted the Representative's invitation to the financial district and thus is not considered an Entrés yet. At this point their wealth is fairly limited in comparison to the riches that can be theirs once they start participating in the activities of the Financial District. All you have to do at this point is simply say yes, and a starting amount of 50.000 will be deposited into your account to be used anytime.

Entrés: Rank C
[insert sample art here]
I'm afraid you're still at the very bottom of the food chain. At this point fresh Entrés will finally get to meet their Asset, their future, and will start risking everything in the name of money and yet more money as they go. Pay attention, however, just because an Entrés is still on such a lowly rank it doesn't mean they're not formidable opponents. Their skills simply need a little bit of polishing here and there.

Entrés: Rank B
[insert sample art here]
By this time an Entrés true colors are beginning to show. They survived long enough to ascend in rank and that, by itself, is a feat to boast about. They probably also have a small gathering of fans cheering on for them now, as well as a few investors that are willing to bet on them. Because of the wealth they amassed their future is changing a little towards the better, but what they'll do with that wealth, with that newly-acquired future is yet to be seen. There are many roads to take in life.

Entrés: Rank A
[insert sample art here]
The peak of most Entrés evolution, by this time their full potential has been reached and realized, their Asset too has finally taken its true form and has unlocked its full power. From here on out, the only limit is the sky... but beware, for there are many that envy the ones that gather at the top and would rather see them bankrupt rather than let them go on with their lives quietly.

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Entrés: Rank S
There are many rumours about how one may make it to that rank but it is not known what one has to do to ascend among the elite of the elite. It most likely takes potential and a lot of personal investment; an investment or time as well as money and the ability to make the right connections at the right time. The Entrés of Rank S are very few and wide apart.

[[Asset Types]]

An Asset's type determines the way it grows as its Entrés' rank rises.

Offense Spec. Assets utilize flations that concentrate in dealing the maximum amount of damage and receive a preset + attack bonus per rank.

Defense Spec. Assets utilize flations that concentrate on minimizing the amount of damage received and receive more HP per rank than other Assets.

Utility Spec. Assets are neither as strong as Offensive Assets nor as durable as Defensive ones; their flations often have added effects and they gain a utility ability per rank.

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Circle me, circle you

There are several circles in which Entrés may belong, circles that more or less define what they do in the Financial District and on who's side they're on. Now pay attention, though, as they aren't set in stone and as such, given a good enough excuse or reason anyone who's your friend today might be your enemy tomorrow.

Neutral Entrés: your regular caste of Entrés; they fight for themselves and to further their fortune. Each are different in their morals and status but they are similar in that their goal is simply to get more rich, as fast as possible also. Some need the money for their families, studies, some do it for philanthropy... in any case, the means and goals remain the same.

Darkspore: the unofficial name used to describe a certain group of ill-intentioned Entrés. While they aren't really a community so they don't call themselves by a certain name, it caught on after somebody started calling them that. Their general strategy revolves around amassing huge amounts of wealth but keeping it all instead of using it, in hopes of bringing about the collapse of global economy to benefit from it in one way or another.

Midas Alpha: beings of pure potential constructed out of the accumulated collateral of collected futures. Their objective is to locate and engage in deals with the Darkspore in order to pool money back to the bank. Their secondary, but just as important objective is to deal against regular Entrés and end their fights in controlled losses so that same money returns to circulation. While generally, Alpha have their own personalities and individual will and can even oppose their reason to existence if they need to, they choose to simply fulfill their duty of shielding the future. There have been rumours that by entering a special deal, an Alpha can gain a physical body in the outside world.

Gamblers: Another neutral caste of Entrés, but those few take more enjoyment in viewing everything as a game and gambling away at deals rather than fighting themselves. Surprisingly it's easy to make a lot of money that way if you're just a little watchful, but there's always the risk of losing instead of having any sort of gain.

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RP Contest:: 24/04/2012 - 13/05/2012
Profile Contest:: 24/04/2012 - 13/05/2012
CYOA:: 05/05/2012
Dice Game / Flaffle:: 28/04/2012 - 13/05/2012
Advertising:: 24/04/2012 - 13/05/2012

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Deals are a form of battling between Entrés by use of their Assets. Your goal in Deals is to have gain, of course, what else? Losing most often results into a loss of money with the exception of when facing off against a considerably stronger opponent. The general rules and etiquette for Dealing with other Entrés will be detailed bellow.

Deals must be scheduled
If you wish to open a Deal with someone, you should contact them and make sure they agree to it. Then, contact Representative Masakaki wherever you catch a glimpse of him (or by dropping him a message) and let him know. He will open a deal for you in the appropriate subforum and keep an eye on the process to make sure everything is kept orderly.

Deals are publicly announced
So interested investors and gamblers can get their game on and so people that want to keep an eye on the Deal can do so.

Read on the battle system
Located [here]. It contains everything you need to know, from how to attack, to flation limits per rank to investment bonuses and all that.

One Deal per week
most ranks but S are limited to one Deal per week. You don't have to have a Deal per week, you're simply not allowed more than that. You may have more than one Deals open at the same time in case you didn't get to finish the previous one in time.

Rank Difference Rule
If there is a gap of two or more ranks between an Entrés and an opponent, and the Entrés with the lower rank loses there is no penalty applied.

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From Civilian to Entrés Rank C:

50.000 -this is starting money, deposited by Midas upon agreeing to become an Entrés in the Financial District.
Initiation RP -Also known as... the only thing you need to do to aquire your starting fund; simply schedule a meet-up with Representative Masakaki.
Aspirtation Solo -a solo RP about your character's aspirations. This is needed so the artist can create your character's Asset.
Character Journal -with the basic details on your character

From Rank C to Rank B:

250.000 -Earned in whichever manner you see fit
10 completed RPs -Or RP credits

From Rank B to Rank A:

500.000 -Earned in whichever manner you see fit
20 completed RPs -Or RP credits

From Rank A to Rank S:

The recipe of success to rise to this rank is pretty obscure. The secret to it will be unlocked in due time, however...

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0666-392-4850137 - Hanamura Kujo - SL.PS. - Sisel [White Oblivion]
0666-392-5239903 - Mikan - FNC.B - Betta [Shailara]
0666-392-1432462 - Narukami Yukiteru - OGCC - Suigetsu [White Oblivion]
0666-392-1567812 - Sherwin Everett - ???? - ???? [Yvessa]
0666-392-2016777 - Darrel Pryce - ???? - ???? [Antique_Mesh]
0666-392-4017639 - Mori Nanako - ???? -???? [Fall of Reason]
0666-392-1011923 - Matsura Jun - PHES - Hitomu [Aletea]
0666-392-9376521 - Kasandra - BON.N - Salmoneus [Silver_tigress18]

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We compiled here... your most asked questions.
[More will be added to the list as more are asked]

Are these Roleplay Required?
Not, roleplay is encouraged and will help you grow a lot faster than collecting RP credits, but that's up to you to decide.

What is the Financial District?
It exists parallel to the 'outside' world, rumour has it it has been there since ancient times.

What are Entrés?
Entrés is short for Entrepreneurs, they are chosen by Midas Bank to fight in the Financial District with their futures held as collateral in exchange for large sums of money.

What are Assets?
Creatures that fight alongside their Entrés in Deals. They are meant to represent the future the Entrés is staking by entering the Financial District. The Assets can use attacks known as flations to damage their opponents that vary in type and strength. Flations are generally categorized in three levels of power; Micro, Mezzo and Macro.

What are Deals?
A battle between Entrés and their Assets. They traditionally last 666 seconds; 11 minutes and 6 seconds.

What are Midas Money?
Money printed by Midas Bank, traditionally used in the Financial District, they enter the flow of the outside world's economy

Is Representative Masakaki ubiquitous?
Indeed, that he is supposed to be at the very least.

Who is Representative Masakaki anyway?
A person, a manager, and also a shop mule, as well as a number of different things in the Financial District. He appears to know many things but claims that everything he does is 'an order from above'.

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Information about various important people [NPCs] goes here.

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If you would like to affiliate, please gently nudge Representative Masakaki with your request.

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User ImageUser Image
User Image

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[C] Kenji Nakamura & Noboru Takagi
[C -Gaia] Shailara & Representative Masakaki
[artwork] Shailara
[asset design] Shailara & White Oblivion
[guild management] White Oblivion

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