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Anxious Explorer

ohhh ok. I wasn't sure what that meant. I'm sorry. I can leave her out of the story so it doesn't effect her if that's what you mean. my apologies.
Hahah okay then Rav. =3=

Since I don't know how the contract to work in the Bathhouse exactly.
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Anxious Explorer

alright I took any references to the bathhouse owner. since I don't know what they will want to do with her.

thanks again to both of you.
Good luck on your quest! 8D

I hope I get hired as an artist here T A T
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Anxious Explorer

thank you and I wish you the best of luck <3333
Wishes of luck all around!!! /sprinkles thread
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Big Pup

Ravi's right guys xD;
There will definitely be things tied into the contract specifically, like what you're thinking, but you shouldn't come up with those on your own. Staff will work those details out with you!

Also, another half hour before I post percentages for the drinking game!

Edit: Let me rephrase.
It's totally acceptable to have ideas in that regards, but please try not to write them in such a way that seems "official" and try not to get too attached to them because the staff may have something different in mind or things may not work so well.

So, if you want to put those ideas down in a post, you're free to! Just be aware that they may not necessarily be used when we get around to hashing those details out with you, okay? Q u Q <3
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Anxious Explorer

ok, I was just brainstorming ideas for that. I'm not super attached. I'm always up for changing. I figured the staff would be the one to decide anyway. XD

thanks again guys <3333333 *bows*


"Sloppy Drunk"

"Sleepy Drunk"


"Pervy Drunk"

"Angry Drunk"

"Sad Drunk"


As a note, Nafretiti was affected 0% = u =

Everybody did their rolls today! 8D Congrats, guys~!

You may now roll again~

Erina_Nobara rolled 1 20-sided dice: 20 Total: 20 (1-20)

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Anxious Explorer

*rolls* <333

Delicate Rose Bud generated a random number between 1 and 20 ... 17!

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Sparkly Genius

Turns out my hotel has free wifi!
We got a unanimous superior!!!! (the exuivalent of an A+)
I am so proud of my cello section~ they reall pulled it togeather
The judges even noted our effort~
I smiled throughout the whole performance and now my cheeks ache
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Big Pup

Aaaaawww, good job Rose! Q u Q Also great news about the wifi, it makes things so much easier!

Aric Val rolled 1 20-sided dice: 2 Total: 2 (1-20)

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Shameless Hunter

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Sparkly Genius

So much easier~
How was your Friday Snoof? OuO
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Dedicated Flatterer

Everybody roll nao UX

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