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{:{ w e l c o m e }:}

" Welcome to the Bunlings Shop! My name is Maya-Toki, and I am the current Bunlings guardian!

A long while ago, Sleinah and her Sprite, Winkle, came across a magical land, one that can only be reached by the train behind the shop. Upon discovery, the pair learned of the little creatures that conquered the land, and named them Bunlings!

Bunlings are little, jelly-like bunnies, very friendly and lovable in nature. As the Bunlings population grew, Sleinah and Winkle began giving them to families with good homes, to care for the helpless creatures.

That's where I come in! I was the shop helper, although I never owned any bunlings myself, as I'm always surrounded by the little guys! Now, Sleinah and Winkle have become much too busy to continue the care for the Bunlings, so I offered my assistance, and have been dubbed "guardian" of the Bunlings.

So I welcome you with open arms! Please, take a look around, and enjoy your stay! Just be careful not to step on any of the Bunlings!! <3

.: The Original Bunlings Thread :.

*~Typing colors~*
Berry~Blush is red
Hanafly is grey
Rainbow Lime is doger blue
KobietaKotki is hot pink

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User Image

{:{ t a b l e . o f . c o n t e n t s }:}

" Ah yes, here is our directory! If you don't know where something is, please refer to it at any time! "

{: 1 :} Inroduction
{: 2 :} Table of Contents and Updates
{: 3 :} Rules
{: 4 :} Story
{: 5 :} Certs and Stages
{: 6 :} Items
{: 7 :} Events
{: 8 :} The Train Station
{: 9 :} Breeding
{: 10 :} Customs
{: 11 :} Lists
{: 12 :} Affiliates
{: 13 :} IC Staff
{: 14 :} OoC Staff
{: 15 :} Disclaimer

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{:{ u p d a t e s }:}

{: 6/1 :} The very first Buncake has made it's appearance!

{: 4/11 :} First flatsale date is up! <3

{: 4/4 :} The Fairy Raffle & Auctoin are up and running, go cheack them out in post 7! heart

{: 4/1 :} The thread is finally ready for some posts!

{: 3/30 :} SS 2006 Bunlings are being grown and sent out. Thanks for being patient, and please continue to bear with us! We're doing as much as we can without killing ourselves! <3

{: 3/9 :} Thread has been made and everything is being set up!

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User Image

{:{ r u l e s }:}

" These are the shop's rules. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and one of our staff would be happy to help you! "

{:{ s h o p . r u l e s }:}

{: 1 :} Follow all original Gaia ToS and rules!
{: 2 :} Please do not steal anything from this thread!
{: 3 :} Don't whine or grouch or yell or cause any drama. I think that we all agree that a drama free place is a happy place. ;D
{: 4 :} Please read the entire first page before asking any questions. It irritates people sometimes when you don't use the resourses you already have. ^^;;;
{: 5 :} More rules may be added in the future, without warning, as the staff sees fit...

{:{ r o l e p l a y . r u l e s }:}

{: 1 :} No godmodding.
{: 2 :} No killing / stepping on Bunlings. Really now, do you want the death of a loved one weighing down your mind?
{: 3 :} Keep it PG 13 please!
{: 4 :} Please keep track and be honest with your own rp point tally.
1 points = Ooc rp * like this * 3 points for each post in a roleplay 5 points for journal roleplay
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User Image

{:{ s t o r y }:}

" Ah yes, you're probably wondering how Bunlings came to be. Many people ask this so we've decided to hang the story on the wall, like many other documents, for our customers to enjoy freely. "

Discovery of the Bunlings

User Image

This year would soon come to an end. Changes gradually took place from the atmosphere to the people themselves. The first snowflake had set foot on the so-called land and snow immediately ruled. Winter was finally here.

Cool breeze gently brushed on Slei's exposed cheeks. Even though she was wearing her newly-bought winter outfit, she still felt cold. She crossed her arms just below her bosom then took a deep breath and exhaled through her mouth.

Winkle noticed her mommy's uneasiness with this "new" weather. She flew up to her and tried to squeeze her tiny body beneath Slei's crossed arms. She then looked up and asked, "Are you alright, Mama? Do you feel cold?"

Slei looked down and found her Buna so worried about her condition. She appreciated Winkle's concern but she had to deal her petty problem on her own. "I'm fine, Winkle. It's just a bit cold. I could use some warmth, though." She brought Winkle closer to her face and smothered her with kisses.

Winkle giggled. When Slei was finally done, she placed a kiss on her mommy's cheek then smiled.

Slei smiled back and hugged her Buna tight. "Ooh! You are just so sweet!"

While they were still hugging and snuggling respectively, something bounced its way behind a bush. It bounced again producing a 'boink' sound. Slei heard it and quickly looked for the source. She thought someone was sneaking up on them but when the bouncing thing finally came out from behind the bush, both Slei and Winkle were startled.

It looked like it was made of pink jelly. It had ears that resembled of a bunny's, had a holly on, and had tiny wings which didn't seem to help it fly at all. And, it was obviously bigger then Winkle.

It bounced closer to the two who were still staring at it in awe. Then, it began to speak, "Merry Christmas!"

Winkle blinked uncertain if she would reply or be afraid of it. Slei chuckled then replied, "It's not yet Christmas, but, same to you."

The pink jelly bunny blinked twice then spoke again, "Merry Christmas!" This time, she smiled and bounced up and down.

Slei burst in laughter at the pink jelly. Winkle looked up her mommy and wondered what she was laughing about. "Mama, what's wrong?"

Slei's laughter finally subsided and replied, "Nothing, dear. I bet that thing could only say 'Merry Christmas.' And she's cute."

Winkle was about to say something when another pink jelly bounced toward them. Little ones followed as well.

"Mama, look! They're a big family!"

"Wow! You're right, Winkle. There must be a lot more."

More of them came and suddenly, the garden was full of pink jellies bouncing. Slei has to get rid of them, fast! She didn't have to think for a long time. An idea immediately came to her. She could give them to people as a Christmas present.

"Winkle, I've got an idea! Let's give one to each of the people we know." Slei told Winkle with a grin on her face.

"Uhm...sure, Mama. They can greet them for us." Winkle chuckled at her own words.

Slei did, as well. She then thought of giving them a species name. 'Hmm...bunlings! Yes! That's right,' she thought.

"Let's call them bunlings. Christmas bunlings."


Slei made them follow her outside of their garden now filled with snow. Winkle flew beside her as the bunlings followed. They seemed to be happy and they even seemed to be dancing the congo.

They went from house to house leaving a bunling each. The bunlings left didn't complain at all. In fact, they waited for the doors to open preparing to greet.

Slei and Winkle went home after they had every bunling given away. They didn't have to worry anymore about spending.

(This is not a part of December Days but I'm just posting this now 'cuz December Days will have lots of parts.o.o)

.: o r i g i n a l . l o c a t i o n :.

User Image
User Image

{:{ c e r t s }:}

" When you adopt a happy Bunling friend this shop also packages and ships a small habitat for them to live in! They're small enough to fit somewhere in your home and big enough for the Bunlings to entertain themselves! "

User Image

" Here we have little Noix! She is my personal best friend, and is always a great help when we go searching for new Bunlings!

As you can see, she is living in a little green cert. When you get your Bunling, you can choose from four different colours! There's blue, pink, purple, and green!

Ahh, you noticed the little dolls? Cute, eh? Yes, well, Bunlings can get a little lonely at times, so we've got two little guys to keep your friend amused. Before they left, Winkle added a little bit of Sprite Dust to them, so they can be just as active as the Bunlings themselves! n.n

Down in the right-hand corner is where you can store different items, such as food and drink, and other special items you can find around the store!

Your name, as the rightful guardian of the Bunling, will be on the left of the habitat. And the Bunlings name and gender will be on the right! Because both male and female Bunlings look exactly the same, it's sometimes difficult to differenciate them. That's what we're here for!

User Image

User Image

{:{ s t a g e s }:}

" Yes, these are the stages that a normal Bunling goes through. If you find yourself wanting more detail, just ask and it'll be available to you! "

User Image

{ egg . stage } - The first stage of your Bunling's life! Most Bunlings are adopted at this stage so that they can bond with their new friend as they grow. They come on a little magical cloud that carries them around. This cloud seems to have a mind of its own! At this stage, Bunlings are baisically eggs so they can't really do anything. All they need at this point is a lot of love and attention. <3

{ babette } - The Bunling has come out of its egg! Not quite an egg, but still not a full-grown bunling, this is the akward "child/teenage" stage every being goes through! At this point, you can see the Bunling and it can now do things! Be careful, it's newly developed and its skin is very sensitive, much like just-made jello. Because of this, your Bunling won't be able to move on its own just yet so it still uses the cloud as transportation. It can barely communicate with you so you'll have to teach it!

{ adult . stage } - Hooray! Your Bunling is now fully grown and can do all kinds of things now! It can now speak to you and can now move around on its own.

User Image

" In order to let you know how they feel, Bunlings have a special way of communicating! "

Tiny speach bubbles may or may not appear on your Bunling's cert. Depending on what one is, you may need to feed your Bunling or just give it some attention. Sometimes, its just there to show that your Bunling really loves you.

User Image
User Image

{:{ i t e m s }:}

" Here at the Bunling store we also have several items to keep your Bunling happy and satisfied! If you wish to order please read this chart and then proceed with your gift giving! "

User Image

{ Carrot: (5g) + A freshly picked carrot to fill your hungry friend's belly. }
{ Poring Doll: (25g) + A pink doll to play with! So cute~ }
{ Water: (10g) + Fresh, delicious water to hydrate your thirsty Bunling! }
{ Ani Doll: (25g) + A cute little doll for your Bunling to play with! This one has cute little ears, too. }
{ Decor Plant: (15g) + A nice looking plant for you to decorate your Bunling's cert with. }
{ Ball: (10g) + A fun bouncy ball to play with! }
{ Flower 1: (15g) + A decorative flower for your Bunling's habitat. }
{ Flower 2: (15g) + A small flower to decorate your habitat! }
{ Boom Box: (10g) + Something for your musical hearing needs! }
{ Book: (10g) + Something for your Bunling to read, so they don't get bored. }

User Image

{ Ribbons: (??g) + A cute little ribbon for your Bunling's ear! }
{ Glasses: (??g) + Glasses, just in case you can't see~ }
{ Flower Crown: (??g) + Now you too can look like a princess. }
{ Coco/Kiki Kitty: (??g) + A stuffed plush to keep your friend company. }
{ Pink Hat: (??g) + A hat in the shade of pink. }
{ Flower: (??g) + A fresh flower to add to a fresh look! }
{ Cap: (??g) + A perfect cap to look good~ }
{ Cool Shades: (??g) + What's up dude? }
{ ???: (??g) + Oui, oui! }
{ Eye Patch: (??g) + Arrrrr, mate! I lost an eye! }
{ Bandana: (??g) + Add a little style with a simple object. }
{ Earings: (??g) + Nothing says tough like two piercings! }
{ Head Flower: (??g) + A flower growing out of your head? What?! }

User Image
User Image

{:{ e v e n t s }:}

" So you find yourself wanting a cute little Bunling friend of your own, eh? Here we have special ways of adopting so please take a look at this form before we continue with the adoption papers. "

Most flatsales will usually be speed based flatsales. There may be a time where another kind of flatsale will be held and a seperate set of rules will then be posted. But for now, these are the rules for the speed flatsales.

1. Do not post until we post GO! in the thread.
2. To claim a bunling please post 'I would like ____ bunling' or something along those lines.
3. Once winners are confirmed, send trade immediantly and post a completed form.
4. Do not edit posts.
5. You can only claim one bunling per sale, that means if you wish to claim one for a friend you can not claim one for yourself.
6. Please do not guilt trip others or whine!

Next Flatsale: N/A

Flatsale Previews:

Flatsale Price: 1,500 gold

1. Colored by
2. Colored by
3. Colored by
4. Colored by

[b]Colorist & Bunling #:[/b]
[b]Cert Color:[/b]
[b]Extra Items:[/b]
[b]Total Cost:[/b]

Raffles will also be held on special occations. This type of event is different every time so different sets of rules will be out for each one.

Current Raffles: None
End Date: N/A
Ticket Cost: N/A
# of Slots: N/A

Info: N/A

Ticket Holders Winners:

Auctions can also be held at certain times. The rules are usually the same each time but can be changed.

Current Auction: None
End Date: N/A
Minimum Increase: N/A


-No co-owning is allowed for this auction-
-Only bid what you have, if you dont' have it, don't spend it-
-Please do not discourage other bidders from bidding-
-I will add more if needed-


User Image
User Image

{:{ t h e . t r a i n . s t a t i o n }:}

User Image

" So, you've heard the stories, and now you want to know just where the bunlings come from, eh?

The Bunling World, obviously! But you already knew that... I can see you don't really believe me though.

Well, for a long time, it was rather difficult for us humans to get to the Bunling World. But for them to travel back and forth was simple! See that little toy train in the corner? Haven't you ever wondered why on Earth we would have a toy train in our store?

That little train is the portal between the Bunling World and our own! As you can see, it's a little too small for us to fit on. So our solution?

We built a bigger one! Just in back of the store! If you ever want to go see the Bunling World, just hop on the train! It's only a hop, skip and a jump away!

Oh, but don't forget your ticket! Just see Mr. Bosworth, out on the platform. He'll tell you all you need to know! <3

User Image

User Image
User Image

{:{ b r e e d i n g }:}

" On rare occations, a Bunling couple will appear and will be prepared to breed. But since Bunlings are such special creatures they also breed in a special way. "

Breeding slots will be open once in a while depending on the colorist. If there is a spot open, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

.: Both parents are adult Bunlings :.
.: Both owners agree to this breeding :.
.: You have enough money :.

Once you have met those requirements, please contact your colorist of choice for further instructions.

KobietaKotki's Thread
Current Status: Closed

Berry~Blush's Thread
Current Status: Open

Rainbow Lime's Thread
Current Status: OPEN!!

Hanafly's Thread
Current Status: Closed

User Image
User Image

{:{ c u s t o m s }:}

" What was that I hear? You couldn't find the Bunling you wanted? Well, under special occations I can personally find the Bunling friend of your dreams! With a few details I'll start looking for your potential friend and I'll let you know if we find someone! "

Depending on the colorist you choose, there will be different kinds of customs they offer. In order to learn more, please go to a colorist's thread in the guild.

KobietaKotki's Thread
Current Status: Closed!

Berry~Blush's Thread
Current Status: Closed sweatdrop

Rainbow Lime's Thread
Current Status: CLOSED

Hanafly's Thread
Current Status: Closed.
User Image
User Image

{:{ l i s t s }:}

" Ahh, yes, this is our wall of, what I like to say is our "Wall of Fame and Shame". Some of these people are up here for good reasons and some are for bad. Let's keep it so that you make it on the good, shall we? "

White List
All the staff members~ Yay! xD
Sleinah - Awesome Creator <3

Black List
None; Yay~

User Image
User Image

{:{ a f f i l i a t e s }:}

" Here we have a wall of advertisements from other shops here in Gaia. Why not take a look at them? "

Our Banner:

User Image


If you would like to be added, please PM Maya-Toki with your banner.

{:{ The List}:}

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

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User Image

User Image

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image
User Image

{:{ i c . s t a f f }:}

Maya-Toki: The sweet shop manager that wishes to find good homes for all of her Bunling friends. She is a young female who serves as a sort of "motherly figure" to the Bunlings.

Mr. Bosworth: The kind man who runs the train station, both for Bunlings and humans alike. He can often be found on the human train or selling tickets.

User Image
User Image

{:{ o o c . s t a f f }:}

KobietaKotki: Co-co-co-owner and colorist, she saved the bunlings from destruction, and although she's a little weird, she always means well! n.n

Hanafly: Co-co-co-owner and colorist, she can sometimes be crazy usually has lots of free time on her hands. xD

Berry~Blush: Co-co-co-owner and colorist, she usually is lurking ninja , but just say something and she might pop out from no where.

Rainbow Lime: Co-co-co-owner and colorist, she can be really random at times and her timezone does mean she isn't always as active as others but if you see her, say hello!

User Image
User Image

{:{ d i s c l a i m e r }:}

Original Bunlings Concept, Art, Certs (c) Sleinah
Banner Design (c) Hanafly
Cloud Brush (c) Here
Flower Brush (c) (Sorry, I really don't know. If you do, please feel free to PM me the website so I can properly give them credit.)

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