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~:Current News:~
11.28.13 :: Constellation event postponed until after the new year. Have some Secret Santas in the mean time? XD They should open Dec 1st.
10.3.13 :: Revisions are done. There is an event in the works. See page 292.
9.8.13 :: Shop and Thread under going revisions

~:Old News:~
2.29.13 :: Easter Event begins!!
2.16.13 :: St. Patrick's Event begins!!
2.1.13 :: Valentines Event begins
1.16.13 :: First event/Valentines Event planned
1.16.13 :: Thread layout built
1.15.13 :: Main lines finished, templates WIP
10.**.12 :: Interest thread started

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In the beginning...

Telos, an untouched land primarily dominated by reptilian life. From its rocky beaches, to its deep seas, the planet teems with life, but some inhabitants are stranger, more unique then the others. Leathery wings, embedded crystals, and psychic abilities to name a few seem to be running wild in some of the larger beasts. Evolution is running rampant, but it was not always this way. In the early years the planet resembled that of earth's Jurassic era, until one night in early spring when the night was lit on fire with multiple objects falling from the sky. Parthos, one of the main continents of Telos, was the first to be hit, by two comets.

Tura, the first to hit, landed near a sandy area, the impact killing thousands of sea and beach dwelling creatures. The crater still remains today, filled with water when the tides are high, the pool gives off a slight glow. This same glow was much brighter in the long ago, seeping into the oceans of Telos. Curious, the surviving creatures swam in the glow, forever changing their fates.

Malois, the second comet to hit, landed in the high mountain ranges of Parthos. The crater from the comet cuts the lands natural mountain range in half, and over the ages water has pooled here to create a mystic lake. Many creatures retain their fears of the thing that lives at the bottom of the comet created lake and refuse to adventure too close. Though not as many animals were destroyed in the comets initial blast, it seemed that the water coming down from the mountain gave many a sickness. Many parents turned on children that seemed to be sprouting extra limbs, horns, and fur.

Some mutant children managed to escape and start their own colonies of dragons, and furthered their species in advancement of magic with genetic mutation. Several clans were formed when distinct traits stayed with certain lines of dragons. Only the oldest of the lines remember these times, most hid away into the world with the impression that they were in danger still lingering in their minds. Some of these elders lacked the intelligence to comprehend the situation at hand.

As the clans grew in size and strength a great peace fell over the land for many generations.

The Present

The island of Parthos lay in waste. Forests smoldered in cindered husks of the mass of trees that once overtook the land. Scorched bones litter the landscape in dishevel, threatening to come to life and destroy what little is left. The comet craters for once are quiet, with no signs of the glowing power they once held before.

What happened here? The earth below erupted with molten life. Angry fires, and molten dragons burst through the crust and over took the land burning and ravaging anything they touched as they went. Slowly, the food became scarce and fights for what remained were to the death. Dragons of the sea retreated to the depths of their former home, facing the countless monsters rather then face starvation as the beaches began to boil.

In a final stand to save his race Omino, one of the original ancient air dragons, sealed the last of his kind in a crystal prison at the very top of crater mountain in a network of caves. He gave his life to set a spell in place that would keep them sealed until the land returned to the lush life sustaining home it had once been. His body lay frozen in time as the spell turned him to stone, above the entrance to the crystal caverns. Crystals of all shapes and sizes spilled forth from the entrance, as if they were creeping their way out of the cave.

Hundreds of years had past, still the land lay sparse and stricken, as if a wound had been placed over it that would not heal on its own. The cavern was silent.. and yet.. something inside stirred. A silent prayer for life to return sang out in all of the rocks, the trees, the ghosts of the past. Free us, begged the crystals above the mountain range, free us! Their pleas fell on deaf ears, nothing returned. Death hovered over the island, clung to it for hundreds of years to pass. Perhaps it clung to tightly..

In death Omino's statue body was nothing against the force of time. A crack formed, and grew. It grew, and grew, until it went from neck to torso. Deeper it went, until finally, the statue could take no more. The lifeless head of the once brave and powerful Omino fell before the cave splitting into two halves each landing with a hollow thud. But it would seem upon a second look, that hollow they are not. It seems geodes have started forming throughout the statue..pushing it open from the inside along with the cold weather, and the agents of time. They sat unmoving in their statue home, waiting for the right shove to unveil their secrets...


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.::Roleplay Areas or Areas of Interest::.


Hot Sands - Birthplace of the aquatic dragon main species. Natural nesting grounds since the sand is heated from the sun, and a natural spring beneath

Tura Comet Landing Zone - The crater left by the comets impact into the beach, empty at low tide and full of glowing water at night. Many see it as a taboo thing to go near this sacred area, though some still venture close in hopes of attaining greater power.

Fura Isle - A large island near the hot sands that is one of the main resting places of the larger creatures of the sea that dare come out to sun themselves in its welcoming sands.

Rocky Beach - This is a very long stretch of cliffs, rocky cuts, some sandy beach areas littered with rock debris. Home to some of the more malicious aquatic species. A lot of action can be seen here during breeding season as males fight for the right to mate.

Eastern Forrest -Light forests, small bits of open grass lands, and then some denser forest areas as it gets closer to the mountain ranges. Some earth dragons find this a suitable area to nest, usually the more bulky ones that cannot make the steep climb to return to their birth place.

Crater Mountain - Formerly known as Steep Rock, or Big Rock mountain. After the mountain was split in two, it was gradually over time simply called Crater Mountain. Mostly air dragons claim the high roosts that the mountain offers, but in the lower reaches of the mountains ridges and caverns earth dragons heavily populate the fertile grounds.

Uncharted Snowy Top - This area is restricted, characters that wish to travel to this area must unlock the snow travel ability.

Malois Comet Landing Zone - Once just a deep hole, over the years it has filled with water that has a faint ghostly hue when the sun goes down. Dare not stay to close to this lake at night, legends say that the cruel Artha once flew as high as he could with a young water dragon hatching and threw it into the lake. Many thought the impact killed it, but some travelers that go to the lake, never return.

Deep Woods This area is restricted. It will not be unlocked until the Climb the Mountain meta is completed.

.::Meta Plots Archive::.

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Species 1: Crystaline Dragons

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Geode -> Hatchling -> Adult (M)(F) -> Legendary (M)(F)


There are currently no known mutations.
Please see breeding for more information on this subject.


Short Wing (Fins)


Horny Toad



[Current Mutations and Unlock credits]

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Somewhere along the lines animals became trapped in the crystals. Over the years of being within the confines of their crystal prisons these animals began to change with the dragons. On rare instances a geode will spring forth with one of the poor creatures. Mice with rubies, foxes with gems and shimmering fur! These amazing mini critters are so happy to be free that they often pledge their lives to the person who has saved them!

Mini pets, or familiars, will come in four different tiers.

User Image

User Image


Mystic Owl

Spectral Summon


User Image

.::Questions and Suggestions Forum::.

Please post any questions or suggestions you may have about this shop in the threads linked above.


Can I buy a dragon and never come back again?
Yes, but we'd miss you!

Can I have one for free?
Maybe, if you're really really nice? But to be fair we can't give everyone a free one!

I NEED this dragon to wear a dress, a wizard hat, and to be riding a horse
No! Well, ok but that will cost you a ton in customs!

How often are flatsales?
As often as anyone is able to color up a bunch, if flats are not open, try customs or bribes in the guild

Are these pets roleplay required?
No but you usually get special bonuses and items through roleplay

.::Rules (Sales)::.

Payment must be received within 24 hours of completion (custom) or acknowledgement of win (game/flatsale) or the pet will go to the next person in line, or be auctioned off. Completion for customs means it has been approved by you.

Items will be accepted only for customs and auctions, and only once the colorist in charge of the event agrees.

No bid withdrawal. If you bid and win but cannot pay for your pet, the pet will go to the next highest bidder and you will be barred from the next auction(s) depending on circumstances.

.::Rules (Thread conduct)::.

Be nice! All the time! Even if you're having a bad day. This is no place for drama.

No stealing the artwork, if you are caught you will be banned from the shop.

If arguments arise and get heated, please see rule one.

.::Rules (Roleplay)::.

No Godmode, except for shop staff

Be polite when roleplaying with others, give everyone a chance to respond or quote someone and say tag to get their attention.

This is a different planet, try not to include earthly things and dealings in your roleplaying activities!

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.::Roleplay Paradise::.

Before you begin or join a RP, please be sure to read the RP guidelines.

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[ORP] Dragon Introductions
NPC Haakon is waiting to greet you! Click above to go see!


Being Reworked please excuse the mess!
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Breedings are always open. A new thread will be opened each month. Breedings will never cost gold. Instead they are paid for with Crystal Points and/or a Crystal Formation earned via mining.

Here’s the Shard break down:
50 Crystal Shards can be traded for 1 Crystal Point which is worth 1 Geode.
3 Crystal Points can be traded for 1 Crystal Formation which is worth 4 Geodes.

How to combine your hard earned Points and Formations:
A breeding may have 1-7 Geodes. How many is up to you!
Option 1- 1-5 Points may be used for a corresponding 1-5 Geodes.
Option 2- A combo of 1 Formation and up to 3 Points may be used, for a max of 7 Geodes.
Note: Only 1 Formation may be used per breeding.
Rainbow Points/Formations are used for Same Sex Breedings and work the same.

About the Geodes:
After the first 3 Geodes, there is no guarantee that a Geode will hatch a dragon; with each progressive Geode the chance of a baby dragon decreases. Why bother then to get more Geodes? Dud Geodes hold special prizes! Including rare familiars that are only available this way.

What’s your odds:
This is the chance your geode has to become a hatching. If it fails it will become a dud.
-4th geode 90%
-5th geode 75%
-6th geode 50%
-7th geode 25%

What’s with the Mutations:
Crystal Dragons won’t be the only specie of dragon out there eventually. That’s where you come into play. Mutations like wings and horns are only available through breeding or special customs. (See the customs post for more information on that.) The right combo of mutations will result in the unlocking of a new specie.

General Mutations List:
Mutations can be achieved by any breeding pair and will be decided by rolling a 100 sided dice for each geode.

1 Horns (antler, unicorn, horny toad, cattle)
7 Albino
14 Gemless
25 Horns (antler, unicorn, horny toad, cattle)
35 Smooth
42 Epic
50 Horns (antler, unicorn, horny toad, cattle)
55 Smooth
65 Gemless
75 Horns (antler, unicorn, horny toad, cattle)
100 Wings (bat, angel, magic, short)

General mutations will always be recessive, so if a winged male and horned female are combined, there will be a 25% chance for either trait to be passed on to any of the offspring.

For a pair of winged dragons, there will be a 50% chance that the trait will be passed.

The only general mutation this does not apply to is albinism, this will always be a 10% chance to be passed on. Albino dragons will still have pastel markings passed on from their parents, and pastel colored eyes. True albinos will happen rarely from parents with little to no markings.

Message from Kats: To unlock further species it will be finding the right combo of mutations to produce a new line. I’m not exactly sure how intense or easy I am going to make this part. We will release hints on the next steps needed to get closer to the next race to be released.

For more detailed info please see the Breeding Thread.
User Image

Customs info and staff shops can be found in the guild [here]

Some important things to remember about customs!User Image

-> Only unlocked mutations can be added onto custom pets, an "unlocked" mutation is something that has been achieved through breeding. Of course each mutation will have a price tag, the rarer the mutation the higher the price. This is to reward breeding opposed to buying your way into it.

-> Some mutations can be purchased even though they are not unlocked, these will have two different price tiers, "Edit" and "Unlocked-solo". Edit mode of this mutation means it will not carry over in anyway to offspring and be treated as an edit. Unlocked solo means it is unlocked but only for this dragon, and in no way globally unlocks this mutation. Since we want these brought about through breeding, the prices on these will be heavy, but if you do not have the time to mine for shards, we understand.

-> Since breeding is priority, custom slots will be limited and first come first served. Sometimes there will be a sign up sheet and the slots rolled off, this will depend on the colorists. We of course will try our best to have games, flats, and other events for those of you who do not have dragons. We hope to have a trading post as well for people looking to trade off geodes or hatch lings for shards. (No gold trades).

-> We will also have custom "cool down" times to spread out the love. 3 month cool down on bribe slots, 2 month on reg spots. Share the love!

-> NO COSPLAYS AT THIS TIME. You may order "Inspired" dragons, but absolutely no cosplays at this time. Cosplays may be available at events from time to time, or we may remove this rule at our discretion.

User Image

Most items for the shop can only be purchased with crystal shards, but there are some items that we will have available for gold at times! You can also trade some shard bought items for items in the shop.

Gold Trade Items

User Image

Geode Color Dyes

Want some of your geodes to have additional colors that the parents do not have? Throw some dyes in! Max of 2 dyes per geode. Dyes must be given at time of breeding. If you want a specific shade of the color (red - pink) notify the colorist in charge of your breeding. 500g per dye.

Red * Orange * Yellow * Green * Blue * Purple * Black * Brown * White

Shard Trade Items

Rainbow Crystal Point
Used in Same sex breeding, same properties as Crystal Point.


Cost: 1 Crystal Point

Rainbow Crystal Formation
Used in Same sex breeding, same properties as Crystal formation.


Cost: 1 Crystal Formation

User Image

Overfiend Katsumi - Owner, lineartist, colorist
magnadearel - Co-Owner, colorist
Kathryn Dragonna - Guest colorist
THeSLuSH - Co-Owner, event/shard points manager - MIA
Freaksrus - Part-Time Certist
shinra_the_dark - Banner Maker!

Roleplay manager

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Taking affiliates at this time.

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