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As You Wish is a Boy’s Love shop. We sell pets that are made on-demand, as you wish. There are no pre-determined races, no RP requirements and no limit to how many you can own. We are here to serve you in your every fantasy.
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30/6/12: While cleaning out the backroom the store attendant found some strange balls... maybe he can sell them down at the marketplace? User Image
28/05/12: finished Akki's drider.
11/03/12: finished Narumi's cosplay
21/2/02: Finished Akki's drow
1/23/12: finished melomar's boy
1/10/12: finished Fai the shop's first cosplay!
1/1/12: Finished Ashes to the Wind. all freebies done.
12/28/11: finished Emothunder's elf. Page 15
12/26/11: Freebies stacking, taking orders still.
12/22/11: Thread set-up begins. Guild still U/C

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As you enter the boutique, a thin silver bell chimes overhead, signalling to the proprietor that you have arrived once more for your collection. The young man that stumbles from the back room appears to have been imbibing recently, the smell of brandy clings to his breath as he offers you his hand. This is not the only queerness you have suffered through in procuring the asset you have sought from this place.

There is, unfortunately no other boutique or emporium that offers the unique service you have come for today, and the drunken man that shakes your hand vigorously is no fool. He offers you tea, or coffee, if your taste is less refined, and then absconds once more into the back room. You check your timepiece. You have set aside the precise amount of time required for this appointment, but excitement overwhelms your control of the fidgety action.
Shortly, the young man returns, your parcel in hand

“This tome is rare indeed,” he assures you, “I cannot tell you the untold danger I faced to attain it; but rest assured that it is the genuine article. In this compendium lies the answer you seek but be warned, some answers are not always gentle.”

His final warning still echoing in your mind, you leave the boutique, hurrying down the street to your waiting automobile. Behind you, although you do not notice, the boutique fades in the evening fog, eddies of smoke drift past, higher and higher, until abruptly, nothing remains but an empty storefront that surely cannot be the same store. Gone, as it often is. But never completely.

The boutique is many places at once, many types of store at once. One day it is a bathhouse, the next a bookstore, often a clothier, though on occasion a gentleman’s club. They specialize in the occult, curious elixirs and concoctions, but also in companionship and fashion. Some wander inside this bizarre portal without knowing what form it has taken. The price always seems reasonable, and the delivery is prompt. The young man has never been known to raise his voice or speak out of turn when a customer speaks.

It always arrives again, as though called, when you command. And to every request, no matter how peculiar or impossible, the young man behind the counter always bows and says, “As you wish.”

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User Image1/ do not discourage others from buying or participating in the shop

User Image2/ be polite, both to staff and other customers. You catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

User Image3/ pay promptly. As soon as your order is accepted, send the payment. Failure to send the payment within 24 hours will result in you losing your slot.

User Image4/ RP follows the daisy code.

User Image5/ In-thread crack RP is fine, but full RP should go to the guild.

User Image6/ no begging or stealing the art.

User Image7/ Have fun.

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User Image

User ImageHow many can I have? As many as you want, there is no limit. However you cannot order more than 1 slot a week, to be fair to others.

User ImageHow much do they cost? See the pricing section.

User ImageHow often are slots opened? Usually once a week to start with, if demand gets bigger, we may increase numbers.

User ImageDo they grow? No, these are single stage pets. They can change appearance and have multiple outfits however, at a cost of 50k per additional outfit. (100k for cosplay additional outfits)
User Image
Do I need to RP them?
No. there are no RP requirements. There’s nothing to stop you from RPing them, of course. People who RP may get free slots to costume changes or even free pet offers, regardless it is voluntary.

User ImageI want a catboy with elf ears and angel wings and a fur coat and three swords and two shiny tattoos and half a million dollars in bling and hair that’s on fire and armour that glows at dusk, will I be rejected? We reserve the right to reject or lower the list if we feel it is unrealistic or impossible. We trust you that this won’t happen much.

User ImageAre there auctions or events? We might do special cosplay slots by raffle or auction, or normal slots, but mostly this shop operates as the title ‘as you wish’ occasionally a pre-made pet might be put up for an event.

User ImageI don’t like the way you drew the shirt, can I politely request a re-draw? Of course. If you are not happy with the result of your request, we will attempt to please your needs in a re-do. We will usually show you a very basic form of your boy about half-way through the project. If you have any trouble or concerns, that is the time to ask for modifications. This can mean colours, shirt changing, different hems, complete re-do of the shoes, etc. Please be polite about this however, remain civil and understand that everyone has different visions and tastes, sometimes it takes a bit of trying to get it to your wants.

User ImageWhere does the RP take place? In the guild.

User ImageNo, I mean, what setting? The setting is completely open to your desire and RP preferences. For RP purposes, the characters can be in any time and place. The reason for this is the magical boutique can appear in any time and place, from the streets of a fantasy town to the back-alley of alien worlds, modern super-malls to Victorian main roads.

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User Image

User ImageStep 1: pick your personality, there are four to choose from and this governs what template your boy comes on.

User ImageStep 2: choose your colours and any extras, fill out the form with any references. If requesting a cosplay, make sure you read the rules on cosplay races.

User ImageStep 3: send your PM to the mule and wait for the response. Only 3 slots are open at a time and we will choose first come first serve to be fair, so you may have to wait a little before your order comes through.

User ImageStep 4: after a confirmation from the mule that we are starting your order, please start the trade for it. Trade should be completed when the cert is delivered.

User ImageStep 5: enjoy!

[b]Name of Character:[/b] (whatever you are naming him)
[b]Race: [/b] (elf, cosplay, etc)
[b]Personality: [/b] (what personality base are we making him on?)
[b]Quote:[/b] (something short they might say)
[b]Hair: [/b] (refs are encouraged)
[b]Eyes: [/b]
[b]Skin: [/b]
[b]Face: [/b]( makeup, smile, etc.)
[b]Neck: [/b]
[b]Torso: [/b] (shirt, jacket, leather straps, bare etc.)
[b]Arms: [/b]
[b]Waist: [/b]
[b]Back: [/b]
[b]Legs: [/b]
[b]Feet: [/b]
[b]Extras: [/b](anything not covered above like magic swirls, flowery petals etc.)

User Image
User Image
User Image

User ImageDevoted: loyal and staunch boys who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. They are no pushovers, they just hold themselves to high standards.

User ImageFeisty: bubbly and excitable boys who like to play or have a fiery temper. They are easily riled up and just as easily riled down.

User ImageDashing: young men with a flare for drama, and like to make an impression, they are the heroic sort who spit off witty one-liners.

User ImageRefined: these guys don’t need to show off. They have style and grace, probably a little arrogance to match, but mostly they are in control of their own emotions.

User Image

User Image

You can have your boy as any type of race you want; elves, goblins, tree-ent, cyborg, catboy, alien etc. Minor edits like elf ears or cat ears and tail won’t raise the price, but major edits (like replacing feet with tree roots) will.

Cosplay are treated as their own race for sanity's sake.

User Image
User Image

Base pricing is 50k. This includes basic clothing (jacket, t-shirt, pants, shoes) hair, and small additions like a plain bracelet, elf-ears, cat tail, etc.

Extras 5k each: Wings, extra jewellery like; tattoos, piercings, bead necklaces, fur collars. Feathers, scales and fur items. Trees, vines and flowers. Magic and weapons count as extras. There are no limits to how many extras you may have, but please try to be realistic on what will show up.

Cosplay base pricing is 200k. Please provide plenty of refs for them, it is not our responsibility to find references for your cosplay. Also note, all our pets are male, so asking for a female cosplay is allowed, but it will be a male in female outfit.

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1/ Open -for pokemon boys
2/ Open - for pokemon boys
3/ Open- for pokemon boys
4/ Open- for pokemon boys

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Naughty and Nice list:

None so far!

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At the moment, just me. If things get too heavy, I might hire more people.

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--CosmicNeoQueenBunni-- : for the brilliant original bases and art.

r a d i o c a n i b a l : for beautiful linearting.

To respective brushes and DA fonts.

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Link to us:

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Links to other shops:

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