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Welcome! Welcome! If you're wondering what's going on here I'm afraid there's not alot I can explain, the Muses are nothing if not mysterious. If you'd like to find out more feel free to look around, they can't bite. If you need anything at all, just ask~


1// Intro and Index
2// News
3// Rules
4// FAQ
5// Story
6// Lineart
7// Availability
8// Customs
9// Breeding
10// Guild
11// Affiliates
12// Credits
13// Reserved

And yes, the whole shop is run in GMT. C:

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22/01/12 - Hiring has re-opened! And we say farewell to Reblic.

10/07/11 - Start of the Re-Opening Music Event. Surprise! o 3o
06/07/11 - Secret Event in a few days. <'3
04/07/11 - Had some eventage for the 4th of July. Grats owners. ow o
22/06/11 - New thread is open!
20/06/11 - Reblic is the new colourist!
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1// ___Stick to the Gaia TOS.
2// ___Be nice to everyone, no drama please.
3// ___Label Trades correctly.
4// ___Send trades to the correct colourist.
5// ___No begging for pets.
6// ___Don't pester for growings and such, I wont forget!
7// ___No moping if you don't win a pet, I understand that it's disappointing but be a good sport.
8// ___Always make others feel welcome.
9// ___Don't steal the art!
10// __Enjoy yourself.
11// __Don't bring all your dramas into the shop.
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Q// Are they roleplay required?

A// No, not at all. But with roleplay you can get special privellages with breeding and roleplay can even affect your pet's lineart in certain cases, pets will be offered through roleplay interaction and plots will be played through for special pets.
Go check out the guild for roleplay.

Q// Can the masks ever be removed?
A// No, unfortunately. (They're not uncomfortable though). The masks are a punishment, go to the story to find out more.

Q// Can Muses talk?

A// No, due to the mask fixed to their head. But they communicate telepathically to each other, which the Muses are so used to it's alot like talking.

Q// What animal are the Muses most like?

A// They're essentially a form of canine.

Q// Can they breed?

A// Of course. Go to the breeding section to find out more.

Q// Can I colour for you?

A// I have all the help I need right now, but I'm always interested in guest colourists for specific events. So PM me and we can talk.

Do you have any questions you'd like to ask?
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Once upon a time...

There lived a lonely witch. She spent all day in her little cottage on the edge of a small town, and she never came out and saw anybody. After a while the people in the town stopped trying to make friends with her and they even started to stay away from her cottage. This made the witch very sad, because she wished more than anything that she could have a friend. She didn’t leave her cottage because she was very shy around people, but nobody understood that.

One day the witch decided that she was going to make herself some friends. She was a powerful witch, although she didn’t use her magic much, so she thought that she’d be able to make herself someone that would love her and stay with her forever. So the witch cast the spell and she was surprised to see a small furry animal curled up at her feet. She smiled widely and introduced herself to the creature. In reply he promised never to leave her and to always be her very best friend. The witch was delighted. She was so happy that she made more and more and filled her house with her friends.

However, her happiness didn’t last long. The Muses, as she named them, became high spirited and lost sight of their original promise and they soon began to sneak out of the house when the witch wasn’t looking.

But the witch found out. She was napping when she heard laughing outside of the cottage. It was silent inside and she was horrified to see that the cottage was empty. She crept quietly outside and caught all of her friends playing with the children from the town. All the playing stopped; the Muses were suddenly very scared because they all remembered what they had promised her.

“I thought you were all going to be my friends, but now I find that I was wrong! You all lied to me.” She cried. “I’ll curse you all, forever and ever, so that you never forget what you've done to me.”

With a wave of her hand the witch watched as masks grew on the Muses and headphones materialised around their necks.

“Nobody wants to love someone they can’t hear, if they can’t hear you they can pretend you don’t exist. If they can’t see you, they can imagine you’re not there. Nobody will ever see the real you. You’ll forever stay anonymous and no one will ever understand you.”

The witch cackled sadly and disappeared. Leaving the Anonymous Muses with their cursed fate.
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Child (Center)

Your Anonymous Muse is a child, full of energy and curiosity. It seems to be a big effort to keep your Muse out of trouble right now.

Adult (Female Left, Male Right)

Your Muse has grown up, if you lean over and listen really hard, you sometimes think you can catch the sound of some quiet music, and just as you think you recognise it, the sound disappears. They're all grown up now so alot of the childish attitudes they had been displaying before are gone now, which just means less work for you.
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// Flatsales

Child // 4000 gold

Adult // 3000 gold

// Customs

// Customs are dealt with in the Guild.

!Go check out the customs post for availability!

// Pet Trades

// Dragonachu is always willing to do pet trades, just PM her.
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// So you want something a little more personal? You want a Muse that's exactly to your tastes and design? Welcome to customs~

// Please don't try and order a custom when ordering is closed. (Bribes work differently.)
// Send trades to the respective colourist! Not to the Mule!

// Most importantly, please do not rush these. Customs take time and effort - they take as long as they take.

All the individual customs information is over here in the Guild Workshops:

// Dragonachu's Customs
Status: CLOSED
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// Wow, so love is in the air, huh? Great! Now let's see about these little bundles of joy shall we?

// Breeding can be between opposite or same sex Muses.

// A dice will be rolled for how many pups are born, between 1 and 3 (more or less, depending on certain issues such as edits etc...)
// Another dice roll determines the gender, using one, ten sided dice- an even number produces a female and an odd a male.

Please look in the workshops for more breeding information regarding pricing:

// Dragonachu's Breeding [Link soon]
Status: CLOSED
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If you want to roleplay or chat about anything specific, go check out the Guild. Special announcements may be posted from time to time and possible sneak peeks at up and coming events!

// Anonymous Muse Guild // xxxXXXxxx

// Owners List (U/C) // xxxXXXxxx
// Roleplay // xxxXXXxxx
// Journals // xxxXXXxxx
// Cert Request // xxxXXXxxx
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If you'd like to affiliate just post your link and say so, I'll afilliate with anyone, regardless of banner size. So don't be shy~
And please, if you see a banner that interests you, click it! C:

Link with me?

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// Shop Owner - Dragonachu

// Lineart - Julian_Makoto
// Original Template - Julian_Makoto
// New Template - Alfred_Baramender
// Cert - Presca
// Story - Dragonachu & Udawni Khyveri
// Mule Design - IMoonDancer
// Previous Colourists - Reblic & CoyoteSparrow

All songs (on old Muse certs) copyright to their respective artists and production companies.

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