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The Fire Slaves Roleplay contest! 0.046511627906977 4.7% [ 2 ]
Flatsale! 0.069767441860465 7.0% [ 3 ]
The molten dragon auction! 0.093023255813953 9.3% [ 4 ]
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.1.24.2012. - thread started
.2.7.2012. - release of valentines event
.2.14.2012. - vday event close @ 9pm cntrl



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.::Where Am I?::.

~>>Page 1<<~

.:1:. Intro and calendar
.:2:. T.o.C.
.:3:. F.A.Q. and Rules
.:4:. Storylines and Plots
.:5:. Comet Affected (Species)
.:6:. Friends (Familiars)
.:7:. Foes (Bosses and monsters)
.:8:. Roleplay
.:9:. Battle Systems
.:10:. Items
.:11:. Customs
.:12:. Staff Info
.:13:. Links Out
.:14:. Notes (Coming soon info posted here)
.:15:. Credits

~>>Page 2<<~

.:1:. Current Event Info
.:2:. TBD by Event
.:3:. TBD by Event
.:4:. TBD by Event
.:5:. TBD by Event

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Can I buy a dragon and never come back again?

Yes, but we'd miss you!

Can I have one for free?

Maybe, if you're really really nice? But to be fair we can't give everyone a free one!

I NEED this dragon to wear a dress, a wizard hat, and to be riding a horse

No! Well, ok but that will cost you a ton in customs!

How often are flatsales?

As often as anyone is able to color up a bunch, if flats are not open, try customs or bribes in the guild

Are these pets roleplay required?

No but you usually get special bonuses and items through roleplay

.::Rules (Sales)::.

Payment must be received within 24 hours of completion (custom) or acknowledge ment of win (game/flatsale) or the pet will go to the next person in line, or be auctioned off. Completion for customs means it has been approved by you.

Items will be accepted only for customs and auctions, and only once the colorist in charge of the event agrees.

No bid withdrawl. If you bid and win but cannot pay for your pet, the pet will go to the next highest bidder and you will be barred from the next auction(s) depending on circumstances.

.::Rules (Thread conduct)::.

Be nice! All the time! Even if you're having a bad day.This is no place for drama

No stealing the artwork, if you are caught you will be banned from the shop

If arguements arise and get heated, please see rule one

.::Rules (Roleplay)::.

No Godmode, except for shop staff

If you miss a role or get a low number, you cannot reroll

Be polite when roleplaying with others, give everyone a chance to respond or quote someone and say tag to get their attention.

This is a different planet, try not to include earthly things and dealings in your roleplaying activitys!

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Telos, an untouched land primarily dominated by reptilian life. From its rocky beaches, to its deep seas, the planet teems with life, but some inhabitants are stranger, more unique then the others. Leathery wings, embedded crystals, and psychic abilitys to name a few seem to be running wild in some of the larger beasts. Evolution is running rampant, but it was not always this way. In the early years the planet resembled that of earth's jurassic era, until one night in early spring when the night was lit on fire with multiple objects falling from the sky. Parthos, one of the main continents of Telos, was the first to be hit, by two comets.

Tura, the first to hit, landed near a sandy area, the impact killing thousands of sea and beach dewelling creatures. The crater still remains today, filled with water when the tides are high, the pool gives off a slight glow. This same glow was much brighter in the long ago, seeping into the oceans of Telos. Curious, the surving creatures swam in the glow, forever changing their fates.

Malois, the second comet to hit, landed in the high moutain ranges of Parthos. The crater from the comet cuts the lands natural moutain range in half, and over the ages water has pooled here to create a mystic lake. Many creatures retain their fears of the thing that lives at the bottom of the comet created lake and refuse to adventure too close. Though not as many animals were destroyed in the comets initial blast, it seemed that the water coming down from the moutain gave many a sickness. Many parents turned on children that seemed to be sprouting extra limbs, horns, and fur.

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.::Roleplay Areas or Areas of Interest::.


Hot Sands - Birthplace of the aquatic dragon main species. Natural nesting grounds since the sand is heated from the sun, and a natural spring beneath

Tura Comet Landing Zone - The crator left by the comets impact into the beach, empty at low tide and full of glowing water at night. Many see it as a taboo thing to go near this sacred area, though some still venture close in hopes of attaining greater power.

Fura Isle - A large island near the hot sands that is one of the main resting places of the larger creatures of the sea that dare come out to sun themselves in its welcoming sands.

Rocky Beach - This is a very long stretch of cliffs, rocky cuts, some sandy beach areas littered with rock debri. Home to some of the more malicious aquatic species. Alot of action can be seen here during breeding season as males fight for the right to mate.

Eastern Forrest -Light forrests, small bits of open grass lands, and then some densier forrest areas as it gets closer to the moutain ranges. Some earth dragons find this a suitable area to nest, usually the more bulky ones that cannot make the steep climb to returin to their birth place.

Crater Mountain - Formerly known as Steep Rock, or Big Rock mountain. After the moutain was split in two, it was gradulally over time simply called Crater Mountain. Mostly air dragons claim the high roosts that the moutain offers, but in the lower reaches of the moutains ridges and caverns earth dragons heavily populate the fertile grounds.

Uncharted Snowy Top - This area is restricted, characters that wish to travel to this area must unlock the snow travel ability.

Malois Comet Landing Zone - Once just a deep hole, over the years it has filled with water that has a faint ghostly hue when the sun goes down. Dare not stay to close to this lake at night, legends say that the cruel Artha once flew as high as he could with a young water dragon hatchling and threw it into the lake. Many thought the impact killed it, but some travelers that go to the lake, never return.

Deep Woods This area is restricted. It will not be unlocked until the Climb the Moutain meta is completed.

.::Meta Plots Archive::.

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Main Species

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Adult Female >> Adolescent Female >> Hatchling Female >> Egg << Hatchling Male << Adolescent Male << Adult Male

Earth - Evolved from plant eatting reptiles. Main characteristics include but are not limited to, gem stones,
crystals, rocks, grassy like hair. Rarely will a mutated carnivore be an earth dragon. These dragons are flightless.

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Adult Female >> Adolescent Female >> Hatchling Female >> Egg << Hatchling Male << Adolescent Male << Adult Male

Water -Evolved from aquatic sea life and beach dwellers. Main characteristics include but are not limited to, webbed feet,
webbed ridges, webbed tails, fish like scales, catfish whiskers. These dragons are flightless, but some
have been known to use webbing from arm to side as a tool to glide over the water for short periods of time

User Image
Adult Female >> Adolescent Female >> Hatchling Female >> Egg << Hatchling Male << Adolescent Male << Adult Male

Air - Evolved from early forms of birds or bats. Main characteristics include but are not limited to,
leathery wings, feathered wings, furry manes, longer necks and tails. This dragon is fully flighted.


Fire Undiscovered! This species will be released at a later date
when it is discovered in the meta Climbing the Moutain

Psychic Undiscovered! This species will be released at a later date
in an unannounced meta.

Sub Types

These will only be released after the first meta is completed

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These are only attained through roleplay and participation in events, rarely will you be able to buy an item that will transform your dragon into an ancient

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Familiar Types

Earth (Main Type)

User Image

Crystal Boar Piglet (Fledgling) - Useable by only Earth type dragons or Earth sub type dragons for a familiar in battle but ownable by anyone. No abilities as of yet.

Crystal Boar (Adult) - Grown (upgraded) version of the Fledgling. Attainable through BP, item drop, and special events.

Crystal Battle Boar (Special)- Highest version of the Crystal Boar, special gift or ultra rare drop.

Water (Main Type)

User Image

Ocean Crocodile (Fledgling) - Useable by only Water type dragons or Water sub type dragons for a familiar in battle but ownable by anyone. No abilities as of yet.

Deep Ocean Crocodile (Adult) - Grown (upgraded) version of the fledgling. Attainable through BP, item drop, and special events.

Ancient Ocean Crocolisk- Highest version of the Crocodile, special gift or ultra rare drop.

Air (Main Type)

User Image

Pegasus (Fledgling) - Useable by only Air type dragons or Air sub type dragons for a familiar in battle but ownable by anyone. No abilities as of yet.

Pegasus (Adult) - Grown (upgraded) version of the fledgling. Attainable through BP, item drop, and special events.

Pegasus (Special)- Highest version of the pegasus, special gift or ultra rare drop.

Fire (Main Type)

-None currently Available!-

Psychic (Main Type)

-None currently Available!-

Holiday (No type restriction)

-None currently Available!-

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NPC Monsters

NPC Monsters have 4 levels and 4 types:

Level 1 - Easy
Easy monsters can be taken out by 1-2 players.

Level 2 - Elite
Elite monsters can be taken out by 3-6 players

Level 3 - Heroic
Heroic bosses require 6+ players to defeat

Level 4 - Meta
Meta bosses will adjust to the amount of players involved


Wild - Wild creature that is tameable by beating it in battle. Creature will become
a familiar or stand alone pet once fainted in battle.

Psychotic - This creature has lost its mind. Whether it's seeing things, or think you are
something bad, there is no reasoning with this creature. Fight or run away, though it will
likely chase you. Not to be confused with an infected creature. This creature cannot
be reversed.

Infected - Sometimes a mutated parasite is able to control other creatures for short
peroids of time. Signs of infection include staggering, and drooping mouth. Infections
will clear up on their own in time. If your character has become infected, it will clear up
within 10 days without an antidote. Players can fight you during this time in attempt
to free you from the parasites hold.

Malice - Not often is a beast born with such pure hate in its heart. Malice creatures
have no heart and will attack at any chance given, but mostly when you are unable to
defend. Often these creatures are intelligent and only wish to inflict harm.


Known NPC Monsters

.::Link To Guild::.

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Roleplay Guildlines

Follow rules posted in the rules section

If roleplay is going on in the thread, be curtious and put (( )) around your posts to denote that they are out of character

If you wish to keep a journal, you will get RP Points per post depending on content. This is a bonus not a must.

Some pets (RP Prompt) are roleplay required.

The Boss (or Roleplaying an evil character)

Evil characters are required to have a backstory before they are approved

You may volunteer to run an evil character for an event, if you faint 1 or more characters fighting you, you get to keep the character you ran as a perma pet

Infected characters are not considered evil characters

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Unlimited Potions

User ImageUser Image

-Stop Growth 500g - Start Growth 500g -

Stop Growth - Stops pet at current growing stage, not useable on adults or eggs
Start Growth - Restarts any stopped growth pets

Limited Potions

User ImageUser Image

-0/5 Color Splash Potion - 10,000g - 0/5 Gender Change 25,000g -

Color Splash Potion - Adds markings over the current colors of the dragon/familiar - NOT EDITS!
Gender Change - Converts your he into a she, or a she into a he, not that its really important since we allow same sex breeding.


Breeding Gem Stones

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

- 0/5 Garnet - 10,000g -0/5 Sapphire - 25,000g - 0/5 Diamond - 50,000g -

Garnet - Regular Breeding - 1-3 eggs - pets do not carry edits over
Sapphire - Special Breeding - 2-5 eggs - pets will carry edits over to a small extent (bits and parts, depending on the colorist).
If pets do not have edits and both parents wish a marking type or small edit to be added into the pot, they may "wish it" it is likely to come true.
Diamond - Heavenly Breeding - 2 - 5 eggs - pets will carry all edits over, if both parents are editted, children will be a mix.
This gem type is required if you are breeding a regular dragon to a unique lined dragon, or two unique lined dragons if you want the chance at unique lined offspring


-None available currently!-


-None available currently!-
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Customs Pricing

Custom Dragons (non Unique)

Custom dragon slots are on a first come first served basis.
We reserve the right to refuse any specific edits or cosplays we do not wish to do.
There is no limit to how many customs you can buy, but you are limited to reserving one slot per colorist per month.

The pricing ladder for a non unique dragon with or without edits can be found in the guild.

Custom Dragon

Want something that is completely unique to you? Overfiend Katsumi will give you what you desire..for a price..a big price. No it's not because I'm greedy, its because we want to keep this severely limited.

Unique dragon types are limited to species available.

Pricing ladder can be found in the guild.

Custom Clan Lines

Want to start a unique clan of dragons? Price is slightly less then the unique dragon set, and will be limited to people who wish to join your clan (with your approval of course. Multiple people wishing to order this can pitch in together.

Clan packages can be found in guild.

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Overfiend Katsumi

Roleplay Managers

The Anesthesia

Events Manager/Owners List



Overfiend Katsumi - Customs
Demh - Customs
Jaleeni - Customs
jayoku - Customs

Junior Colorists

User Image

To become an affliate please PM the mule! (Please note we will not post links up to hiring, or contest threads, seasonal events, or other such threads. This is for permanent shops only!)

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Links out

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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Current Working List

Adolscent Templates
Adult Templates

-Meta start TBA-

Meta name :Climbing the Moutain

Prizes: Fire release, all else TBA
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-All lineart, banners, template, and concepts done by Overfiend Katsumi-

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