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A B/C shop where the human psyche is personified.

Guild || Certing || Sales || Breedings || Customs
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08.05.14 || Raffle began!
03.15.14 || Advertising contest started. Customs ending soon. Week left on the flaffle.
03.15.14 || A week left on the customs, plus Spring Time Flaffle!
03.08.14 || Breedings and growings and customs, oh my!
02.15.14 || Valentine's Day event success! Prizes are being given out in the guild for people that got grams. Summer event in the works.
02.14.14 || First breeding event started!
02.07.14 || Winners of advertising contest announced. Valentine's Day event in guild. More information below.
01.31.14 || Reopening Advertisement contest!
01.31.14 || Reopened the shop since Gaia seems to not be letting the old one be posted in anymore.

Auction of Contraband And Seized Property!
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Did you know the lab has it's very own planetarium-slash-space telescope? Yeah, neither did the unpaid interns until they opened this door marked "Do Not Open... I Guess" and out tumbled two Whims that had been living there. They are utterly devoted to each other and will have to go to the same Caretaker.

Yes, these two can breed with each other or others. They will already be named, but you make pick the inspirations. They will be on the same cert, and will also have individual certs.

They are based on this.

Auction ends on Thursday, May 8 @ 11pm CST.
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The year is 2143 and it has been five years since Doctor Clive Murdock found the strange notes in a forgotten lab deep within PsyGenTech's facility. Although the scientific notes were almost completely worn away by age, Dr. Murdock was able to decipher that they were in regards to a series of experiments to unlock the secrets of the human psyche. He brought up the notes funding meeting, hoping to gain some backing from PsyGenTech, but no such luck. The corporation's board of trustees thought the idea was ludicrous to try conducting experiments based on out-dated and useless research.

Not to be discouraged, Dr. Murdock took his leave from the corporation and, using his considerable combined wealth of his trust fund and the income from a patten for several inventions and chemicals, he bought an abandoned town on the edge of civilization and its surrounding areas, brought in some rather pricy and delicate equipment, and set up a lab beneath the largest of the mansions still standing on the outskirts of the town. He renamed the town Leipzig City in homage to one of the birthplaces of psychology. Bringing in specialists and interns, they set to work on trying to create and, in some ways, recreate the experiments outlined in the ancient notes.

Finally, months later, the hard work and long hours paid off. Carefully having followed the notes and improving upon them with modern technology, Dr. Murdock created a shimmering jewel-like egg. Not quite sure what to make of this result and worried that the project was, indeed a failure, Dr. Murdock gave the egg to his assistant for safe-keeping while he continued to work at unlocking the mystery of the ancient notes.

The assistant, not sure what to do with the strange egg, but also not wanting to disappoint his boss, carried it about, talking to it and keeping it warm. Within a week, small fissures appeared on the egg. Fearing it had become damaged, the assistant returned to Dr. Murdock and showed him the egg. As soon as it was placed on the table, the egg cracked open, revealing a child-sized creature within. It opened its large eyes, smiled at the assistant, and spoke a single word. "Learning."

Dr. Murdock began calling it a Whim for the spontaneous way it latched onto a singular thought to form a personality. Over time, the good doctor began creating more Whims and the lesser Figments. Soon he invited civilians in, promising them compensation in exchange for assisting in his project. Thus, the town began to grow and thrive, Humans and Whims living side-by-side as Dr. Murdock grows ever closer to unlocking the secret of the notes.
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Please Do
01 * Observe Gaia's TOS and behave appropriately!
02 * Listen to the staff and respect their decisions.
03 * Be active in the main thread, including RP and general chatter. We want to know you!
04 * Ask questions in the main thread, or PM them when appropriate.
05 * Be respectful when there is RP happening in the shop thread.
06 * Try to use proper third-person story format when roleplaying with others in the guild.
07 * PM the shop mule if you have an issue with another owner or the staff or a rule.
08 * Read the front page!

Please Don't
01 * Take or modify any art or graphics from this shop without expressed permission. Using your pets in signatures is alright.
02 * Start flamewars and arguments. If you have any issues, please PM the shop mule so that we may address the situation.
03 * Advertise other shops or threads in here, even for affiliation, unless in your signature. Affiliation requests should be PM'd to the mule for review.
04 * Use chatspeak in the shop as this makes it hard to understand you and annoys other customers.
05 * Dissuade others from questing or entering events. It's rude.
06 * Post in someone's journal/teepee/thingy without their permission.
07 * PM the artists. Any questions for them should be directed to the mule.
08 * Argue about the rules. If you don't like the rules, don't join the shop! Arguing may result in warnings. Warnings may result in banning.

Absolute Rules
01 * The word of the shop owners is final in all matters pertaining to the shop.
02 * There will be absolutely NO god-moding. At all. Period.
03 * Rules may be modified or added as needed.
04 * If the artist working on your pet leaves Gaia for some unforeseen reason, we will try to get your pet art from them, but please be prepared to accept art from one of the other staff artists. Life happens and we'll do the best we can in that situation.
05 * There are no limits on how many pets you can own from this shop, but please be fair to others who are new and do not have any pets of their own yet.
06 * Do not hassle the staff or artists about growths for the pets or breeding slots.
07 * There are no refunds, with exception to extreme cases.
08 * This shop reserves the right to refuse service.

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These are cool. How do I get one?
There are several ways to get a Whim. These are discussed below in the appropriate section.

Can these pets be taken away?
Never. Inactivity will not cause you to lose your pet. However, if you are gray or black listed, you could lose rights to participating in the shop with your pet(s) and all breeding arrangements would become null and void.

These sound like they'll be expensive. How much is a Whim?
All flatsale Whims cost only 5k a piece. Custom Whims are a bit more, but that is discussed in the Fabrications section.

I think I might have had one of these before.
These did exist as a previous shop Jynk owned called Beat Generation. If you had one, you will need to pm the shop mule for instructions on converting your Beat to a Whim.

I have a question that is not listed here.
If you need further information and cannot find the answer to your question on the shop or guild, please PM the mule for assistance.
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X Gem of Thought
XXXAll Whims start out as simple Gems of Thought. Given enough attention, these little gems will become Inklings.

X Inkling
XXXNo longer just a passing thought, the Whim has become an Inkling. They are curious and active children and their caretakers should be sure to
XXXkeep a watchful eye on them.

X Notion
XXXHaving been nurtured and well cared for, the Whim has become a Notion and is more ready to face the world around them. They will still rely on
XXXtheir caretaker to guide them, but they will begin becoming more independent.

X Idea
XXXAll the care and love has finally paid off as the Whim is a full-fledged Idea. They are ready to strike out on their own and perhaps even find love
XXXand adventure. Many will still keep in contact with their caretakers, having formed a strong bond, but they will be more or less independent from
XXXnow on.
User Image


User ImageX Fib
XXX"A small or trivial falsehood or untruth; a white
XXXlie in colloquial terns."

XXXFibs are mischievous little figments and naturally curious
XXXabout the world around them. They tend to get in to everything
XXXthey can fit their fat little bodies into and have no issue with
XXXmaking messes. It has been observed that they can also
XXXbe quite understanding to their caretakers, often going to
XXXgreat lengths to cheer them up or amuse them, even when
XXXit has the tendency to backfire.

User ImageX Fact
XXX"A truth known by actual experience or observation; something
XXXknown to be true; something that actually exists; reality."

XXXFacts are nosy little things and tend to think they know
XXXbetter than anyone how to handle a situation, give advice, or
XXXexplain things, even if they don't have a clue what they are
XXXtalking about. They mean well, though. Usually. They also
XXXhave a fair handle on sarcasm and use it quite often, being
XXXrather snarky at times. Despite being little loud-mouth
XXXknow-it-alls, the are likely the most intelligent of the Figments.

User ImageX Mood
XXX"A state or quality of feeling at a particular time; a frame
XXXof mind disposed or receptive, as to some activity or thing."

XXXMoods are spontaneous, wild, and sometimes volatile. They are
XXXthe most erratic of the Figments and, as such, can be very
XXXdestructive and aggressive. Caretakers will need a firm hand
XXXand a lot of patience in dealing with them. They are not mean
XXXor intentionally bad, they just view the world as their personal
XXXplayground with many toys... and some of those toys need
XXXto be played with until broken.

User ImageX Tone
XXX"A particular quality, way of sounding, modulation, or intonation of
XXXthe voice as expressive of some meaning, feeling, spirit, etc."

XXXTones are the most well-rounded of the Figments, easy-going
XXXand kind. They have a good sense of humor and love to laugh
XXXand do fun activities. Loyal and affectionate, they tend to be a
XXXfavorite amongst novice Caretakers since they are so easy to
XXXdeal with. They are ideal companions and like to be helpful. Of
XXXall of the Figments, Tones have the best handle on their limited
XXXspeech, being able to communicate much easier than the others.


User ImageX Ego
XXX"The aspect of personality involved in self-preservation activities
XXXand in directing instinctual drives and urges into appropriate channels."

XXXEgos tend to be good-natured and well-meaning creatures
XXXthat try to be helpful to their caretakers. They are often a
XXXvoice of reason to their Id counterparts. Capable of limited
XXXflight, they mainly use their wings to hover above the ground
XXXrather than walking. At times, they can also be quite the
XXXbusy-bodies, giving unwanted advice and trying to meddle
XXXin situations that don't concern them in an attempt to help.

User ImageX Id
XXX"The primitive, unconscious part of the personality that
XXXoperates irrationally and acts on impulse to pursue pleasure."
XXXIds are, in a word, jerks. They can be aggressive and often
XXXimpulsive. Though they do not mean to cause harm, they will
XXXact selfishly, putting their own needs above others. They
XXXenjoy the good things in life and tend to be lazy, going with
XXXthe flow. They are much stronger fliers than their Ego
XXXcounterparts, but cannot stay in the air for long until they
XXXreach their adult stage.

User ImageX Conscience
XXX"The inner sense of what is right or wrong in one's conduct
XXXor motives, impelling one toward right action."
XXXConsciences are the product of combining the ethereal
XXXgenetics of an Ego and an Id. Much like Egos, they mean well,
XXXbut often have a tendency to be a bit self-serving. Not quite as
XXXlazy as Ids, they are very prone to activity, bustling about and
XXXmaking themselves useful. This usefulness sometimes
XXXbackfires. They are able to fly for short periods of time,
XXXbut tire easily, their small wings not built to stay airborne.

User ImageX Phobia
XXX"A persistent and irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or
XXXsituation that is excessive and unreasonable, given the reality of the threat."
XXXLike Consciences, Phobias are the product of mixing the
XXXessence of Ids and Egos. They tend to give in to darker
XXXtendencies and can become fixated on creepy subjects and
XXXgrossing others out. Often they give off an unsettling vibe due
XXXto their quiet watchfulness. They are capable of flight, much
XXXmore so than Egos or Consciences, but are not able to remain
XXXin the air as long as Ids.


User ImageX Delusion
XXX"False or irrational belief maintained despite clear evidence
XXXto the contrary."
XXXDelusions are flighty and imaginative creatures, having a
XXXhard time focusing on things. They love to laugh and are
XXXattracted to anything that seems fun. Being the best fliers
XXXof the Whims, it is not often that their feet touch the ground. They
XXXare prone to spontaneous singing and dancing, much to the
XXXchagrin of their caretakers and fellow Whims, though they
XXXare never bothered by this. They just keep on having fun.

User ImageX Memory
XXX"The mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events,
XXXimpressions, etc., or of recalling or recognizing previous experiences."
XXXDreamy and wise, Memories are quite taciturn in their interactions
XXXwith their caretakers and fellow Whims. They are likely the most
XXXintelligent of the archetypes, though they do not often impart their
XXXwisdom freely. Although they appear aquatic in nature, they
XXXdo not require water to survive. They are able to float, swimming
XXXthrough the air as they move about, though they are never more
XXXthan a human's height off the ground at most.


User ImageX Instinct
XXX"An inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a species
XXXand is often a response to specific environmental stimuli."
XXXFeral, ill-tempered, and possibly a little dangerous, Instincts are
XXXonly for experienced caretakers that have the wherewithal to
XXXnot only take care of an Instinct, but put up with their often
XXXsurly attitudes. They are not mean-spirited creatures, though; they
XXXmerely tap into baser natures in their outlook on life. They are
XXXthe only Whims incapable of flight, but they are extremely
XXXquick and agile on their four hooves.
User Image

Flaffle Rules
01 * Do not whine if you do not get one. There will be more.
02 * Be nice and do not pester or guilt others that have entered.
03 * Only one person per post.
04 * No proxies. Sorry.
05 * No co-owns. Sorry.
06 * Payment will be expected as soon as all new owners are rolled. If payment has not been received within 24 hours, the pet(s) will be rolled for again.
07 * Price is 5k for Whims and 2k for Figments. There is no negotiation.

Raffle Rules
01 * Do not whine if you do not get one. There will be more.
02 * Be nice and do not pester or guilt others that have entered.
03 * You may buy tickets for yourself and for others.
04 * Please be sure to list all persons for the trade. One trade per post.
05 * No co-owns. Sorry.
06 * Payment will be expected as soon as you claim tickets. Any unfinished trades will not be added to the list.
07 * Tickets are 100g each. You must buy at least 10 tickets per trade.
08 * Do not add to trades. Please wait until they are completed before buying more tickets.
09 * Send all trades to the shop mule.
10 * Please post preferences in the appropriate preference thread.

Auction Rules
01 * Do not guilt others out of bidding. It's rude and will get you listed.
02 * Do not whine if you do not win. There will be other auctions.
03 * Do not bid what you do not have on hand at the time of your bid.
04 * I prefer gold, but will accept MC letters, MC items, EIs, and RIG items over 30k at 90% of the lowest tektek price. You may only offer 3 of the same item (ex. 3x 2003 Thank You Letters) and only 10 items max in your bid. Calculate your own bids or they will not be accepted.
05 * No proxies. Sorry.
06 * No co-owns. Sorry.
07 * Payment will be expected as soon as the auction closes. If payment has not been received within 24 hours, the pet(s) will be given to the next highest bidder.
08 * Starting bid will be determined at start of auction and bid increments must be at least 1k.
09 * There will be a 15 min snipe guard after every last bid starting 5 min before the auction's close. Only those that have previously bid will be allowed to bid in the last 15 min of the auction.
User Image

X Base Prices
XXXX50k - Figment
XXXX75k - Adult Only Common
XXXX150k - Adult Only Uncommon
XXXX300k - Adult Only Rare

XXXX150k - Growing Common
XXXX300k - Growing Uncommon
XXXX600k - Growing Rare

X Edit Prices
XXXX+10k - Light Edits (simple jewelery)
XXXX+20k - Minor Edits (goggles, scarves, ect)
XXXX+50k - Moderate Edits (hair, simple clothing)
XXXX+100k - Heavy Edits combinations of the above, detailed clothing)
XXXX+200k - Extreme Edits (combinations of above, full outfits, minor-moderate cosplays)
XXXX+500k - WTF Edits (Anything goes... within reason)
User Image

Leipzig City is an abandoned town that Dr. Murdock discovered and set his lab up in. He does not know what the original town name, so he named it for the birthplace of psychology. The town nestled back in the mountains in what used to be considered Wyoming, only reachable by a precarious road or by helicopter. The town has mostly been fixed up by Dr. Murdock and his unpaid interns as well as the new inhabitants of the town. Caretakers will be able to choose to live in apartments in town or in one of the fixed-up houses on the outskirts of town. There are a few mansions outside of town, but these are reserved for Dr. Murdock and his staff, as these are the only buildings large enough to house the equipment needed for the project.

Along with the staff, Dr. Murdock has provided are necessary personnel to run the various shops, restaurants, library, police station, fire house, and movie theater. Caretakers are invited to also find employment in these venues or start their own business if they have a skill they feel Leipzig City would benefit from while also caring for their Whim(s). Since vehicles are mostly prohibited in town, caretakers and staff travel by foot, bicycle, or on horseback if they are able to obtain a horse from Murdock's stables.

Caretakers are encouraged to use the resources available at the lab, library, and movie theater for use in educating their Whim. The resources may include cinematic movies (must be viewed at the movie theater), television recordings that can be viewed in the lab or home if one has a television and recording device available, or books and magazines which can be checked out from the library. Caretakers can guide their Whims on what is appropriate or teach them set skills, or they may allow them to learn on their own. Some Whims will gain knowledge easier and faster than others.

Whims latch onto the first fleeting thought of their caretakers and take that as their inspiration, be it an emotion or a hobby or an ideal. This also becomes the basis, along with their arcehtype's nature, for their personality to be built upon by the education and instruction of their caretaker as well as their experiences of the world around them. Whims are not allowed to leave Leipzig City and, thus, their experience is somewhat limited to books, films, and recordings (yes, these recordings can be audio instead of video).

Roleplay Rules
01 * Observe Gaia's TOS and behave appropriately!
02 * Do not god-mode at all. Your character is not omnipotent.
03 * No inappropriate storylines. This includes rape, incest, and roleplaying anything that is not PG-13.
04 * Staff members reserve the right to not only lock inappropriate roleplay threads, but delete them.
05 * You may not kill another person's character. You may not injure them without permission.
06 * Use whatever tense the creator of the RP went with (present or past)
07 * Roleplay is not required.

X Roleplay Information
XXXX* A person does not necessarily need a Whim to ropleplay here. You are all potential caretakers.
XXXX* You may create a human Caretaker to use for roleplay regardless of owning a Whim and/or Figment.
XXXX* You may create a journal in the guild for your Whims, even if you do not have one yet.
XXXX* Whims can not have relationships with non-Whims. They are not wired that way.
XXXX* A Whim's base personality will always be related to their influence and archetype nature.
XXXX* If you feel your Caretaker wants to own a business in the town, please PM the mule for details.
XXXX* Please do not add new locations to the town and surrounding areas without permission.
XXXX* Do not roleplay your Caretaker or Whim going to the lab or mansions unless invited by Murdock or his staff.
XXXX* Do not have the Caretaker take the Whim out of the designated areas of the city (i.e. no road trips with the Whims).
XXXX* Figments may interact with others. Their speech is about the level of a toddler. They will not breed with Whims.
XXXX* If you have any questions, please post in the shop thread or PM the mule.
User Image

Whims are all completely genderless, their sexual identity and preference stemming only from what they have been taught via the old cinematic films, television recordings, books, and magazines that Doctor Murdock was able to locate in Leipzig City. Since they lack reproductive systems, they must rely on the machines and procedures that created them to engineer offspring. This does mean that they can have heterosexual and homosexual pairings, since their gender identity is decided upon by themselves and not by biology.

X Breeding Information
XXXX* Cost: 10k (5k from each owner) for Whims; 4k (2k from each owner) for Figments
XXXX* Clusters will consist of 3-4 Gems of Thought.
XXXX* Owners may keep only one Gem per breeding.
XXXX* Owners may give away extra gems as gifts or in contests. You may not sell them for gold, items. or RL money.
XXXX* Owners have the option of giving extra Gems to the shop to give away in free contests to newbies and/or existing owners.
XXXX* A Whim may either have a fling or enter into a bond. Bonds must have an agreement between the two parties so that both
XXXXXare aware of the bonding. Flings will need temporary bond agreements so that it is clear both owners agreed to the pairing.
User Image

X Shop Owner

X Colorists
XXXXone over three (guest only)

X Certists

X Roleplay Management

X Event Planning

X Helper Extraordinaire

Please do not ask to be hired. If we need the help, we will post a thread.
User Image

X Line Art

X Concept
XXXXone over three

X Cert

X Shop Palette
XXXXSelf-Made II by rudipres at Colour Lovers

X Shop and Cert Fonts
XXXXFlyboy by Blambot
XXXXBM Mini at Da Font
User Image

X White List
XXXXAll our wonderful thread-goers!

X Grey List
XXXXNone, and let's keep it that way.

X Black List
XXXXNone, and let's keep it that way.
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User Image

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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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