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+ Post 1: Basic forum rules and etiquette
+ Post 2: How shops usually offer pets for sale
+ Post 3: Basic explanation of breeding
+ Post 4: Basic explanation of roleplay and roleplay guidelines
+ Post 5: Basics of making a shop
+ Post 6: F.A.Q.

// Basic forum rules and etiquette

  • The first and most important thing to do in any Breedables shop: READ THE FRONT PAGE. ALL OF IT. And any other pages that contain shop information. It may be a wall of text, it may seem overwhelming at first, but it will tell you the basic rules for the shop, and will tell you if there are pets available and how to get them, if so. It will also give you other important information, such as whether you need to roleplay or show up in the thread to keep your pet, what to do if you have a question, who runs the shop and who helps in the shop, and what events or sales may be coming up.

    Not all shops have the same rules. What's okay in one shop may be forbidden in another, so please read first!

  • Shop staff (people who own a thread or work for the thread owner) and shop regulars (people who hang out there all the time) have probably heard all the questions before. If your question has been answered on the front page, the staff or regulars may be annoyed at you for asking, so check first to be sure you're not asking a question that everyone else has already asked a zillion times. If you've read all of the information on the front page and you still have questions, go ahead and ask them. Be polite! A little politeness goes a long way in getting started in a thread.

  • Shops often have "shop mules," which are separate accounts created to handle business for the pet shop thread. The front page will tell you who runs the thread, and whether or not you should PM them. If you have a question, it's usually better to ask it in the shop thread, rather than PMing the mule or the staff. This is not a hard and fast rule, though. Read the front page to find out what you should do if you need to ask a question of a specific staff member. If you're not sure whether you should PM someone, ask in the thread; some people don't mind PMs, but some people do.

  • Don't quote the front page posts. It's unnecessary and takes up extra page space. If you have a question about a certain post, mention the post you're asking about, but don't quote it.

  • When you're just coming into a thread, it's a good idea to read the last few pages of conversation before jumping in. You're more likely to be talked to if you join in on a conversation that's in progress, rather than posting an emote or a generic action.

    If nobody says hello to you, don't assume you're being ignored on purpose. It's more likely to be a mistake or a case of someone just not having anything in particular to say. Talk to people, and usually people will talk back to you.

    Lurking in corners or in the rafters (or any other cliched hiding spot) is not likely to get anyone to talk to you. The best way to get people to be friendly to you is to be friendly to them.

  • However, being overfriendly or oversharing is likely to creep people out. If you wouldn't talk about it in a crowded mall food court, you probably shouldn't be sharing it in a public thread. Likewise, if you wouldn't do it to an acquaintance, don't post it - greeting someone with a kiss or a lick might look cute to some people, but others will be grossed out!

  • When you want a pet from a particular thread, the best way to get one is to hang out in the thread, make conversation with the regulars, and make friends there. If the staff and the regulars know who you are, you're far more likely to be given a pet, and if you're around often enough, you'll catch the sales and events in the thread.

    If you only show up for sales and events, you'll have a harder time getting pets. The Breedables forum places a lot of emphasis on friendship and community, and sticking around long enough always pays off - if not in pets, in friendships and silly fun.

  • Whining and/or being a bad sport is a bad idea. If you're disappointed, angry, or in general feeling anti-social, DON'T POST. Being a butthead to the people in a thread you want to hang out in is a bad idea, and when your bad mood passes, you'll still have to deal with the consequences. If you seriously can't be polite, step away from the computer and go do something else. Come back when you've calmed down. It's much easier not to start a fight or hurt people's feelings, rather than have to deal with it later and apologize.

    If you didn't get a pet in the event, sale, or auction - say "Congratulations!" to the people who did win, and keep your grumpy to yourself. Sure, it would have been awesome if you or your friend had gotten it, but making people feel guilty about getting what they got is rude and uncool.

  • Nobody likes drama. If you have a problem with someone, you should try to settle it privately first, preferably through PM. If you can't settle it through PM, you can ask shopowners or mods to step in. Fighting or being unpleasant in threads makes everyone uncomfortable and should be avoided.

  • Remember: this forum is a game and done for fun; the shopowners and artists are doing this for fun and in their free time. Behind the monitor and keyboard, we're all people, and we all have feelings. It can be easy to forget that you're talking to real people when you're looking at text and silly fantasy chibi avatars, but please try to keep in mind that the people you're posting to are just like you, and that this is supposed to be a fun thing for your free time.

    If you're seriously upset over a pet, please consider stepping back and looking carefully at the situation. The Breedable/Changing Pets forum is a place to buy and sell pictures for fake money, roleplay, and talk to friends. It's a game, and your real life should come first.

  • If you make a mistake, apologize and take responsibility. Don't try to blame other people for things you did; don't blame a mental illness, a physical condition, or a stressful day. There are plenty of people who have that mental illness, physical condition, or have had a stressful day, and are still capable of being polite and mature.

// Unspoken rules of the BCP

  • Don't ask to buy someone's pet, and don't try to resell your pets! Once a pet belongs to someone, it's theirs, and is no longer for sale.

  • In a sale, auction, raffle, or other event in which pets are available, DON'T EDIT YOUR POSTS. EVER. Editing when you're trying to get a pet is generally considered cheating, and it can get you banned from a sale or from the shop as a whole. If you screw up, post again. If you edit without thinking about it, fess up immediately. Editing in an event is bad juju.

  • If you don't want it, don't try to get it. There's always another chance, and there will always be someone who really does want it. Don't get a pet just because you can; get it because you genuinely like it.

  • Check to see if the idea you have has already been done, or if someone's trying to get it already. Stealing other peoples' concepts is considered rude. If it's already being done or quested for, ask if the other owner minds if you get something similar; but if they say no, respect that decision.

  • Don't take the lineart to use without permission. Ever. EVER. This will piss off the staff and regulars and may get your account banned for art theft. If you want to make an example of what you want your pet to look like, either draw it yourself or ask someone to draw it for you.

  • Don't ask or beg to be hired in a shop. If the shop is hiring, they will say so; if they want to get people to color for them, they will either invite you personally or put up a thread in which you can apply to color. If the shop doesn't say it's hiring, it probably isn't.

  • Don't pretend to be someone else by using another account. If people find out - and they probably will - they'll be even more angry than before.

  • Don't post in a shop just to post an ad. That's considered rude.

  • Don't ask owners to give you babies from their breedings. If they want to give you a baby, they'll let you know.
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// How I order pet??

There are several common ways that shops make pets available.

In a flatsale, several pets are offered for a set (flat) price. The price will usually be specified on the front page of the shop. The payment may be sent to the shop mule or to the person who colored the pets. Read the front page and/or pay attention to the person holding the sale to find out what account you send the gold to.

There are a couple of common types of flatsales:

  • Speed flatsale: In this type of flatsale, the first person to post for the specific pet they are trying for will get the pet and pay for it. The person or shop holding the flatsale may require the people who are trying to post in a specific way; read the rules and pay attention to the thread to find out if this is the case.

    DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST IN A SPEED SALE. This is considered cheating, and may get you disqualified from the sale or banned from the shop.

  • Flaffle: A flaffle is a raffle-style flatsale. In this type of flatsale, anyone who wants the pet offered must post within a certain timeframe to get a ticket. The tickets will then be randomly drawn to determine who will get the pet and pay for it. In a flaffle, you do not have to pay unless you are drawn to get a pet.

    In one type of flaffle, you may enter for a specific pet in the flaffle, and your name will be put into the list for only the pet you specify.

    In another type, you may enter for a ticket for the flaffle in general. In this type of flaffle, there will be as many tickets drawn as there are pets; the first person drawn gets the first pick of the pets in the sale, the second gets second pick, and so on down the line, until the last person gets whatever is left.

  • RP flatsale: This type of flatsale is a contest. An RP prompt (a set roleplay situation to which all the people trying to win will respond) will be posted, and a set time given. The people running the flatsale will read over all the roleplay entries posted within that time, and the pets will be sold to the people who the judges feel have posted the best responses to the prompt.

    RP flatsales are usually held by shops in which a lot of roleplay is expected and/or required.

In a raffle, you will buy tickets to get a chance to win a pet. You pay for as many tickets as you want and can afford; your name will be put into a list as many times as you have paid for, and at the end of the time set for the raffle, the person running the raffle will randomize a winner. The winner doesn't have to pay anything else.

Ticket prices are different for different threads and different events. Check the thread to see how much the tickets cost and what account you should send your trade to.

In a raffle, you are not guaranteed to win, unless you're the only person in the raffle. What you're paying for is the chance to get the pet.

If you enter a raffle, be sure to check back when it ends - if you take too long to pick up your pet, it may end up going to someone else who is there and paying attention.

In an auction, you can bid as much gold as you're willing to pay for the pet that's being offered. The person who's willing to pay the most will get the pet when the auction is over.

The SB, or starting bid, is the lowest price that can be bid to start the auction.

There may be a price increment set in an auction. If the price increment is 100 g, you need to bid 100 g more than the last bidder to have your bid counted, and so on.

The AB, or autobuy, is like the "Buy It Now" option on eBay; if you autobuy an auction or bid gold and/or items that add up to the autobuy price, you have bought the pet. Not all auctions have autobuys. Check the thread to see if this option is available.

You may or may not be able to bid items in an auction. Bidding with gold only is called bidding in pure gold, or bidding in "pure." Most auctions allow you to bid monthly collectibles, and some auctions allow you to bid evolving items or specific valuable items. Check the thread to see what's allowed, and at what value. Many threads use Tektek to set the accepted value for items used in an auction.

Don't bid what you don't have. You'll be expected to pay as soon as the auction is over, so bid only what you can pay.

Retracting bids is also usually not allowed. Be sure you want to bid what you bid! If you change your mind later, you may not be allowed to take it back.

Don't talk about how much gold you have to bid with, whine at other bidders, or otherwise try to discourage or intimidate someone out of bidding or make them feel guilty about it. It's rude, and most shops don't like it and/or don't allow it.

Some auctions may have "snipe guard" rules. These rules are designed to keep someone from waiting until the very last second, then bidding and snatching a pet away from someone who may have been willing to pay more to get it. One type of snipe guard is that you may have to bid before a certain period of time to be allowed to bid in the final part of the auction, so that people are aware that you're interested.

Another type of snipe guard is a little more complicated. If you see a rule that says "Snipe guard: x minutes," x minutes is the time that must pass without a new bid before the auction is over. If someone bids right before the end of the auction, the auction time will be extended by x minutes, to give other people a chance to put in another bid. If someone else bids during this time period, the auction will then be extended by another x minutes. This will continue until someone's bid has stood unchallenged for x minutes. At that point, the auction is over and the final bidder wins.

An event is a special chance to get a pet or pets from a particular shop. There are many types of events. Some events are based on roleplay, some on random numbers, some on trivia, some on other things, some on all of the above. Events may have a holiday theme or other theme, or may be random. Events often have flatsales, raffles, and auctions, and may also have chances to win or be given free pets.

Some events may be run by owners, if they have babies from a pet breeding to give out. Owner-run events are usually free for the winner/winners.

To find out what you should do to get a pet or pets from an event, READ THE EVENT RULES. Events vary widely, but each one will tell you what to do to get a pet.

Customs allow you to get a pet according to your personal specifications. When you get a custom pet, you tell the colorist what you want the pet to look like, and the colorist will make the pet the way you want it. Custom pets often cost a lot more than flatsale pets; this is because the colorist is making the pet according to what you want, rather than coloring a random pet however they want.

A shop will usually announce in advance when custom slots will be opened. To find out how to get a custom, read the custom rules for the shop.

  • Semi-customs: A semi-custom pet is one in which you get to specify something about the pet, usually a few colors, and then the colorist makes up the rest. Semi-customs are usually cheaper than full customs.

  • Full customs: You tell the colorist exactly what you want the pet to look like, and the colorist will make the pet to your design.

  • Edited customs: Most shops have a specific set of lines that the colorists color. With an edited custom, you can get something special added to the usual lines, such as special or unique hair, jewelry, or clothing.

  • Cosplay customs: Many shops will allow you to get a pet edited and colored to look like one of your favorite characters, as long as that character isn't already owned as a pet by someone else. Please check the rules in the specific thread to find out if they allow cosplays, and if so, how you can get them.

// Customs: Good Idea ... Bad Idea

  • If you tell a colorist to make you a random pet, don't complain about what you get. A random custom is just that - random. The colorist will decide what you get. If you have something specific in mind, PLEASE say so!

  • If you're giving the colorist reference pictures, DON'T just give the colorist pictures you think are cool, cute, awesome, or whatever. The colorist needs to see what the different parts of the picture look like. Look for pictures that show ALL of the outfit, or give several pictures that show the different parts of the outfit. Find pictures that show anything you really want to see on the pet, like detailed markings or patterns. Find pictures that show the colors you want to see on the pet.

  • If no slots are marked "open," there are no slots open.

// How do I find out what time the sale/raffle/auction is in my time zone?
Since most shops are owned and run by Americans, the time zones you'll most commonly be dealing with are Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Standard Time (CST), Mountain Standard Time (MST), and Pacific Standard Time (PST). To convert times, you'll need to add or subtract hours. Each time zone is an hour apart; EST is the latest, and PST is the earliest.

  • EST time = CST time +1 hour = MST time +2 hours = PST time +3 hours
  • CST time = EST time -1 hour = MST time +1 hour = PST time +2 hours
  • MST time = CST time -1 hour = EST time -2 hours = PST time +1 hour
  • PST time = MST time -1 hour = CST time -2 hours = EST time -3 hours

If you're in a time zone other than the North American time zones, you can use the World Clock Time Converter page to find out what time you need.
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// Breeding

Most shops in the Breedable/Changing Pets forum offer the option to breed your pets. In breeding, the traits of the pets chosen to be the parents are combined to make new pets: offspring that look like both parents.

For instance:

  • Parent One is blue with white spots. Parent Two is red with black stripes. The offspring may be blue with black stripes, red with white spots, or perhaps purple with white stripes.
  • Parent One is green. Parent Two is white. Parent Two's parents had blue spots. The offspring may be green, white, or light green with blue spots.
  • Parent One has wings. Parent Two has horns. The offspring may have wings, horns, or both.

Different shops will have different rules and variations on breedings. Always read the rules before breeding your pets. Some shops allow same-sex breedings, some don't; some shops offer only a few offspring from a breeding, some offer many. Check the shop's information on breeding to make sure you know what the shop allows and what they offer.

In most shops, you must wait for a breeding slot to breed your pets. This is like getting a custom slot. However, in breedings, you will probably not have a choice as to what the offspring will look like. The offspring will look like their parents, but in most cases the details of their colors and traits will be a surprise. Breeding is often less expensive than customs, as well.

When thinking about what pets you want to breed, you might pick two out of your own pets, or you might arrange with another owner to breed your pet with theirs. Most shops allow owners to breed two of their own pets, but some do not. Check the shop rules to make sure.

When you have bred your pets and been given offspring, you will then need to decide who owns which new pet. If you bred your own pets, it's all up to you; if you bred your pet with someone else's, you'll need to work with them to decide who gets what. If you have extras, they can be given to friends.

In some shops, you may not be able to keep all the offspring from a breeding; if there is a limit as to how many you can keep, you can choose friends or pick out people from the shop to give offspring to. Most shops don't allow you to sell offspring; if you have more than you can keep or more than you want to keep and you don't know who to give the extras to, you might give them away through a free raffle or a contest.

  • A reminder: Don't ask owners to give you babies from their breedings. This is rude, and it can get you banned from the shop if someone complains.
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// Arpee? Wut dat?

RP, or RolePlay, is one of the primary forms of fun games that Breedables is based on. Roleplay is like cooperative storytelling. You take the role of a character, usually a pet in this forum, and write out what that character does, thinks, and says in response to other characters.

Roleplay may be lighthearted silliness, or it may be deeply involved and complicated stories worthy of a whole novel, or anywhere in between. It just depends on what you like to do and how you like to write.

A pet journal is a thread posted in the BCP Roleplay forum or in the originating thread's guild, in which you post information relating to your pet or pets' characters and record roleplay that you've done with that pet. Some threads require RP journals, some don't. If it's not required, you may make RP journals of your own if you feel like recording your pets' RP. Please check thread rules to see if you need a journal.

A PRP thread is Private Roleplay, done between people who've already agreed to do an RP scene. A thread marked ORP is Open Roleplay, and anyone with a pet from that shop is allowed to jump in. Please don't post in others' journals or private RP threads without their permission!

The rest of this post is lifted wholesale from Junyi's Daisy Code! Because it's a damn good summary and a damn good idea. Junyi wrote this part, not me. heart

// General roleplay guidelines

  • I am here to have fun. When playing is no longer fun, I will step back, log out of Gaia, take a deep breath, and unwind.
  • If I am in a bad mood when I log onto Gaia, I am not going to take it out on anyone who manages to rub me the wrong way. If I catch myself doing this, I will step back, log out of Gaia, take a deep breath, and unwind.
  • I will be polite, courteous, and helpful whenever possible.
  • I will try my hardest to be patient with newcomers, and encourage them to read the rules, if they exist.
  • My posts will be readable. They do not have to be grammatically perfect, but they will be made in a format, size and color that can easily be read.
  • I will ignore trolls, as they are just looking for a negative response anyway.
  • I will realize that what someone does or says in character is separate from how they feel out of character. Therefore, I will not take actions taken in character as a sign of how the player feels about me.
  • I will remember "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." If this happens to me, I won't let it get to me.

// IC (In-Character) Guidelines

  • I will try my best to keep up with the major going-ons in the lives of characters I interact with on a regular basis. This goes double for characters I am deeply entwined with.
  • I will fit with the setting as best as I can. A wolf does not belong in a flock of sheep, just as a sheep does not belong in a pack of wolves.
  • I will share the spotlight. Gaia roleplay is not solely about one person all the time.
  • I will keep my "special powers" to a reasonable level.
  • I will not godmode. Just as I don't want others to control my characters, I will not control others'.
  • I will ask permission before doing anything that would have a major effect on another character, both good and bad.

// OOC (Out Of Character) Guidelines

  • If I have a conflict with another player, I will contact them by PM or Instant Messenger to calmly and peacefully work things out. Bickering in public places makes an uncomfortable play environment.
  • I will not attempt to manipulate events so that they work in my favor.
  • I will not attempt to get my way through guilt trips and other passive-aggressive behavior.
  • I will not retaliate IC for an OOC offense or insult.
  • If my character is deeply entwined with a character whose player I am no longer comfortable with, I will try my best to set aside our differences for the sake of the game. If I simply cannot play with them, I will try to keep the IC repercussions to a minimum.
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// I'll make a shop of my own! Easy gold!

First of all, please be aware that owning and running a shop isn't as easy as it may look. While it is a game and a fun thing to do in your free time, as a shopowner, you will be doing a lot of organizing of information and events, keeping track of what's going on, and mediating possible disputes. Owning and running a shop is a fun game for your free time, but it is also a responsibility that you'll need to keep up and check in on. When you own a shop, you are making promises to other users that you will make, grow, and breed the pets that come from your shop, and that your shop will hold sales, events, and breedings, and be on time for all of these things. You're also promising that you'll be the boss to any staff you may hire and make decisions and settle arguments for questions and fights that might happen in your thread.

That said - if this still sounds like fun and you want to give it a shot ...

Interest thread/pet art:
If you want to check out how many people are interested in your potential shop or get suggestions for your pets, use the Pricing, Assistance, and Suggestions subforum. An interest thread, or "IT", can let you know how successful your shop idea may or may not be. This step isn't absolutely necessary, but it can be a good way to dip your toes into the water.

You don't necessarily need to be an artist to have a pet shop thread. Some artists sell lineart and templates for others to purchase with gold and start pet threads; if you're not an artist, you can buy lineart and hire colorists. However, this is a more difficult and complicated way to go about the business of owning a shop. The more things you can do for yourself in your shop, the less complicated it will be.

You don't need any specific art program to start a shop. Many people use Photoshop, but any artist who is decent at what they do will have their own preferences for programs and ways of doing things. The art comes first. The program comes second.

Making a shop thread:
You will probably want to get at least all 15 posts on the first page of your thread for your shop's information. You may want to make a separate mule account to set up the shop thread and do shop business with, especially if you plan to have other people helping you with your shop or coloring your pets.

It's a good idea to plan out the layout of your thread before you make your thread. Decide what order you want your posts in and what you want to put in each post. Take a look at some of your favorite shops for examples of what good shop threads need on their front pages. You will probably want to have: an introductory post, a story for your shop, a rules post, a post that shows the art for the pets you're selling, a post for selling pets in, a post to list the owners of your pets, a post to list rules for breeding and breeding slots, a customs post, and a credits post. Add whatever you feel necessary.

Personally, I feel that it's better to have all the art ready for your shop before you set up and open the shop; some shops open before they have all the art they need, but I don't think that's a good idea. The more you can get done in advance, the better. If it's all done before you start, all you have to do is roll it out and show people, and you won't have to tell anyone "sorry, I don't know when it'll be here."

Have some examples of the pets you're selling ready. Put one of your pets in your sig and link it to your thread. DON'T go into threads just to advertise or talk about your shop; that's only going to make people grumpy. Chat, be friendly, be polite, and let the art speak for itself. If people are interested, they'll ask or click.

Don't post an advertising link in another shop without the shopowner's permission - it's only polite to ask first.

Making pets grow
Making a pet grow from egg to adult is fairly simple. First of all, you'll need to have a place where you can upload image files. Photobucket is a fairly decent image host, though private image hosting of your own is best. If you didn't understand the previous sentences - DON'T START A SHOP UNTIL YOU DO.

You will be using a single filename for each individual pet. You can use random filenames, name the files with the owners' usernames, use numbers, or use some other individual system. The name of the file will remain the same throughout the pet's growth.

Name the egg or baby image file with the filename you'll use for the pet. Upload it to the image host, and give the image link to the pet's owner. If you want the pet to grow "automatically," the pet's owner will need to use that link until the pet finishes growing.

When the pet is ready to hatch or grow, you will need to delete the original file (the first stage) from your image host, then upload the new stage to the host, and rename the new stage with the same filename. When you do this, the new file will show up at the old file's location, and it will look like the picture has "magically" changed.

Keep careful records of who owns what, what happened when, which pet bred with which pet, and when babies need to grow up. If you're not particularly organized, have somebody help you with it. If you fall behind in your organization, it's never going to get better, only worse.

Short form: Keep good records, and you'll do fine.

Shop guilds:
While it's not necessary to create a guild to go with your shop, it may help to encourage RP and/or keep RP all in one place, as well as providing a place to put records and lists.

// Further advice on running a shop: the Patience, Prosperity, and Pie thread in the Pricing and Suggestions forum, written by Stryding Soul.
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// FAQ

  • I read all this stuff and I still don't get it. What the heck is all this pet stuff?
    For a more basic explanation of the forum than I've given here, you could read Nyowpotopop's Complete N00b Guide - if you don't know the first thing about what the BCP forum is about, her guide is very helpful. smile

  • Why did you put all the informational stuff under the etiquette suggestions? I just want to know about the jargon.
    We~ell, I'd really like you to give the etiquette/behavior part of the guide at least a quick skim. This forum is a lot about social interaction, and having an idea of what to do and not to do to get along will help you interact more smoothly. And it's harder to ignore if I make it the first thing in the guide. User Image

  • If you don't mind me asking/suggesting, perhaps you could add information in on how long it takes pets to "Grow" on average, or information about concepts or "what would make a good breedable shop", in case some newbies need some ideas?
    I did consider both of these ideas, but decided not to address them. Growing times and growing requirements vary quite widely between shops, and it's one of the things that should be posted on the front page; and while I could make suggestions on concepts, the best concepts are creative ones that someone has thought up or put a new spin on. I'm hoping that a newbie who's trying to make a breedable shop will hang around the forum and look around to see what's popular and what works. This is meant as a basic guide, rather than a full step-by-step of what to do to start a shop.

  • I don't understand how a picture can grow up.
    The way it works is this: the artist deletes the picture of the egg/baby/whatever stage on their webspace, then puts the picture of the next stage in the same place with the same filename. That way, the link stays the same, but the picture is different, and it looks like the pet "magically" grew.

    If you don't use the link the shop gives you for your pet, you may miss seeing it grow!

  • Can I link your guide in my shop?
    Sure! I'd be flattered. Mireille Lemieux has made a nice button you can use to do so, if you want.

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    // Postscript from Prolixity

    I first stumbled across the Breedable and Changing Pets subforum in early 2004. I lurked around, read a few threads, got the basic idea, and said to myself, "Hey! This looks like an easy way to make gold! I'll just open a shop!"

    Five Six years later (omfgwtfbbqsewerbear), I've owned several shops, colored for more than I can remember offhand, and still love this forum to death. It's often silly, stupid, dramatic, and taken far too seriously for its own good, but it's a great deal of fun, and I've made deep and lasting friendships here, as well as improving my art a lot.

    It may be a little hard to get started, and it may be intimidating at first, but I love this place, and I think I'll be here a long time yet. I hope this thread has been helpful, if y'all got past the giant wall-o-text up there, and I hope you'll stick around and enjoy it too.

    Credit for assistance and suggestions goes to:

    astral vanity
    Kimie Kitty
    Miliardo Kason
    Mimi Sharpies
    Mireille Lemieux
    Nothing Yet
    poke mattix

    ... and many others who have influenced me in one way or another.

    If you have further questions, feel free to PM me; I'll do my best to answer them.
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High-functioning Husband

Here here, Prox, I fully support this - THANK YOU for putting into words the Unspoken of BCP. :3
Kimie Kitty's avatar

Gracious Gekko

Thread looks great!

Everyone should read this, newbie to the BC or not.

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Thanks, guys. <3 We're a complicated bunch here - I figured it'd be nice to have some basic explanations set out in writing.
Sosiqui's avatar

Frigoris's Partner

Enduring Muse

Meee tooooo!!!!!

Thanks for this Proxility.
The beginners really need this. I remember when I was new, first thread I came to.
All the people here are so. awesome. though.

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Frigoris's Partner

Enduring Muse

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Rainbow Prophet

You're made of awesome Prox!

Every B/C shop should have a link to this.
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Business Bunny

:3 **approves of this awesome guide <3**

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