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Uoi'Nota Hunting Expedition
2nd Shop Bday RP Event

Winter months bring hardships for many creatures, and Ikal'Daka are no exception, despite being better suited to survival than some of their lesser wolven kin. Food is scarce, and hunting parties often range far from their dens, tracking whatever they may find through the thick snow. Those who hunt on their own may find themselves gaunt with hunger before too long, unable to bring down the larger prey the Ikal often prefer. Subsisting on smaller prey is possible, of course, but barely scraping by by the standards of their meals.

Hunger is not the only thing the winter brings to the fore. Other hunters in much the same predicament surface, willing and capable to steal a kill from a weakened Ikal if the chance arises. Snow covers much of the territories, making it harder to move without falling victim to one of the Ikal's predators- those few monsters the scouting group saw on their way to the Princess' castle last winter seem to have multiplied, the water serpents making river crossing dangerous, the glacial snow creature lurking in the snow drifts, ready to leap upon any unwary Ikal.

Indeed, in the cold season it almost seems worth it to bend to the Alchemist's will, for food and shelter are strong lures.
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This is an 'official' RP, though you are not under any constraints save this: gather with other Ikal to organize a hunt. There must be 3 or more in your hunting party. Random events may happen along your journey, so watch out!

Pack Ikal are more inclined to run with their pack or lone wolves, just as Alchemist Ikal are more inclined to run with other Alchemists or lones. Pack and Alchemists rarely will group together, and with much distrust between the two.
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And open for RP.
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Tsia glares at all the snow around her, cursing the season in her head. Why did it have to be so flaming COLD? Of course, the cold made it much harder to even find prey, most of it having moved on to warmer climates or in hibernation until it gets warmer. Being a lone Ikal, she knew she didn't stand much chance of bringing anything big down for herself. She rather missed the small group she'd started out with as a young pup, but that life was far behind her now. If she wanted to keep surviving, she'd have to find either one or two other Ikal to team up with, at least until this blasted season was over with. Ears flicking every which way, trying to listen to every little sound to keep from walking into a predators trap or lair, she narrows her eyes and looks around quickly before finally seeming to decide on a direction and heading towards it, hoping that if there weren't any prey animals to make a meal of, that at least there'd be someone to possibly team up with and not something that would eat her.
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Tundra's breath came out as puffs of white as he trotted without worry up the small icy pathway. "Hurry Rounda. Before I freeze."

From farther down a deep voice rose up with a bored tone. "Humph. Your coat is thicker than mine."

"It's still cold."

A grunt. "Coming Brother." Rounda picked up his pace, his heavy feet unstable against the icy pathway. His movements were too slow to prevent him from feeling the icy bite against his paw pads and the cold air was making him move even slower. "Don't like winter."

A snort. "No one does. Bloody cold, not enough food. Can't believe we survived last winter. Hahahaha!" Tundra's laugh pierced through the silent air. "Maybe this time we'll finally freeze to death. Haha!"
[Didn't know if I should just type an intro post or meet up with someone so I just did an intro. o-o]

Thanatos hated the silence that came with the snow except the own crunch of snow beneath his pads. It was maddening in a way. Buuuuut then again when spring came he would hate the birds chirping constantly in his ears. He huffed and scanned the area for anything.

Nothing. As usual.

He would deal with silence and birds for the rest of his life if it got him some food. He was starving! The biggest meal he had was a wild rabbit and the only reason he got that was because he had abnormally long legs. They gave him an extra boost of speed, but also made him look lanky. According to some others he looked to ungainly to be helpful. He even remember his siblings taunting him when he was young. "All he is gonna do is trip over those legs! He'll never be able to catch anything!"

"Pfft, all they can catch is lame or slow prey." He grumbled as he continued to trot through the snow. He didn't need anyone to help him catch food. Grrrrrrr~

...wouldn't hurt to have help though.
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Kesi darted through the thick underbrush, laboring to keep her footing through the thick snow. She herself was in Miralok forest, the denser of the two woods in the immediate area. Now that the snows were here, she was no longer sure about leaving the Xa'los pack- her mother, as well as the uneasy friendships she'd made with other pack members & Alphas. She snarled softly, her thoughts turning to her father, who'd refused to let her follow him to- well, wherever he took her brother, the one Ikal she'd ever felt close to. Her train of thought led her to stumble, however, slipping on a hidden patch of ice.

With an effort she pulled her thoughts away from her family, cursing instead the snow and the freezing temperatures. Game had gotten steadily harder to find, her usual prey either in hibernation or headed south. A few hares here and there, a ptarmigan with a broken wing.. These meals kept her going, though she'd lost weight. She knew deer, elk, other such animals were most easily found in the plains, but a lone female had little chance to bring down game with winter pelts and much too willing to gore her with their antlers. So she skirted the trees, flushing out small game as she could. She would prove her father wrong. She was worth something, and she could survive.
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Freezyiana and Glaciana travel together through the thick snow of Miralok forest as well. The sisters always did everything together, from hunting to defending the weaker Ikal, to keeping an eye out for danger. The only things they didn't do were talk in unison or finish eachothers sentences. Well... Not very often, anyway. Freezyiana was the friendlier of the two, more likely to initiate conversation with others first, whereas Glaciana preferred to observe others for a bit before she spoke to them. They did not live with the Xa'los pack, but rather had taken up residence in a cave near the outskirts of the forest. They were slowly making their way to lower ground, the Akai'zhar Plains, thinking that most of the prey animals would have headed that way as well.

Freezyiana glances over at Glaciana, gives a small smile, then says, "We should see if there are others out there who might wish to team up, at least temporarily, to hunt. The two of us alone aren't going to be enough if we come across a predator or larger prey, you know."

Glaciana merely nods in reply, her ears perked up and her eyes skimming their surroundings. "Fine... If that is your wish, you can call around and see if others will reply." She says softly, her voice barely heard over the wind.

Freezyiana nods, then howls loudly, hoping to gain the attention of any Ikal nearby and see if they could start up a larger hunting party.


Tsia was still not fairing very well on her own. She freezes, crouching down on some rocks as she barely hears a howl from where she was at. She looks around to see if anything else might have heard the howling near where she was at, then lopes slowly towards where she thinks the sound came from.
[I'm excited! c: ]

Faceless slinks out of the mist and snow like a ghost to stand at Thanatos' side so quickly it's as if he'd teleported there. He grins at the taller male-- an easy expression that shows more of the darkness he hides from other wolves. His voice, when he speaks, is smooth as warm honey, and is tinged with a sort of mocking, half-amused air, "Hey there, longshanks. I heard your stomach growling from a mile away."

Generally, Faceless is a loner, like their mother, but now and then he seems to run across some of his siblings, or even their mother. Other times, he might specifically seek them out. Today was a case of the former, though. They may have been raised as pups together, but their family had always been anything but ordinary... and Faceless seemed to have inherited most of their parent's creep factor.

"Mother was never so graceless on those long legs of hers," he eyes Thanatos critically, the hint of a smirk on his mouth. "One would think you'd have learned how to use them by now. Come on, Thanatos. I'll hunt with you awhile. I shouldn't like to see one of my dear brothers starve to death."

He sets off without waiting for a reply. He may not have inherited their parents long legs or dark coloring, but he's of a slighter, longer frame than most wolves that enables him to sneak about as he seems fond of doing-- and lends to him an agility that can match even the quickest of their prey.

Luckily for them, if one looked hard enough, the Dias Forest still had enough prey to feed two male Ikal, and then some-- the hard part, of course, was finding it.
[ :D Dittooooooo! ]

Thanatos snapped his teeth together irritably turning his head to look at his unwelcome, yet needed, companion. "My, my Faceless. How delightful to see you." The little jabs at his legs barely fazed him anymore. He rarely encounters one of his kin and their jeers at him had no merit anymore. Thanatos gave a toothy grin and followed after his brother.

"Oh brother, I am quite nimble on my feet these days." He growled out, hating when his siblings compared him to their mother. "It has been quite a while since we were pups." He, however, was in no mood to squabble with his brother so he kept the matter at that. His belly was empty and he needed the others help.

Faceless was a good hunting companion to have, on account of his white pelt. Plus the fact that his brother was a sneaky b*****d. Thanatos had an almost ideal pelt, with a splash of black here and there. His swift feet make up for his darker coloring. If he sees prey, that's usually all he needs, but not this time of year. "I wouldn't want you to starve either, my much smaller brother." He was not ashamed of his long legs. They were beneficial.
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A howl was heard echoing through the area that they resided in. Tundra's ears twitched but he showed no other sign of hearing the howl.

"Tundra." At the sound of Rounda's low voice, Tundra stopped walking and turned to his brother, who had stopped and was looking towards the direction of the howl. "A howl."

"Probably a pack nearby, calling members." Tundra responded, shrugging it off. "We should start heading in the opposite direction. Don't want to deal with competition with an entire pack in this weather."

Rounda nodded in agreement and quickly caught up to Tundra, taking advantage of Tundra's stillness.
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((All of mine are loners, so if you want to have them join talk to them? and I am willing to split them up, if that works better))

Tourak stepped out into the snow. It was deeper than he could ever remember from the past. He sighed, knowing that it was just getting started and food was going to be scarce. Turning back to see if his traveling companions were awake yet, Tourak waited patiently as he thought about how to hunt with the young pups.

Yawning, Samui turned an eye to the brown male. He wasn't one to wake early, but the grumbling stomach woke him. "So, what's the plan of action for today?" They had met up by accident and with the weather being as it was, decided that it would be best to work as a group, unless something else came along that was better. Samui didn't say that of course, he was just waiting for the right time to leave.

Hearing voices, the youngest of the group got up to take care of some business. Wyntar couldn't understand the older ones arguments at times. It made no sense, with the arguing it just made things worse and the hunting was starting to even lack when it was better the first couple of nights.
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Khaless, too, heard the unfamiliar howl lingering in the wind. She flicked an ear back and stood, shaking herself to straighten her pelt. She'd been resting in the Xa'los caves, waiting for her mate to return from his scouting trip. Now, it seemed, there were others nearby, and a little too close to her territory for her comfort. Some of her pack were out and about like Kirill was, searching for food or for loners who may cross paths with them. She cast an eye over the rest, lounging about around the cave, a few resting or gnawing on the bones from their last hunt. The Xa'los pack rarely went hungry, between herself and Kirill and the rest, they were a large enough pack to bring down game even in the harsh winter.

Khal stretched slowly, making her way to the cave's entrance. Turning her head to give the rest a last look, she padded outside into the snow. Lifting her nose to the wind, she turned south towards the plains, loping silently through the trees. If Kirill was about, she knew he'd find her. But she wanted to see who was out there in the snow for herself.
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Kirill sporting a blood soaked pelt made his way through the monochrome forest, leaving a crimson trail behind him as he carried his prize rather triumphantly. Weaving his way through the trees as he worked his way back to the cave, his spines trembling every so often to shake the build up of frost and snow. Ears standing at attention as he kept his senses covering every foot of the familliar forrest to ensure it was indeed still his, tail flicking back and forth with every crunchy step along the frozen terrain. Though he could smell newcomers in his territory he was far too sure of himself and his ability to let the presence of others kill his good mood from a succesful hunt. Reaching his home he tossed the still bleeding and very much alive coyote to the dirt ground, shaking off before moving closer and closing his jaws on the animals neck. Finally having put the finishing touches on the meal for the night he raised his head as he sniffed out the air for his mate, sitting at the edge of the cave letting the charms hanging from his spines sway in the gentle winter breeze. Keeping watch over the Xa'los caves in Khaless' absence, though greed over his kill did serve as a reason to not wander off.

[[ OOC; bear with me on my butchered spelling and what not, no spell check and doing so from a tablet, requires more effort then I care to put in <<;; ]]

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