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                                    ONLY QUEST POKEMON FOR REMIX MAY BE ROLEPLAYED HERE.


                                    This breedables shop contains elements and content that may not be suitable for all Gaians which are, but not limited to, homosexuality and an advanced PG13 community. We prefer that our members are mature individuals or are of an age of accountability by law. If you, for any reason, find REMIX uncomfortable we ask that you look for another breedables to take part in.

                                    Pokemon and its materials are all owned by Satoshi Tajiri and Nintendo. REMIX is in no way affiliated with the owners or their third parties -- neither do Satoshi Tajiri or Nintendo endorse this breedables shop. REMIX is solely a fan based community owned, operated, and participated in by Pokemon gijiinka fans.

                                INTRODUCTION TO REMIX

                                    REMIX was created in 2011 under the name Gijinka Island and in the year of 2012 has made a significant launch on the breedables / changables community. It is a Pokemon themed shop; though it does, at times, feature elements outside of the Pokemon franchise. REMIX is also a CYO (create your own) breedables / changeables. This means that any member can create their own Pokemon and get them officially certed in the shop, for free.

                                VERY IMPORTANT LINKS

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                                    ....Where is this?

                                    Somehow, some way, you find yourself in an empty space. As you look around there is nothing but an endless field of white. How odd. Oh, but it seems there are others who appear here just as randomly as you have. What's more, some of them seem highly comfortable to be in this place to the extent of making it a small retreat. How curious that the emptiness can be shifted into desired objects to suit ones fancy. A place to lounge perhaps, a pond to swim in, or a tree with ripened berries for you to pluck. This all seems like a dream, but it is all very real. Then it hits you:

                                    This must be a Dimensional Pocket.
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                                    OPEN FOR ROLEPLAYING
/ casually pushes Mimiko into thread / vuv

Mimiko: Titters forward before catching balance. Casually looks over the empty space and blinks blankly, pillow and blankie in hand.
Miidnight Melody's avatar

Sparkling Kitten

/kicks Charon in and his guitar/ :'D

Charon: /is face plant from the kick and grumbles curses, looks up to see a Stantler and Raticate hybrid/ . . . . hi there /grins/

Mimiko: Casts his gaze in the direction of sound, suddenly on alert and wide eyed. When his eyes met Charon's he stared back intensely. Standing as stiff as a board he didn't move an inch; the inevitable flick of one of his ears the only indication that he hadn't somehow frozen over.
Rohiryn's avatar

Amorous Sweetheart

-toss Beau in- ;u;

Beau: -yelps from the toss, grumbling about the mean lady who did so before he spots Charon along with another- Hm~ -bounds forward and jumps up onto Charon's back, gazing down at the hybrid too- Hi~
Miidnight Melody's avatar

Sparkling Kitten

Charon: /Blinks up at him just be he stood up and smoothed out his school uniform and took the extra time to fix his hair properly. Picking up his guitar case, he walked up a little closer to the stiff stranger/ Are ya okay? I didn't mean to scare you if I did. /chuckles a bit and extends a hand out to him/ I'm Charon! What's your name?

/jumps up in a slight surprise of feeling someone on his back and looks back to see Beau and smiles/ BEAU!!!! /nuzzles his face to his and holds him up/
Mimiko: Quivers softly as Charon ventures closer, though he doesn't make any attempts to get away. There was no mistaking that he was positively nervous as the other spoke to him. With how much more he was shaking now and his eyes having grown wider, if that were possible, he fumbled up at the other male. "Uh..buh..." The sudden intrusion of yet another male nearly gave him a heart attack and his face flushed with a surge of adrenaline pulsing through his veins. He blinked many times then, seemingly trying to get a of grasp of the overwhelming situation. A light sheen of perspiration coated his face and he clutched his pillow and blankie closer.

[ OOC ] emotion_facepalm Mimiko what am I going to do with you I don't even......

M ii d night M e l o d y

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Amorous Sweetheart

Beau: -giggles from the nuzzling and nuzzles his face back against Charon's- Hihi Charon!!!! -grins wildly before noticing that the other boy seemed to be scared, or maybe just extremely nervous. He climbs down from Charon's back and moves over to the hybrid Pokemon- W-what's wrong? There's no reason to be scared! -worries and kneels down to get a better look at him, pouting slightly- M-maybe you're lost? What's your name? I'm Beau! -frowns after a moment and looks back at Charon- Do you know what's wrong with him?
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Sparkling Kitten

Charon: /He chuckled along with his friend's enthusiasm just before he lowered his body down when he felt the Audino climbing off. His bright red, feline-like eyes blinked for a mere moment before they gaze upon the quivering hybrid with a tilt of a head. Charon believed that he might have said something just before they were welcomed by his friend and gave a shrug of his shoulders in response to the question. Despite the relax posture of the young punk, he does worry about the timid other as he eyed the defensive stance behind his pillow and blanket/ I got no clue at all Beau . . . /The Banette spoke, licking his gold zipper at the corner of his pale lips in thought/ Look, uh . . . fella, we're not bad people or anything! /He exclaimed before wrapping his arm around Beau's shoulders to bring him closer/ We're the good kind! And funny~ See . . . /And then a shade of mischief shown in his bright orbs as he looked over at the Audino and grabbed a hold of his floppy ears; pulling them and ticking the sensitive feelers as he laughed/
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Xi-Feng: A carriage traveled through the streets, before stopping. A rather delicate hand peeked out, turning the curtain protecting its owner to the side. The frail young woman, stepped out, slowly, elegantly, as to be sure that her kimonos would not be ruined, and finally looked up at her surroundings, eyes innocent from the splendors of the area. It was her first trip out of her palace, so to speak, and she was most certainly unsure of what to think. So bright, so lively, so...beautiful in its own way.

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