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User ImageEvadne flipped her soft silvery hair back over her shoulder, her opal like eyes glittering in the starlight as she strode slowly, gracefully towards the walkway the led up to the Edelsteine shop. A long time in coming, that was the best way to describe her return.

Explaining the sudden decision wasn't on the goddesses list, Evadne simply didn't feel the constant need to justify her actions that had consumed her host. She had simply wanted to be there, so there she was. It was nice.

A sleepless night and seemingly endless inner monologue had lead her back to a place she had never called home, hoping to meet, well she didn't know who, Creation... Destruction... Maybe one of the other dozen or so Gods. She flashed a snowy smile at the darkness and stretched, the pyrite in her skin flashing as she neared the lamp posts outside the shop.

The little voice that had been near to driving her mad for the last week, the nameless muse, was dead. Or at least out of commission. Eva was feeling quite content with her inner victory, quite as though she had finally truly come to life within her hosts body, claiming it as her own.

Dancing a little as she made her way up the walk, wedge heals clicking against the ground and boot cut jeans rustling almost like taffeta as she shuffled, spun and dropped to the steps of the porch, whipping out a silver cigarette case and extracting a clove cigarette, humming as she struck a match and ignited its tip and drawing the spicy sweet smoke into her lungs, the Mountain Goddess looked reflectively out at the world around her. For the moment enjoying the night, Eva exhaled in a slow pale blue haze.

((This RP will enter Eva's Journal, Dated on Talencia's First post.))
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In the shadows near the steps into the shop, off to the side, Rairne was sitting with her back against the foundation, blind eyes staring into space. The glow from the lava flows faintly lit her features, warming her skin subtly. Her knees were drawn up, arms curled loosely about them. The remains of some sort of meal sat on the ashy ground bside her. In her hands she held several of the metal scarabs that they had brought back. Her fingers ran over and over the intricate surfaces, an almost hypnotic repetition.

Arctang could keep his promises, though how he'd managed it, she still couldn't grasp. The entire thing simply had to have been coincidence, didn't it? Small white teeth set into her lower lip as she frowned. Eight was a very tender age to struggle with such concepts as death, eternity, and diety. It seemed the gods did not care for the age of the host, only that they complied.

So all unasked, here she was, willingly harboring a god that would eventually take her into himself, and changing her body to suit himself. Her arms tightened about her legs, and for a moment she clutched the scarabs tightly. She fought down the urge to cry, swallowing the tears. A single strangled sob escaped, though, rasping through her tight throat. It would be okay, it would. He'd promised. And so far, he kept his promises. She repeated to herself her choice... to trust him. To let this happen. A deep breath helped ease the tightness in her chest and throat. It would be okay.
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User ImageThe Mountain Goddess brought her head up slowly and pulled the ear buds to her mp3 player out of her ears, listening intently to the night sounds.

There it was again, from over by the lava flow. Standing slowly Eva listened intently as she flicked aside her cigarette. Was someone crying? How disgusting, how weak, how human. Inching up on the edge of the building the Goddess froze as she spotted the small figure so tightly curled in on itself, leaning on the building.

A Child!

Treading silently on the ash strewn earth Evadne felt on odd twinge, and knew that it was a reflection of Trivii's maternal instincts that had nothing to do with her, she was careful as she balanced on the balls of her feet, one hand against the old shop front. Barely louder than a whisper the Goddess spoke. "Little One, why are you crying?"
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At the sudden whisper of a voice so near, Rairne jerked upright with a gasp, blind eyes staring into space as her ears strained to inform her of where the stranger was. She clutched the scarabs tightly, having nearly dropped them in her startlement, but her stillness was in vain. She could not locate the person by sound. Unthinkingly, she reached for Arctang even as she spoke. "Who are you? What do you want?"

Scrubbing her face with a forearm, she braced herself against the building and shoved up to a crouch. She did not like being caught unawares, especially when wallowing in self-pity. She did it all too often lately, but couldn't seem to help it. Frustrated, she scowled into the darkness that perpetually was her world.

Arc felt her need and met her halfway. He couldn't help her much in this current state, but two against danger must surely be better than one, even if they occupied the same handicapped body. He definitely had to do something about that when the time came for his true rebirth. For now, he must endure the darkness even as she did.
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User ImageAdvancing silently across the ash strewn earth, Eva half wondered if the child would smell the spicy smoke on her skin. "Evadne, dear one." her heart ached for the child and she half hated herself for the weakness.

Gracefully the goddess lowered herself to sit just out of reach of the child, meeting opaque eyes, long clouded, even as she felt the presence of another and glanced fervently around them.

"All I want is conversation... Tell me Urchin, what summons your tears?" The aura arround the child spoke of a power just beneath the surface, and while she ached to comfort the little one, self preservation held her back.
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The young girl, now resembling more of a preteen than she had when she'd first arrived at the Pantheon, bristled at being addressed as an urchin. Granted, it might have been true at one time, but after all she'd been through recently, she certainly didn't feel like one any more. She had Arc to take care of her, didn't she? He would never leave her, like her parents had. NEVER!

Tears evaporated before her rising indignance, burning like a banked fire within her. Her chin rose and she jutted her jaw just slightly, taking a more defiant stance. "My tears are my own, thank you very much. Mine and Arctang's, if he chooses to share them." Mentally she 'glanced' at him, to find his presence there and waiting for her. She welcomed him back to join with her, to boost her claim, to make her feel safe again. "He protects me, and I protect him." Her hand moved to the bandaged shoulder, which she now fiercely ripped at, tearing the cloth away so that the stone could be seen. It reflected the lights from the lava pits, gleaming brigthly in neon turqouise glory.

She wasn't about to admit to this stranger that Arctang himself had been the reason for her tears. With adolescent mercurial emotionalism, she now was fiercely proud of being chosen by the god of Numbers. Though if she'd stopped to think about it, she wasn't entirely sure how numbers could have helped her stand against trouble. But she knew he was a god, so surely he could have done something.

Arc was surprised when Rairne reached for him, sought his presence and wanted him with her. He surged more than willingly to mix himself with her, suddenly wondering how much this might be like what it would feel like to be reborn within her. For now, he brushed that thought aside, instead focusing on bolstering his host and giving her confidence. After all, she was right to be proud! So many mortals, but so few would be called to be vessels for the rebirth of the gods! She was indeed special, and should stand confidently before all. He silently showed her that he approved, idly tracing fractal patterns within the darkness of her mind, bursts of color and pattern, not realizing it could be distracting to the young thing.
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User ImageStartled Evadne did not draw back, instead she permitted ice to enter her eyes as she examined the youth. "You should know better that to strike before you know if your opposition is armed... Now Urchin, even if you do not know, then Arctang should have informed you."

Tossing her head in a vain gesture that sent short tresses of silvery hair flowing in every direction, The Goddess wanted to toss the child in the lava pool and be done with her moment of weakness, but she stayed her hand, as the promise she had given her own host echoed forward in her mind.

"Sheath your claws, They are useless against me. Now will you answer my question and accept aid or are you so determined to wallow in your own tears that you would send me away?" Silently she added to herself, are you such the child that you would risk my refusing to help you in the future?
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Between the distracting bursts of... something... from Arctang, and the cool rebuking tone of the stranger, Rairne was unable to muster much of anything to say in reply. She'd said as much as she wanted to, and as most pre-teens, was not happy at being chided for asserting herself. So instead of reply meekly, or make some sassy reply, she stood bolt upright suddenly. She scowled, though whether at the unpredictable Arc or the intruding Evadne, she couldn't have determined. "Bah, are you all so pushy?" she exploded in frustration before turning to stomp off, one hand trailing along the wall as she headed for the entrance once more, avoiding obstacles by memory and habit. Her mind was too furiously working on her general bad mood to bother with keeping active track of exactly where things were, and thus she had bonked her shin and stubbed her toes by the time she finally made it inside.

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