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The Fa'e, Sofi, is about to embark on a growth quest to become a youth, and she needs your help!

The Great Downtown Barton Disaster of 2010 will be talked about for years to come, but in order to properly chronicle this terrible moment in history, we need to hear from everyone who found themselves an unwilling participant in the Great Ball of Chaos.

(Warning! Link leads offsite; to a youtube video! Video is completely safe for work, and also explains what, exactly, is occurring in this thread.)

The Plot:
Oh no! You've just been rolled up into a giant katamari! Please take a moment and one post (per character) to tell us, in third person prose format, what you were doing when you were rolled up!

The Rules:
- Anyone may post, as long as it is IC and follows the guidelines. This, preferably, will affect Breedables and/or the guardians taking care of said breedables.
- Please only use one post per character, and one character per post! Exceptions can be made for groups of pets, like a herd of horses or a swarm of pixel pets, which can use one post.
-NEW! If you have multiple characters but only one account, GO AHEAD AND USE THE SAME ACCOUNT. Just, remember! One character per post, and one post per character, with the exception of characters that just have to stick together!
- You are going to get rolled up into the katamari! If you want to have your character dodge or simply observe from a distance, please don't post!
- No permanent or serious injuries or damages will result from this incident! The character responsible for all this is, for all intents and purposes, a cartoon character. And you know how things work in cartoons; at the end of the day, the status quo is maintained. So small cuts and bruises only, please!
- As this thread grows in size, so will the katamari. A good rule of thumb is this: One page = One meter. When describing getting rolled up by the katamari, keep this in mind! Someone posting on an early page may have a small clump of people rolling them over, but if this thread grows to many, MANY pages, it's going to be HUGE.
- This post right here should be the only OOC post in the thread.

OKAY Trying to get the ball rolling again! HAHA DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

This thread is still open! It will always be open! And I encourage you to continue to post like it's 2010! Just a few things to keep in mind.

- THIS IS SEPTEMBER, 2010. This will never change. This is, after all, The Great Katamari Incident of 2010.


- 3nodding
Animals are said to be able to sense natural disasters. Danger on the wind. Minute changes in air pressure, a smell given off by a surge of adrenaline, the low rumble of an earthquake quickly approaching.

A stray cat, sniffing at a plastic cup full of milk tea that had been tossed at a trash can and missed its target, its contents now spilled on the sidewalk, smelled nothing but a potential snack. Well, maybe not; the milk tea was not to its tastes. It, instead, heard the low rumble of footsteps approaching, and the sweet, familiar voice--

"Aww, kitty!"

The cat recognized this voice. The human owning the voice sometimes would stoop down to pet it, or perhaps offer a bit of bread, or a drink of water, or sometimes a plastic bowl full of milk.

Tail immediately pricking upward, the cat began to trot toward the voice. It poured all of its charm into one simple move; to rub against her legs in greeting, hoping to convince her to part with a small treat.

But it never expected that its actions would have another effect. That it would trigger one of the greatest disasters to occur in downtown Barton.

"Kitty, what are you-- Whoa!"

The cat could only stare in horror as the human came tumbling down.

And then there was a loud, frightened yowl as it suddenly became aware of swift, forward movement. And as it tumbled around and around and around, seemingly attached to the human, it very quickly realized that things were about to get worse. Much worse.
Luna had the day off, but that didn't stop her from showing up to the cafe. For one, her mother owned the place. For another, it was a nice place to study. And the new semester had gotten off to a running start.

Why did she choose a nursing major again, she wondered to herself with a small sigh, shifting her heavy backpack to redistribute the weight. It'd all be worth it, right?

Right, she reminded herself. Just a few more years. Just a few more years. Then there were apprenticeships and more training for midwifery, and then she could finally, finally...

The startled yeowl snatched her attention from her own thoughts as she watched her cousin tumble to the pavement.

"Aaaauu!" she shouted, projecting Sofi's name even as she knew that the poor girl wouldn't hear it. Was she okay? Would she be okay? Would she be--

--Tumbling right toward her. That was new.

She moved to dive out of the way, but it was too late. Somehow, she'd gotten tangled up in the mess.
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The dirty-blonde boy was up to no good or at least trying, quite randomly, to be up to no good. He was wandering the streets looking for mischief or someone to physically torment when he found a small child enjoying a nice tasty lollipop. The idea had struck Robin quite suddenly and he wore a grin that even the Grinch would be jealous of. He mustered up as much intimidating posture as he could and strolled toward the child who was now staring at him.

"Hey kid," Robin drawled lazily as he walked forward, "gimme that!" the boy demanded in the meanest tone he could muster.

The boy shook his head and backed away as Robin moved forward, "I said gi--..." movement caught his eye and something was coming toward him and try as he might he was stuck to the ground and absolutely COULD NOT retreat if he wanted to because the unidentified object was coming at him. Careening (at least in his eyes) right toward him where the boy with the lollipop had once stood. Suddenly he was caught up in it and rolling along with a very confused yelp exiting his lips. Robin wiggled, nudged, moved and no matter what he was stuck. He sighed and bowed his head as much as he could and gave in to the force that stuck him there. He'd be okay...Right? He hoped so. He might be late for dinner though...

How the hell was he going to explain this to the family he lived with when he didn't come home on curfew?
It was bad enough that Mistress Luna had been in a funk ever since she left her final class for the day. Surely, such a thing would pass, and surely, it wasn't something that Jokeph could possibly do anything to help, but it still BOTHERED him.

Or maybe it was downtown Barton itself that bothered him. It was a familiar sight, certainly, but it was still far too crowded for his liking. Far too difficult to avoid coming into physical contact with anyone. Even coming into physical contact with Luna was difficult enough, and his feelings for her were...

...Well, they didn't particularly matter.

So it was when Sofi began rolling toward the pair that he instinctively moved to the side, unwilling to stop her tumbling.

But when Luna leapt too late, when she got swept up as well, he had to act.

With a soundless yell, he sprinted ahead of the tumbling duo (now a trio; where the hell did that boy come from?), leaping directly in front of them and bracing for impact. He would catch Luna, and Luna alone, and that alone should stop them all.

He did not anticipate a bounce. He did not anticipate Luna's face slamming into him, her lips pressing against his own thanks to nothing but pure chance.

He was swept off his feet.

Two Porcelain infants, strapped in their double stroller, could hear something strange in the air. A sort of humming, chaotic noise that was incredibly fascinating.

They'd previously been interested in a man carrying far too many balloons for one man, both grabbing for the colorful objects in the sky with drool-covered hands and audible whining, trying to tell their mother (Who seemed much more interested in a dress in a store window) that they WANTED those things, they WANTED WANTED WANTED--

And now this thing immediately grabbed their attention.

Though they didn't yet realize that others would not see it the way they did, they were still captivated by the large, glowing, noisy ball of THING that was heading straight for them.

And as they heard their mother shriek, as they felt themselves being carried up, up, up, up, up, and then down down down down again, they began squealing with delight.

They'd forgotten all about the balloons at this point; they were having FAR, FAR, FAR too much fun!
Darsais was slowly evolving into a responsible adult. Not physically, of course: her uniquely robotic biology meant she was forever stuck at somewhere in the seventeen range, but mentally, she was gradually inching into some variety of maturity. Gone were the days of playing horrible electropop at nightclubs, screeching into microphones until two AM. She no longer kept a loch ness monster in her bathtub. She'd gotten her degree and worked regular hours doing costume management for a community theater.

She looked both ways when crossing the road. Mostly. Except for when she didn't.

Darsais was on her way to work, a messenger bag full of scripts and notes slung across her back, two bolts of sequined green fabric clamped tightly under one arm, and a paper cup of hot chocolate held in her other hand.

The crosswalk signal turned into the little white man, and she stepped off the curb. (It was early, she figured. No one would be running red lights at this hour.)

Darsais looked up just in time to see the girl and the cat come tumbling towards her. She was about to find out just how totally wrong her assumption had been.

"Hey, look out!" she shouted, gesturing with her cup. All this managed to do was slosh hot chocolate all over her hand. Darsais turned to run and get out of the way, but she'd dallied too long. The katamari quickly overtook her, and she joined the stop, drop, and roll party as it continued down the street.
September was school-time for all of Dusty's friends, leaving him with too much time, not enough to do. He followed up on contacts, tried to look for leads about this or that, but in the end, he was just a spoiled kid that needed something to keep him busy. Some days, TV provided that. Other days, he went out to the city and looked for trouble.

This was one of those "other" days. And so when he heard the terrified sounds from just around the corner, Dusty went against all common sense and hurried toward it. Screaming usually meant something was happening. Occasionally, it was even something interesting - something that required the use of a weapon, for instance, like the one Dusty was hauling around on his back.

He really hoped it was going to be something like that.

No sooner had he rounded the corner, though, did that bouncing mass descend on his head. "What in God's n-" turned into a muffled "mmph!", as the unprepared deerkitten joined the growing collective, face-first.

He was pretty sure that that was somebody's backside his mouth was stuck on, too. Son of a b***h.
Melody wasn't sure what caught her attention first. The sudden switch from her childrens' whining for the colorful floaty things to glee, or the cry of "Look out!" just in front of her.

One thing was for certain, though:

She was far less enthusiastic about being rollled up into a ball of people than her children were.
The strange ball of people and objects probably didn't even notice its next victim. That is because its next victim was only about ten inches tall.

"What do you MEAN you only have "normal" sized cribs? I was flying next to a bipedal wolf for a good minute on the way here, there is no such THING as NORMAL at GAIA!"

The angry mother-to-be was a fairy, sorry, "faery"-- she'd yell at you if you spelled it any other way-- named Fondue. She had discovered that she would be laying an egg soon, and thought that it would be sweet to break the news to the father by showing him a crib.

"I can't believe it... the only real baby shop around here caters to human-sized babies. What is that noise, anyway? I can't concentrate on my yelling with this racket!"

The racket was, of course, Sofi and company rolling towards her. At the ball's current size, the crib maker would be safe... however, Fondue was directly in its path.

"Hey WAIT--"

But it was too late, Fondue found herself plastered to Luna's back as she started to roll with the rest of them.

"MyeggmyeggmyeggMYEGG! Be careful that my egg doesn't get hurt!!"

Luna would be hearing that, and other variations of "MY EGG", for as long as they kept on rolling.

Poor, poor Luna.
Dear Mother, Renka wrote, sipping from a cup of something called soda; a bubbly, syrupy sweet drink he wasn't entirely certain he would enjoy again, but perhaps it was only that particular flavor of soda that seemed so offensive to his tastes?

It was such a strange drink, to have such a bite to it thanks to only... bubbles?

Fascinating, fascinating. He would have to study it further.

But back to his letter.

Gaia is quite a fascinating pl

The word abruptly trailed off into a long blotch of ink. It, the now leaking pen with the snapped nib, and the half-drunk soda would be the only indication that anyone was even sitting there.


This was certainly new.
Valeri and his daughter Miranda were going on their usual walk while Other took a nap so she could continue the marvelous creation of life through slumber...Somehow. While Valeri usually joined his bride-to-be on a nap he couldn't since Miranda was up and still a bit too young to be left on her own devices. They walked along through Barton totally unaware of the chaos that would soon swallow them up quietly talking to each other about what they would do at the park as soon as they got there.

The limping ginger-haired man gazed up when he caught a movement coming RIGHT for them and Miranda peered at the oncoming object from under her large floppy hat that protected her from the sun's rays and her lips parted in amazement.

Being a bit crippled it was too late for them to make a timely get away so Valeri did the next best thing he could do and ducked down and hugged Miranda close to him so she wouldn't take the impact so much as he hugged his cane to his chest so he wouldn't lose it. Please just let it roll over them and not become a part of this ball of ... people and things.

...It hit them and Miranda squeaked as she hugged onto her Papi and with wide pink-red eyes filled with a bit of distress. Neither of them could seem to find a way to break free once the ball had them. Hopefully this wouldn't last long.

"...Craaaaaaap," Valeri exhaled softly, he hoped when and if this broke apart it would be with his daughter nearby.

Miranda after the initial shock waved over her the small chubby rat-girl began to relax and have fun, her Papi was taking most if blows when the ball bounced and jounced, "YAAAH! FUN'TH!"
"Daddy! Hurry up!"

Princess Peach - or Peach, since Azrael steadfastedly refused to let her in on the secret of her official title - was walking backwards, weaving her way back and forth through the obstacles of the city. She kept herself a full three paces ahead of the somberly dressed man, who was her adoptive father, and every line in her body spoke to her impatience. Today was the day of her first tennis lesson since school started, and if it was up to her, they'd be running every step of the way!

Azrael, however, had other plans. "We're plenty early as is," he assured her, for what was likely the fiftieth time that hour. Hands in pockets, keeping a pace marked by leisure, Azrael reminded her, "If we get there too quickly, we'll have to sit and watch the older kids play, and you'll get bored." Not that she wouldn't find some way to fill the time, if he wasn't watchful - he'd never known a child with quite her knack for wandering off and getting into trouble....

As he might have expected, Peach didn't seem pleased by his answer. Instead, her face crinkled up - with a little hmph and stamp of her foot, she stubbornly reiterated, "I'd rather we hurried!", and quickened her pace a little more. When her father refused to hurry his own, she glanced worriedly over her shoulder, put on a pout, and--

Azrael. The ghostly voice of an invisible entity arose, heard only by his own ear. The Lady Emiree, the dead woman who watched over him, spoke with a note of urgency - Azrael, there's something--

"Peach, come back here--

Not fast enough, either of them. For at the moment, Peach turned her head to look at something approaching her from up the street. Her mouth dropped open in a tiny "o" of surprise, hands clutching together at her chest in frozen fascination - then something round, massive, and lumpy struck her, and the Princess was suddenly joined with the mass.

Leaving a stunned father to lurch forward in horror, stare down the street at the monstrosity that had just stolen his daughter from him, and then take off in pursuit.
Boyan felt, perhaps, like a leaf in the dirt. Fragile netting exposed by bugs, larvae, chew chew chewing and leaving the veins, the framework, his insides raw and visible.

The larvae would grow big and strong, to become moths and butterflies to flap their wings, spread their dust, disturb the air into small currents of chaos. It would be so beautiful, these things, but the Boyan that was a leaf, the leaf that was a Boyan, would dry in the sun, and his exposed, dirty veins would crumble, and the soil would become just a little more Boyan, and he would be dirt.

At least, that was what his jumble of thoughts seemed to be muttering, like the ramblings of a madman, right up until the moment when he found himself rolled over by his cousin, his sister, his daughter, his grandchildren, and many others he could not identify.

And his bare feet were up in the air, kicking ineffectually as if to grab a foothold on nothing at all, as if the dirt on his soles were enough to anchor him to the earth.

The Earth-aligned Porcelain was now in the air, where he was no longer dirt.

The frightened man called now for one thing, and one thing only:

Comfort. Rescue. A tale of a bacon and its egg.

...... gonk !!!!!
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Pixarangers, ASSEMBLE!

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

A squadron of colored kittens, no larger than a thumb, streaked across the sky, coming to a graceful landing some distance away from the rapidly approaching people-ball. Colorful helmets obscured their pixelated identities, as if they would need to protect their identities as... THE PIXARANGERS!

But none of that was important now! What was important was that they had just seconds to stop this people-ball before it could possibly obliterate--


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