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This is the Journal for Edelsteine Tajnevaki, the Cardinal Conundrum. Please do not post unless you have the expressed permission of Eftemie.

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1. Ivy's Post
2. Navigation/News/Secrets
3. Story Index
4. Tajnevaki
5. Jaster
6. Pantheon
7. Temple
8. Places
9. NPCs
10. Friends
11. Critters
12. Items
13. To Do
14. Quests
15. Notes

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This is where I will leave little tidbits of things that have been updated or added.

01.13.12 Added Deep in the Dark, and finished Finding Help
08.04.11 Updated the index with things coming so that I keep their order

07.19.11 Added an image of Felista in NPCs.
07.17.11 Finished Stolen, A Missing Daughter, and began Chase & A Change
07.12.11 The Forge finished.
07.11.11 Updated Revealing Secrets; Added Play Date, Innumerable Gratitude,
still working on things though. Added The Forge. Finished Innumerable Gratitude.
Finished off Play Date, The Forge.
01.13.11 Added Bitter Options.
01.11.11 Added in Mysterious Numbers. Finished off Numbers Update, Adding to the Sum, Open RP.
12.30.10 Updated tally.
04.02.10 Updated the images and information on the first page.
03.16.10 Added Stealthy Improvements, fini.
03.15.10 Updated the index and added several new ones on page 10.
03.02.10 Finished off Meeting Again, Quiet Moment.
02.26.10 Finished Playmates.
02.10.10 Forging finished. New Possibilities added and finished.
01.31.10 Water In The Ring finished
01.11.10 Cleaned up Page 1 some.
01.08.10 Added Puzzle To Solve, fini. updated the index listing.
01.02.10 Added Meeting Again, WIP. Added more to Forging the blades.
10.06.09 Added some reserves in place. Added Fire Seed, fini. Added Toys Wind Up, fini.
10.14.09 Added Finding Props, fini.
10.12.09 Face Value, fini.
10.09.09 Added Faery Magic & Charm, fini. Added Carving 501, fini.
10.03.09 Added A Magician's Art, Fini. Reversed the index. Newer is now at the top while the earlier pages are at the bottom. So it should read from the current works to the older works at the bottom.
10.02.09 Added Time Spent, Fini.
09.30.09 Added Facing A Father's Reality, Fini.
09.26.09 Finished off Mazes. Had to redo Choices. It was missing for some reason. I think I had it typed but lost it in the comp crash. Not quite the same but I think I like it better. LOL Added The Hand of Chaos, finished. Woot! Page 9! Moving Back finished. Accounting finished off.
09.25.09 Finished off Confessions.
09.23.09 Finished off Firey Bit of Humor and Under the Midnight Dawn. Added Confessions as a WIP.
06.03.09 Filled in Fatherhood Redux, What To Do Now, Siddhi. Added some new titles to the listing index below. Taj is getting close to Youth. XD
05.29.09 Added some images and npcs into Friends & Followers.
05.13.09 Cleaned up some stuffs on the first page.
05.07.09 Finished off Talking to Lisana and Meeting again.
04.21.09 Added A Quiet Moment, Gifts, and finished off Facing Fatherhood. Cleaning up the index and adding more planned WIP to the list. Also need to color 2 dinny yet.
11.22.08 Finished off Offering More, What's Happening, Bringing More Home Pt. 1 and Vaccination. WIP Bringing More Home Pt. 2, The Final Few, Choices Of The Chosen.
11.08.08 Finished off Hell Bursts, Box of Dolls. Added Daddy Comes To Visit. Added more WIPs to the index. Added 4 posts to the DOTD Fest just in case I need them, which I should. XD
10.21.08 Shifted everything down one so that I had an extra post for Hell Bursts. Added Lulling Spirits WIP. Trying to finish others off.
10.16.08 Finished off Bitter Winds, Moons Twined, Putting the pieces together, and Telling the Tale. Still have a few WIP to work on.

10.08.08 Finished off Red Moon, Hidden In Plain Sight, Beyond Miffed. Added Taj's port so easy to use. Added WIP Box of Dolls, Bitter Winds, Moons Twined, Bringing the pieces together, and Telling the Tale.
09.11.09 Finished off Markers of Stone. Working on Red Moon and trying to finish it off.
09.10.08 Added Red Moon, WIP, Hell Bursts, WIP, and still working on the secrets post. Then working on Taj's room at the Pantheon.
09.09.08 Added Temper The Steel, fini, Markers Of Stone, WIP. Working on updating the secrets post. And I'm considering A Darkness Creeps finished.
08.25.08 Jaster's appearance has an update. His clothing has gotten more modern than the castlevania type clothing he and Saljin wore in the Labyrinth.
08.24.08 Carving 202 finished. Fire is always changing added, finished. Added Carving 202b, finished,
and shifted Cuckoo's Story. It fits better during Famine.
08.22.08 Carving 101 and Shooting Stars are finished.
08.21.08 Added several more WIP. Most are solos and will be finished off in the next day or so and are important for my character development of Jaster/Taj.
08.20.08 Almost all my WIP are finished off. Starting some solos that I need to do.
08.16.08 Going to try to get some solos finished off in both Taj's and Lisana's journals.
08.14.08 Finished off a few and added a few, Dealings & Betrayals, At the Inn.
08.10.08 Added Whorls of thought, WIP because I want to go over it again. Dark Days, and A leap into the Unknown are both finished.
08.08.08 Added After scouting, and Dark Days. Both are WIP.
07.30.08 Finished off Stone Trouble. Working on other solos. Lazy Thoughts finished.
07.27.08 Finished off Machine and Shifter. Added Dealing With Pirates, WIP, and Company of Outlaws, Solo.
07.24.08 Okay, I should have left more space in my journal for immediately after the grigori. After talking to Talencia and looking at Arctang's journal, I changed the index on mine. The stories will be in order but the don't have to be posted in order.
Yes, confusing at first, but I think it will work better for me. It means no more reserving posts to save space in the timeline for things I do. So thanks to Tal-kitty and I'll see if it works. Finished off Space bar, Truces, Rat or Cat. Added Machine and The Shifter.
07.18.08 Let's Go To Space finished. Added Slate Sky Finished. Added Shooting Range.
07.17.08 Added Lazy Thoughts. It has to be backtracked because of the Grigori. Added Let's Go To Space! to get it in place. WIP. A Leap Ito The Unknown. WIP also
07.13.08 Finished off Explorations. Stone Trouble is next.
07.10.08 Finished Alice Pt. 3. Finished Taj Part 4, and added a post/link for the Grigori rp.
07.06.08 Finished Finally The Portal. Moved Stone Trouble to after Explorations. It's supposed to be a Trell problem. It was out of place, but only affects my timeline.
07.04.08 Added some titles of WIP. Finished Sights Unseen, Jaster & Duncan. And yes, I am working on more than one at a time right now. He's talking lots so I'm getting it down as I can. I also updated a few secrets. Some are mixed in WIP posts so if they are not there, check back next time.
06.27.08 An Upset Stomache is finished. And I changed the color Taj writes in. It was too close to black, so it's now a bit brighter violet.
06.20.08 The Way Out finished.
06.13.08 Riffraff & Rumors finished.
05.30.08 Riffraff & Rumors is begun. Still a WIP. Rumors & Barmaids is finished.
05.26.08 Added Inebriated Inspiration. I know Rumors & Barmaids isn't finished but this was talking and he wanted me to get it written. So now it is. XD
05.25.08 Added Jenga's Shell to the items. Cleaned up the item section also to make it look a bit better and added a few descriptions. Started Rumors & Barmaids Post 2. It's a WIP.
05.16.08 Added Rumors & Barmaids. It's a WIP that may take more than one post up by the time this portion is finished.
04.24.08 Krimsa found his name!! Thanks to Talencia.
04.23.08 Jaster now has a portrait in his post below and a port for me to use for rps.
04.10.08 Worked on journal graphics and they are finally set. Added first solo.

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This section is for things that are hidden in my journal. From time to time I will add a clue here to something that is hidden. Things are not always as they seem. Sometimes you see more IF the words are lighted in the proper way.

Secret #1:: "A rose by any other name is still a rose." Think about what this applies to.

Highlight the Tajnevaki post below to figure it out.
Secret #2:: Even if the title is in another language, the story is still the same.

Go to the Klju'c tajne post and highlight the title.
Secret #3:: What are secrets for? Find them.

Look for secrets right here, lol. XD
Secret #4:: A name is carefully picked even for a pet.

Look at Krimsa very carefully and you will find something hidden there.
Secret #5:: Rumors! Rumors! Rumors!

Rumors & Barmaids has a secret title.

Secret #6:: Ale abounds and plenty to go around!

Inebriated Inspriation has a hidden phrase and a link to a hidden pet for Jaster

Secret #7:: I know something you don't... Neener neener!
I absolutely adore the works of Lewis Carroll!
Secret #8:: Tajnevaki Part 4 has a Jaster comment hidden somewhere.
Neener Neener! You will have to find it.
Secret #9:: A lady hidden in a tree will be very special to Taj.
I guess you will have to find the tree.
Secret #10:: There is a voice of a different color hidden within J & D.
Look for his voice.
Secret #11:: There is a secret item and a secret name that have been placed within the journal.
Sorry, no clues. You will have to simply search for this one.
Secret #12:: A Quiet Moment can be more than expected.
It can also be A Lesson Learned. Look in the title.
Secret #13:: Krimsa has a meaning to his name. It is close to him.
Look in the critters section on this page.
Secret #14::
Secret #15:: .

**Just a note**
This was not my idea. I borrowed the idea from DareDelvil and his journal at ITL.
If you use it, please give Dare the credit for such.

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My Tally

Most recent tally at top 12.30.10
Things get a little wackie with all the WIP going on with Page 10, but I accredited 1 pt for each of the joints that are started into being logged there.

Ending on page 10,
Joint // Solo
83 91

normal=60-75 solo, 60-75 joint

So you pass to youth with flying colours, and are in a really good place as far as being started towards attaining Deity.

31 // 49

Ended Page 4 , some reserves there

I like my own writing=20-25 solo, 10-15 joint

Pass with flying colours. Many of your entries have good length, and you also had some really great response posts that really got into some meat about Taj and Jaster's thoughts about the goings-on of the plot. I always like reading reactionary posts and posts where the player uses the character to reason out the clues...in character. You've got a lot a of good brainstorming going on about the hints that have been given along the way, how Jaster himself would read them against the very character of Harmodius, and the conclusions he draws.

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Graphics made by Eftemie Do not steal them.

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^ Story Index ^

Just a note.....
The dates I list here are the dates the story is finished. Not the date it is begun. It is my timeline also. Look for the page and post number to find the story as they are not all in order in the journal. The most recent is at the top with the earliest stories at the bottom of the listing. It's easier for me to keep this updated. It is still my timeline, just in reverse.

Gold was first tally, blue is second tally, green is current tally.

Date/Story Name/Description/Solo or Joint/ (Page-Post)

_____________________________Pg 12____________________________
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 1 )
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 2)
WIPRune's Menagerie: Taj and Maddie get a pet Joint ( 12 - 3 )
WIPHearken, that there were stars and sky again....: Metaplot where sky is returned Joint ( 12 - 4 )
WIPRestaminthrybal Revealed: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 5)
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 6)
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 7)
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 8 )
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 9 )
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 10 )
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 11 )
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 12 )
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 13 )
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 14 )
WIPTitle: Solo/Joint ( 12 - 15 )

_____________________________Pg 11____________________________
07.17.11Stolen: Bettina steals Maddie Solo ( 11 -1 )
07.17.11A Missing Daughter: Saljin finds out that Kayan is missing too Solo ( 11 - 2 )
07.28.11Chase & A Change: Taj evolves & Saljin chases after the children Solo ( 11 - 3 )
01.13.12A Surprising Reunion: Karaskis returns to find Taj changing Joint ( 11 - 4 )
WIPChoices To Make: Taj reflects on his changes and what he needs to do Solo( 11 - 5 )
01.13.12Finding Help: Taj goes to Arc for help Joint ( 11 - 6 )
WIPDeep In The Dark: Saljin returns to Taj after finding the tunnel Joint ( 11 - 7 )
WIPOn The Way Down : Goblins in the tunnel and trapped people Joint ( 11 - 8 )
WIPMysterious Tricks: Solo/Joint ( 11 - 9 )
WIPThe Leftovers: Swarmed by people barely surviving Joint ( 11 - 10 )
WIPDevious Deeds : The wizards prepare as Saljin arrives Joint ( 11 - 11 )
WIPConfrontation: Taj, Arc, & group confront Zrath Joint ( 11 - 12 )
WIPA Mad Raven : They save the children & Saljin, but Maddie is affected Joint ( 11 - 13 )
WIPBreaking The Wizards : Breaking the curses on the wizards Joint ( 11 - 14 )
WIPThe Return : Back to the PantheonJoint ( 11 - 15 )

_____________________________Pg 10____________________________
01.08.10A Puzzle To Solve: Elana gives Taj the cube Arctang is trapped in Joint ( 10-1 )
WIPBubble, Bubble: Graey, Rem, Arabel work on things Solo ( 10-2 )
WIPShadows Amongst The Dark: Taj's labyrinth shadow master shows up Solo ( 10-3 )
03.15.10Recalculating: Delphine and Arctang Joint ( 10-4 )
01.11.11Numbers Update: Taj and Saljin update Arctang on current events Joint ( 10-5 )
WIPStealthy Improvements 2: Taj and Rhys Joint ( 10-6 )
03.10.10Adding To The Sum: Saljin and Puck help Raja and Arctang Joint ( 10-7 )
03.15.10Open RP: Pantheon RP Joint ( 10-8 )
01.11.11Mysterious Numbers: Taj has supper with Arctang Joint ( 10-9 )
01.13.11Bitter Options: Bettina throws a fit Solo ( 10-10 )
07.12.11Revealing Secrets: Bettina and Rasim find out about the secret hallways in Taj's room Solo ( 10-11 )
07.12.11Play Date: Taj & Maddie have in interrupted play date Joint ( 10-12 )
07.11.11Innumerable Gratitude: Taj & Arc in the secret garden Joint ( 10-13 )
07.12.11The Forge : Solo/Joint ( 10 - 14 )
07.14.11The Witch Rises: Bettina and Rasim plot and plan Solo ( 10-15 )

_____________________________Pg 9____________________________
09.26.09The Hand of Chaos: Tempest talks to Malh'reth about magic Joint ( 9-1 )
10.09.09Carving 501: Taj makes a gift Solo ( 9-2 )
12.06.09Toys Wind Up: Taj's pickup sticks Solo ( 9-3 )
03.16.10Stealthy Improvements: Taj works on an idea Solo ( 9-4 )
10.14.09Finding Props: Solo ( 9-5 )
01.31.10Water In The Ring: Tempest's magic reveals itself Joint ( 9-6 )
01.13.12A Little Bit Of Fire : Joint ( 9-7 )
02.10.10Forging The Blades: Taj, Eddard, Karaskis at the forge Joint ( 9-8 )
02.01.10Enchantments: Joint ( 9-9 )
12.06.09Fire Seed: Kara reveals the fire seed to Taj Joint ( 9-10 )
02.26.10Playmates: Solo/Joint ( 9-11 )
03.02.10A Quiet Moment: Solo/Joint ( 9-12 )
02.17.09A Mysterious Closet : Kios goes to see Taj Joint ( 9-13 )
03.02.10Meeting Again: Saljin, Taj, and Evadne ( 9-14 )
02.10.10 New Possibilities: Tajnevaki claims eggshells Solo ( 9-15 )

____________________________Pg 8_____________________________

06.01.09What To Do Now: Pressures and decisionsJoint ( 8- 1)
07.17.09On Bended Knee: Taj speaks to Harmodius Joint ( 8-2 )
06.03.09Siddhi: Lotus aoidei shows up Solo ( 8-3 )
05.07.09Talking to Lisana: Taj warns Lisana about moving back to the Pantheon and that she has rooms. Solo ( 8-4 )
09.26.09Mazes: Taj creates his rooms Solo ( 8-5 )
09.26.09Moving Back: Taj's people move back Solo ( 8-6 )
09.26.09An Accounting: Taj takes an accounting of a few things Solo ( 8-7 )
05.07.09Meeting Again: Taj & Saljin meet with Eddard/Eid again Joint ( 8-8 )
08.17.09Riddles & Puns: Taj, Saljin, Eddard/Eid go to see Laughter about her people Joint ( 8-9 )
09.25.09Confessions & Catching Up...: Taj & Karaskis catch up on things Joint ( 8-10 )
09.30.09Facing A Father's Reality: Bettina makes demands Solo ( 8-11 )
10.02.09Time Spent: Taj spends time with Maddie Solo ( 8-12 )
10.12.09Taj & Cos: Taj shows Cosine where Lisana/mortals rooms are Joint ( 8-13 )
10.03.09A Magician's Art: Saljin & Taj tell Tempest about his magic Solo ( 8-14 )
10.09.09Faery Magic & Charm: Puck and the others begin to get their magic back Solo ( 8-15 )

__________________________Pg 7_______________________________

04.21.09Gifts: Tempest finds 2 dinny & gives to Nixie Una Solo (7-1 )
11.22.08Offering More: Taj leaves a red lotus Solo (7-2)
11.22.08Bringing More Home Pt 1: Taj/Tempest/Saljin go looking for more people Solo (7-3)
12.14.08Bringing More Home Pt. 2: The second portion of those chosen Solo (7-4)
12.14.08The Final Few: Finding the last of those needed Solo(7-5)
11.22.08Vaccination: Taj gets a shot to protect from void Solo (7-6)
09.24.09Choices Of The Chosen: Taj and Saljin explain what needs to be done to all of his Solo (7-7)
01.11.09The Ritual Of Renaming: Harmodius returns amidst lotuses & adulation Joint (7-8/12)
09.23.09Fiery Bit of Humor: Lisana meets Kara/Taj Joint (7-13 )
04.21.09Facing Fatherhood: Saljin finds out he's a soon to be father Solo (7-14)
06.01.09Fatherhood Redux: Saljin tells Taj/Jaster they are going to be a father Madrigal born Solo (7-15 )

_________________________Pg 6________________________________

10.16.08Bitter Winds: Taj and Saljin talk to Tempest Solo (6-1)
10.16.08Moons Twined: Taj is sketching again. This time something for himself. Solo (6-2)
10.16.08Putting The Pieces Together: About getting the pieces of Ari together in one place. Joint (6-3)
10.16.08Telling The Tale: Kara and Taj talk to Faran Joint (6-4)
03.10.09Lulling Spirits: Time out for Jaster and Cinder Joint (6-5)
01.19.09Daddy Comes To Visit..: Kaelin comes home Joint (6-6)
04.21.09A Quiet Moment: Taj & Pretzel Solo (6-7 )
01.11.09A Temporary Home: Karaskis and Taj take a house outside the Pantheon Joint (6-8 )
03.10.09DOTD 1: Day of the dead fest Solo (6-9)
01.20.09DOTD 2: Jaster & His Mother: Jaster meets his mother's ghost Solo (6-10)
09.23.09DOTD 3: Under the Midnight Dawn: Taj and Karaskis go to the fest together. Joint (6-11)
01.20.09DOTD 4: Saljin & His Father: Saljin meets his father's ghost Solo (6-12)
11.22.08What's Happening?: Mahl, Lisana, and Taj discuss news Joint (6-13)
04.04.09Attempting To Pull The Pieces Together...: Attempting to pull the piece from Faran and rejoin them Joint (6-14/15 )

________________________Pg 5_________________________________

08.24.08Fire is always changing: Karaskis morphs Joint (5-1)
09.09.08Cuckoo's Story: Three stowaways end up in Delphine's care Solo (5-2)
08.27.08Morning After Changes: Cinder changes and meeting Yumeh Joint (5-3)
09.09.08Motive & Metaphor: Jaster/Taj & Harmypod Joint (5-4)
09.09.08Temper The Steel: Jaster/Taj Morph Joint (5-5)
09.11.08Markers Of Stone: Saljin & Delphine adjust Taj's clothing Solo (5-6)
10.08.08Red Moon: Taj goes for a walk and finds Hagenti Solo (5-7)
10.08.08Hidden In Plain Sight: Taj figures out his power Solo (5-10)
10.08.08Beyond Miffed: Pretzel finds out that Taj is silent Solo (5-13)
11.08.08Hell Bursts Over: The group evacuate the Lake House Joint (5-8 & 9 )
03.10.09Carving 203A: Taj and Jaster spend a moment carving Solo/Joint (5-11)
03.10.09Demon Hunting 101: Hagenti returns to serve Taj Solo(5-12)
10.16.08Vanished Seed: Other Oni arrive to serve Mystery Solo (5-14)
11.08.08Box Of Dolls: Hagenti and Una and a box of oni dolls Joint (5-15)

__________________________Pg 4_______________________________

08.13.08Dealing With Pirates: Buying the necklace and basket of bones from the pirates Joint (4-2)
07.27.08Company Of Outlaws: Saljin sneaks onto pirate ship with opal to find Faran Solo(4-3)
08.12.08After a bit of Scouting by the cat...: Saljin tells the group what he learned Joint (4-4)
08.20.08Whorls Of Thought: Jaster broods over some of the events Solo (4-6)
08.14.08Intergalactic Service Industry: Cinder & Eddard get the Naruni to help then info dump on JasterJoint (4-7)
08.21.08At The Inn: The group go to the inn to wait while Cinder sabotages the pirates Joint (4-8 )
08.23.08Dealings & Betrayals: Buying Faran and the other slaves Joint (4-9)
08.22.08Carving 101: Jaster makes a gift for Cinder Solo (4-10)
08.22.08Shooting Stars: Cinder and Jaster discuss things Joint (4-11)
08.24.08Carving 202: Jaster makes another gift, but fails Solo (4-12)
08..24.08Carving 202b: More clues and thoughts on what he knows Solo (4-13)
09.11.08Questions: Questions answered by Faran Joint (4-14)

________________________Pg 3_________________________________

09.09.08A Darkness Creeps: Jaster meets Evadne Joint(3-1)
07.13.08Explorations: Jaster gains Truvin, his Erras Solo (3-2)
07.30.08Stone Trouble: Trell tries to steal Taj's stone Solo (3-3)
07.04.08Sights Unseen: Jaster sees Betha in a tree Solo (3-4)
07.04.08Jaster & Duncan: Jaster meets Duncan as wave hits Solo (3-5)
07.27.08Grigori: Samyaza attacks Destruction at the Pantheon Joint (3-6)
07.30.08Lazy Thoughts: Week of Sloth: Jaster trapped 3-4 days at the Pantheon Backtrack Solo (3-7)
08.10.08Dark Days: Jaster meets Arctang while trapped Backtrack Joint (4-5)
07.18.08Let's Go To Space: Week of Envy: Helps Cinder steal a ship Joint (3-8 )
08.09.08A Leap Into The Unknown:Week of Envy: Goodbyes to Duncan & Betha Joint (3-9)
07.18.08Slate Sky: Week of Lust: Week of Lust Solo (3-10)
07.19.08Shooting Range :Week of Lust: Jaster learns to shoot and gets closer to Cinder Joint (3-11)
07.19.08Anonymous Stars: Ship arriving Solo (3-12)
07.24.08Space Bar: Space bar & info about Athenia, Squalldancer, and where they do business Joint(3-13)
07.27.08Machine & The Shifter: Saljin and Mycroft interact during trip to Delta Centra Joint (4-1)
07.24.08Truces: Excentrique introduced Pirate information Solo (3-14)
07.24.08Rat Or Cat: Rat & small feline form gained for Saljin Solo (3-15)

_________________________Pg 2________________________________

04.10.08Klju'c tajne: Jaster's path begins Solo (2-2)
04.11.08Timing: A study of friendship Solo (2-3)
04.11.08Caught In Distraction: The caver where Taj's stone resides is found Solo (2-4)
05.02.08Jaster & Destruction: Jaster meets Destruction Joint (2-5)
05.04.08A Bit Of Reflection: Jaster reflects on his actions Solo (2-6)
05.25.08Rumors & Barmaids: Flings with barmaids and Zrathian Solo (2-7)
05.29.08Rumors & Barmaids 2: Rumors found, Bettina continued Solo (2-8 )
05.26.08Inebriated Inspiration: Jaster led on a merry chase through his dreams with Taj Solo (2-9)
06.13.08Riffraff & Rumors: Leaves town but is watched by Zrathian Solo (2-10)
06.20.08The Way Out: Attack by Zrathian group Solo (2-11)
06.27.08An Upset Stomach?: Jaster takes care of Saljin Solo (2-12)
07.04.08Finally The Portal: Getting the salve & finding the portal Solo (2-13)
07.10.08Alice Part 3: Dreams of the necklace while waiting for portal to open Solo (2-14)
07.10.08Tajnevaki Part 4: Jaster solves part of the Mystery Solo (2-15)


The Labyrinth
Zrath & Saljin
Taj & Zrath
Bettina Problems
Taj's Weapon


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Vermillion Gekko

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To understand his personality, his name must first be understood. His name can be broken down into two pieces: Tajne and Vaki. Tajne is a polish word for Mystery and since mysteries are his forte`, he thought it ironic that he called himself that. What is the Vaki, you ask? *laughs*

Vaki means nothing. It's only a simple distraction to hide what he is.

A playful feline that may be amused by a ball or bell in the open, but just as the feline’s eyes see more in the dark, so too does he. He can be loyal if he so chooses though he seldom gives a straight answer. Sometimes he will be seen with a simple smile on his face as he watches. At other times nothing is seen in his expression. But like cats, those he likes, he likes a long time. Those he does not, he seldom gives quarter. This aspect of his personality has not been truly seen yet and usually it is only his enemies who see such.

Taj merged with Jaster and with both so much alike, Taj has picked up some of Jaster's mannerisms. His host also has a son, Madrigal Araven, or a Mad Raven, as Taj calls him. Jaster barely had a chance to see his son, but Taj has become the boy's father in all aspects. There has been some trouble with Betting, the mother, and she blames Taj for her losing Jaster. It matters little to her that Jaster was in love with Cinderfae, Karaskis' host. Taj himself is involved with Karaskis.

His rooms at the Pantheon hold not only his own but also the people of the Lady of Fire. The rest of their followers are in the mortal mall nearby.

Not much is known of the God of Mystery before the fading. It may never be known. But since the fading, he has been actively trying to help rebuild what has been lost a second time.

His stone was found deep in a cavern in Jareth’s Labyrinth, a rather fitting place, by Jaster Renaude, the young man who became his host. Its coral shape perfectly fits the waterfalls he loves as well as the mazes and mysteries that follow him. After a conversation with Destruction in one of his various forms, that of a beautiful youth, Jaster carried the stone with him. With his friend Saljin, Jaster began a search for the Pantheon and gods that Destruction had told him of.

During the trip, Taj sent varied dreams trying to entice and pull that love of the hidden out in his host. Just after the first wave hit, Jaster unhesitatingly fused Mystery’s stone to the hollow on the right side of his collarbone.

As he found his way to the Pantheon, Taj via his host, found the older reborn gods facing a grigori named Samyaza who took the name of the Twin Crown causing Gehenna to begin. She also managed to gain Gaia’s arm and vanished while Mystery and others were left to cleanup the aftermath of her visit. Armed with information Taj and his host began looking for a way to help prevent Gehenna when both were pulled into space with Cinder, the host of Karaskis, Goddess of Fire and Eddard, the host of Eid, God of Oath. They were looking for the pieces collected by Panacea who had gone searching for the fragments of Aristogeiton and that were said to perhaps aid in restoration of the Twin Crown.

After finding information, dealing with various races and pirates, Mystery, Fire, and Oath managed to collect the opal necklace, the bones of a dragon, and a man named Faren. Faren and the bones were found to have fragments of Aristogeiton linked to them and all three items were brought back to the Pantheon and given to Nergal to be safeguarded with the ones he had found.

Since his return from space, Mystery has been working in the nearby forge jointly created by Laughter’s followers from Baadris, Oath, Fire, and himself while living from his rooms at the Pantheon. With the return of Creation, many of those, mortal or otherwise, have been found and pulled to the green of the Pantheon for protection. For now he is trying to help build up the stocks of weaponry knowing that the grigori will not sit idle long. All must be prepared for what is to come.

Mystery is silent- mute. He may write on a tablet or simply shrug his reply. Not even laughter passes his lips and the marking on his face speaks of such though others know not what it means. And he refuses to explain to even those closest to him- Saljin and Karaskis. In a private moment before Gehenna, Taj gave the Twin Crown a private name that perhaps could help to prevent such an event from happening again.

In the midst of such trouble, Mystery has become lover to Fire as Jaster was to Cinder, and gained an elven son in Madrigal Araven Renaude, his host’s biological son. The baby boy lives with him as does Karaskis at the Pantheon. Taj has promised to take care of the boy and Jaster’s friend Saljin. There is a cult of Zrathian sorcerors that hunt the shapeshifter. Mystery promised his host that he would take care of them and prevent whatever they try with Saljin. What happens remains to be seen.

Likes: To sit and watch before playing a prank leaving it unknown who did so. Wood carving. Mandarin silk shirts as well as the more old fashioned goth style from the Labyrinth. Quiet moments with Madrigal. Waterfalls and secret gardens. Collecting unusual books, items, and creatures. Likes space travel and seeing new worlds.

Nothing yet. Odd.

User Image

User Image

User Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Features: As given by Ivynian for morph stage:

Taj got an upgrade!! Woot! He's now more feline like than ever, his wings larger and tail larger. His feet are clawed also.

beneath right eye is a series of light blue markings, his eyes are slit-pupil, Jaster's red hair has become mostly darked towards a deep indigo. He's got wings and a cat tail.

Confidentiality & Minor prescience

His powers got an update too with youth.


Confidentiality is obfuscate upgraded. Using it he can, as before, mislead or misinform, leading odd information trails. However, now Mystery can invoke a ban on words or information in the mouths of others. If Mystery invokes this power, then the subjects could say, never directly talk about their home town. Directions to it would be impossible for them to utter, though they could talk AROUND the subject still. This is how mysteries, religious or otherwise, could be strictly enforced. It works for speaking, writing, music, any form of communication where one could reveal information to another.

Minor prescience - part of being a god of mysteries is being able to DISCOVER them. If a petitioned or supplicant wants to know about something and asks the god for guidance in revealing this mystery to them..and Taj IC knows nothing about it....then he can invoke this power much like an oracle, and have a chance to channel some real information about the subject. This information should be determined and arranged OOC with those whom it concerns, and should be altered into a suitably 'mysterious' and obscure oracle revelation. This power is minor, meaning nothing in depth would be revealed in such an oracle, and it may not always work (much like the Pythia), particularly if a stronger god has exerted power to block discovery.

Words, in as far as committing subterfuge. It isn't hiding or shadowing them as much as it is making ideas or answers hard to follow and discover....like really good con artists, politicians, etc.

Objects much the same, confuse the path to make them mysterious, strange, almost unattainable. "In plain sight, yet never seen"


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^Jaster Konran^

User Image

Species: Half human and elven

Age: 17

Host Of: Tajnevaki

Gender: Male

Personality: Hurt, angry, determined to remain free of his father and the carnival. He's mischievous, but somewhat wary now of other people. A part of him is scared about what is going to happen to him. But to a true friend he'd be loyal once they prove their worth to him. He dislikes being patronized and treated as a child. He has been on his own since he was 11 and he's nearly 18 now, so he expects to be treated as an adult. He almost always has a secret smile or expression on his face though he will seldom explain what he is thinking.


Never had a chance to really discover them, but they may be reflected in Madrigal.

Other Information:

History: His father has no use for him after his mother dies and decides to sell him to a carnival. The father pretends to take the boy there for some fun, but really takes money from the carnival owner to leave him there. Thinking quickly, the boy sets the animals loose as a distraction and runs away. Before he leaves he grabs a bag, shoving extra food and such in it. When he spots the orb, he shoves it inside, thinking to sell it later.

Saljin, the shape-shifter from the orb becomes not only his best friend, but also his guardian. He and Taj got along well. Jaster and Saljin lived in the Labyrinth for several years avoiding the human world, and explored it slowly. There are those who are after Saljin, Zrathian cultists, and periodically they show up causing trouble for Jaster and Saljin. He only returned when he heard rumors of the state the world was in and the problems began to trickle down into the Labyrinth.

Some time after he made it to the Pantheon and returned from space, Jaster and Tajnevaki found out that Jaster had a son. Madrigal Araven Renaude`. His mother Bettina lives in the mortal quarters but Madrigal lives with Mystery as a precaution for his safety.

Jaster extracted a few promises from Tajnevaki before he vanished, merged entirely into the god. One was to protect Madrigal and raise him as his son. The second was to protect Saljin from the Zrathian cultists and prevent them from trapping him. The other promises remain to be seen.

User ImageUser Image

Jaster's mount. An Erras. She is War ex-spirit. This equine does not talk or fly, but it can blink from world to world. To summon it, Jaster has a horn that cannot be heard except by Truvin. She appears whenever he needs her.

User ImageUser Image
Truvin's Horn
Originally gleaming white bone and polished silver, the horn is far from what it once was. With time, war, blood, and tarnish, the once shining horn has turned dark. It summons a creature not unlike it. The blood red gems are said to be blood rubies and worth a great deal though they will never be pried from their settings.

Truvin now belongs to Tajnevaki.

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^Pantheon Room^

User ImageUser Image

First Floor


It is a very plain, looking like the door of a closet or attic or even basement. The first time someone opens his door, they would see a closet, an attic, or even the basement. All would have the proper things in place, mops and buckets, cobwebs, and shelves. Perhaps even boxes and old furniture. It would take a second time opening the door to find their way into his rooms, but in that first instant all would see what they expected to see of his room.

A large cave with high ceiling and darkness scattered here and there. The floor is a dark marble, nearly indigo with silvery striations through it, just enough to give it some glitter. Small gardens around the edges, open bedrooms that lead into the plants so that each room has access. Several small nooks filled with seats and couches for comfort as beds and other necessities shaped where needed.

It all spirals as it leads into the center where bookcases were naturally cut into the walls. Some tomes were already there. A large library formed at the heart to give quiet and comfort to any seeking the knowledge that Mystery has. A second set of stairs shaped in a corner and obscured from sight. There are secret doors that lead upwards to the second floor. A large kitchen is set up for the meals with enough tables for guests and entertaining. Curtains hang across the large opening that leads into a stone paved area complete with seating and tiered waterfall. There are a total of three such waterfalls, one in each corner of the cavernous room with an oni cavern in the fourth.

Another room, one hidden from all but the god. It will hold shelves of the oddities that he finds knowing they needed protection or simply safeguarding from the use of those who would misunderstand or abuse them. A stairway from the secret room down into a secret garden whre only Taj walks. No others would have access to it. Several baths are added in scattered for the ease and comfort of those living with them.

The oni cavern is off-limits to the average person and the oni guard it fiercely. It is dark, dank, and well suited to them.

Various animals are seen wondering about and there is a fairy grotto in the corner opposite the oni cavern. It has as small castle with the waterfall and tall lush plants surrounding it.

Second Floor


The second floor rises upwards to nearly the top of the cavern-like room. The shape fits perfectly to the oddness of the floor below. More shelves line the walls and spaces within it. The curving walls leading to an opening where a workshop curves towards yet another room, Taj's bedroom. The workspace included several long benchlike tables against the walls for whatever he wants to do. Rhys, and a few others have access to the workshop also. Shelves for supplies were placed nearby. It all connects to the secret room beneath to allow for access to the room of oddities and to the private garden.

Taj's bedroom was large, spacious, and luxurious. A huge bed for comfort as well as a fireplace, nightstands, an area for bathing, and several large cushions on the floor for relaxing. The staircases themselves were entirely hidden from sight, the latter with a secret door laced into the front area for easy access to the second floor. Lady Karaskis shares it with Mystery.

A room at the side of his own for Madrigal, his son, with all the amenities that a child needs- toys, furniture, a space to play. A second room that descended from stairs allowed for a room for Siddhi-the boy's guardian- for her own pleasure and quiet moments. Next to Madrigal's room, is a room for Rhys, Cinderfae/Karaskis' son. Then a third room for Clotho who is guardian to Rhys. A secret doorway from the small hallway to his and Kara's bedroom would allow them to spend time together easily.

The ceiling over the entire second floor was open. It was as if the architect had simply forgotten the roof there. The first floor does have ceilings over all the rooms.

Arctang, the God of Numbers, resides in a room on this floor also. See Arctang's journal for description.

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^Temple Plans & Descriptions^

Coming at some point...

^Aoide & Ageless & Heroic Mortals^

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

:: Restaminthrybal ::

Rybal or Minth as she is often called, is mysterious. Her claim to fame is that she is Labyrinth Master of Mystery's Labyrinth. She has many forms. For those expecting to see a riddlesome sphinx, that is what they will see. For those uncertain, her form will vary with the person. Even more than one person together may see different images of her. None know her true form except the gods and perhaps a few choice aoide. She prefers to remain elusive and only those who reach the end of the labyrinth will earn her respect.

One of her favorite forms is that of the shadow fiend sprite covered in runes. She is usually tricking someone unworthy whenever she is in this shape. Few understand it is her, but be wary whenever she is seen.

She is typically tied to the Labyrinth. What would the place be without its master as guests arrive at all hours of the day and night. When she is in Taj's temple and serving him directly, she prefers the more humanoid shape she has than the others.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

::Excentrique & Pretzel::
Excentrique is rather an innocent in most ways. She is very lighthearted and funny at times. Taj found her again when he was in space. She helped them with some information but had been looking for him. The staff and flask she carried for a long time as part of her defense. The flask itself contains nothing, but some bubbling liquid that seems to be potent. She threatens with it if needed, but it does absolutely nothing.

The staff is another matter. It contains a creepy little creature named Pretzel. Pretzel was once a demon of sorts or perhaps just a spirit that wished ill upon all. He resorted to corrupting and killing innocents before the fading. Something happened and though most is unknown, Taj sealed him to the staff. When Triq found him, he coaxed her into taking him with her, but he's very mean and hurtful most of the time to her, calling her names and constantly badgering her. At the moment, Pretzel thinks that he will never be free of the staff because Taj has no voice. Unkown to him, he can be broken free the proper way. None know the solution, and Taj is not saying.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

::Mirshu & Rasmus::
Mirshu is the quieter of the two and spends alot of time with his cat, Jack. Little is known of either Rasmus or Mirshu whether before they became undead or after their zombification. ((Is that a word? LOL No clue. )) They room with the undead aoide named Shyam who serves Lady Karaskis. They are usually found greeting guests and away from the kitchens and food.

User ImageUser Image

Siddhi appeared just after Lord Harmodius was returned. With her four arms, she is more than capable of taking care of Jaster/Taj's son, Madrigal. She is very capable and protective. In fact, her name means "Protector", and Taj put her in charge of Maddie's needs entirely. She does not get along well with Bettina, Madrigal's mother and puts the boy's needs ahead of his mother's. She can be fierce when protecting him though usually she remains rather calm.

User Image

Krimsa The name is backwards. He is A Smirk
It's not really known where Krimsa came from.
He simply lives with them and sits in Taj's lap from time to time to be petted.
Maybe more will be told later though there is a secret for his name
but you will have to look for it. It is nearby.

User Image

Not much is known of Jazz yet. She stays in Taj's rooms as much as she frequents the outside. She does not say much, but she does watch over some of the animals having befriended them.

User Image

^Special Heroic Mortal Followers^
These were all edited/colored by Eftemie on Ivynian's lines.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

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Jareth's Labyrinth

Zrath's Mausoleum

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User Image
Follows: Tajnevaki
Age: 125 (immortal)
Gender: Male

Personality: He can be possessive of something he has or wants, but in the end if it's not his, he will move on. He would fight if backed into a corner. He's the type who would pretend to having fun when first arriving at a party only to slip away and sit, just listening to the sounds as everyone else enjoys themselves. He put in his appearance. Not entirely a loner, but not a true joiner either. He finds his own secret amusement in the actions of others. Silent, sad, brooding most of the time.

Powers: Shapeshifter. He can study shapes and take them. It takes the use of them several times before he has a full grasp on the form.

Other Information: Markings: black/violet tattoo on back of right hand

Typically wears dark gray silk shirt, loosely laced in front, Black vest, bright blue embroidered accents with darkgray lining, black pants, black and silver boots. Ears are pointed like elves, wears a silver chain and cuff in right ear with a bright blue sapphire stud below Silver ring with black & blue swirled stone on index finger of right hand. If he played a prank, it would be an impulse of the moment and more fun based than malicious, though he's not beyond doing something hurtful to someone he dislikes intensely.

Jaster and Puck were his best friends, but with Taj appearing, he sees as much Jaster there as Taj so he will remain. He had a fling with Excentrique and Felista, who had Kayan, his daughter, but he loves Delphine and plans to marry her. He has learned to survive no matter what is thrown his way. His immortality came about with the curse of Zrath, a sorceror who binds those with power to him in a way they can never break free of what he makes of them.

Saljin's father interrupted the ritual to turn his son into a shapeshifting monster at Zrath's beck and call. It cost him his life but Saljin managed to escape. Ending up in the Labyrinth, Saljin became friends with Puck until the fairy did something that Saljin took the blame for. Ending up in one of Jareth's orbs, Saljin was stolen by Jaster. They have been together since.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Name: Delphine
Species: Human
Follows: Tajnevaki
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Personality: Delphine is a very gentle person, funny, and stronger than most think. She loves the small wild creatures quite often coaxing a bird or other small animal to her palm.

Powers: None that are known.

Other Information: A girl that was prisoner of space pirates. Saljin traded his heirloom earring for her and plans to regain it if he can one day. She has loved him since the day he helped her, seeing more in Saljin than she would have thought. Her hair is a deep auburn and she loves the small wild creatures she finds. Her eyes are a clear hazel.

Three akuti are usually drifting around her or wiggling in her apron pocket. They are seldom far from her. Starshine, Crouton, and Pez are the names she has given the creatures. Currently she cooks for Tajnevaki and is usually about the kitchen or gardens in his rooms in the Pantheon. Her room is in the mortal quarters currently. She is always the one to serve food or tea unless another gets it themselves.

User Image
Name: Tempest (Iohannes Mallow)
Species: Human
Follows: Tajnevaki
Age: 25
Gender: Male

A womanizing personality until he met Eftemie. Now he’s angry, brooding, silent, wary, and very untrusting. He is loyal to someone who earns his loyalty. Loved to entertain crowds at one time and be the center of attention. Now he prefers to avoid crowds unless necessary.

Magician as in sleight of hand, but has discovered that he has ‘true’ magic and can conjure food, water, and other things with his silver rings as a focus.

Other Information:
His real name is Iohannes Mallow. He's a decent magician once Eftemie's lover. Now he holds a grudge against Lisana for taking the woman he loved. His eyes are a deep blue violet, his hair is raven black, dyed, but naturally red. Two braids on the right hang just below his chin, each adorned with a silver bead and red feather. He usually wears a black fedora with a black raven's feather and silver bead on the hat band. His sister Elana has vanished after they were separated. He travels with two aiko that were formerly Eftemie's.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Name: Moonshadow, Yuri, Sable
Species: Aiko, Demonic Aiko, Angelic Aiko
Follows: Tajnevaki
Ages: Unknown
Gender: Male, Male, Female

Personality: Moonshadow was always playful, but has gotten more silent since Eftemie is gone. He will visit Lisana occasionally but he never stays long. He remains with Tempest. Yuri is very much the demonic feline. He will play pranks, get into trouble, and fights rather well as some scars on his hide reveal. Sable is gentle, loving, and Yuri's mate. So far they have had no kits.


Other Information:
Moonshadow and Yuri belong to the same clan as their coloration and marking shows. They consider themselves cousins and often defend each other.

A demonic aiko that travels with Tempest. Yuri's nature is fierce and he is very protective of Moonshadow and Tempest, just as he always was with Eftemie. Although he does not exactly dislike Lisana, he left because of Eftemie's loss. He does not know that she and the goddess became one. He is a rather bluish black with teal swirls and coloration. Is capable of speech. He has thick leathery wings and fights fiercely.

A cream and black colored Aiko, Sable is an angelic type. She is Yuri's mate for life and follows him around. Currently she is missing, separated from him by the world situation. She may show up yet.

User ImageUser Image
Name: Anji & Hagenti
Species: Oni
Follows: Tajnevaki
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male & Female



Other Information: Hagenti found Taj in the forest and asked him for safety for her and those of her kind. Smaller than the other demons, they were subject to slavery and even death. Knowing a good way to remain, she attached herself to Taj and went to find those she knew.

Anji is a male oni that Hagenti brought to Taj. They were protecting dolls that would hatch into more of their kind during the demon attacks. He says very little to any except Hagenti. He does help out cleaning, and watching. and their oni dolls which have not hatched yet.

User Image
Name: Puck
Species: Labyrinth Fairy
Follows: Tajnevaki
Age: Unkown
Gender: Male


Other Information: Puck came from the Labyrinth where he was friends to Saljin and served Oberon, the king of fairies. Right before he came from the goblin king's domain, he used what little magic he had left to enlarge himself to human size. For now he is stuck in that shape. He still has his wings and such, but his magic is so low that he cannot do much as he once did. He keeps hoping that his power will return. Taj found he and a group of elves and fairies that came through the portal looking for help.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Name: Li’ena, Mi'shala, Aly'strya,
Species: Fairy
Follows: Tajnevaki
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female, Female, Female,
Personality: Li'ena is intelligent, responsible, and patient and has had to be with the younger sister who follows her around creating trouble or at least getting into it.

Li'ena's younger sister, this fairy is mischievious, bright, playful, and a chatterbox. She is so curious that she often finds herself deep into trouble before she even understands that she is.

Aly'strya is quiet and contemplative, but she enjoys Li`ena and Mi`shala's company.


Other Information:
Li'ena is a fairy that Taj found on his wanderings to gather people to the Pantheon.

User Image
Name: Bettina, Felista
Species: Elf, Elf
Follows: None, Tajnevaki
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female, Female


Other Information:
A barmaid that spend the night with Jaster in fun as her sister Felista did with Saljin. She fell head over heels in love with Jaster though her sister did not with Saljin. She had a very rough time being pregnant as well as having understood that Jaster is becoming Taj. She is not a good mother to Madrigal but instead tries to use him against Taj. The god quickly saw thru that and he has no patience with her. She is bitter and only sees her own needs. She will probably end up doing something desperate to get control of her son which likely will lead to trouble.

A barmaid that spent a night with Saljin, Felista is fun-loving and understanding. She left with Puck when things got bad in the Labyrinth looking for the shifter for protection. She currently is Kayan's mother and Saljin likes to spend time with both of them. She does understand Saljin's love for Delphine and she does nothing to interfer with it. She and Delphine have actually become friends instead of enemies they might have been. At a loss about her sister's attitude, she has increased the distance between them.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Name: Mollygoggle
Species: Shadow Fiend
Follows: Tajnevaki
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male


Other Information:
This ammolite SF is a fragment of drunken magic infused revelry. His true name is Coltaire, but he tells everyone when in a drunken stupor that his name is Mollygoggle. He has a very mischievious nature and is quite often found to be pulling pranks on others whether drunken or sober.

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:: Destruction::
Jaster in the cavern but was rude. Now he would do anything to help the God after understanding how much He loves them all. Taj never truly met.

Jaster glimpsed from behind Taj's eyes, but Taj is the one who has met him and spoken to him. He worries about Harmodius facing Samyaza.

Taj seems intrigued by the fire goddess for some reason and it's not simply Jaster & Cinder's romance. He loves Karaskis.

Taj has spoken to him once when he tried to pull him off the draconian. Jaster liked the god and host. Taj seems to like the god also though he's quite certain there are times he takes a narrow path.

After speaking to her a few moments, Taj would not want to meet this goddess in a snowstorm.

She was unconscious but neither Jaster nor Taj have met her.

Jaster met briefly.

Met briefly

A friend but whom has disappeared. Jaster seemed to be curious about him.

Jaster saw briefly during Samyaza event. Taj has not met.

Taj and Jaster both met briefly in Water's rooms.

Taj met her at the Pantheon and likes her but thinks she's a bit scatterbrained.

Taj met briefly at the Pantheon.

Jaster met the goddess when they first arrived.

Taj has met the goddess when figuring out Ari.

Taj met the god briefly with the pieces of Ari.

Taj met the god briefly with the pieces of Ari.

Taj met the little godling with his parents.

Taj met the goddess in her father's rooms.

Taj met her in her father's rooms.





^Others Met^

Cinderfae the host for Karaskis has become a love interest for Jaster.

Seems to have vanished with Jenga's stone.

Eddard met when pulled into the quest to regain the pieces Panacea was after.

Seems rather excitable to Taj.






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User Image
User Image


This is where the critters will be. Some are those that he has collected for one reason or another. The rest have come to him by their own choices. Not sure where all fit in yet, but for now this is their listing. They can all be found in his rooms at the Pantheon in the garden or cave that is part of his rooms.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User Image
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User Image
User Image


I'm not entirely certain where or how Jaster/Tajnevaki gain these things yet. I just know they are theirs. I'll figure it out.

User Image
Shell Pendant
Jaster found this carved shell pendant in the cavern where he found Tajnevaki's stone.
He's unsure why it was there, but Taj later gives it to Jenga.
Whether it was already hers or he simply gave her a gift, is yet to be discovered.

User Image
Bottle of Poison
Not sure about this one yet. When I am, I will finish filling this in.

User Image
Jar of Eyes
These have a specific name, but it's unknown at this time.
Jaster dreams of these before he finds them.
Still not sure what their purpose is to Tajnevaki.

User Image
Redheart Lotus
Taj carved this and gave it to Harmy-pod along with a secret name.

User Image
Vial of Blood
Taj found this in his oddity room, but has no idea where it came from. He is certain that the owner will show up to claim it sooner or later.

User Image
Shaman Staff
Taj found this in his oddity room. Why it was there, he has no clue. But he does think that it will be useful at some point in the future.

User ImageUser Image
Crystal Hearts
Taj gave these to Karaskis for Valentine's Day 2010. They were her colors.

User Image
Daemon Orb from the Labyrinth
Who knows what this will be. It has a strange wolf marking in the center. Saljin and Puck know it came from Jareth's Labyrinth.

User Image
Chest for Kios
Taj gave this to Kios to hold his parchment and writing utensils. He liked the boy and thought it suited him.

User ImageUser Image
Atomizer of Laughing Gas
A bottle of potent laughing gas that Lisana sent to Taj. She sent one out to all the gods.

User Image
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User Image
User Image

^To Do^

1. Start looking for artwork.
2. Work on WIP.
3. Start sketching Temple plan.
4. Start description of Temple.
5. Need artwork of NPCs.
6. Maps of areas for Labyrinth and Zrath.
7. Descriptions of various places.

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User Image


/cross post from PM
Just to keep everyone abreast

The Athenia was captured and boarded by the more numerous Diswes Corsairs, a pirate band some twenty vessels strong. The Corsairs were roaming for new territory and encountered the Athenia by chance. The Diswes Admiral, Tybalt, determined it was worth it to him to lose some ships and men in order to take the Athenia (less mouths to feed for great profit). The band now numbers twelve vessels.

In the time since the battle, the Diswes have been getting what bounties are still available in the chaos and selling the rest as slaves or goods. Panacea was sold off to a penal coloy to serve as their physician. Faran, the basket of bones, and the pendant all remain on the Diswes flagship, Squalldancer. Tybalt fancies the pendant, having not see its like before. The demand for engineers is mostly limited to warring states, but the Diswes have not visited any yet. The original bounty for Faran was 100,000 gp, or equivalent notes.

The Diswes are suspisicious of approach out of port, but they regularly visit the air city of Delta Centra to trade.
The order of these requirements is not set, fulfil them in whatever order works:

  • at least one post, joint or solo, tracking panacea's fate to the Athenia
  • at least one post, joint or solo, tracking the fate of the Althenia
  • at least one post journey to meet with the Diswes in air or at port.

once that is all decided:
  • You have to decide how you want to win the pendant, Faran and the basket of bones. Steal, battle, barter? Something else? At least two posts, joint or solo, pulling this off. If it requires reactions from Faran, let me know and I will npc him.

Huzzah, now the pieces are recovered, even if panacea is not.

Quest Links

Related rps solos and joints:
Just Taj's links for regaining Aristogeiton

With Cinder's & Xanil's added in.
☼Toki's Errand - Joint RP (Information on a mortal that may have information to help in the current situation)
☼Speaking with Penny - Joint RP (Penny tells of meeting Panacea and of the ship Athenia)
☼Putting the pieces Together - Joint RP (Information from Illumin and given access to Panacea's journal)
☼Panacea's Journal - Solo RP (Reading the journal and picking out relevant information)
☼Ducks in a Row - Solo RP (Leaving Erzulie with information to hopefully gather the others with pieces of Ari)
☼Fire meets Possessive Dragon - Joint RP (Gains Jin's support and financial backing to get the pieces of Ari)
☼Off to Space...but first a ship - Joint RP (Obtaining a ship and gaining the help of Jaster, Saljin, and Eddard)
☼Contacting Erzulie - Solo RP (Keeping information flowing about what is going on, and learning of the letters given to interested parties)
☼Devil's Paradise, the pirate bar - Joint RP (Information gathering)
You go East, I'll go West (group splits up and gathers information once they land in Delta Centra) {Cinder's Info. Gathering}{Jaster/Saljin Info. Gathering}{Eddard Info. Gathering - WIP}
Dealing with Pirates (First meeting with the Diswes, group deals for the pendant and for the bones)
{Group splits up while Saljin goes in to find out who the person is they are looking for.}{Jaster/Saljin seeks out Faran on the pirate ship to identify him the next day.}
{Regroup to learn about pirate plans and decide what to do to protect themselves}{Saljin returns the information about Faran and the pirate plans}
{Group splits and then rejoins while allies are being gained and a place of safety is found.}{Setting up the pirates and making plans for getting Faran from the pirates}
{Group splits and then rejoins while Cinder sabotages and others head to the marketplace the next morning.}{Waiting while Cinder sabotages, her return, and the morning of the pirate barter for Faran}
{Dealing with the pirates for Faran and 4 others and returning to the Pantheon}
{Questioning Faran about what he knows if anything}

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Eftemie's avatar

Vermillion Gekko

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Stage 2 - Morph
The morph is the second stage. It will replace the jewel in the owner's signature, showing the begining chrysallis of merging between the jewel soul power and the soul of the owner. This process may be interpretted as painful, not painful, fast, slow, whatever, depending on the jewel.

-At this stage, the deity is either in process of destroying the hosts mind/soul, is trying to merge with the hosts mind to try to keep some shard of them alive, or maybe some other option. Talk it over with me if you have a fun idea.

-At this stage, deities are not reborn yet. Abilities of the host are still partially usable/manifest. Abilities of teh deity are basic at best. Maybe one small magic is available to them, and not with great control over it. And example of this would be a water deity being able to fill a glass of water, and that's all.
jewel to morph
about at about 3 pages( after page 1)....aka:
normal=15-20 solo, 15-20 joint
I like writing with others=10-15 solo, 20-25 joint
I like my own writing=20-25 solo, 10-15 joint


Stage 3 - Youth
A "youth", the third stage of the Edelsteine, is the deity reborn. This means that everything is now the deity's. It is their mind, their body, and their soul now.
-the original host character, provided they have not been destroyed by the deity, only exists as a whisper, a conscience, or a voice in the mind of the deity. None of their powers remain. They cannot control the body. They were sacraficed for the rebirth of the deity, and if they still exist in that smallest sense, it was only at the desire of the immortal whom is beyond their puny mortal comprehension. Maybe a mannerism of the host, such as sucking on their hair, or liking the color blue, is still apparent. But not much beyond that. -These creatures have minor powers associated with their fields of influence.
-These creatures are NOT AT THEIR FULL STRENGTH. A youth deity is a deity with no followers, no beleivers, no influx of any human regard to return them to their full glory and power. Just as lack of followers or cult is what made them forgotten and killed them, it is what keeps them from becoming great and powerful again.
morph to youth
about 10 pages...(after page 1)aka:
normal=60-75 solo, 60-75 joint
I like writing with others=20-30 solo, 90-100 joint
I like my own writing=90-100 solo, 20-30 joint joint


Stage 4 - Diety
The final and rarest stage of the Edelsteine. The powers of this stage will be listed on the cert next to the fully individual art of the character. At this stage, a player may pursue building their Temple.
-It is not a necessary stage of development, however if acheived the deity is at full strength. They can influence the world in major way. (please not this doesn't give any player the right to kill another player's character without consent.)
youth to Deity
about 20 pages...aka(after page 1):
normal=140-150 solo, 140-150 joint
I like writing with others=95-100 solo, 185-200 joint
I like my own writing=185-200 solo, 95-100 joint
Deity candidates must have gathered 40 followers or more to their banner via the plushie system. For every extra 2 plushies over 40, 1 point of either joint or solo post can be gained. There is a limit to 30 points (+60 plushies) to be gained in this manner.
Candidates must have at least three commissions from outside artists. These can be informal, from a friend, sketchs or pictures.
Candidates must have created at least 5 works in glory of their edel. These many be pictoral, prose, poetry, or the like.

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The Cemetery
This journal contains all my ghostlings and links to their stories.
It was easier to have one than so many when I have about 25 ghostlings, heh.
The old links are below.

Sacrifices of Ciphar

Thibault Desmarais
This journal belongs to Thibault whose life was supposedly ended by
being sacrificed to the priests of Ciphar.

Shadow Fiends

Fire Opal
This journal belongs to Rukurai, Fire Opal, and his guardian Jasamine.
Blue Goldstone
This journal belongs to Oblivion, Blue Goldstone, and his guardian Hugo A. Farnsworth.


This journal belongs to my newest Edel, Carpediem, God of Dolls.
This journal belongs to Lisana, Goddess of Laughter.
Mortals Journal
This journal belongs to all those mortals I have at Edelsteine that follow another god.
Their RP links are listed in their posts.

Old Journals

Ghostling Journals

Going Somewhere
This journal belongs to Valkon, a vagabond yokai, and my very first ghostling. heart He is the Demigod of Creature Essences, including bones, shapes, and essences which allow him and others to change shape.

A Hawke Amongst Crows
This journal belongs to Hawke, Valkon's son, and his protagonist, Gizmo.

Give Me Dolls!
This journal belongs to Creepy Carp who is a dollmaker legion ghostling. There are many voices inside of him. Some you might even recognize.

The Magic Man
This journal belongs to Kael'thas, a World of Warcraft cosplay.

Whispers At Night
This journal belongs to Touma, an Infinite Undiscovery cosplay.

A Frosty Mourne
This journal belongs to Arthas, the Lich King, a World of Warcraft cosplay.

A Flowery Path
This journal belongs to Saranda, Kishiko, and Sting.


This journal belongs to Asmodeus, a Prince of Hell and his summoner Mischa.

Into The Labyrinth

Shades of Grey
This journal belongs to Saljin, a cursed elven shapeshifter from Jareth's world.

Wulfe's Twisted Winds
This journal belongs to Wulfe Fene`rin, a demon still within his orb. I'm such a slacker... sigh... but I really do have plots for him.

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Info For Zrath for my use...

People of the Midnight Hex

Rhayan Enclave -- founded 100 years ago by a dark and powerful lord, the wizard Zrath. Through guile, murder, intrigue, and magic, Zrath created a cabal like society of wizards. Eventually he lost power, but for nearly 100 years, the Hexes conducted experiments and rituals involving potent curses, some designed for control over others, and some simply no other reason than they could.

Saljin was one such created for no reason other than they could. The son of a rich man who refused to serve Zrath. The man was murdered but they didn't stop there. Saljin was cursed as Zrath thought it might be interesting to control him. Instead Saljin barely escaped with his life into the underground, a place Zrath dared not follow. Puck befriended him almost immediately. He was punished for something that Puck did and Jareth turned him into an orb, knowing that Saljin had done nothing wrong. It was a lesson for Puck about friendship and what should or should not be done. Saljin is the only one who has ever escaped from Zrath and whether it was luck on his side or divine providence, noone knows.

It's rumored that the Hexes take their victims at midnight, hence the name, People of the Midnight Hex. Their symbol is a black clawed hand that appears to have dark magic rising from the fingertips and they leave the marking behind on the wall of their victims' bedrooms. The curse on Saljin's hand is black, clawed but almost birdlike. The shapes he shifts to easiest are ravens, crows, and panthers. He believes it's linked to the shape of the runic curse.

The wizards have the ability to blend into shadows should they wish to for a short period of time. They have the ability to cast a temporary curse upon a person. Only Zrath can make it permanent so they would take their victims to him. Once the curse is permanent there is no way out of Zrath's order except by death. Saljin's curse was never entirely completed. He doesn't say, but something happened that allows him to access the curse shifting as he wishes but he does not follow the orders of Zrath. The process was interrupted and Saljin received the benefits without the unblindingly fanaticism that all Zrath's followers have.

It was thought they died out, but there are those who bear a marking not unlike Saljin's. It's rumored that Zrath's true curses carry immortality with them. Saljin has lived a long time but whether he is immortal or not, he does not know nor really care. He lives day to day. It is also rumored that Saljin is the only one who has shown the longevity that Zrath is looking for. He will do anything to get Saljin back to him so he can figure it out for use on himself. Right now Zrath reinforces himself with spells each and every day never leaving his base of operations. That is still hidden for the moment, but this is also why he adhers to getting such strict control over his minions. He has a fatal weakness because the spells take a great deal of his power to cast as well as leaving him tired and at risk afterwards.

Their abilities include:

Blending into shadows twice a day.
Casting a minor curse in a minute.
Casting a medium curse in 3 minutes.
Casting a strong curse in 7 minutes.
All can use basic dark magics including the darker more destructive nature of the elemental magics. They never use holy magic at all.

A minor curse will paralyze their victim and cause them to do whatever they wish him to until the next day unless he's taken and the curse reinforced in his permanent induction to their society. They don't take just anyone though. They carefully process and watch their prey so that they remain unseen.

If a spell is interrupted, they are disoriented for a short time depending on the strength of the spell they were casting. Losing control of a spell is costly. So they will often have one distract while another casts to keep an advantage.

Interruption penalties:

Minor curse 3 minutes
Medium curse 7 minutes
Strong curse 15 minutes

Anything more than that and they may be down for an entire day. This is not D&D, but more in the way of limits on what they can and cannot do.

Rasim - Master of Curses. He can do several strong curses a day before he cannot manage magic.

Thorvin - Minor Curse. He has just been taking as an apprentice to Rasim and knows little more than a slowing spell.

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Here starts the beginning of the end. The name of the crown is gone, and the form of the crown is now developing into the creature called Gehenna. This will take some time, and the weeks left to what exists are on a schedule. This can be stopped prior to the opening of the chrysalis, or even after if the players gather and are creative. If nothing is achieved, the Edelsteine game will end.

The schedule begins now, with the first phase starting on friday, and it will end 13 weeks from then (or about 3 months). Each week will have a focus influence/power or event that would indicate to scholars and seers precisely what was going on. Each Week begins with the breaking of one of the great windows in the Throne hall, and the sounding of a great unseen(currently) trumpet.

1 July 4th – The week of Sloth –
The wave has hit, and all that Is reacts mostly in despair. Mortals are lethargic, listless, certain of the end and only mourning or wailing. The lethargy is a spirit that pervades even the strongest hearts, even the gods. While the gods may be able to get themselves moving, this week the difficulty to muster the energy in the overwhelming face of doom should be evident. How this manifests depends on character, some may be snarky, others just quiet and reserved. Why do anything?

2 July 11th – The week of Envy –
Surrounded by filth, those few shining things left are now something to covet. If the end is coming, everyone wants to spend the last days with the small comforts of the last treasures, whatever they may be. Fights may be brewing.

3 July 18th – The week of Lust –
As oft comes before an end, envy has turned to lust. Covetousness has become free fraternizing and theft in order to do so. Mortals and immortals alike, yearning for some last comfort or endorphins, are indulging in all manner of carnal pursuit.

4 July 25th – The week of Greed –
Whereas before it was to enjoy the last treasures, now the corruption has progressed to just possessing them, whether or not they are being used or enjoyed. Gather all that you can and hoard, for it is yours, in these last days, and that may be all that matters. That something, other then life, was yours.

5 August 1st – The week of War –
From all the brewings of the proceeding weeks, now sparks the battles for the last treasures: land, food, water, resources, people, money, whatever it is. Some have and others have not, and there will be strife to determine who will have in the end.

6 August 8th – The week of Plague –
War is always followed by sickness. It is a dirty business, and carrion and blood breed sickness. So do siege and weapons themselves. Those not killed in the battle often fall to the disease that comes after.

7 August 15th – The week of Famine –
So many are dead, and so much is destroyed. What crops there were have been mostly destroyed, the remaining ones have not enough hands to tend them. Those that still live wane, bones poking at the thin covers of their flesh.

8 August 22nd – The week of Decay –
So many bodys, sickness, and filth everywhere, and yet also the blight extends to those last remaining plants that destroyed and over grew. Everything is falling apart rapidly into dust or rot. Everything is becoming a great wasteland, stinking and foul.

9 August 29th – The week of Hell –The so called dimensions of ‘hell’, where demonic races dwell, are forced open and merged one-on-one with the current planes. They may or may not be happy for this development.

10 September 5th – The week of ‘Paradise’ –
This is the quiet before the storm. The ebbs of chaos seem to have ceased. The tremors in the fabric of what Is have quieted. Perhaps the storm is over and has bee averted? Those who remain are cofused, irresponsibly euphoric. But for all that it is paradise, the stars are swallowed, one by one, and the sky is gone.

11 September 12th – The week of Air –
The storm comes. This is the start of the reversal of the creation of the planes. Raging winds blast the planes, air turns sour and choking, or disappears altogether and suffocates some.

12 September 19th – The week of Water –Again, the second stage of the reverse of the creation of the planes. Water floods or is drunk up by the earth with no trace.

13 September 26th – The week of Fire –
The parched earth is all that is left, and what hasn’t been parched, drowned, suffocated or blown away is now scorched and purified. Everything that Is …..is a plane of blank ash.

Final day October 3, 2008 – The day of Terra – The great plane of Gaia, mother, is raped, devastated and cracked by the Void.
Nothing is left. It is over.

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