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Solo #15

Then you let it fall behind
And in the back of your mind
You feel my loving shine
You think you might be saved.

Rob Thomas - "Fallin' To Pieces"

As the night wore on in relative quiet, Alex finally broke the silence as dawn creeped a little closer. "You're being quiet."

Yes. I thought you might want to be left alone, is all, and if you didn't, you'd say something.

"Well, I just did." She stood after the long time of sitting, heading for the window-less lavender room she slept in. Dinah took notice and skittered to follow her, just shy of being underfoot and a tripping hazard.

So you did. Are you feeling better now?

"I..think so, yeah." The vampire closed the door behind her, shutting away any danger that might come with dawn. To be truthful, she didn't know just how much of a dawn - or even of a sun - there was anymore, with Destruction's darkness growing. For all she knew, she might even be safe out there, whatever the hour; she did not, however, care to find out the hard way that she still shouldn't be out during the day.

Good. I'm glad Orin came by. Though he didn't say as much, the god was hoping that it would mean the end of that stream of nights she'd turned into a blur of all the things she'd gotten so good at doing in the past five years of her life - things she'd spent this past week or so doing in such extremes that if she weren't undead as she was would very likely have killed her. As it was, the drinking did make her sick.

"I know, I needed it," she confessed. Alex set about making her little nest on the floor while Rio thought, having found that she was more comfortable there after years of the same. This being grass, though, it was much better than all the basement floors she'd gotten so used to.

You could have just gone to see him, you know.

"I could have..." She paused in the fluffing of her pillow. "But I...I guess I wasn't thinking like that. I don't always do as much thinking as I should. Still, it was better this way, with just Orin and no one else around."

I thought Ea was your friend, too?

"He is my friend, but he is a god. Orin's just another person, like me. Well, maybe not just another person," she amended, "But you get what I mean."

And he's furry instead of being a tree, so you think he's cuddly.

"...Maybe. And you can shut up now, I'm going to sleep." It put a convenient end to the conversation.
Orin slipped into Alex's room through the window, calling softly to see if she was around. There was no reply. Good. He was fairly sure he wouldn't have been able to look her in the face when he gave her the boxes.

As it was, he set down two wooden boxes by the roots of the wall trees the orchids were arrayed in. Making sure they were secure, he ducked out again, heading home. He hoped she liked them.

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Solo #16

"Well you got to think with a girl like that
Any love is better than nothing
It's better than nothing."

Matchbox Twenty - "Girl Like That"

Alex came home halfway through the night, carefully keeping Dinah from slipping out the door with practiced skill. The pink-and-black kitten was endlessly curious, and she was forever trying to dart out of the room as soon as the door opened. Alex and Rio wouldn't be having that. Who knew what kind of trouble she could get into downstairs, what with Destruction and the lava outside and all.

She shut the door while Dinah pretended she hadn't really tried to get out and failed. Typical cat. Yawning, she peered around at the flowers in the room, giving one of the snapdragons in the corner a gentle squeeze, unable to resist.

Satisfied, the vampire hunted out the water bottle and set to spraying the roots of the orchids in the wall trees. As for the boxes, she didn't notice those until she tripped over one. Catching herself with a steadying hand against the tree, she looked accusingly down at whatever had had balls enough to get out of place and trip her.

...but it just so happened to be something entirely unfamiliar, and it had her name on it. She sat down with a puzzled blink, plucking up the wooden box and turning it in her hands. That was...weird and confusing. Nobody gave her things; it had been years since she'd gotten a gift. Since things like Christmas and birthdays had mattered, and she'd mattered enough to anyone to merit presents for either. It seemed longer ago than it really was.

You could always open it, you know, Rio suggested, quite curious as to what was in it himself.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." She opened the lid of the box slowly, peering in. Hairsticks! Red and gold hairsticks.

Pretty hairsticks. It was then, holding them up for careful inspection, that she spotted the other box. Another one? Placing the first gift gently back in its box, she picked up the second and had a peek inside.

More pretty red hairsticks, this time with black. "Wow, these are for me?" she breathed, clicking them softly together like chopsticks. "They're so pretty..."

But why? And who were they from? Quickly, she ran through the short list of people she knew; there were only two people on it who were really friends, and those two were the Hunt and his gardener.

And as much as she liked Ea, this didn't quite strike her as the sort of thing that would come from him. They had to have come from Orin, then.

Closing her suspiciously watery eyes, she put the hairsticks between her lips and held them that way and she worked with quick fingers to put her hair up, sticking in the pretty ornaments to keep it that way.

Crawling over to the bathing pool instead of bother to get up, she looked down at her reflection in the water to see how it looked - only problem was, it was hard to make anything out in rippling water, and she couldn't stop crying long enough for the tear-born ripples to stop.
Solo #17

"I'll keep you my dirty little secret
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret
Who has to know?"

All-American Rejects - "Dirty Little Secret"

Despite Orin's quick departure following her 'solution' to thinking too much about something, Alex was feeling quite pleased with herself when she clambered in through her room's window; she often avoided the first floor if she could. Ever since that night, it just felt so...so weird - not because of what had happened, there was something else to it. Whatever it was, and she wasn't certain of it herself, it made her not want to be down there.

But as she hunted out and lit a cigarette, that was all very far away, and Alex was cheerful. It was hard not be, with the cute wolfman around. He was just so nice...and cute and furry. And she so needed to get hold of some yellow ribbon.

Hey, maybe that new guy of Ea's would have some?

Hate to interrupt your plotting, but maybe you ought to be a little more careful?

"Huh?" She'd leaned out the window to smoke, figuring it probably wasn't good for the plants. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Didn't you promise Eamnonn you'd 'try to be careful' or some such thing?

"What, you mean about his humans? I told him I wouldn't eat them, and I haven't. I don't get what you're talkin' about."

This girl HAD to have a selective memory issue. Rio fell quiet, thinking. She had promised the Hunt she'd be careful where Orin was concerned, that was for sure, but the question was...should he remind her, or leave her be? Maybe it would be better..

Nevermind, my mistake.
RP #19
over 1k

User ImageAlex lay on her stomach on the grass floor, propped up on her elbows while she pulled a ribbon along for Dinah to chase, much to the kitten's delight. She scampered back and forth after its shiny red length, batting her little paws across the ground in her attempts to pin it.

Wet tendrils of hair clung to her face until she pushed them stubbornly back behind her ears, relinquishing the ribbon - in which Dinah soon lost interest, since it had stopped moving. The vampire was only wearing a t-shirt, but at least it was a long one...it came down about as far as her skirt did, not that that was particularly far.
User ImageOrin left the temple and ran as fast as he could, trying to burn the frustation out of his system adreneline. He wouldn't have minded Caolan so much if Eamnonn had interceded on his behalf, but the Hunt didn't seem to care about his gardener's complaints in the least. Jerk! Sure, she didn't cry, but he was not a goddamned toy!

Coming to the tree below Alex's window, the wolfman swarmed up into its branches and jumped into the room. "Could I move in with you?"
User ImageWhile she was expecting Orin would be by sometime, after his promise to bring her clothes more suitable for gardening, Alex definitely wasn't expecting that kind of an entrance. Dinah fled into the little 'jungle' of snapdragons in the corner, only stopping to see what terrifying thing had come to eat her once she was safe amidst the flowers, peering cautiously out from between blooms.

Quickly covering her surprise, the vampire pushed herself up onto her feet, tugging at the hem of her shirt. Scratching her head, she gave the wolfman a puzzled, worried look. "Well, yeah, if you wanted. What's up?"
User Image"Beryl gave birth to two girls a couple of days ago, and each of them is raising a child while making sure they see each other a lot." Orin said in a rush, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his head on her shoulder as he poured out his woes. "The one living with Eamnonn thinks I'm a big fluffy toy!"

Sighing, his mind rolled back over everything it had seen recently, poking him with them belatedly. "...are you wearing your skirt under this?"
User Image...Orin was being close and touchy. All on his own. He had to be upset. Alex wrapped her arms around him, fingers of one hand threading through his shoulder fur and the other patting his head gently. "I guess she likes your tail, huh? I can't blame her, but seeing people as toys isn't any good. Isn't Ea teaching her anything?"

And then, there was the more familiar wolfman. "Nope."
User ImageOrin gulped at her response, closing his eyes and willing himself to be okay with that. He turned his thoughts back to complaining instead of running off. "He is, she's just curious about the world in a very... clinical way. She tests things, and observes them. And she likes to go to sleep snuggled up tp my tail. She needs something soft she can play with instead of me."
User ImageAlex was much more comfortable with the situation, if annoyed that Orin was being pestered. She'd never liked kids and their little grabby hands if they didn't know when to keep them to themselves. "What, she hasn't got anything? No nice animals or even stuffed ones?"
User ImageHe stepped back a little, resisting the urge to look over the state of her plants. "Nope. Ea doesn't want her playing with his hounds until she's bigger, and he hasn't gotten her any plushes yet. At least she doesn't ruin my gardening."

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