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RP #26

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Alex and Revei

Might I ask what we're doing in a graveyard? Morbidly appropriate as it might be for a vampire, you're not going to find anyone here.

"That's kinda the point. You don't run into people in graveyards, y'know?" Hopping over something that could have been a rock just as easily as a piece of someone's tombstone for all she knew, Alex amended her statement. "Well, I guess you kind of walk over them, really. But you get what I mean." Like a lot of graveyards, this one had been around for a good long time, steadily spreading out from the original plot where the girl was wandering. It was darkest here, with twisty old trees to swallow up what light there was.

Yes, but...aren't you usually trying to run into people?

"Yeah," she admitted, "But sometimes running into people sucks, and lately it's mostly sucked." That last conversation with Kaelin had been a depressingly effective way to kill a good mood that she hadn't wanted to lose in the first place.

User ImageSomeone was speaking. Revei raised his eyes curiously from the tombstone he had been trying to decipher and listened. Was someone coming, perhaps? He had been restless all day, all evening, and had finally exiled himself from his rooms, and then from the shop, to keep himself from driving anyone to distraction with his fidgeting.

He pulled the heavy cloak he wore closer around his shoulders, keeping his wings still beneath it. He hardly wanted to meet anyone here. He preferred to see the world in whispers and shadows; and perhaps the quiet wispy keening of the dreams of the dead would soothe him, he had thought.

The conversation seemed oddly one-sided, and it piqued his curiosity. The voice was almost familiar. He paused, decided to wait, to see who else was in this silent place.

"What're you complaining for, anyway?" The vampire carried on, quite sure she was alone. Except for the whole voice-in-her-head part.

I'm not complaining, Rio defended, Just voicing my curiosity.

"Yeah, I'm sure. You just don't li-" Her words cut off abruptly into a short string of expletives in two different languages as she tripped over a halved grave marker and came uncomfortably close to doing a faceplant. Thankfully, though, she managed to grab onto a memorial that had had the strength to last a lot longer than the one that nearly brought her down.

Leaning on it, Alex grumbled, "That was totally your fault for distracting me."

Hey, you're the one doing the walking here, don't go blaming me because you didn't see it!

"Shut up. It's dark, okay?"

You can see just fine, Alex.

"Just shut up."

User Image"Gently," Revei said from the next row, where he stood half hidden behind a stone angel. "You do not want to join them, I would assume... ?" It was a macabre joke, but it amused him.

The woman had indeed been talking to herself, unless someone he could not see accompanied her. She did seem familiar. He tilted his head slightly, studying her face. "Have we, by chance, met before this night?"

Tripping over something was all well and good and fine, until you did it in front of someone...then it got embarassing, and that was just plain bad. Worse still to have it pointed out.

So Alex was feeling decidedly crabby in the moment she whipped around to see who had spoken, keen eyes (well, keen when she was actually using them) searching the dark while she shot back, "Little too late for that. Already dead, y'know?"

But then she finally found him, lurking behind an angel. It took her from snappish to innapropriately cheerful for the surroundings in a matter of moments. "Iluzie!" She grinned, leaning forward to wag her finger at him. "Forgot me already? That's not very nice."

User Image"Has anyone ever said I was nice?" Revei countered, amused. But her comment about being already dead and her name for him had shaken loose his memory. "Alex, is it?" he hazarded. "It has been some time, days and nights and so many dreams that I forget myself. Forgive me, fair lady," he said, and dropped to one knee in a deep, teasing bow.

"No, but I've never asked anyone. Maybe I should've?" Still grinning, she nodded approvingly when he got her name right. "Yep, that's me!"

Alex couldn't help but giggle when Dream went down on one knee, and leaned down until her face was at level with his, head tilted. "Well, since you ask so nice, I guess I can let it slide."

User Image"Oh, perhaps. Or perhaps not, so that you may continue to think me sweet," Revei smiled. "You may consider my memory well jogged, and I shall promise not to let it slip my mind again."

"Ah, I must remember that trick," he mused, and stood again, settling irreverently onto the base of the stone angel he had been standing beside. "What brings you here, to this lovely desolate place, milady Alex?"

Straightening, Alex settled on the tombstone she'd caught herself on when she'd tripped, which happened to be just wide enough up top to be a somewhat-comfortable seat - or at least as comfortable as cold, hard rock that hadn't been made for sitting on could be. "I could always give you a reason to remember," she offered with a lopsided smile, "If you like."

"Didn't expect anyone to be here, mostly. Seems like lately all the gods I run into aren't sweet at all, so I thought I'd save myself the trouble. How about you?"

User Image"Could you then?" Revei asked, canting an eyebrow at the vampire, expression open and inquiring. Whether he had missed the meaning of the suggestion or was choosing to ignore it was unclear.

"Ah, yes. We are, nearly to a deity, snappish and uncomfortable, I think," he said, mentally reviewing the meetings he had most lately had with other gods. Drained and tired, snappish and easily provoked; he was aware that he, too, fell into that category. "I thought I would come out into the world, before I drove Knowledge or my poor faithful Aoide to distraction, pacing and snarling." He pulled the cloak off his shoulders, letting it fall into a crumpled heap of fabric on the dusty ground. "Fresh air, such as it is."

"Sure thing," she answered brightly, sliding off the seat she'd just taken. That had been surprisingly easy, and while she wasn't sure if he quite caught her meaning or not, it was plenty of invitation in Alex's way of thinking.

I'd like to remind you that you happen to be a graveyard right now.

...And your point is?

Nevermind. Not like it would stop her, so there wasn't a whole lot of point in trying.

"Uncomfortable's one way of putting it," she agreed, stepping closer to Revei. "Maybe a little nicer than I might."

"Not that I can't be nice," she added, halting just in front of of the god with no real attention to personal space. And just like that, providing he didn't do something to stop her, she leaned in to brush a kiss against his throat.

User ImageRevei held himself still as Alex approached, something like apprehension in his eyes. If he was ever to be near to anyone, he had to get over this ridiculous fear of nearness and touch, he reminded himself. And with such a god as Alex carried, it was perhaps no surprise. "You are quite blunt, I think," he said, neutrally.

Being touched was at once pleasant and utterly awful. Revei thought of grey eyes, and made himself put his hands on Alex's shoulders, pushing her gently away. "No," he said quietly. "I cannot."

"Da," she confirmed, unbothered by the assessment. "Everyone's something."

Although she was surprised when Revei pushed her back, Alex seemed...surprisingly okay with it, aside from looking a little disappointed. It went away, though, and she smiled, stepping back to where she'd started. "Then don't. It's okay."

User Image"We are what we are, and sometimes what we are not." Revei pulled his robe tighter around himself, looking almost forlorn. "I mean no slight to you, Alex. You are very much a lady." He stood up from his place on the gravestone, hovering his wings out to feel the air.

It's not you, it's me - what a ridiculously human thing to be thinking! When and where had he gotten that phrase? Perhaps it belonged to the sleeping child. But her touch stirred very little within him, attractive as she was. There was truth in the sentiment.

"Some people are okay with it, some people aren't. No big deal either way." The vampire shrugged it off, perching on the tombstone again, but one thing made her look away, only to look back at him again with serious eyes. "I'm a lot of things, but a lady isn't one of them." It wasn't meant as suggestive, it was just..honest.

User Image"Then I shall not call you one, though I shall not promise not to think it," Revei answered, a ghost of a smile returning to him. "If I may be nice, then you may be a lady, in a turn of phrase. I say many things I do not mean, but I believe I may have meant that." His eyes glinted.

"There's plenty of people who'd be happy to tell you different," she muttered, kicking her feet against the stone. For some reason, it made her distinctly uncomfortable to be called something she wasn't even if it was something good. "Thanks, though."

It was kind of flattering.

User Image"There will always be those willing to say this, that, and the next thing," Revei replied, "be it because they believe it, because they want to believe it, because they want you to believe it, because they are being contrary, or any number of varied, strange, and ridiculous reasons." He placed a hand on the wing of the monument beside him. "That which will not speak is inanimate, that which is inanimate will not speak. Usually," he added, with a speculative glance at the gravestone. "Truths and lies are the privileges and curses of the living."

He paused and laughed. "I get carried away. It is my place to be ridiculous and riddling."

"Or sometimes they're just right." Alex shrugged, but she looked thoughtful. It made her wonder a little about the reasons behind some of what Kaelin apparently thought of her. Granted, it was all justifiable, but some of it really bothered her.

"Maybe not ridiculous," she said slowly, the beginnings of a sheepish smile forming, "But you did lose me at the inanimate part." Alex definitely didn't do well with riddles and the like.

User Image"I may even have lost myself there," Revei said, and smiled a sudden, sweet smile. "It happens, now and then, but I always find my way back. Do you?" He watched her steadily, unblinking.

That admission made her grin just a little, but the expression was soon replaced by a rather puzzled one. Revei's question was a hard one to answer. "I think so, usually. Except some pieces just stay lost."

Or you just think they're lost.

Or they just are. Who asked you, anyway?

No one, just thought I'd point it out.

User Image"Be careful," Revei said solemnly. "Lost pieces find a home, will they or not." He retrieved his cloak, expression thoughtful. At least the restless driving force that had made him so irritable and unsociable had cooled somewhat. "I think I will take my leave," he said, and bowed again, a theatrical, almost silly gesture. "Though I hope to encounter you again; you are a woman of rare sense and fine discernment." A little smile flickered across his lips.

Find a home? Did he mean back with her, or with someone else? Or did he mean something else entirely? She had absolutely no idea, and it was a headache in the making, so she put off thinking about it for the moment.

"Whatever you say," she said in response to his compliment, but quirked a smile at the bow. "See you later, then, Iluzie."
Solo #20

"'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun,
Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won.
So I took what's mine by eternal right.
Took your soul out into the night.
It may be over but it won't stop there,
I am here for you if you'd only care.
You touched my heart you touched my soul."

James Blunt - "Goodbye My Lover"

After Orin had fallen asleep, Alex stayed awake and snuggled against him for a long time, reluctant to get up and leave his warmth, and his wonderful furry smell. The wolfman really wouldn't be the same if he ever found a way to get out of his in-between state. He wouldn't need to hold off on his search for her sake, though, if he really did mean to find a way.

It's time, Alex.

I know. Ever so slowly, and as quietly as she could manage, she freed herself from the arms of her last lover and slipped from the bed. She dressed quickly, afraid he'd wake, before pulling something out of her sweatshirt pocket - a silky length of bright yellow ribbon.

With the utmost care, she leaned over the bed and looped the ribbon around Orin's upper arm, tying it in a neat little bow. Smiling faintly, the vampire then patted his arm and then backed out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

Swallowing hard, she made her way out of the Hunt's temple - blessedly, without running into anyone - and started home through the woods, brushing her hand against the trunks of trees as she walked past. Ea's woods, Ea's trees...she was going to miss the walk to see her friends. Ea had told her once they'd go hunting together, but somehow they'd never gotten around to it.

It was okay, though. She probably would have sucked at it, anyway. This saved her the embarrassment. The vampire quirked a smile, finishing the rest of her walk in quiet - subdued, but content.

She had to wipe her eyes quickly on the back of her sleeve when she came to the tree outside her window, with the scattering of leaves fallen around its base. Patting the trunk fondly, she clambered up and into grassy room, with its tree walls and hanging orchids and bed of snapdragons.

Leaning back against the windowsill, Alex took a deep breath and licked her dry lips.


"As I'll ever be," she answered aloud, with a light laugh. What a corny thing to say.

With what felt to Alex like a deep sigh inside of her, the god wrapped his own self around his host's self, filling her sight with warm reds and pinks.

It felt like she was floating...

What she really did was fall, collapsing onto the floor. She never felt it, sheltered by Love in his gentleness.

The instant his host was unconscious, a burning began, spreading with excruciating slowness from his left side out to the rest of his body. It pulsed outward from the jewel set in his stomach and the charred circle of flesh around it. It was all him, coursing through the vampire's body like fire - purifying it until it was fit for him. Fit for a god.

While he lay numbed by the pain as it wore on and on, a pressure started to build in his chest – it felt like he was suffocating…he was suffocating. This body had been dead, it didn’t breathe, he didn’t know how to make it breathe.

But then his heart jumped, beating once, twice…falling into a labored, irregular beat. All of a sudden he could breathe, and his first breaths were gasping and desperate. Everything hurt, but everything was alive. He was alive!

Just as relief and joy rushed over him, an itching and an ache started in his back, and he knew; it wasn’t finished yet. There was no slowness this time, just a burst of pain and a shredding of flesh as glass erupted from his skin.

It was the last of what he could bear, and Rio’s eyes rolled back in his head.

The God of Love spent his first hours of rebirth passed out on the floor.
Solo #21

"What you see is what you get
This is me, hey you
If you want me, don't forget
You should take me as I am."

Britney Spears - "What U See"

Hours later, after waking and bathing, Rio stood in front of the full-length mirror in what had once been Eamnonn's, then Alex's room. Pursing his lips, he looked his reflection up and down, turning this way and that with his hands on his slight hips. He was wearing his host's only pair of pants, a black affair with wide, straight legs, and straps and buttons aplenty with no functional purpose.

After fussing with his feathery hair, he did another turn and sighed, defeated. "I look like a topless, flat-chested woman."

You are a topless, flat-chested...actually, you're not quite flat. Alex had stirred close to the end of his bath, but she'd been relatively quiet up until now, when she piped up with a distinct cackle in her tone.

"You're not helping," he pouted at the mirror, only to straighten his face when he realized that expression only made him look more feminine. Not that there was anything wrong with feminine - and definitely nothing unattractive about it - he preferred not to look it himself, at least not as much as he did. He was downright womanly.

Put a shirt on, then. At least you won't be topless.

Rio flexed his hard, delicate wings. "With these? I don't think I could get a shirt on."

I had one with a low back somewhere, just...pull it up?

"Great, more women's clothing." He crossed his arms over his chest, frowning deeply at his reflection. "That's not going to help very much."

Just suck it up and get dressed already.

After sticking his tongue out at the mirror so that his host could see, Rio turned away and went back to rummaging through her things. There was a skirt, a couple of corsets - no thanks! - and a small assortment of other things, all of them black or mostly black. "Why don't you have anything colorful?"

There's red on some of that! Now come on, just pick something. You're slower getting dressed than a girl, and you're not even going on a date.

Grimacing, he finally plucked up a sleeveless, low-backed top and stepped into it, wiggling it on up and sliding the straps onto his shoulders. "We have got to find some better clothes."

I didn't think there was anything wrong with mine, Alex grumbled at him. She liked her clothes, thanks very much!

"Clothes that are better for me, I mean," the god amended hastily. "These were lovely on you, but they're not exactly the right look for me." He turned to frown at the mirror again, tugging at the hem of the shirt.

Good luck finding a department store that's actually open...or not already looted, anyway.

"Oh, don't be so discouraging! I'm sure there's something left to find, it'll just take some time. You found your ribbon after all, didn't you?"

Yeah, but...

"There was plenty left in that place! We can go back there and see what we find." Rio grinned, brimming with excitement, and headed barefoot to the door - he was not wearing Alex's boots. No way.

What are you gonna do, throw a bedsheet over yourself? Alex asked, skeptical. I know it's Halloween and all, but...

"I can make my own clothes if I have the things to do it with," he explained. "At least, I think I remember how. It's worth a try."

Sewing? God, you are such a girl.

"Am not."
Solo #22

You forgot, didn't you?

Shoving away a mess of soft white fabric, Rio spat the needle he'd been holding between his lips to the floor. "I forgot. I can't believe I forgot! I used to know how, I'm sure of it."

The god's shoulder's sagged, and his wings drooped behind him. He stared forlornly at the tangle of cloth and thread, his several failed attempts to try and muddle through without a skill he no longer had.

He sighed dejectedly, burying his face in his hands. What an awful way to start!

Hey now, don't go all depressed on me, Alex told him, in one of her rare moments of sternness. It was something she was actually very good at, but fortunately she wasn't often moved to it. You can't sew, big deal! I sure as hell never could. I bet most people can't. Especially most guys.

"But I could! I know it's not that important, I just..." Picking the needle up again, he jabbed it into the grassy floor, toying idly.

It's just not that important. Deal with it. It's not like you're naked, for chrissakes.

Rio was quiet for a minute, but finally he dropped the needle and nodded. "I don't need to be able to do it. You're right, I shouldn't be sulking."

"I hate sulking. Why am I sulking? I have clothes. We found clothes, I haven't got any reason to be upset." Taking a deep breath, he stood up, looking around with a nod. "I should take care of the plants."

Yeah, you should. And you'd better do it right, too. Don't be killing our room!

"Okay, okay!" He laughed, quickly forgetting his brief tantrum. "I'll do it right, I promise. Now, where was that watering thing...?"

It's a can, and it's right over -

Rio cut her off with a sharp yelp and a sudden one-footed hop, seizing his right foot and falling back into the pile of discarded fabric. He whimpered, staring at the sole of his foot with watery eyes.

He'd stepped right on the needle.

"...I need shoes," he whispered, gulping.
Solo #23

Solo: Romancing a Skeptic
Rio and Seppa

Later that night, Seppa could still be found, curled tightly on one of the shop's round couches and brooding about what Zhijian had lectured her on earlier. She hated being told what to do in the first place, and for that parasite to have the nerve...she just couldn't stand it! Especially when it hit so easily on the sorest spot of her conscience. She supposed it made a certain amount of sense, since he was in there and all, but that just rankled her more. Nothing was private anymore, because Zhijian was always there.

Her sigh gave way to a cough, and wrinkling her nose, Seppa unwound herself from her seat and headed over to the kitchen. With a grunt, she reared up, and her paws came down on the counter, holding her up so that she could stand on her hind legs for a drink of water from the sink.

Desiderio hopped barefoot down the stairs, holding Dinah securely but gently close to his chest. Tiny claws held her like velcro to the fabric of his shirt as she peeped uncertainly at her surroundings. There was no greenstuff here, no bright little jungles. It was dark and kind of hot, and dry. Following a displeased mewl, the little cait sneezed out ash.

"Sorry, sweetheart," the god told her with a frown, patting her head softly. "We just need to get something to eat, then we'll head back upstairs, okay?"

...except the kitchen had been taken over by a really big cat. Eyes wide, Rio started to step backwards towards the stairs. What if it tried to eat Dinah? What if it tried to eat him?!

...s**t. Dude, I know her! Rather than afraid, his host just sounded surprised - unpleasantly so, maybe, but she wasn't on the verge of freaking out the way he was.

"You what?" he squeaked, realizing all too late that he'd spoken out loud. Oops.

"Hmm?" Seppa raised her head, looking back over her shoulder. "Oh, I didn't know anyone else was around." Ears tilting back, she pushed away from the counter and fell back to all fours. Meanwhile, the water continued to run.

She eyed the god dubiously - surely he was one, with those telltale wings. And since he was, she was inclined to dislike him until he gave her a good reason not to.

There was a voice in his head, and it wasn't Alex's! Okay, that...was really weird. And apparently it was the cat. That..was...

God, would you pull yourself together? It's just a goddamn pard. Talk to her, you freak, she's not gonna eat you. And stop squeezing Dinah.

"Oh!" Rio relaxed his grip on the poor kitten, and she stopped digging her claws into his skin. Caught off his guard and not at his best, he pulled himself together enough to bow slightly to the antlered feline. "My apologies, lady. I came for food, and found myself poorly equipped for an encounter with beauty."

He winced a little internally. He was rusty.

You mean you were good once? Alex teased.

"Save your flirting for your own kind," she answered shortly, grudgingly amused. "I'm not into things on two legs." Her tail flicked behind her, twitching of its own accord.

"So, which one are you?" She could have thrown out a few guesses about the pink-winged god, but there was no telling for sure.

Rio laughed, adjusting his hold on Dinah, who eyed the giant cat with suspicion. "You can appreciate beauty without lusting after it."

"I am Desiderio, Love," he supplied, offering another short bow. His glass-like wings fanned out behind him. "But please, call me Rio. I like it much better." Not that he disliked his name, but the shortening was so much more familiar and comfortable. "Might I ask your name?"

Hey, ask her what she's doing here!

I'd assume she's either host or servant. Be patient, and we'll find out without prying.

"Pah, stop trying to be poetic," she groused. "Although that could be asking too much, if you're Love."

"I'm Seppa, and it's Zhijian I'm saddled with. Some Dragon King that Illumin made out to be something special." Clearly, the pard was far from honored to be sacrificing herself to this 'special' deity.

"I'm not trying," he protested, frowning. "I'm just talking. Is it really that bad?" Had he really gotten that rusty? Or maybe it was Alex's influence.

Oh no, don't you go blaming me!

"Favored, yes." Zhijian...which one was that, he wondered? "But not by you, I assume?" If this Zhijian had taken her by force...that was such an ugly thing.

"I don't like it, but then, I'm not a romantic. To be honest, all that crap just annoys me."

"No, not by me." She flicked her ears back in displeasure. "He'd have done better to find someone who actually wanted him."

Rio pouted, his wings drooping behind him. "Why the dislike for something so innocent? So good?"

You're taking this personally, aren't you?

Maybe a little.

"I'm sorry for that, Seppa. Very sorry." Tentatively, he reached out wth one hand to pat her on the head, while still holding Dinah with the other. "Ah, your water's still on...here, I'll get it." Leaning over the sink, he turned off the tap.

"Because it's all a load of nonsense, that's why. Hopeless nonsense!" Seppa lashed her tail, scowling. "And it's nothing but trouble for those of us who don't want anything to do with it."

She didn't object to being patted on the head - people petted cats, and she was a cat. And it felt nice, besides...she wasn't too worried about whether it harmed her dignity or not. "Thank you."

"Let's sit down somewhere comfortable, shall we?" he suggested, instead of responding right away. So saying, he made his way over to one of couches and sat on it, although he didn't lean back - that was asking for trouble, with wings like his.

"Now, what makes you say that? What is it that's been so troublesome for you?" That he was talking to a cat about these things didn't phase him now; she was obviously a person, albeit four-legged.

The pard acquiesced, following him to the couch and hopping onto the side opposite him before getting settled there. It was strange to think that this 'shop,' in all its dark glory, had become familiar territory to her. Maybe it was time to go home, before this started looking like home.

"I'm a practical cat, really. I just don't believe in those things." Here she was, a mage and still a skeptic. "But somehow I wound up with this lovesick puppy to try and avoid...and he's really bad at poetic stuff. Always trying to be..romantic," she said the word with a certain amount of disgust, "And giving me gifts and things like that. It's awkward, I don't like it."

"Well now, an admirer isn't so bad! Unless he's crossed the line into creepy stalker territory. Has he?" Dinah had started to wriggle in his lap, looking to explore. He held onto her, though - the last thing he needed was for her to go missing down here! "And he's not really a dog, is he? Not that there's anything wrong with an interspecies relationship, but...I can see where it would be a problem."

Haha, that freak Albi must still be after her, Alex snickered.

Rio ignored her.

"No, he's not a dog and he doesn't stalk me." Seppa shifted uncomfortably, wings twitching and resettling. "I'm just not interested! But he never gives up."

"Have you let him know that his advances are unwanted?" Rio inquired. If she had, then she had a right to be annoyed...although it saddened him that someone so devoted would be rejected, you couldn't force affection.

"Well...yes and no. I haven't told him to stop, but I haven't encouraged him any. I don't return the gestures, I just..." Seppa trailed off.

"You just accept them. That's the thing, right there. As long as he believes he has a chance, he'll continue trying to woo you." Rio frowned. "I'm afraid you're the one being troublesome, Seppa. You need to make up your mind!"

"But I have made up my mind," she protested, "His advances aren't welcome!"

"And yet you continue to string him along, while you do what? If you're not stalling to give yourself time, then what are you doing? Taking advantage of him?" He was baiting her, and he knew it; but it would work, or so he hoped.

"No!" Seppa's ears came forward, and she hissed. "I'd never take advantage of him! I'd never hurt him."

Dinah's ears flattened, and she shrank as close to Rio as was physically possible, hissing defensively at the pard.

He stroked her carefully, murmurring something at her before returning his attention to Seppa. "Aha! So you do care for him!"

"I..." She jerked her head back, narrowing her eyes. "I never said that! Don't go putting words in my mouth."

"Then why are you so afraid of hurting him?" the god pressed her. "Why don't you refuse his gifts and push him away? Why does he matter to you, if you don't care for him?"

"He..I..." Her ears pressed back against her skull, and she shifted in obvious discomfort. "I don't want to talk about this anymore."

Avoidance. Seppa had been getting good at that lately.

"As you wish." He relented; he'd gotten as far as he really could, and anything more would be up to her.

After spending another few moments calming his cait, he held his hand out to Seppa - there was a nice little chocolate resting in his palm, milk with a darker swirl on top. "Chocolate? You look like you could use one."

Aren't cats allergic to chocolate?

Maybe pards aren't.

Seppa eyed the offering for a moment, tail swishing while she thought about it. Finally, she leaned forward to eat it from his open hand. "Don't mind if I do."
RP #29
over 1k

Rio lay on the grass floor of his room, lounging on his stomach - on his back would have been tricky, and he'd probably have just wound up poking hiself with his own wings. Definitely not worth the trouble.

Oh, he liked his wings of course! They were so much more fun than anyone's else's. It didn't change that they were a bother sometimes, though; breaking if he wasn't careful, jabbing at him if he rolled the wrong way in his sleep.

Propping himself up on his elbows, he clucked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, trying to entice Dinah out from wherever she was lurking. In the snapdragons, probably.

The window was open, just like it always was. It never really occurred to him to close it, since Alex never had.
Orin raced across field and glen towards the compound, enjoying the feel of the wind through fur and the anticipation of Alex's fingers there later. As always there had been a million things keeping him from getting away from the temple and off to see her again, but the gardener had finally managed to extract himself with Ea's blessing. His master had smiled at him a bit sadly when he'd gone, but had wished him well and asked that his greetings be passed on to the lady. Orin would do so, of course. Once his greetings were properly given.

Up the tree, through the window- "Hello, Alex...?"

His voice died in his throat. That wasn't Alex.
"Orin!" The cheerful greeting came out of sheer habit and thanks to Alex still be so strong within Rio. The god even got so far as hopping to his feet with a bright smile that was nearly a mirror of his host's.

Ummm, Alex started, trying to pull herself away a little. Sorry. I, uh...got excited. Her voice was a little soft, a little wistful.

Finally with enough distance between himself and his host, Rio let his smile fade to an apologetic one. "Hello, Orin."
Oh. It had happened then. This was the god. He'd known it was going to happen, intellectually, back actually seeing her-him-them was something else entirely.

"Hello sir." he said dully, slipping into his servent-of-a-god mode.
"Just Rio, please," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. That habit was Alex's too. It was hard to make Rio feel awkward, but this was working fabulously.

It was kind of hard to talk to someone when you were walking around in what had been the body of their friend and lover. Worse when he had Alex making him want to go over and pet the wolfman.

"Would you...like to talk to Alex?" Strategy for awkward situation? Escape!
No. Better to just reach in and tear out his heart now in one fell swoop- "Yes please, sir." Orin said, cutting his brain off from its babbling.
Chicken, Alex teased him, but came forward willingly. Gratefully. The posture changed when she did, and the smile came more easily. She tugged on the hem of Rio's button-down shirt, not used to men's clothing. The pants were still hers, though.

"Hi," she said, stepping forward a little. "It's been awhile."
Orin nodded, knowing it was her with his heart and doing his best to ignore the screaming in his brain. Even his attempts for numbness hurt. He felt himself trying not to cry. "Yeah. Sorry about that. Life is always crazy when in the service of Ea."

He wanted to take her hand and feel the softness of her skin again, but it wasn't really hers anymore. "How are you doing?"

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