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The child cheered and leapt into the air. He acted very much like an excited pup who had just been offered a treat. So much for his bad mood! Who had time to be cranky when he was going to learn how to make his own cookies. Better yet – it wasn't one of his parents' silly aoidei that was helping him so it was far more likely that he would listen and remember.

He followed Cosine back into the Pantheon, and with a bounce in his step he danced and sing-songed and generally carried on with himself like a contented fool as they made their way through the halls.

"Do love cookies!" he announced happily, tail wagging as he ran down the corridors and then back again to the goddess to circle about her with a merry laugh, always careful to stay out of her way lest he trip her by accident.
Soto's enthusiasm was catching. Cosine found herself smiling all the way back to Ankou's rooms, laughing at the young god's clowning. She wondered where it all came from. Echo was rather quiet and Nergal ... well, it was an event enough to get a smile from him.

"Okay." She declared, as she led the way to the kitchen and started to hunt for ingredients. "We need to measure everything out first. Oh, why don't you grab a chair, then you can stand on it and help me."

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