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Restless. That was the only way Cosine could describe how she was feeling. She had spent the morning with Crys and Kios, teaching them numbers and enjoying their company, though something was still worrying her. Soto … she had not seen him yet and though she knew he was not like a mortal child it did not stop her worrying. Echo had entrusted her with their safety and she would not be a very good ‘auntie’ if she did not at least check up on him once.

She stepped out into the dim world, hugging Ankou’s coat around her. It was clearly too big for her, almost reaching the floor and falling over her hands but it was warm and comforting.

There was no destination in her mind, one thing she knew about the little one was how he liked to wander, His parents and uncle had told her so. Maybe if she wandered she would run into him, if not then she would look the next day, and the next.
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Sotiris was equally restless. With each day that passed with both his parental figures gone, his general unrest grew more and more. His patience dwindled, and the already short fuse to his temper seemed impossibly smaller. For that reason alone he gave in to his near constant bout of wanderlust.

It simply wouldn’t do to yell at his siblings. Well, maybe he could yell at Kios. His little brother, while whiny and little (as little brothers are often wont to be), he always seemed to know that when he yelled or pitched a fit it wasn’t personal. His sister, however, was much more sensitive, and the very last thing in the world he wanted to do was to upset her.

He kicked up a bit of dust outside one of the great doors of the pantheon before the sound of someone’s shuffling feet and dragging of fabric caught his attention. He already knew his room was hardly sacred – aoidei had a way of barging in all the time. Couldn’t he find a moment to himself in this huge place?

Apparently not.

He ducked and hid just outside the door and scurried behind one of the bushes. He had caught a brief glimpse of the figure. It was the same lady that came by to see his family sometimes. He knew only a little about her. He knew of her domain, because his siblings had been taught to count, and he also knew that his uncle liked her. A lot.

He had not met her formally as of yet, and had not quite decided what to make of her.

Thus, he remained hidden in the shrubbery.

Cosine stepped out into the lush gardens of the new Pantheon. Where would one begin to look for a little god? The world was a big place and he was Nergal's child. Underworld himself was getting into trouble and lost often enough. She glanced around and decided that she would start with the Pantheon buildings. She did not wish to venture outside of them unless she had to.

"Soto?" She called, feeling a little silly as she did so. He was probably not even out there. There were a few mortals wandering around and a god or two in the distance. Maybe she should have brought Crys with her, she might know some hiding places. "Are you out here?" She muttered more to herself than the child.
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He sat still and quiet. He found to be his good fortune that his skin was a delightful shade of emerald. It made blending in with greenery quite easy. He peered over at her curiously as she came closer into view as she stepped outside.

She called his name and a pang of guilt shot through him. She almost sounded a little sad. He bit at his lower lip and gave a little sigh. He waited a few moments more before skittering near silently out from behind the bush. He edged up tentatively behind her and idly glanced back towards the doorway to the pantheon.

He could still bolt back inside easy. She might not even notice.

He folded his arms over his chest and silently cursed his sense of responsibility and guilt. "Am right here," he said quietly in as polite a tone as he could will himself to muster, "Do you need... help with something?"

The little voice from behind made the goddess jump a little, that had been easier than she had imagined. She had been begining to wonder if she would ever get to meet the little tear away. She turned, her green eyes finding the boy of a similar colour, she smiled.
"Hello." She said, crouching to his level, the coat puffing out a little as she did so. "Well, not really. I thought it was about time we met." She held out her hand. "I'm Cosine, a friend of your parents."
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"I know," he said as he reached to take her hand firmly in his for a moment. He inclined his head slightly to her and then withdrew to cross his arms over his chest. He peered over at her a bit owlishly with his wisp-like eyes. "Uncle 'Kou talks about you. And Sis. She likes counting."

He stood still and quiet as he stared over at her. For a moment it was difficult to tell whether he was scowling, pouting, or if his expression was simply a combination thereof. This was usually the part where his father allowed him to wander once more (or at least go play with his siblings).

She'd met him, and he had met her. That's what she had wanted. Where was his dismissal?
Cosine smirked a little at his reply and returned the incline of his head with one of her own. Cosine watched him for a moment as he fell into silence. A slightly uncomfortable silence, expectant almost.
"So um, you're mum asked me to keep and eye on you all." She shrugged and smiled a little helplessly. Crys and Kios had been easy to talk to. Though this one was most definitely his father's son. "If you need anything you can come and ask me. I live with your Uncle, just down the hall."
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Sotiris nodded in response. This too he knew of. "I know where that is. Used to live with Uncle 'Kou," he informed her. He began to squirm a bit, mostly out of habit. He did not like staying still for too long. He paused for a moment in thought.

Wait. If he needed anything he could ask?

"Do you have any cookies?" he asked outright. His little face seemed to light up, and his tail wagged expectantly. He had not had cookies in some time. For whatever reason his parents thought it a bad idea to give him sugar with as rambunctious as he already was.
"Ah, yes, of course you did." She smirked a little watching him dance as though he would dash off at any moment ... or he really needed the bathroom.
"I do not have cookies, though I do know someone who can make them. Maybe I will have them cook up a batch incase you drop by?" She shrugged and glanced off across the gardens for the briefest moment.
"Would you like to play a game?"
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His face fell when she said she did not have any cookies. He did however take note that she might procure some for him in the future from a friend. He offered her a small smile before his eyes brightened at her question.

"Game?" he asked curiously, tail wagging at the prospect. "Do like games," he told her with a firm nod.
The goddess smiled as he said he might like to play a game.
"How about hide and seek?" She asked, shoving her hands into the pockets of the oversized coat she wore. "We could ask your brother and sister if they would like to play too?"
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The child pondered the prospect of hunting down his siblings for a moment as he squinted up at the goddess before him. "Mmh... maybe," he answered slowly. He wasn't so sure how well that would work out. Mostly because he had escaped their rooms specifically so as to not to have to deal with his family or the aoidei.

Did he really want to have to make his way back to their rooms? The prospect of a game was tempting...
Cosine smirked as he seemed to be uninterested in finding his siblings and glanced off across the gardens for a moment.
"Well, I suppose we could play with just two. Or make cookies." She added as an afterthought. Though she had never really tried to cook, it could not be difficult though, plenty of lesser people managed. "I bet your uncle has some ingredients in the kitchen. Do you know what we would need?"
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Soto's fire-lit eyes seemed to spark with his excitement as he threw his arms up in the air and quickly ran a circle around the goddess giggling all the while. "Yay! Let's make cookies! Not made them before I want to make some! Let's go! Let's go!" he cheered before coming to a brief halt before her with a wide grin.

"Flowers... flour? Flower. And sugar," he told her as he tried to list off ingredients. He really wasn't sure about the rest, but he seemed more than happy to make things up as he went along. "And sweet melty black things? Egg. From a bird?"
Cosine laughed as he charged around her, making her feel quite dizzy.
"Flour, well I'm sure we have that, egg ... hmm maybe. Butter too oh and a little sugar." Sweet black melty things she was not so sure of but they would see. She turned her eyes down to his and echoed his grin.
"Let's go." She said, starting off back towards the accomodation.

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