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“I have not been. “

“Similar to my inability at informality is the lack of others being so in my presence. I have taken guises and glamour before...true enough, “ He shook his head slowly in emphasis, feeling words more than just expressing them in voice, "But on the whole I have found my direct presence causes wakes of stress and confusion. In mortal and immortal alike, often enough. Nor have I wish to break the tentative authority of the council. I am not yet regained in strength. Any presence would gather authority back to me unless glamoured and disguised, the 'Twin Crown' resplendant..."

"As always what is light of me should find fault in what throws shadows. "

"I could make it....with your support, or riding should Yu find himself kindly disposed. Your tone suggests some admiration that seeds eagerness. Do you have preference? WOudl you mind it, if I went not as myself in seeming?"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."You would find it heartening, I think." Speaking of using glamours and guises to otherwise cloak Himself, Endiovar had done the samesuch thing a time or three (though without nearly so much need as Harmodius spoke of). Oh yes, the Council. Bitter brew, that one. For perhaps the first time, Silence and Yu Five Claws thought the same: ineffectual and unable to wholly commit...had he not heard that his old friend Underworld rarely appeared after having placed forth his vote to join and rule? But by the same token, having been voted out allowed Endiovar to spend more time with his loved ones and on his own pet project, like the restoration of the Library, aiding Enekpe and answering Akakios' endless questions.

'Of course I would lend you support. I think Yu would also offer, though he may stand out overly much.' The thought that seeing one riding Yu might alert the more attentive of Pantheon-goers (regardless of destination) that Creation walked (rode) amongst them. Then again, Silence had often seen the beast-god in other's company among the Market. "But perhaps not. I have seen him oft with others." Another light smile, "This form or another, I would enjoy walking with you."[/color
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User ImageRipples of unrest...

“You do not approve the Council. “ It was a statement, but the final title rose in tone, making it both observation and inquiry both. His form shifted in look, less tall and broad, less sculpted, and took on plainer clothes. Only his eyes remained the same, at odds in color and bright behind glasses that were no doubt just for show.

"The institution or the members?"

"It is an elected body, and all those who voted are given authority therefore...to declare 'no confidence' and demand either a new member elected or a new system entirely. I've given power to governed." At least as much as could be given, with his own will still in existence and intact of sentience. He wondered if it would have been enough for the Seat of Knowledge, should he ever return to give his opinion. It was an old matter between them. A root of many sorrows. But would any compromise be enough for the master intellect? He had not sought compromise before, only action.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.'I approve of the Council wholly...it is necessary and could do much good. What I, and I believe Yu as well, take issue with is that certain members have all but dissappeared. It renders the Council impotent.' He tilted his head a bit, watching as Creation's form shifted from gleaming alabaster deity to understated-but-handsome "mortal". A form he found pleasant enough on the eyes and one that should not cause such a clamour as would Harmodius' unchanged self.

"Yes, indeed you have." Endiovar chuckled softly to himself and reached out to straighten a tie that needed no real straightening; he simply wished to touch. When it came to the whole thing with the 'missing' Council members and the whole of it's politik, Endiovar found himself quite distracted -- and most pleasantly so.

Endiovar's own form would remain the same, mortals in the Marketplace (and elsewhere around the Pantheon grounds) had grown at least somewhat used to seeing his face and form: with and without the company of others. 'Colin would have loved your hat.' Colin would probably have come back, days from now, with several similar hats in hideous, eye-raping colours as a sort of joke-gift, if he were still around. Silence contemplated doing it anyway, just...because.
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The explanation was both unfortunate and true. Some of the Council had been missing from the directing of the survivors. Or of presence at all. Yet without action by the governed, or by other members of the council, nothing could come of it.

It was all business still. He had to remove himself of the habit.

"Xia Lu Ling....do you have a preference of coming or staying?"
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The peacefully resting Dragon King rose on all fours and stretched, cat-like, before padding over to his Changed Lord. "Of course I am with you." Sapphire eyes looked up and down at the chappish outfit his Lord wore, the unfamiliar form with the familiar eyes; maybe some of the other deities would have realized that it was Creation with Silence and Yu, but not all...and certainly not the Market-goers!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.HE awaited the Beastial-King's response, smiling as the beast rumbled it's assent and came over so that Harmodius might lean upon his furred form. Certainly there were little kernals of 'business', seeded in the back of his mind as there were those thoughts within Creation's own, but Silence was determined to not be stuck upon something that needed action more than words.

Besides, Harmodius was looking dapper and there was a Marketplace to see! Or a Library, if he so wished, but with the general group that passed hours there likely would have recognized (or suspected that it was) Harmodius in present company. "Shall we go now?" Once more his wings faded from view, unneeded for emotion or sight.
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Harmodius laced his right hand up into the great furry of the dragon's neck, gripping the mane for balance and leaning on the massive muscles of the Emblem Pillar's neck for support.
"Now is as good a time as any to enforce something like leisure on hours that are meant for that purpose. "

As they processed out of the rooms, it took all of Yu's great presence to deter any erratic trains or followings of the small creatures and some odd plants that delighted in and frolicked through the courses of Creation's domain.

"Tell me of the market we go to see. "
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The weight of his Lord settled and Xia Lu Ling felt the world sliding into harmony for him; this was his Station, but more than that, he enjoyed being Harmodius' support. Enjoyed the closeness that meant for him and also the careless way they could sprawl together, even with pure Mana crackling about them. It was good to be a Dragon King, very good. "As they say...All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy." Yu chuckled and wondered, briefly, where he'd heard that phrase before summarily dismissing it.

His focus was needed Elsewhere; Creation's near-constant companions of flora and fauna were wont to follow Him, but for now, it could not be so.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.While Master and Dog settled together (sometimes it was difficult to not think of the pair in those terms...and sometimes Endiovar felt a twinge of jealousy at just how close Yu seemed to be with Harmodius), Endi watched and waited patiently, a smile on his face. Around the god of Silence was a sort of shimmering aura of happiness; getting to show Creation the ingenuity of the mortals...the way they had already started to work out some sort of an economy (mostly via the barter system but with some precious metals and gems as payment, depending on the being involved) all on their own pleased him greatly.

"It is most fascinating." Walking with a disguised Harmodius, Endiovar decided it would be best to speak aloud for a time, "They started as small...clumps or camp-type spaces, with mortals bartering items they found or made, and now there are actual stalls, some with pictoral banners, some without. You can find furs, caught creatures for sale as meat or livestock....gems, some weaponry even." Mostly it was quite peaceful, but there were crude blades made or better ones that had survived Gehenna and found their way into the Market. "There are even stalls where our breatheren or their servants have taken to offering things. I believe Lord Yu would know more on that than I."

The Dragon rumbled his assent; he had seen one of the god's servants there - who's he could not recall - offering those perfectly horrifying (beautiful to him) Siira creatures! He himself had one, it was as foul in temperment as one could wish...and completely loyal to Yu.

Endiovar continued then, "Beasts, fantastical and otherwise can be aquired. Foodstuffs of any kind that can be found, plucked, caught or killed. Metalworks and pottery. Some create what they sell, some find or trap, some grow...and still others scavenge from ruins. Whatever the manner, they have set up the Marketplace and it grows daily. Like mushrooms after a rain."

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