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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.It had been a while since Creation had returned from his triumphant ride on Zhijian to recreate the heavens. Granted, Universe did not exist...the sky held no breath of life and was simply a fashioned thing - serviceable but without the spark of life that had previously enraptured so many.

Regardless, it had been quite obvious that doing so had greatly tasked Harmodius; the Eldest had retreated to his rooms, attended by the ever-loyal, ever-present Pillar. Xia Lu Ling was no doubt even now at Creation's side...that did not deter Endiovar in the slightest - he had long since gotten used to that bestial presence being with beloved Creation...perhaps even Aristogeiton would be there?

Endiovar smiled to himself as his feet moved silently over the marbled halls to that place in which Creation rested; in his arms he brought a robe - something soft and comfortable to rest in; a white base dyed a rich blue near the bottom and trimmed in spun gold with small rubies spaced evenly around the hem. In the garment's wash of blue, white feathers rose up, each one edged in a shining nearly-platinum fiber - it was indeed something meant to remind the wearer (and those viewing it) of Silence himself.

At Creation's door, he knocked and awaited the door's opening.
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The door was answered neither slowly nor swiftly, and while it was by a mortal, it wasn't Aris. Nor any mortal really recognizable to being part of the Crown's panoply. He was certainly wearing plenty of rainbows though.

And his eyes were reeeeeaaallllly dilated. The air that wafted with him smelled like he'd been burning dried sage or....something similar, anyway."Sick, guy. You're here to see The Man? I dig. Brick house, all the way, " He gave the god a once over, nodding and stepping aside with the door, "They're chillaxin' in the back, just follow the windchimes. I'm no bunny, I'll catch you guys on the flipside. Gotta find Hjava, maybe bogart a doobie. "

With that the guy gave a friendly wave, and passed out the way Endiovar had come in, dancing to some music that must be in his head, as there wasn't any playing anywhere. The glass-sound of chimes was distinct, inside, but that wasn't dancing sound or even in the right direction.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Perhaps Endiovar hadn't expected Creation's doors to be opened by a very 'out there' hippy, but to his credit he didn't blanch or otherwise gawk; this man read very plainly of peace, love and drugs...he wasn't going to be doing anything 'horrible' to anyone - except perhaps Hjava, if the sharp-tongued harpy didn't have a "doobie" to share).

'Thank you.' Silence waved back and then followed the sound of the chimes, still holding his parcel loosely against his chest; well now...Creation certainly did keep the most interesting company from time to time, now didn't he? He was smiling to himself and wondering just how anyone could "chillax" with Xia Lu Ling around! Even the most stalwart of smokers, the most dedicated of 'shroom ingestion-machines' would have been hard pressed to not cry "bad trip! bad trip!" after seeing his ugly mug! Ah, but he'd find out soon enough, now wouldn't he?
The path was merry, as usual, hedged with countless flowers and reaching plants, and flitting forms of oddment chimera beings. Some rainbow flooxes bounded over the path as well, buttercups marching in their passing.

Creation lay pillowed, half hidden however bright, on dark fur and scales of the Pillar’s softer middle just behind his shoulder. His eyes were half-closed, incorporeal and ‘crying’ luminous tendrils of smoke like incense. His countenance was peaceful, no longer drawn as it had been at the end of the ceremony. A private smile, privy to some jest that must be part of a conversation in other words than the physical said aloud, maybe in the very mind of the Pillar, played on his lips.

His face turned, eyes widening slightly at the approach of silence, and Creation’s expression grew more present, “A welcome visitor, though forgive me if I do not rise to receive you as I should, Sachem. You look resplendent.”
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Beautiful and peaceful in that "the creatures might break out into song about how peaceful and beautiful their homeland is" sort of Disney way, Silence moved further in, past creatures of fanciful design, past flooxes, flora and fauna until he came to see Harmodius sprawled across Yu Five Claws' dark fur. The Twin Crown looked well; far more flush than before...it seemed that his rest had done a great deal of good - as had the company, it seemed. The Pillar's tail swished idly back and forth, Endi could see only a sliver of a single sapphire eye but he clearly felt the amusement and closeness between Lord and Laz-E-boy.

He approached, smiling moreso in return as Creation's eyes turned to him. "Thank you, you look well yourself...as does Yu." He paused, head tilting as he moved nearer the Eldest. "You look so comfortable, I wouldn't dream of displacing you, Harmodius." Silence's green eyes danced with mirth; thanks to his host, he truly saw Creation as a man on his recliner - enjoying a lazy day from that well-worn station. "I brought a gift, for later." Meaning, when Harmodius felt like getting up and doing anything other than lolling on his pet.
“As long as one does not mind the occasional displacement due to roiling scales, he is a very comfortable arrangement. “ he extended up an arm, pushing fingers through fur in manner accentuating the thick, fluffy texture. “Though I trade on his dignity. “

It's so FLUFFY!
echoed from some other plane, private between himself and Silence's awareness. The dragon king would not appreciate the reference, he did not think.

Languidly Creation sat up, turned and rubbed nose against muzzle in apology. The same careful, slow grace applied to standing, to taking the couple steps to cross and claim Silence’s hand. “Majesty extends, day by day, regrets for rose-skin replaces by regrets of pale barely able to be withstood. Shall all the world not draw in breath and hold it ever, waiting for royal violet parting and the glimmer of thoughts over alabaster limbs?”
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Whether Yu was bothered by Creation's fluffing up of his plush coat, he didn't bother cracking a single eye and simply remained where he was, tailtip twitching and muzzle drawn into a satisfied-seeming grin; it was good that the FLUFFY! comment was not spoken aloud however, for the Dragon King would have been hard pressed to not bristle at such an attribute, reguardless of whom spoke such words.

'Indeed, it is! I would touch myself, but find that I enjoy having hands.' Endiovar's soft chuckle brought a mild shift in Yu's coils; not an upleasant sound and certainly one fast becoming familiar with how often Silence was wont to be near the Twin Crown.

Xia Lu Ling head-bumped Creation gently, accepting the unspoken apology with good humor; he would remain fairly still so that Harmodius found it easier to extract Himself from the plush digs that was Yu Five Claws in Laz-E-Boy mode. The Dragon didn't concern himself overly much with watching Silence and Creation, instead he stretched much like a cat and then resettled; one large paw poking idly at a bit of greenery that hid from view a small-but-vibrant creature - exotic and New. Such interesting things came of Creation's return...perhaps he would not eat this particular one and instead watch it for a while.

Harmodius' words brought even more of a smile to Endi's expression, eyes bright and dancing. "Such extravagant flattery...were I maiden fair I would hold a petal's blush." Virginal maiden blushing no, but he was pleased with Creation's words, oh yes - the attention and affection filled his heart with warmth. With a gentle squeeze of hand, Silence leaned up and in, placing a kiss on His cheeks near where each colored marking ended. 'Though I do not think all the world awaits my thoughts or words...those that do seem to find them valuable, I think.' Endiovar spent much time with mortals, cultivating a good and proper relationship and offering aid to those that called for it from him - it, along with the general tilt towards rebuilding and that dratted Library project, kept him busy enough.

"Your friend seemed quite...interesting." Words from Silence that brought an extremely amused rumbling sound from the resting Dragon King - oh, that Hippy! At least he was more tolerable than the acidic b***h, Hjava to Yu's thinking. Endiovar shifted the item he was carrying with one arm slightly, offering the neatly draped and folded robe to Creation without taking his 'captured' hand back. "With your new look, I thought you might enjoy a new robe."
“Mr. McVie? Duncan is a harmless sort. Creative and good at finger-picking on guitar. Sadly no instrument present with him today, “ Harmodius gratefully took the offered robe in his free hand, showing no immediate intention of yet releasing the ‘captured’ one any more than Endi did of retrieving it. “Interesting might apply to more than him. Still, he has save lives with his calm, hopeful demeanor. He led survivors here to the Pantheon, kept them sane and working together on thin ration and worn out shoes. I think there’s a level of strength and resilience that is deceptively…maybe even cleverly disguised behind that free-spirited demeanor.”

At last he relinquished the white and gold flecked hand from his own in order to hold the robe out and let the length of it tumble out from folds. “As long as it isn’t Technicolor, I’ll gladly wear it. I’ve not had a nickname before, and I’m not decided or even certain I want to encourage that one. “

“I jest all the more though, any gift is welcome…a surprise and a wonder.”
He quirked as he looked at it, “Is it a ploy though? To get me to cover up?”

He’d gained awareness of the faux pas at his re-emergence from the Chrysalis. Social norms of mortal beings had been briefly forgotten again, especially those ones about modesty or shame.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Quite impressive despite an exterior that would lead many to believe nothing lie beneath that brightly hued headband but spice-smoke and daydreams. "Mortals with such strong leadership abilities are gems all on their own. I should be honored to speak with him sometime." Words meant well; Endiovar enjoyed speaking with mortals and hearing their stories - he especially liked to hear of ones like Duncan McVie - strong mortals able to do what they needed to aid others. A rare enough trait even within the ranks of the Immortals and Gods. "You seem taken with him, Harmodius...should I be jealous?"

Yu snorted from his coiled position, ears flicking back and forth for a moment and distracting the god of Silence from his gentle joke of jealousy. He'd found the mortal interesting enough - certainly it had been nice to just laze about with a mortal that didn't scream or try to exorcise him immediately (as some had); some of the things that McVie had seen made Xia Lu Ling's nightmarish face easier to take, it seemed.

"Nothing nearly so vibrant." The robe had a white base with deep blue near the bottom - far from technicolor, even with the inclusion of rubies, golden thread and white feathers edged in platinum would never be labeled 'rainbow' in hue. Endiovar chuckled a little at the comment, but shook his head. 'No ploy at all, just a simple gift. If you wore it but once, I would be pleased.' He really hadn't meant to suggest that Creation cover up, though certainly some of the remaining mortals become discomfitted when He was not. "Mortals may take exception with form unfettered, but you are beautiful in my eyes...and need no covering when with me."
“One mortal’s carnal love enough for anyone, and I’m afraid the permeating scent of patchouli and cannabis isn’t one I would want to kiss without it being an absolute necessity.” Carefully he turned the robe in hands and slid into it, petting his own hands along the sleeves and then the sides over his own skin. ”Aside, one may admire another for their virtues, and yet not love them with intention of heart. How different the kinds of Love. I should ask if he’s met Desiderio, he does speak of Love often enough in his philosophies. And Peace. And Harmony. Sad for him that so few of those he admires are around to be entertained by him. I don’t know why it is me he chooses to visit. Mortals are a puzzle.”

“Is it as you hoped? “
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."Many seek your company, Harmodius, myself included. Being with you makes us feel...good. It's more than that, of course, but..." There were definitely reasons that people sought out Creation; sensations and thoughts...feelings...all sorts of things. For Endiovar it was more than just wanting to be near Him, but that was something unspoken-yet-present in each interaction between the two.

Anyway. He smiled brightly as Creation slipped into the robe, hands clapping together in a delighted manner. "Oh yes...it suits even better than I had hoped." Silence reached out to smooth a section here, to adjust a feather there. 'Beyond compare, you make even the plainest of rags seem richly made and well-fitted...this robe could not but look perfection upon your frame. It is, perhaps, a bit...over-done for daily wear, yet I hope you will wear it often...'
“You mistake the intention of my curiosity. It is not lack of pride in myself, nor meant to belittle his reasoning. “ He lifted a hand palm up and inclined his head a few degrees, “Worship of the Twin Crown itself was …..rare of before time. The thankfulness of being is worship enough for me, travels to me as strength and wine. As I once was…Origin and Gehenna, the unfathomable divine…few immortals and fewer mortals had fortitude to long stand worship direct of that paradox. “

“Nor is it meaningless that it is easier now. As you have all been bound closer to what Is by your rebirths in mortal form, so am I over just passage of time. Over expending myself into what is to sustain it from my other part. The Third. The myths spoken are not idle, I AM Void. I am the churning allthings that resides outside myself. I have never ceased being one to be another. All things have time. All times have end. All times have beginnings, too, beyond that though different. “

“Palaverous, “
He drew a long breath at himself, then gave another apologetic look. “Long-winded, I carry on with topics already left behind in favor of better things. I shall wear it as often as I may manage to, simple granting to hope. If I am not opulent and over done as All Things, then what else am I?”
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.'Ah, I take your meaning now.' Speaking with Harmodius was always so interesting - even if there were times when the Eldest's words sometimes went beyond his immediate comprehension. In the end either Creation clarified or he himself figured the true intent of His words. Endiovar rightly figured the dissonance was on his end; the youth of this form had it's drawbacks, just as it had it's benefits.

The apologetic look Creation gave him was met with naught but smiles and another round of Endiovar's fussing with the lay of robes. 'In that case, perhaps the robes are too understated? I will see that my next offering is suitably opulent.' He chuckled a little bit and stilled his fingers, keeping them from fussing and fluttering further at Creation's clothing and hair. Silence could not but continue thinking that Harmodius looked absolutely regal - divine, perhaps? A more apropos pun could not be thought.

If Creation was meant to be flashy and opulent, then did the Empress also need to be brightly feathered? In such ornate dress? And would he, with his stark paleness and sepulchre quiet, ever manage to suit?
“We can each be only as we are. To seek to be otherwise is to deceive ourselves more than others. Do not trouble of the differences between subtlety and opulence, Sachem Aphonic. If variety were not pleasing, such variety as Is would not exist. “

“Is it title that concerns you? If ....this arrangement comes to be something more permanent, you could choose a different style than 'Empress'. “

Creation paused, looking thoughtful before going on. “I'm not very good at informal...I don't think. Or...being...'normal' of a relationship, am I? Mortal kind do not discuss worship or titles when meeting loved ones. "

“What...do you discuss or do with your lovers...Knowledge and Dream in your leisure together? “
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Wings phasing into a nearly-visible state, Endiovar fluffed the feathers slightly in agreement with Creation's words. Not only did they ring true because of the source, but also from memory the thoughs bubbled up. Colin with Illa, so open and honest and real - more real than any other relationship the blond had been in to that point, even with the strangeness brought on by Illario's species. A relationship with an alien worked better than one he'd had with a 'normal' human being! But Adrian hadn't seen Colin in an honest light, now had he?

It was sort of comforting to think that even now Colin 'gave' to his experiences.

'No no - a title does not concern me...' Pausing a moment to give Creation a brilliant-but-slightly-sheepish smile; did he often talk of such things with Revei or Gianfar? No. They spoke of whimsy and wants, of things shared and enjoyed. Yes, some conversations leaned towards worship, mortals and other such things - but more in passing and not exhaustively. "Whimsy and want, Beloved. Or the antics of those around us." Endiovar leaned against Harmodius, fingers fussing with multi-hued hair idly. 'And, of course, the restoration project of Gianfar's beloved Library. It is nearly completed now...finishing work, mostly. Gianfar will miss what could not be saved, but I hope that which remains will please him.'

A thought occurred and came forth like the warm feeling of napping with tiny dust motes dancing along sleepy sun rays; "The Library and the mortal Marketplace, both growing strong and wonderous to see. Have you been?" To either, but more towards the Marketplace - a favorite of many mortals and Immortals alike (including Yu's devil-children, Joss and Dan!). "It's beautiful to see and where I gathered a good deal of the materials used for your robe."

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