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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.As Adi's little pet made those oh-so-happy sounds at his affection, Endiovar contemplated on how pleasant it would be to have one of these silky, intelligent little creatures of his own. 'So soft, such wonderfully soft fur...'

"A wise decision, I think." At her question, Silence's petting of Phlox grew slightly distracted; he was giving it due thought and consideration. "I don't think it would be rude to ask, if you had already spent time in that person's company and both were comfortable." Slowly, he let the words out; measured tones and with the weight he believed her query deserved. "I believe that you will know who is right for you, when the time comes."
User Image "Oh, good." Adi's resulting smile was relieved. "I was worried about that." Havign feedback from an actual god on the matter was quite helpful. She had Rio, of course, but he was hardly an unbiased opinion in something like this.

"I figured it would be something like that, just knowing." The werewolf nodded. "I mean, I know it'll have to be someone nice, someone who likes plants - and Phlox, I can't leave him behind. He'd be sad."

The floox voiced his agreement with a melancholy sound.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Endiovar smiled again and his lovely, bright eyed companion; she really did have a charming air to her - an innocence that he found refreshing and rare. "You will be a treasure to whomever you lend your aid, Adi. Very likely, you will find Aoide-status gifted to you before you even form the request." He reached over gently to touch her shoulder; it wasn't random flattery, Endiovar both meant and believed each and every word.

"Who could leave such a charming fellow behind?" Phlox was still recieving the bulk of physical affection that the curly-haired god was dishing out; he nodded at her words while he was stroking the silky fur again. "If I can ever be of assistance to you, please don't hesitate."

As much as he might have enjoyed being her 'person' (being such a kind and thoughtful sort), Silence knew that he was not the one. Even so, he was determined to give her any help he could; at the very least he wished to be her friend.
User Image Silence's compliments - so well-worded, and all the more flattering for it - had Adrienne beaming, and even blushing a little. She was a treasure! The werewolf shuffled her pawfeet. "You really think someone would?"

And an offer of help, too? Adi was practically collecting such favors without even trying. "Thank you. I really appreciate it!"

Phlox chrred, immensely pleased.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Adi was an open-book to Endiovar; every line of her body, every expression...told him that she was pleased and feeling so very good about the things he'd said. It wasn't just flattery on his part, however; there was no doubt in Silence's mind that she merited such words. The daughter of an Aoide and a host, a woman-child both beautiful in form and in spirit - caring and considerate...oh yes, she truly was a treasure.

'I would not say it if I did not believe it, Adi.' Phlox was soaking up his attention the way that Adi was soaking up his words; it pleased the god of Silence to have done a good turn for both.

"My rooms in the Pantheon are graced with a swan, but you may also find me in Gianfar's Library. I have been cleaning it...perhaps you would care to come by sometime. A pleasant conversation would ease the hours greatly." He wasn't requesting that she help him clean in order to ask a favor someday, he really did think that just having someone to chat with would help pass the time.
User Image Adi was absolutely lit with happiness, so delighted to be so showered with attention. One would have thought she received none, in the way they might have suspected Phlox was not fed enough by the way he gobbled down any morsel of food offered him. Too much of a good thing? Not so, not for this pair!

"The library? Oh, I'd love to!" She did so love books, even if her reading skills were still a little sketchy.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."Wonderful!" The Library really did need attention, love and a lot of care...it had been utterly devastated by Gehenna: so many books were reduced to dust and/or rot. There was only so much he, Revei, their servants and Kios could manage...but for Gianfar, they were doing their best.

Endi grinned at her while giving Phlox ear-scritches, "I take it you enjoy books?" His expression went somber, serious; "Unfortunately, Gehenna has rendered the Library to the barest shadows of its former glory - despite our best efforts."
User Image "I do!" Adi's tail wagged. "I have some, Rio's aoidei find them for me sometimes. Ones about nature mostly, but stories too." About magic crayons, stuffed rabbits, and bulls who loved flowers. She could read some more complicated things, but those were still some of her favorites.

Her ears fell a little, though, when Endiovar turned serious. "What happened to it?"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Obvious and endearing was her excitement and enjoyment of the few tomes that Rio's servants had procured for her, so much so that his brief sadness at recalling the deplorable state of the Great Library was lifted momentarily.

"I have some books I could loan you, from my host's personal collection...they have survived Gehenna fairly well due to my own magic." But on the question about the Library, he worried his lower lip and sighed before continuing.

"During the Weeks, the Library fell into decay and ruin...the papers did not survive very well - some did, but not all...not nearly all. We have been trying to rescue as many as possible. Some are being held together with threads of magic until we can rewrite them or refashion them..." He gave an elegant gesture with one hand that spoke volumes of the difficult task facing them in the Library, but also of their determination to complete it.
User Image "Really?" Her ears perked back up momentarily. "That would be awesome! What are they about?"

Her enthusiasm, however, was muted by the details of what had happened to the Library. "That's awful. Is there anything I could do to help?"

Likely not, since she wasn't magical or anything, but it was only right to ask.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Adi's excitement was infectious and Endiovar found himself bubbling up with her enthusiasm too. "A lot of them are books from his childhood, I have one called "Wednesday is Spaghetti Day"...it's a whimsical book that I think you would enjoy. There are also some picture books from a TV show Colin liked, called Star Trek and a few about dance." He couldn't recall all of them, but most had pictures and would probably entertain the child-like woman before him.

When she offered to help, he couldn't help but feel some relief and also gratitude; neither he nor Revei had ever thought that their project to please Gianfar would be easy, but it had rapidly become apparent that the work needed was far, far more than either had expected it to be. "That would be wonderful, Adi. We could use any help...not only are we trying to save as many of the books as possible, we are also trying to clean and repair the Library. There is a lot of dust and debris...it would be a great help if you joined us, even for an afternoon." Magical powers or no, Adrienne's assistance would be most welcomed - one didn't need magical powers to push a broom, dust shelves or even help to repaint/repair cracked plaster!
User Image "Ooh, I like spaghetti!" It was one of the world's many, many delicious things. Oh yes, she was very interested in that one! And dancing? That was cool, too! "Star Trek?" That was a total mystery.

"Oh, I can do that!" She was pleasantly surprised that there was some godly thing she could help with, even if dust messed up her nose a little. Helping was totally worth a few sneezes~
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.He took joy in her light-hearted laughter, in the way that she didn't hold herself back and fully enjoyed even just the thought of something. 'Star Trek is a mortal television show about space...it's basically a magic picture box, if you don't know what a television is. He was very, very fond of it...but I find that I would rather share the things Colin enjoyed than keep them to myself. He would have wanted it that way.'

Colin had been generous, save for one possession - and that he was keeping safe via magic, tucked away in a special place where nothing could touch it.

'Wonderful, thank you Adi - truly Gianfar and myself appreciate your aid.' A small chuckle and a fleeting look of sadness came from the god of Silence before he contined, 'Or he would, if he were around to do so.'
User Image "My Uncle Ea has a TV! We watch movies on it sometimes, but I don't think we have Star Trek. I have seen Star Wars, though!" It was more of a Kin sort of thing, but Adi liked it well enough - there was a princess and a tiny bit of romance, so it held her attention decently. And the ewoks were adorable! She sort of wanted one. "It's good to share things."

The girl tilted her head curiously when the briefly sad expression passed over Endiovar's face. "Has he gone somewhere?"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Oh fantastic! Many of the gods and their servants were technologically savvy, but some weren't and he'd had to try and explain such things...especially to his own Aoide Hue, trapped for centuries in enchanted statuary. 'It's a bit like that, but - if my host was correct - better' Though he could 'remember' via Colin that there had been two camps: Star Trek and Star Wars...and neither had liked the other much; going so far as to claim each was the 'best' and slandering horribly those that thought otherwise.

With a sad, soft smile the god of Silence nodded at Adi's question, 'Yes...though we know not where or when Gianfar may have gone to...but he will return. He always does - eventually. He gets very wrapped up in his books and scrolls, likely he's just lost track of time.' It wasn't uncommon for that to happen, after all.

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