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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.After a few moments, the Silence God returned his attention to the small pooka and his servant. 'If you will excuse me, something has...arisen that requires my attention. As much as I would like to remain and speak with you, I must attend to this business quickly.' Sometimes, one just had to beg forgiveness and run off to fix things...surely the Lady Kikechum and her host would not hold it against Endiovar too strongly?

The pale-skinned god rose from his seat, bowing to his company and apologizing once more for the rudeness of leaving her in such a manner, but then swiftly left the rooms, robes swishing without a sound in the breeze caused by his swift movements.

The ice demon gave his master a quizzical look, but took the unspoken command of 'See to our Guests' and kept his mouth shut on that account. "Of course, Miss Enekpe, Lady Kikechum. I will bring in blankets for you to be more comfortable with." He jumped up immediately to do so; returning short moments later with a very plush blanket that he doubled up so that it would fit in her new bed.

"There, that should make things much more comfortable." He smiled at her in a hopeful manner; did she like it? Did he need to do more? Whatever it took to see his master's newest guests comfortable, he would do it - and happily. "And don't worry about your servants, Lady. I will see that they have adequate bedding and space too. Is there anything else I may do for you? Would you like to retire for a bit?"
"Bye~!" Enekpe called, clearly a bit confused, and a little sad that her new-ish friend had to go so suddenly, but...at least Piallo was still here! And with a very soft blanket, no less.

"Thanks!" The pooka snuggled into it with a happy sigh, bushy tail wagging for a few strokes. She had to ask k**e what Silence's servant meant when he asked if she wanted to retire, and after she had, she answered, "I could nap a little. Can you stay, though? I'd like that."
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Prolixity's Husband

High-functioning Husband

Piallo settled near the small Pooka as she snuggled into the provided blanket happily, her little tail waggling like a small banner behind her - a most accurate barometer of her state of mind. "Of course I will stay with you, my Ladies."

He might even hum softly for her, because he was a fairly nice demon, as demons went (and because he knew that he must take excellent care of his Lord's friend or Endiovar might punish him)...but it was mostly because he rather liked small creatures like Enekpe. Whisp, the idiotic, fluff-brained Idle Thought that belonged to Colin, Endiovar's host, was now his personal charge, was it not? So it served to tell that he, not Hue or one of the other servants, would be staying with Enekpe while she was there.

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