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"I think she'd really like that," Enekpe confirmed with an enthusiastic nod. "Right now she doesn't have anywhere unless she curls up with me, and she doesn't really fit, so she has to sleep sitting up or go somewhere else..." It was actually something the pooka hadn't thought about much until now, since the catgirl didn't say anything about it. Now that she had thought about it, she felt a little bad.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Endiovar quietly knelt and nibbled at his food, offering bits to Enekpe before he 'served' himself. 'We will take care of that, once we finish eating.' Then they could go to his rooms and settle Enekpe and her bed, send one of his servants to go out and find k**e's Aoide to inform her of her new digs.

He reached out to gently stroke the little Pooka's head, smiling at her - he knew the feelings rolling over the little creature and felt that they were warranted...but unnecessary now. 'Do not fret, my friend. It will all be alright now.'
"I'm glad." Enekpe's eyes closed with pleasure, and she would have purred were she able. Instead, her tail thwapped against her plush bed. She was easily reassured, even more so with ready pettings and food.

"Oh, and there's Ari too," she remembered at k**e's prompting, "She's a floox!"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.'A floox? Wonderful - all are welcomed in my home.' Gracefully he inclined his head to nibble at a piece of cheese; both would sit in amicable mostly-silence until the food was gone, then he would scoop Enekpe and her bed carefully into his arms, the tray (no longer holding anything edible) would go under the bed to make it easier to carry everything back to his rooms.

Ornate doors bearing the crest of the mute swan swung silently open, granting entry to Silence and his new companion. Kneeling near the entrance was Hue, a bat-winged Aoide with punky hair and a sort of ancient look to his eyes - he had lived a long, long time...trapped within himself mentally, physically trapped in statuary - it was unlikely he'd ever be "normal" again. But he was Endiovar's beloved servant and he would be the one to find k**e's Aoide to deliver the message: new digs! come and see! Swan Crest door! Ask for Endi!

Okay, maybe not precisely that message. But you get the drift.
Enekpe was more than happy to scooped up, bed and all - this was actually a really cool way to be carried! In style. She admired Endi's doors, and then what lay inside, chirping a "Hello!" at his aoide as well. Her bushy tail wagged all the while.

"Ooh," she admired. She got to live here~!
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.'Until you or k**e wish to approach Creation for personalized rooms, please treat this as your own. You are more than simply a guest. Use whatever you like, there is food and drink available, much to read if you are so inclined...anything you need, simply ask one of my servants if I am not here.'

A chilled humanoid made of what appeared to be ice came into the main room, smiling. 'This is Piallo, he has been one of my most trusted servants. He has a hard time with heat, but is quite skilled. Rarely does he leave, so he may be your most common companion.' A soft sound came from Endiovar, something that had the feel of a chuckle as he moved further into the rooms with Enekpe and her bed.

'Would you like to take the atrium? I grow fruits there now...it's quite lush, very warm and comfortable. For now, I shall set your bed there - but if you find a place more to your liking within these walls, please just let me know. As I said, this is your home now too Enekpe, k**e.' As per his manners, he would continue to address both host and goddess each time.
While Kikechum would certainly ask for her own rooms one day, Enekpe was perfectly happy to share someone else's. It meant, company after all! Besides, she was just a little pooka, and wouldn't quite know what to do with a living space that was fully hers. As for reading, that was unlikely - she didn't know how to read, only recognized certain important words...like 'pizza.' Anything that commonly appeared on items of interest to her.

"Hello, Piallo!" En wagged her fluffy tail, delighted to meet someone new. "I'm En!"

"What's an atrium?" Her ragged-edged ears flicked with curiosity. Whatever it was, it sounded nice!
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Piallo followed them as Endiovar gave a small tour of the main area and the atrium where he thought that she would be most comfortable in for sleeping. The Ice-demon halted at the open entryway into the warmer room, but Endiovar wound mana around him so that he could come in with them.

"An atrium is an open-space inside a building...usually with high ceilings and a feeling of boundless space above. I keep many trees and plants in here." He smiled and used one hand to stroke the Pooka's so-soft fur. "It stays warm all the time and is very peaceful." Just a short ways within the atrium, Endiovar stopped and held one hand out, shaping the room with mana so that a small stairway rose up, leading to a raised dais that Enekpe's cushion would be set upon. Next to it the floor raised a bit with a space for one to sit, to speak with Enekpe or just to relax. Plush pillows soon appeared courtesy of Piallo - Silence had put his new ward down and gone on to shape another space, semi-private within the spacious, flora filled room: A place for k**e's aoide and servants if they wanted it.

Gracefully he knelt in the space so recently made; Piallo ran off to get refreshments in the form of fruits and water for god and mortal host alike. 'You certainly do not have to stay here, nor do Lady Kikechum's servants...but if you would like to, there are now suitable resting places.'
"It's pretty!" Enekpe exclaimed as they entered, and might have gushed further about this 'atrium' if Endiovar hadn't started doing magic things to change the room. The little pooka loved magic; it was so...well, magical, and inspired childlike fascination in her. Ordinarily she'd have been disappointed to be set down, but since he put her (and her cushion) at the top of the magic, pooka-sized stairs, all was well. It was like having her own throne!

By all appearances, En was in heaven, and gazed adoringly on Silence. "I want to stay here!" she was quick to assure him. "It's awesome."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Having pleased the little Pooka so clearly with the workings of mana into her own little space caused Silence's smile to brighten further; such a sweet creature...she deserved to be as comfortable as possible while she was still there to enjoy it. Endiovar knew very well just how fleeting time could be once one of the god-housing-gems started taking hold. 'Wonderful.' He picked up a little cluster of grapes and plucked one off, offering it to Enekpe. 'My home is yours, for as long as you would like it to be.'

Piallo sat down next to them after having brought in the tray; he was interested in the adorable little Pooka - she was certainly much cuter than their last "resident". David/Glaucon/Judgement had been quite the stick-in-the-mud. Deep in the mud. Naturally, Endiovar had enjoyed his company and all of the servants had attended to his friend, but it was different: a mortal human-turning deity and a small, adorable creature-turning-deity. Of the two, Endi was pretty certain that his companions, servants and Aoide would prefer Enekpe.

She was so...sweet!.
More food! Utterly unable to ever say no to food - unless it was one of the few things she didn't like - Enekpe munched happily on the latest juicy offering. "I'm not going anywhere! It's much better than being outside all the time, even if it is nice outside again. I missed being in a house."

The little creature waggled her tail in happy greeting at Piallo when he sat down.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Watching his servant with the little pooka was very heartwarming; Endiovar wondered if perhaps this was a good thing not only for Enekpe but also for his poor servant. Piallo just didn't get along well with others...whether this was due to the fact that he couldn't really survive in most areas without Endiovar's magic protecting him or because the ice-demon was just exceptionally anti-social with everyone but Silence, it had presented issues at various points that made life more difficult than it should have.

Enekpe's presence might just be the thing to bring his servant out of whatever shell(s) existed.

"Lady Kikechum, Miss Enekpe...what sort of things do you prefer to eat? As my Lord wishes, I will be attending you during your stay here. I want to make sure that everything is to your liking." He bowed deeply and awaited Enekpe's response, knowing that whatever she said would likely encompass the Goddess's wishes as well.
"Pancakes!" Enekpe was quick to declare, as they were her very favorite food. But there was a long, long list of other favorites, which she proceeded to give with enthusiasm, beginning with breakfast and moving on, "Waffles, french toast, cinnamon rolls, bacon, biscuits and gravy, apples, oranges, sandwiches, potato soup, pizza, fried chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, brussell sprouts with cheese, um, umm...lots of stuff! Everything! Not spicy things, though. I don't like those."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.While Enekpe rolled many various gastronomical treats off to the ice demon that would be attending her, Endiovar settled back comfortably to listen and to listen; not only within the walls of his rooms, but elsewhere as well. Silence did not need to be "physically" present to 'hear' what was being said aloud - only what was unsaid (unless he focused more than he currently was).

Piallo didn't take any notes, but he listened and made mental notes to avoid all spicy things for the little Pooka. "Alright...and what of beddings or exercise? Anything else that you may need, m'Lady, you have but to speak."
"This bed is good," she was quick to assure Piallo, rubbing her cheek against its edge. "But...maybe a blanket, if you have one?" That was pretty much the only way her magic bed could get any more comfortable, was if she also had a blanket to burrow under! En was a creature who definitely enjoyed her creature comforts. ...and responded not at all to the question of exercise.

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