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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.He was taking a break from working on his current "pet" project (and labor of love): cleaning up the Great Library - everyone needed a day or two of rest, even the God of Silence! Endiovar was enjoying himself; he had a small tray with fruits and cheeses and was walking the Pantheon's halls on his way outside. He planned to take his 'meal' in the grass, perhaps relaxing against a tree trunk? There was no big plan there, just a vague wont to sup out of doors.

It was in this walking that he spotted a small, strange bed-type thing; it was pressed against the bottom of one of the supporting pillars with a small creature curled in it...a small creature that somehow seemed familiar to Endiovar...and also had the faint-but-unmistakable power signature that belonged to a host!

The curly-haired god of Silence moved towards this strange bed, the familiar power and form; smiling just a bit. "Hello? Is someone there?"
Enekpe was having a marvelous nap - a long nap, actually, nearing on three hours now. But such was the way of little creatures, especially ones who'd had a breakfast of pancakes and bacon courtesy of their accomodating aoide. A little too accomodating, perhaps, because said little creature was on the verge of surpassing 'pudgy.' She was used to people walking by, due to the placement of her bed, and it didn't often wake her anymore.

Unless, of course, they talked to her. One large ear flicked to attention, and she yawned hugely before opening her sleepy eyes. "I am~!" Freshly awake, but no less cheerful. "Hullo!"

The stranger seemed awfully familiar, hmm. The pooka blinked, clearing the fuzziness from her vision. Hmm, hmm.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.An ear flicked, bright eyes flicked open and then a very cute voice called back to him in greeting. Endiovar knelt down next to the fluffy bed with his tray of food and smiled down at the adorable fuzz-ball. It was just then that he remembered - this was Enekpe! The pooka that Colin had met so long ago!

"Oh! You're Enekpe, right? We've met, before....ah, you met my host...Colin. I'm Endiovar..."
Ooh, was that food~? Ever-distractable, she started sniffing towards the tray even before the stranger - oh, not stranger! - spoke. No wonder he seemed so familiar! Colin was quite memorable, having both aided and fed her distressed self. "Oh, hello!" she chirped with a wag of her fluffy tail, now quite awake. "I didn't know Colin was a host!"

Actually, she hadn't known hosts existed, but that was beside the point. "What god are you?"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.When he noticed her interest in his fruit-and-cheese tray, Endiovar smiled and folded his legs more securely under him before offering her a small morsel of cheese. 'Would you join me, Enekpe?' So he had planned to go outside to eat, so plans had changed. He remembered that Colin had promised to care for and visit the little pooka again...something that his host would never be able to do now.

Endiovar smiled down at her, fingers deftly selecting a grape to offer after the cheese; he obviously enjoyed caring for others - man or beast. "I am the Sachem Aphonic...which is just a fancy way of saying that I am the god of Silence." And he was mostly trying to speak aloud for her benefit.

"Tell me, you've become a host yourself? I felt..." 'The touch of the divine, twining with your spirit....'
The offered cheese was quickly consumed, all but disappearing in an instant. But oh, goodness! Had she just heard him in her head? How cool! Even as she marveled, another morsel was offered, and the grape went the same way as the cheese. Num num num.

Sachem Aphonic, huh? That was so fancy it didn't even sound like real words. Very impressive!

"I am," she answered proudly, sitting up and puffing out her chest to display the vibrant blue gem set there. "She's Kikechum, Animals!"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.As quickly as his diminutive companion could eat, Endiovar would provide more for her though it might come slower than she might have wanted since he planned on eating some of it himself!

"Kikechum of Animals? How wonderful and fitting!" He chuckled a bit, a very quiet sound but one that tended to leave those around him with 'warm and fuzzy' feelings from it. "And you are happy, Enekpe?" He didn't want her to be unhappy with her lot in this life, though there was nothing to be done about it, even if she weren't...
"Mm-hm!" Her bushy tail swished in confirmation as she downed another piece of fruit. "She's really nice! Everyone is. I like it here a lot. It's not like being home, but it's still nice." Especially after all that 'Gehenna' nastiness. She was finally safe again, and very well-fed, and she'd made friends!
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Pieces of fruit and cheese were shared as they spoke; Endi was pleased and set at ease hearing that Enekpe was happy (as happy as she could be, all things considered). His long, delicate fingers reached out to stroke along her spine; touch feather light but hopefully comforting.

There were some cracked grain rolls and he tore one in half, then quarters, offering one to his diminutive friend before popping another into his mouth and chewing thoughtfully. "Why are you sleeping here, in the walkways?"
Ooh, bread! Also tasty! This too was more or less inhaled. If not for her chunkiness, one might have thought she was being starved, but like many a too-spoiled mutt, her tummy had no 'off' switch - except for oh no, too much! indigestion.

"'Cause it's where my bed is," she answered, leaning a little into the petting. Unable to resist boasting, as she did to anyone anytime the subject came up, she added, "Harmodius made it for me."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Endiovar couldn't help a gentle, quiet laugh at the way the little pooka inhaled the food he put before her - she certainly didn't appear to be starving, and her body-language was not one of deprivation...so he could conclude that Enekpe was an adorable glutton.

"Ah, well then, that makes sense." He pursed his lips together briefly and then popped another bit of fruit in, chewing thoughtfully even as he stroked her so-soft fur with gentle fingers. "Perhaps it would be safer if you made your bed in a more private location? It would be upsetting if someone accidentally stepped on you or ruined your bed.

Green eyes glittered as a thought formed; Silence took a moment to turn the thought over in his mind - he found nothing lacking. It was a sound idea on all fronts! "Enekpe, would you be interested in moving your bed into my rooms? I would make certain you had your own, comfortable space, if you wished."
"I don't like getting stepped on..." she admitted thoughtfully. For any housepet, especially a small one, getting stepped on was an occasional occupational hazard. But where would she put her bed? She didn't have an actual place to stay! You know, not like a h-

"Really?" The pooka's eyes widened, and she wagged her tail so hard it wiggled the rest of her. "I could live with you?"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.'No one likes being stepped on, dear one, but especially not ones too small to defend themselves properly.' Endiovar shook his head just a bit; Colin had always been the champion of the "little guy" - it seemed that noble trait would remain part of the God of Silence this time 'round.

"Yes. I would be most honored if you would join me in my rooms, to stay." An open-ended invitation and one from the heart. Endi hoped that she would accept![/color
Enekpe didn't need to think about it, not at all. It was an instant "That would be awesome!" Although she did pause for a moment after accepting, tilting her head as she 'listened' to her goddess. "Oh, is it okay if Galitzi comes? She's k**e's aoide."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.'Absolutely. Any that need accompany you are most welcome, Enekpe, Kikechum.' There had been no hesitation at all; Endiovar meant everything he said via not-speak as well as speech. He was a generous god - Silence always had been. Briefly his past caught up with him and gave him the sensation that he had done this before; offered succor, aid and perhaps even to share his hearth with others, before.

Endiovar shook his head ever so slightly as though to clear it and then smiled at his diminutive friend, "Perhaps Galitzi would enjoy a small room to herself?" When he had 'changed' the space given to him by Harmodius to suit him, there had been much that he had simply parceled off - Destruction's gift had been most lavish...truly, far more space than he had need for! Of course, that didn't count the fact that he was often in Gianfar or Revei's dwellings, to be near unto them.

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