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After emerging from his rooms, Desiderio stopped at the top of the stairs for a moment to stretch before heading down. He'd spent the last hour carving an arrow, and needed a little bit of a break after all the concentration involved. Tomorrow, he'd go looking for his intended target, but for now? He felt like stretching his legs and going for a walk. Not that he wasn't eager to finally use his bow again, but Ashoka had specifically said tomorrow, and who was going to argue with a prophet about timing?

Love, who had yet to decide where his walk was going to take him - if anywhere at all - set to meandering.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.With silent steps, Endiovar moved among the mortals that had yet to leave the relative safety and peace of the reformed Pantheon. He gave comfort and aid when and where he could, wanting - no, needing - to find a purpose now that Creation was back. Before he had been the vessel upon which mortal prayers had moved through All that Is...but now it wasn't needed...not really.

Besides, he'd been thinking about it since Creation had asked him that very question. No answers had come to Silence yet, but he was certain that so long as he was being useful he was moving towards figuring out what his place and purpose was.
Aimless wandering did have its benefits, such as coming across other people - in this case a god, from the looks of it, and one he'd never met. How delightful! Immediately curious, Rio angled the course of his walk in the direction of the other. He preferred not to yell across distances, at least to those he didn't know. However you phrased yourself, it more or less boiled down to 'Hey you!' which was hardly polite.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.A colorful deity shifted his line of wandering and started on his way towards Endi; a move that was not lost on the God of Silence. He didn't call out to Rio - a deep-seated dislike of loud noises and the like restraining his tongue rather than any sense of propriety he may have shared with the other God.

Mortals parted from his side at the arrival of Love; Rio looked nothing so much as a pirate from some randy romance novel set 'way back when' - not scary though, just alluring in a strange way. Endi smiled at the newcomer in welcome, his body language inviting, open. 'You cut quite the figure, yet I know not your name.'
As he neared, he took in the sight of the other god - and then found himself spoken to, but not. The combination was enough that he was able to identify the blonde, though they'd never met; Adi talked to him about practically everything, especially 'new' people, and Silence had been no exception.

Love grinned and bent in a casual bow. "I believe I know yours - Endiovar, yes?" His tone was playful. "But that is an unfair advantage. I'm Rio."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Rio's bow brought a smile to Endiovar's lips and his eyes; if he could say nothing else about his new companion, it was that he had style. There was also something oddly familiar about him too, but the God of Silence couldn't quite place it.

"Ah! That explains much." Rio. Adi's parent. Knowing these things made everything clear to him; how Rio had known his name, why the pink-winged god felt strangely familiar...and the coloration of Adi's wings. 'I am pleased to meet you, Rio. Adi spoke very well of you when we met, though she did not mention your domain.' He returned the informal bow with a gracious inclination of his head. 'Your daughter represents you well, you are no doubt very proud of her.' Briefly, Endi felt that he would have enjoyed having a child of his own; but he pushed it aside - now was not the time!
Rio and his daughter had much in common both in appearance and otherwise, the same bright expressions and cheerful manner, though Love was the more mature version - less blissful innocence, and more conscious of himself. No less, the smile that dimpled his cheeks and lit his eyes was clearly the origin of Adrienne's. And he was near as pleased by compliments as she! Especially in regards to his children, treasures who tended to distract him from other duties, but he couldn't say he was unhappy for it.

"Adi speaks ahead of herself, sometimes." The god chuckled. She'd forgotten that particular detail, had she? "It's one of her many charms. I am Love."

Which, he knew full well, explained many things about the both of them. "She and her brother are my greatest joys."

Oh yes, he was proud. He was a parent!
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.The joy, love and pride that Rio had in his children was an obvious, glowing thing in Endiovar's eyes; how could anyone not see just how much positive emotion was present in that family?

'So I gathered.' He chuckled, eyes bright and expression gentle, 'She is truly a special woman and though I have not met her brother, I am certain he too shares that trait. Whomever she pledges herself to shall count themselves very lucky.' Silence had said the selfsame thing to Adi when they'd talked; he felt Rio should hear the same from the 'horse's mouth' so to speak.

Love. That made a lot of sense. "Ah, so you a Love God. I believe Gianfar told me both aspects had been reborn." Not that he'd known either of them, 'And you are fortunate, to have children...though that too seems only fitting.'
Adi was truly of Love, an embodiment of it in her own way. A young, shining, feminine ideal in a sense. With tasty gummi for wings and adorable paws for feet, but she ultimately held attention for herself and not the oddities of her appearance.

"They shall," he agreed, though his smile turned wistful. He was proud, he wanted every happiness for Adrienne, but it was never easy to be 'left' by one's child. Not that he would ever truly lose her, but he wouldn't see her every day, listen to all her adventures, or kiss her head at night. He'd miss her.

"We are," Rio confirmed with a nod, "Though I've not seen Khiviance in some time."

A return to the easier of the topics, then. "It was the happiest of accidents, certainly." It had been such a strange period in his life, but worth every moment. "And yes, I suppose it is."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.With the swift-moving cloud of sadness that seemed to course through Rio's body, Endiovar felt that he should reach out and offer a physical touch in comfort. They had known each other only briefly, but with who he was and how his powers worked...there was a closeness rapidly blooming between them - at least, on Endiovar's end!

'Believe that Adrienne will never leave you. She adores you, Rio, and she will always return to you - you are the source of life and love for Adi. In you, she is restored, lifted up and made whole.' Obvious to him, and surely also to those parties involved, was just how much each meant to the other; Endi just couldn't see either being separated too long from the other and he wanted to convey that to Rio.

"Khiviance is the other Love aspect?" He filed that away to possibly meet this person or at least ask Gianfar, should Knowledge ever return from whatever important work had devoured him so intensely as of late. On children, Endiovar had some questions. "There are not many children here...Nergal and Echo have three, you have two...and I believe the Dragon King Yu Five Claw has two children, though I have only glimpsed them from afar."
It was exceedingly rare that he felt anyone was being too familiar with him, and so Endiovar's assumption of closeness didn't ruffle him at all; in fact, he rather liked it. He was always happy to have another friend, regardless of how long he'd known them. Some people just clicked, whether in a friendly way or in a romantic one, or even as rivals...some sort of natural inclination that was just there.

Love was comforted by his new friend's words, and even pleased, gratified that the strength of his ties to his family was so clear to another. "You have a way with words, Silence." He dipped his head in grateful acknowledgement. "I think that Adi would be as pleased with them as I."

"She is," Rio confirmed with a nod, before continuing on the subject of children. "Hunt and Wind have two daughters also, as does Water, but none of them have dwellings here, so far as I'm aware. Little River is a friend of Adi's, and Suffocation as well." It was easiest to use domains rather than names when speaking of gods someone else was not acquainted with - to say Eamnonn or Una would give little insight.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Well, Rio was one of the more laid back and gentle-seeming gods, just as Endiovar was (though certainly either held within the potential to be terrible and violent) so it made sense that they would click pretty quickly. But there would be no romance from him for Rio - Endiovar was very happy with Gianfar and Revei...and there was that funny business with his "man-crush" on Creation.

He smiled, amusement twinkling in his eyes at Rio's words - very funny, that! The god of Silence being good with words! 'You both draw easily words and thoughts of love and caring - were I a coarser man it would still ring true. Perhaps it is not words so much as love and truth?' Either way, Silence was glad that he had perked his new friend up; having the god of Love looking downcast smacked of sacriledge to Endiovar. Love could hurt, scar and break, yes...but for all of that, love was meant to be uplifting, joyful...pleasurable. Ah, he knew well both sides: Illario's love with Colin had been both, and his for Revei and Gianfar...and yes, Harmodius too.

"Hunt and Wind, hmm?" What a fantastical coupling! Endi couldn't quite figure how the two had gotten together; both domains were varied from each other in nearly every way. Opposites attract was apt moreso than ever at that very moment; it tickled him to think about it. Little River, Suffocation. Two others. And then there were Nergal and Echo's children! Seven godlings plus the two and two again halfling children - Rio's and Yu's, of course - for a total of eleven babes brought to life, harbingers of hope, born when hope and joy was most needed. "Eleven children. So many little children...I hope they have been brought to Creation's feeet...He does so love children..." He remembered Creation once speaking of that...or had it been a dream? No matter.

'It is a wonder they were born at all. Gehenna being what it was, of course. Adi and her brother born before, but still...incredible. Perhaps one day I will be coming to you for advice on children.' A soft laugh from Silence and the gentle sussuration and strange skewing of things behind him caused by his wings as they stretched behind him briefly accompanied those non-words; even when he was purposefully "making noise" Endiovar didn't make much at all!
"Either way, it was very well-put." And yes, it was funny that Silence would be good with words - but also somehow appropriate.

"Caolan and Tera-Ilana - Suffocation and Archery - are actually older than Kin and Adi, though you wouldn't know it by looking at them. They haven't grown so quickly." He hadn't seen the little green goddess since he'd been Alex, but he assumed she'd been developing at the same rate as her sister. There was, presumably, more involved in the growth of young gods than there was for halfing-children. Maybe it was the canine in his that had made them grow so fast. "I know Caolan spoke with Destruction, but I don't know if she's met Him since."

"Advice?" Rio laughed and teased, "It was easy, my children started perfect." Not entirely true, of course, but it had never been especially hard. Neither child had ever been very inclined towards real trouble. "Nonetheless, if you find yourself in such a situation, I would be delighted."

Did Silence have a lover? That would be delightful! While he was always interested, it also made him very happy when someone was 'taken.' But asking such a question would be too presumptuous.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.'Ah, slow-blooming roses are they? No matter, some of us surely grow differently than others, just as many mortals do. It would make sense that there is much more to the growth of deific babes, would it not?' Curious to think that perhaps Creation had not gotten to "meet" each of the children when He did so enjoy them.

Endiovar chuckled quietly with Rio; he really did like this Love god. Rio seemed kind, friendly and quite well-spoken. 'I thank you, my new friend. Certainly I would need it.'

Did he? Oh yes. Truthfully, Endiovar had two lovers and considered himself exceptionally blessed, graced as he was by being with Gianfar and Revei. Rio might have thought that asking Endiovar about his status was presumptuous, but the silent god could all but hear the question; reading Love's unspoken communication as clear as a bell.

Now the question was: did he want to potentially freak Rio out by answering a question that was not expected to be answered. No matter how amusing it would have been, Silence decided to keep his mouth shut and not "tease" Rio for thinking such a "question."

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