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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.The Spirit Guide was not a creature known for his ability to stay still for long periods of times. It was only his recent growth and his training with his aoide and his first valkyrie that keep him grounded. Oh, and quality time with Cosine, of course.

But still, he was starting to feel a little... twitchy. He wanted to go out and do something, something more than he'd been doing, but he didn't quite feel ready to undertake something major. Not yet. The god still tired out a little quickly during flight, and it didn't help.

Jinx and Lenneth had wandered off to take a break, mostly to eat and drink - Ankou had remained behind, grown used to not bother with such things. Instead, he was leaning against a tree, ruffling the feathers of a now very happy crow that had taken residence on his shoulder.
Rio had been uncharacteristically busy lately, helping Night with his followers. Fourteen didn't sound like a lot, until you had to talk to them all! He'd enjoyed himself, though; the Tylluan that had come to the other god were quite fascinating. Itztlac was very fortunate to have them.

Love found himself rather enamored of one in particular, named Ffyrnig. He appreciated her feisty character, even if it was housed in a feathered bundle with some very intimidating talons. If she weren't a giant owl, he probably would have been interested.

He did enjoy her company, though, and was in pursuit of it now - he just had to find whatever garden tree she was in today. It was a bit of a game, one that currently had him wandering from tree to tree.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Ankou seemed content to simply watch the scene unfold in front of him, this very pink-clothed, candy-winged god going from tree to tree in search for... something. It seemed just a little silly to think that this god was looking for crows, which was all the tree-dwelling creatures he was aware of being present at the moment.

He could have been content to leave it at that, and leave this other on his search, but the crow on his shoulder had another idea. In his observing, Ankou had stopped his scritching - and that wouldn't do, as the black bird let out a loud shiek to get the god's attention once more.
...that was most definitely not an owl sound, but it was certainly enough to momentarily distract him from his task. And when his gaze fell upon the source of the noise, that really distracted him, because that was almost certainly a god. Rio couldn't possibly resist saying hello. He loved meeting new people! Although he didn't want to keep Ffy waiting for him indefinitely.

Fortunately, she was in the next tree he peered into, and agreed to accompany him. All this god business was endlessly interesting. The pale Tylluan left the tree she'd perched in to fly over to and alight in the one the other god was leaning against.

Rio followed, offering a friendly "Hello."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show...Well, so much for that. Returning his hand to the crow's front in order to avoid any more cacophonic interruptions, The Spirit Guide watched the owl fly from one tree to another with some interest - he'd certainly never seen an owl stray this far from the forest before, hadn't he ?

Though, he would ponder this later - the other god that was now coming toward him catching more of his attention at the moment. He hadn't planned to start anything, really, but he wasn't impolite enough to ignore someone outright. "Hello." He answered back. "...Were you looking for something ?" There was a bit of awkwardness in his voice, as if he wasn't really sure what to say or do at that point. Usually, the others he met and were not familiar to turned to be rather sociable and made it easy for him to simply follow along the conversation, and to be honest, part of him was hoping this would be the case. He'd never been the most outgoing... or the most interesting, perhaps.
A very large owl, at that - abnormally large, of greater size than any ordinary owl. She peered down at the pale-skinned god with keen, critical interest as she settled herself on her new perch. She seemed amused, inasmuch as it was possible for an owl to do so. Rio had managed to look a tad ridiculous to this observer, looking for her, and she found it terribly funny.

The candy-winged god grinned pleasantly and nodded in the direction of his feathered companion. "For my friend. She likes to hide from me." He favored her with an affectionate smile that bordered on flirtatious. "I'm Rio, and my lady here is Ffyrnig."

"My apologies if we're...interrupting?" The other god didn't look to be busy, but he also didn't look to be enthused about having company, either. Best if he gave him a way out.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Having birds around oneself was certainly not an odd thing to Ankou - but he was not especially keen on owl knowledge, so that fact that she was bigger than normal owls escaped him completely.

"Not really." He shrugged. "Just waiting for my aoide to come back. I am Ankou."
Ankou...ah, yes! He'd heard the Spirit Guide mentioned, once or twice, including something about him being involved with someone - Counting Crow, whoever that was. Perhaps there was some connection to his crow companion, there.

"Ah, Nergal's brother." Rio's cheeks dimpled pleasantly with his smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Ankou couldn't help but wonder if, one day, he'd be able to wriggle out of 'Nergal's brother' being the main mean of recognition, but... such was the result of being reborn second, he figured. Though, with how little contact his brother had with the others, really, it seemed almost odd that many people made the connection.

In a way, it was a little irritating, but certainly not Rio's fault. So, instead, he settled to being amused. "I see that my reputation precedes me." He let out a small chuckle. "Though, I am a afraid that I have never heard of you before." He had a small idea of what this god must be, with all that pink and those flirtatious smiles, but it was better not to assume anything.

As long as it wasn't him that was being flirted with, all would be well and good.
Truth be told, Rio flirted with everyone to some extent; he wasn't always serious, depending on the person in question, but everyone got a little taste. Not that that should be surprising to anyone who knew he was Love. It was his nature!

The god feigned a little pout when Ankou revealed he'd never heard of him, an expression that caused Ffyrnig to make a short, loudly amused sound. "Aw, your sister-in-law's never mentioned me?" He laughed. "I'm Love."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."I do not get the pleasure of her presence as often as you might think." ...Had he vexed Love ? Ankou looked a little confused, not reading the expression for what it actually was. "For no fault of her own, for I am often gone on lenghty journeys." It had only became easier now, but that had never stopped him at all - he was a wanderer, and he would probably always be so.

It was downright impossible for the Spirit Guide to truly settle down in one place forever.
"Don't mind him," Ffyrnig put in, with a mental voice that was sharp and amused, "He is terribly vain." These gods were funny creatures, for all that they were gods. Neither of the pair here, as they were, inspired any awe in her. Rio was too friendly and lighthearted to be impressive, and this other one had an awkward way about him.

Love looked briefly offended by his companion's criticism, but it was all in good fun. "I've not often gone far from here," he admitted. Only once had he travelled much at all, to search for Kishara after Neva's host had taken her - for the goddess' own good, but no one had known that then. "I suppose I should, one of these days."

That last sounded a little guilty. He had such a tendency to get preoccupied with here and today that some things got put off indefinitely.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."As I see, indeed." He answered Ffy, looking amused, and none too bothered that he was talking to an owl. Mortals might have found it odd - Ankou still caught himself finding it odd, but was doing his best to shake that leftover mortal notion from his mind. Sentient life came in all shapes and forms.

She was definitively interesting, though.. Perhaps this could be a matter for another time.

"You probably should." There was no berating in the Guide's voice - there were more than enough who could do that for him ! "There are probably many who could use your skills... Though in a way I suffer from the opposite problem." In that he was rarely at the pantheon to begin with.
"Im afraid I've become a terrible procrastinator," he said with a self-deprecating grin. "There are disavantages to being half mortal. Or myabe I always was...I don't really remember. I just get so distracted." Even with Adi having moved out, he didn't seem to have any trouble finding other ways to sidetrack himself from what he 'should' be doing.

"The opposite problem? I can see where it would be, if you're often gone."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Half-mortal, uh ? It seemed that, maybe, Love had made different choice than his own. "Well, you could probably say that I am too reckless." Wandering out, often alone into worlds, with grigori at large, with him only wielding a fraction of the power he had once had.

"But I am who I am." He shrugged. The good and the bad, through he hated to admit the latter.

The crow on his shoulder squawked, visibly protesting the lack of attention - pale fingers started to pet the black feathers again and all was well.

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