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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."My wards are very sharp, sly and wicked little creatures...I fear my host's ill nature has been passed down to them." He made an exasperated chuffing sound; something that caused the water in front of him to splash briefly even as it caught the attention of the patiently waiting Blessed. Yu didn't seem particularly worried about her though, more he seemed to be dwelling on the spawn of his host and Ashoka....and their 'supposed' ill natures.

"Then it was your parent that Joss 'captured'. He was very proud to have caught such 'interesting' prey...and upset to find that Rio had "escaped" while he napped." Yu padded lazily in the water; enjoying the feel almost as much as he was enjoying Adi's presence and the discomfiture of Phlox. Speaking of... "I would be wary of Phlox around the children...both would view him as food."
User Image "They're not nice?" This perplexed the werewolf, clearly. She simply wasn't acquainted with wickedness, not at all. Surely they couldn't be all bad?

"Food? Oh, goodness..." Adi hugged her companion a little closer. "He'll have to stay home, then." At this, Phlox grumbled with displeasure. While he didn't like the idea of being a snack, he didn't like the idea of his Adi being alone with the monstrous Yu and his wards, either.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Yu pondered whether or not Joss and Dan could be classified as nice...it wasn't that they were horrible or anything of the sort, but both of the pardmentlings did infact carry Fragment's 'habit' of devouring anything that seemed remotely edible and also of being wicked. Neither could help it, however...so he was loathe to brand them as bad, but not nice sounded pretty apt.

"Correct...though they can both be charming." He didn't want her thinking they were absolutely horrible (though they could be). "Don't worry, I'm sure they will find you interesting enough to not bite." He chuckled a bit, then gave Phlox a flat look. "You could bring him, if you wanted. I can offer him my protection - though Joss and Dan will certainly view him as a meal, they will not go against my wishes."

It was an offer made mostly to assauge the little creature's obvious displeasure; Yu was a beastial god, but he was also one that made an attempt to be fair.
User Image "Oh, they bite?" Adi giggled and relaxed a little, thinking perhaps she understood the not-niceness a bit. "I used to bite when I was little." She grinned, showing off her small fangs - nothing impressive like Yu's, of course, but she'd drawn her share of blood...but not in a long time. She was a big girl now, and big girls didn't bite! Or throw fits. Most of the time.

She might play in the dirt, but she definitely had a little princess side. "That would be good," she said, patting Phlox reassuringly. "I think he'd feel better."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Yu nodded and made one of those 'long-suffering' sighs that parents of children that wouldn't stop biting everyone might make. "Ah, you did?" He looked thoughtful for a moment, "Perhaps Joss and Dan will grow out of it then - I hope." Adi's fangs were adorable and very well formed - as they should have been; racial traits and all that.

"Of course. I wouldn't want Phlox to be upset...besides, it would be good for the children to learn restraint!."

On the beach, Blessed heard the statement Yu made, her lips curving into a decidely sweet smile; often she 'babysat' the children...and they had tried to bite her - until Yu had threatened to beat them or worse. She thought that Adi's influence might help the pardmentlings more than Yu's threats; not that it was a guarantee - or that any of them could know before it was tried.
User Image Phlox certainly felt better, but he was still not happy; unfortunately, he was too small to really do anything about it. If Adi was set on doing something, the most he could do was accompany her like a good little watch-floox.

As nice as swimming was, this was even more exciting! "When can I meet them?"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."Whenever you'd like, Adi." He lifted his heavy head from the water and looked back towards the bank, to where Blessed rested in the soft grass. "Now, if that's what you wished." Yu saw no reason to delay if the girl swimming with him felt like she could handle it immediately...besides, there was no better time to see the pardmentlings: they were always the same amount of wicked, naughty and sharp.
User Image "I'd like to meet them now, if you don't mind?" Adi's grasp on patience was still so-so; she could wait if she had to, but if she didn't have to, then why bother? She let Phlox go so he could swim himself back to shore before following. She smiled at Blessed as she wrung out her tail and shook her legs a little. It would take more than that for her to really dry off, but it was better than nothing. The purpose of her shirt, however, was now semi-defeated, as it was white, but she didn't seem to notice.

"I don't think I really said hi before," she realized sheepishly. She'd been very distracted by Yu, and by Phlox's objections. "Sorry. I'm Adi." There werewolf extended a water-wrinkled hand in greeting.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."Not at all." Yu was certain that the 'children' (if that pair of wee monsterous beasties could be called something so benign) would like Adi - if for no other reason than she was new and they hadn't mauled her yet! The inky Dragon King swam to shore and proceeded to dry himself in the time-honored tradition of a good, full-body shake - politely away from the two females and Phlox so he wouldn't soak them.

He noticed her white shirt being see-through, but tucked it away in his mind somewhere safer; Adi was fair of face and form, but she was also young and there was Ashoka to consider. Mate (of sorts) to Fragment-host. "Blessed, Adi and Phlox." He inclined his head so that Blessed would know that her conversing with Adi would please him.

"It's alright, Lady Adi. I'm Blessed." She took the beautiful young werewolf's water-logged hand in hers and squeezed once very lightly, dipping her head respectfully. The girl looked back to Yu, reassuring herself that her monstrous God needed nothing from her before offering Adi her over-shirt. "If you'd like, you can cover-up with this?"
User Image "You can just call me Adi," the werewolf insisted, grinning, though it was flattering to be called 'Lady.' Still, she was just Adi, not a goddess or anything, just an...aspiring aoide. It took Blessed's offer of her overshirt to bring her attention to the 'situation' with her shirt.

...oh, well, that was inconvenient, wasn't it? As much as Adi liked plants, clearly plant-based fabrics had some drawbacks. She'd have to remember that for next time. She giggled a little, certainly more amused by the wardrobe issue than embarrassed. Regardless, she accepted, since they were going to be walking around where others might see. "Thank you."

Not so considerate as Yu, Phlox shook right next to the girls - but he didn't have the size to really have much effect.
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Blessed looked wide-eyed at Adi, no way would she call this creature by such an undignified name! Master Yu would not be pleased if she were rude or inconciderate towards another of the Enlightened Ones. "Thank you, my Lady. You are most welcome." The pale-haired girl's eyes wandered to the dripping mass of the werewolf's hair and fidgeted a moment, "Lady Adi, would you like me to plait your hair? It will help keep the tangles to a minimum." And help the dripping too, perhaps.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Yu chuckled as Phlox shook his little body right next to the girls; Blessed put her hands up to keep the droplets from hitting her face, but otherwise didn't mind - the Floox was just too small to cause much of a fuss. "My handmaiden, Blessed, does not often get to spend time with other females...perhaps you would be so kind as to grace her your company every so often?" He really was fond of Blessed and wanted to give her a decent life with all the joys and pleasures to be had and as few of the sorrows and darker moments as possible. The girl had been buried in such things at one point in her life.
Adi's ears dropped a little when Blessed continued to call her 'Lady.' It was nice and all, but...but it wasn't fair! But she couldn't make her just call her Adi, either, so she said nothing further on the matter just yet. She'd try again later.

"Okay," she answered then, her ears perking up again. It was always nice to have your hair played with!

"I'd like that!" she responded to Yu, her tail wagging. "If you would Blessed?" Who didn't like to have more friends?

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