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User ImageDespite the fact that there were two perfectly usable bathing pools in her and Rio's rooms, they weren't actually any good for swimming in; it had sort of worked when she was younger and smaller, but not so anymore. If Adrienne wanted to go swimming, she had to go outside - or to visit Illisia, since she had been invited, but she felt like being outside today.

This meant something of a compromise, as Love strongly suggested that when she went swimming near the Pantheon, she should really wear something. The point of wearing clothes in water rather escaped the teenage werewolf, but she obeyed nonetheless, and had donned an old t-shirt after cutting a haphazard hole in the back to accomodate her wings.

Phlox lay at the edge of the water, dozing.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Yu was out and about on his self-imposed rounds; instead of being alone in this task, he was accompanied this day by one of his followers. The waifish female walked quietly at her Lord's furry side, her eyes gazing upward at the mangled, horrorshow face with it's pitch colored fur and many eyes. She was unafraid. Her lack of fear was one of the reasons that the Dragon King did not mind her attending him about the Pantheon - or the slowly rebuilding city about the Pantheon either.

Blessed noticed the swimmer and the floox and reached out to gently touch Yu's arm even as he was turning his head towards the sounds and scents of the girl in the water. "I've seen her before, Lord Dragon."

"Shall we say hello?" Blessed nodded in agreement and they altered their course to come closer to where Adi and Phlox were. It seemed a little odd to just come over while someone was swimming, at least without letting said person know you were there, so Yu called out to Adi in greeting. "Hello there -- nice day for a swim?"
User ImageStartled from his doze by the call, Phlox came awake with a yip and looked for the source, only to fix his gaze on the monstrous Yu. Whoooa, scary! But the little floox, rather than flee or cower, issued his most fearsome growl at the many-eyed beast-god, the ridge of fur on his back standing even more erect. He'd better stay away from his Adi!

Adrienne, on the other hand, wasn't the least bit put off. He sounded nice, and was quite possibly a god, so what was there to worry about? "Hush," she said to Phlox, "Be nice! They haven't done anything."

"Hello~!" she called back. "It's wonderful. Would you like to come in?"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.To the tiny fluff-ball that had been snoozing so lighly on the sand, there was no doubt but that Yu would seem as an imposing and potentially dangerous interloper. Yu buried his mirth at the creature's tiny, ferocious growling and the hackles-raised stance of protection that he'd taken up between the Dragon King and the bathing female; well did he respect that sort of loyalty - it mirrored the feelings and actions he himself would have taken for the Twin Crown.

Instead of poking fun, he moved slowly to push Blessed further behind him, all the while sending little tendrils of energy to soothe and assure Phlox that though he looked like a nightmarish enemy, he was not. No harm would come to either being by Yu's hand (though yes, he did briefly consider what the floox would taste like).

"Your guardian is to be commended, young lady." Yu 'smiled' and chuckled a bit, head dipping to the side to peer at his companion. "With his permission, perhaps I will join you." If Phlox was amenable to having some 'guests', he would get into the water (as would his whey-faced companion).

Blessed inclined her head to the swimming teen; she respected her elders more than most - and even more so those that her Master seemed to hold in some regard (newly met or no). One frail hand went up to push fine, rough hairs back behind her ear and though she wasn't nervous, she fidgeted. Adrienne was beautiful in her eyes...beautiful in ways that she herself could not be.
User ImageRrrrrrr. The low growl continued until a second 'shh!', at which point Phlox finished with a huff of complaint. Fine. But he didn't trust this crazy-looking thing! It had too many eyes, and could eat him in one gulp. It could eat Adi, too! It would take more than one gulp, but still. After giving the dragon a beady-eyed glare for good measure, the floox slipped into the water to paddle to his mistress.

The werewolf scooped him against her chest to whisper a few soothing words before speaking again to the strange god. She was pretty sure that was what he was - he smelled like one, she thought, and had a servant, and was quite impressive-looking besides.

"I don't think he realizes how little he is," she said with a chuckle, "That or he doesn't care."

"He's never seen anyone like you before, but he'll see soon enough there's nothing to be afraid of." Adrienne was as trusting as they came. Just because he was a god didn't mean he was good, but almost everybody got the benefit of the doubt in Adi's world.
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Close enough. Phlox retreated to the water and into the young werewolf's arms for comfort (and also to protect, certainly) and Blessed knelt at the side of the water to wait while her Master bathed with Adi. She would not go into the water with them, she was not so demure as to be ashamed to bathe naked, but she did not like for others to see her without clothing. It was one of her quirks and even surviving to see the End of the World averted could not change that part of her basic nature.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Yu moved past his servant, touching her hair very lightly as he did so, and joined Adi and Phlox. The water made the shorter fur of his body slick to his flesh and the longer fan out around him. "I am Yu, Five Claws and she," He gestured with his horned head towards the girl smiling and dipping her toes into the water, "Is Blessed, my servant. What is your name, young lady?" If they were going to be sharing the water, they could at least share their names. "And his name?"
User Image While Phlox was anything but pleased to be joined in the water by that thing, his mistress was absolutely delighted. Two eyes or six, new friends were new friends! Beneath the water, her tail wagged.

Yu. Five Claws. That was a title that implied not an ordinary god or domain, but a dragon. And if he was a dragon, his appearance certainly made sense! Would Laurence and Illisia come to look so...beast-like? Not that there was anything wrong with that, of course, she herself had wolf bits, but it was especially odd to imagine Laurence in such a way.

"You must be a dragon!" Adi beamed, pleased by her own 'discovery.' "I'm Adi, and he's Phlox. It's nice to meet you both."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Yu chuckled at the pretty young girl's wagging tail; it disturbed the surface of the water and caused ripples that he recognized (his own tail did much the same when he was swimming in the pools around the Pantheon proper). Phlox could continue to look unhappy about Yu being in the water with his mistress, but he'd given consent (well, Adi had given consent and there was little that the Floox could do to deter a Dragon King from something he wanted).

"Yes, you are correct. I am the Emblem Pillar to the Twin Crown. I don't think Phlox likes me very well." Here Yu's mirth was apparent in the way his many eyes tilted, the crinkling of his muzzle and the twitching of his long, furred ears. The Dragon King glanced back at Blessed to assure himself that she was fine and then submerged himself in the water to glide past Adi and Phlox, only the top of his muzzle and head above the water, much like an alligator or yes, a dragon.

"Tell me, Adi...have you met many Dragons?"
User Image Rather than keep treading water with his little legs, Phlox opted to perch himself on Adi's shoulder and let her keep them both up. And if the monster-god tried to touch her, he could bite him! Oh yes. It was quite the plan.

Adi chuckled. "He'll get over it eventually. I think."

"Not anyone who's a dragon yet, but a couple of hosts, Illisia and Laurence."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Watching the little floox watching him was amusing still though perhaps a bit tiring as he had no plans to harm Adi; he was still keeping a bit of distance though - to honor the tiny creature's bravery.

On the shore, Blessed watched her Master and the pretty young girl-creature with the tiny thing now on her shoulder; she was thinking that she hoped Master Yu would not harm the floox or anything like that. While they were bathing, she watched them without looking directly...Adi's long hair and slightly tufted ears fascinating to her. It was clear to her that this young woman wasn't 'normal', like she was.

"Ah, Illisia and Laurence. I shall keep those names for later, when I am able to meet with them." His voice was a low rumble that carried over the water to Blessed's ears. At that, Yu plunged his head into the water, the sharp line of his spine through to the wet-but-pointed end of his tail showing as he dived ever deeper.

It would be a few moments before he came back up, a good bit away from Adi and Phox; eyes bright as he surfaced and swam closer to them again. "I'm sure you will meet many of my Brothers, staying around the Pantheon...and many Gods too." his head lifted further from the water as he regarded Adi and her pet thoughtfully. "You are of diefic blood, are you not?" Her scent was masked by the water, mostly, but he could feel the thread of power left on her by having one divine parent.

"Whom do you call family, Adi?"
User Image "Half," she answered after a moment, pleasantly surprised that he just knew somehow. Could he smell it, maybe? She thought gods smelled a little different than other people, but the pool of half-gods was much smaller - just herself and her brother, as far as she was aware, so it was hard to tell.

"Rio - Love - and Hunt's aoide, Orin. And my brother, Kinsley." There were several others she called family, but that was her actual family family.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Ah, so she was only half blooded? Like the Fragment's spawn, Joss and Dan. "Ah, I have not met the Love god yet, perhaps you will introduce me? To your parent and your brother..." Yu's eyes squinched a little bit as he considered - perhaps she would like to meet other halfling children?

"If you wouldn't mind, I think my wards might enjoy meeting you and your sibling as well. My host spawned a pair of children with Brother Zhijian's servant, Ashoka. Joss and Dan are somewhat like yourself, possessing some deific blood."

That did bring up a thought - how many children were there? God-children or halfings like Adi and Kinsley? It was a good thing to ask, he knew there were children belonging to Echo of Music and her harsh-featured husband, Underworld. Yu knew because he'd seen them during the Lotus Ceremony...and also because his large, tufted ears heard much whilst he prowled the Pantheon grounds (or lay at Creation's perfect, pale feet).
User Image "I'd be happy to introduce you!" Adi agreed readily. Rio loved meeting people just as much as she did, and it would be awfully fun to being him this cool god she'd 'found.' Yu was quite the fabulous discovery, if she did say so herself.

"Really? I didn't know there was anyone else!" Ooh, how exciting~! "I'd love to meet them!"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."Excellent. I thank you, Adi...though you may not be so pleased when you meet Joss and Dan." Something niggled at the back of Yu's mind; a lingering feeling that there was a fact he was missing or forgetting. He closed two sets of eyes and focused inward briefly to capture the fluttering thought; once he had it, his great jaws split and laughter rumbled up from deep in his chest.

"Yes, there are others. And I believe that Joss has met your parent. Does Rio have candied wings of near the same shade as yours?" The thought he'd pounced on was when Joss had come back to their dwellings, sugary-pink candy feathers stuck in his mouth; so proud at having 'stalked and devoured' his "prey". The pardmentling had growled out the story past his candied prize: candied wings and meat-filled sandwiches and how he eventually had fallen asleep from having a full tummy - an act that had allowed the 'prey' to escape him.
User Image "Why's that?" Perplexed, Adi tilted her head. Why wouldn't she be pleased when she met these other halfing-children? Surely it would be wonderful! They could have all sorts of fun!

"He does!" The young woman laughed. "They're hard, though, not soft like mine. And prettier, really." Like colored glass, and since he'd changedr, crowned with gold. Much fancier than hers!

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