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Dapper Sex Symbol

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Reading Tlac's dislike for idle conversation was like reading a fifty-foot neon sign in the dark. Not exactly subtle about it, was he? Endiovar didn't mind, at all...he found something kind about the large centaurine God of Night. Maybe he wasn't big on small talk and random conversations with strangers, but he was strong of heart, mind and soul...things that made him formidable, even now, with his powers limited greatly.

'Not nearly as long as we surely wish. The Grigori will not rest until we are destroyed...I'm certain they are only growing stronger.' "But so are we, in our own ways." Endiovar smiled at Tlac; understanding that this conversation should remain neutral and 'safe' for the centaurian god to be 'comfortable'.